2021-03-13 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:41:09 <yyoshino> Hmm ... weblate has been locked for all languages due to a merge conflict https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/gnucash/gnucash/#alerts
01:45:04 <yyoshino> I have updated translations in ja.po, but meanwhile the repository has been updated
01:55:32 <yyoshino> https://docs.weblate.org/en/latest/faq.html#how-to-fix-merge-conflicts-in-translations It seems only admin has the privilege to fix this
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02:00:14 <yyoshino> I have saved latest ja.po in my laptop, so it is ok to discard all my recent changes
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02:53:52 <fell> Hi, yyoshino! The conflict was easy to resolve and is pushed. The DB is unlocked again.
02:54:32 <fell> and updated in between.
02:56:03 <fell> I removed the <b> markup from ~40 messages as I found a better way to tell it gtk.
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03:17:12 <fell> warlord: neither flatpakref, nor log today?
03:21:23 <fell> jralls,windows FAILED: gnucash/gnome-search/CMakeFiles/gnc-gnome-search.dir/search-reconciled.c
03:21:24 <fell> :163:28: error: cast from pointer to integer of different size [-Werror=pointer-to-int-cast]
03:21:26 <fell> 163 | (cleared_match_t) ((uint64_t)g_object_get_data (G_OBJECT (button), "button-value") & 0xffffffff); // Binary mask to silence void-pointer-to-enum-cast warning.
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05:03:39 <chris> lol gjanssens
05:23:04 <gjanssens> chris: haven't you recently been playing with the build system to modularize our guile scripts ?
05:23:31 <gjanssens> It may be that introduced plenty of build dependency issues
05:24:15 <gjanssens> I'm starting a clean build and have had to restart 3 times already because the build system suggests certain .go modules aren't found (which typically means they aren't built yet)
05:27:24 <gjanssens> Nuking the build dir now to see if that improves the situation
05:28:50 <gjanssens> Ok that worked. False alert
05:29:40 <gjanssens> Back to my review...
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06:11:45 <chris> gjanssens: I think the build dependency is clean. guile-3.0.5 or so is now much more thorough (showing warnings) about missing dependencies. took a long while playing with emacs macros to clean up all dependencies
06:13:20 <gjanssens> I didn't suggest the dependencies within the guile scripts are wrong. It looked for a moment as if the build hierarchy as encoded in CMakeLists.txt files was borked.
06:13:43 <gjanssens> Or not matching the dependencies as encoded in the scripts themselves
06:14:49 <gjanssens> I can't reproduce when starting from a wiped build directory though. It only happens when I haven't played with my build for a while.
06:15:21 <chris> ah ok. I'll keep my eyes peeled. I've seen no such error myself.
06:15:28 <gjanssens> I did rebase one of my branches on current maint today. That triggered the build failures.
06:15:56 <gjanssens> A "ninja-build clean" was not enough to fix them. I had to start from scratch again.
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08:26:42 <warlord> fell: cat /home/gnucash-docs/flatpak/logs/build-maint-2021-03-13-01-00-02.log
08:26:42 <warlord> Starting flatpak build run for maint
08:26:43 <warlord> Uploading log file 'build-maint-2021-03-13-01-00-02.log'
08:26:43 <warlord> rsync: link_stat "/home/gnucash-docs/flatpak/logs/build-maint-2021-03-13-01-00-02.log" failed: No such file or directory (2)
08:26:43 <warlord> rsync error: some files/attrs were not transferred (see previous errors) (code 23) at main.c(1189) [sender=3.1.3]
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08:29:19 <warlord> I'm not sure what returned the error. Clearly the file-path is correct for the first part, but the error doesn't show the second.
08:32:17 <warlord> fell, FWIW, I did get an email about that flatpak failure, but it only went to me. And it contained exactly the error I reported above, so no additional data.
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14:02:22 <jralls_afk> gjanssens, check that the source links are complete. There's a lot of interdependency among guile files, including some loops, that aren't captured in CMakeLists.txt. Those are resolved by the links (copies on Windows) in $(builddir)/share/guile/site/2.2.
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15:28:13 <yoshua> Hey ya
15:30:30 <yoshua> I am actually going through "GnuCash Kurs und Konzepte", probably something in the direction of "GnuCash Tutorial and Concepts" in English.
15:33:01 <jralls> yoshua, do you mean https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/tree/maint/guide/ja?
15:34:57 <jralls> Or are you starting fresh from the German translation (which is titled Kurs und Konzepte) perhaps because your German is better than your English?
15:36:12 <jralls> yoshua, oops, confused you with yyoshino.
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15:37:56 <yoshua> Under "Einf├╝hrung">>"Konten">>"Alles zusammensetzen">>"Unterkonten anlegen" I am being asked to save the account or maybe book hierarchy just accordingly created under gcashdata_3 and gcashdata_3emptyAccts
15:38:49 <yoshua> jralls ty for your reply
15:38:57 <yoshua> @jralls
15:38:57 <gncbot> yoshua: Error: "jralls" is not a valid command.
15:39:11 <yoshua> ~jralls
15:39:29 <jralls> yoshua, no need for a prefix.
15:39:46 <yoshua> jralls^^
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15:41:30 <yoshua> the git hub link you posted do I get the english manual there or is there an easy way to switch language from the GUI?
15:41:50 <yoshua> language of the manual, that is
15:44:28 <jralls> Depends on the OS. If you use F1 from the help menu then it opens in your locale language if there is one (we have German, Italian, Japanese, and Portuguese) otherwise English.
15:45:07 <yoshua> be that as it may, my core question is, using postgres, should a new account hierarchy be saved to a new db or can it be saved using the same db maybe into an additional schema?
15:45:24 <jralls> If you go to https://www.gnucash.org/docs.html you can pick which language to open or download.
15:46:22 <yoshua> it's a 404
15:46:45 <jralls> Sorry, https://www.gnucash.org/docs.phtml
15:47:44 <jralls> As for postgresql, different books need separate databases. The table names are hard coded.
15:51:11 <jralls> And the role you pass needs all privileges so that it can create and drop databases, tables, and indexes as well as insert, delete, and update rows.
15:51:36 <yoshua> excellent, thank you a whole lot, John.
15:51:42 <jralls> You're welcome.
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16:03:36 <fell> yoshua, for the tutorial, I would suggest to use the xml backend.
16:04:26 <fell> It was mostly written before the SQL backend was implemented.
16:39:48 <yoshua> i see, Frank, thank you for the advise
16:41:12 <yoshua> Meanwhile I created two additional dbs on the same server with the names suggested to save this new account hierarchy
16:41:55 <yoshua> Unfortunately, I run into the same problem I had with saving the gnucash db
16:41:59 <yoshua> last week
16:42:30 <yoshua> https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/F0mvaMxH/
16:44:02 <yoshua> with the db "gnucash" I was able to solve the problem, against everything I could research back then, by creating the db "gnucash" before saving as postgres
16:44:50 <yoshua> now, with these two new dbs, both was tested and failed.
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16:45:00 <yoshua> 1. with dbs precreated
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16:45:36 <fell> jrall knows the SQL stuff better.
16:46:10 <yoshua> 2. after precreated dbs were deleted again, so that gnucash could maybe create those dbs as I have read last week with earlier versions, it probably had to be this way
16:47:15 <yoshua> PostgreSQL 13.2 and gnucash 4.4 saving as postgres threw "The server at URL postgres://postgres@localhost/gnucash experienced an error or encountered bad or corrupt data". The trace file stated the database "gnucash" cannot be found. Creating it in pgAdmin 4 seems to have helped
16:48:11 <yoshua> with gcashdata_3emptyaccts and gcashdata_3 it didn't^^
17:23:52 <fell> yoshua, is it already reported? https://bugs.gnucash.org/buglist.cgi?component=Backend%20-%20SQL&list_id=11630&product=GnuCash&resolution=---
17:26:42 <fell> If not, attach a more detailed trace file. See https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bugzilla and https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Tracefile
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18:14:59 <jralls> yoshua, Have you looked at your database logs to see why GnuCash couldn't connect?
18:18:24 <yoshua> no, good point, where do I find these?
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18:21:32 <jralls> yoshua, We can't provide support for Postgresql or MySQL so the rules are that you're to use those backends only if you are an experienced database admin for the server in question.
18:21:52 <jralls> For people who don't meet that standard but want to use the SQL backend there's SQLite3.
18:48:19 <fell> warlord: disk full, changed access rights or al lock caused by the recently lost internet connection?
18:48:47 <jralls> fell where's the error?
18:49:24 <fell> neiter flatpakref nor log in the morning.
18:51:15 <fell> https://lists.gnucash.org/logs/2021/03/13.html#T08:26:42
18:51:35 <jralls> Maybe the job didn't run? The Windows build obvs ran, you pinged me about its failing this morning.
18:52:43 <fell> rsync: link_stat "/home/gnucash-docs/flatpak/logs/build-maint-2021-03-13-01-00-02.log" failed: No such file or directory (2)
18:53:37 <fell> So it run , but could not upload.
18:55:02 <jralls> https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10726236/bash-scripting-rsync-rsync-link-stat-blah-failed-no-such-file-or-directory
19:02:36 <jralls> There aren't any spaces in the path tho, so maybe the log file isn't there to transfer.
19:02:38 <yoshua> it turned out, there is a problem with sending capital letters
19:04:48 <yoshua> when "gcashdata_3emptyAccts" was entered into the save as postgres dialog, according to postgres logs it was received as "gcashdata_3emptyaccts" which could not have been found, since the db name was "gcashdata_3emptyAccts"
19:05:46 <yoshua> renaming the db to "gcashdata_3emptyaccts" and using this string when saving as postgres did the job
19:07:06 <fell> yoshua: Has PG an option for it?
19:08:56 <yoshua> an option to translate capital letters in login request strings to minor letters prior to validation, you mean!?
19:10:36 <yoshua> if I weren't this unexperienced database user breaking the rules, I could probably tell^^
19:18:48 <fell> Still not read their fine manual? ;-)
19:19:35 <yoshua> on it
19:22:50 <yoshua> off it^^
19:23:03 <yoshua> to be continued...
19:23:32 <yoshua> Grand thanks the two of you
19:23:42 <yoshua> I'm out
19:23:48 <yoshua> good night folks
19:25:44 <fell> Good night, yoshua!
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20:55:13 <fell> @tell chris each time after i have run msgmerge, merge maint into master will be very big, because in all po files many ref lines change.
20:55:13 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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21:22:37 <chris> .
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23:18:05 <warlord> fell, don't think any of those apply here.
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23:53:47 <fell> warlord, can you try to get more verbosity in the whole process like:Build was successful started/failed