2021-03-09 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:38:08 <Kara> Hello, I need a bit of help with GNUcash
03:38:46 <Kara> I have an invoice made (first time using them) and when I go to process payment it says no document is chosen. How do I get a document able to be chosen so the invoice is marked paid
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08:01:58 <warlord> Kara, good morning. Welcome to GnuCash.
08:02:08 <warlord> First question for you: did you post the invoice into your AR account?
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09:07:31 <Kara> I figured it out. No I didn't post.
09:10:09 <warlord> Glad you figured it out.
09:11:43 <Kara> But I don't know if there's a way that I can assign it to something that's not accounts receivable
09:12:01 <Kara> Like for example if it was prepaid and I have an account for that, if I could use that account instead of AR
09:12:44 <Kara> Or well, I guess how I did it is the right way
09:13:42 <warlord> No. Invoices have to go through AR.
09:13:58 <Kara> Alright
09:13:59 <warlord> You can still prepay (via AR)
09:14:12 <warlord> I.e., you can Process Payment (for the pre-payment) before you post the invoice.
09:14:21 <warlord> ... and then attach the payment to the invoice as you post it.
09:14:53 <Kara> Hmm. Okay.
09:15:33 <Kara> The way I did it was to make a prepaid service liability account and to use that account to pay off AR
09:18:50 <warlord> Well, if they prepaid you then you'd just start with a "payment" (AR -> Cash), then when you invoice them, it would balance with Income -> AR. No need for a separate liability account.
09:21:18 <Kara> It's just that accounts receivable is typically for stuff that you're owed and by accounting you'd normally have a liability account for that stuff right?
09:21:31 <Kara> Or am I wrong?
09:22:44 <warlord> Well, stuff you are owed would be an asset (a liability is stuff you owe to someone else)
09:23:24 <Kara> They pay 500, I do the work several days later, thats what I'm talking about
09:23:50 <warlord> That's still just a prepayment; you can use AR to account for that (even though the prepayment would be "negative")
09:24:54 <warlord> But the AR/Invoicing system was designed to handle your case.
09:26:49 <Kara> Hmm, I see
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09:33:30 <Kara> Then what income account to I post it to because instead of service revenue account I was using my prepaid service account
09:34:17 <Kara> Am I just getting myself confused here
09:35:55 <warlord> I think you are. there are two transactions when using invoicing. There is the invoice transaction (Income:Sales -> AR), and the payment transaction (AR -> Cash).
09:39:08 <Kara> Okay so on the edit invoice there is an "Income Account"
09:39:33 <Kara> What am I supposed to choose there
09:39:43 <chris> Usually "Income:Sales"
09:39:57 <Kara> I can't count income as income until I do the work, I file accrual
09:40:56 <warlord> Biz features are accrual, so that works for you
09:42:27 <Kara> If I choose my income account as Income: Service Revenue, won't it add the revenues as of the date of the invoice? That's why I had a prepayment liability account
09:42:56 <Kara> I was using that instead of Income:Service Revenue for the prepaid amounts
09:45:30 <chris> uh.
09:45:39 <chris> prepaid amount == Cash -> AR --- doesn't touch income account
09:45:46 <warlord> Yes, it will add the income on the date of the invoice, but isn't that what you said you wanted?
09:46:17 <chris> create a transfer that increases cash, decreases A/Receivable. assign as payment to the customer.
09:46:37 <chris> later, create invoice, date as you like, post invoice, then Pay invoice using existing payment.
09:46:51 <chris> create a transfer that increases cash, decreases A/Receivable. assign as payment *from the customer.
09:50:01 <Kara> Oh I might see what you're getting at
09:50:33 <Kara> I had listed the overpayment on the invoice itself, rather than doing that I should just do a journal entry for it?
09:51:00 <Kara> Or rather, don't list it on the invoice, just put the overpayment
09:51:03 <warlord> A Process Payment
09:51:04 <Kara> Okay
09:54:43 <Kara> Ah alright I got it, now my AR looks like the payment of $500 credited followed by debits for the other things
09:56:27 <Kara> Seems to be correct on the journal entry side so Im just gonna leave it, I think it's right
10:01:21 <warlord> Excellent
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11:04:35 <chris> fwiw jralls latest commit has CI error for ubuntu-18
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13:03:28 <duelle> Hi, is there a way to export the list of stocks/securities, best case including the number of shares and the price history?
13:03:48 <duelle> To something like a CSV file to use it in other tools (e.g., Portfolio Performance)
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13:23:27 <warlord> duelle, I don't think there is an explicit pricedb export.
13:25:27 <duelle> warlord: So then using the SQL database of Gnucash and exporting the data via query would be the "best" option?
13:26:24 <warlord> that or using the python bindings
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13:31:11 <duelle> Thanks for the hint warlord . Do you mean these with the Python bindings: https://piecash.readthedocs.io ?
13:31:46 <warlord> Not necessarily -- although I suppose piecash could work. I mean the actual GnuCash Python Bindings.
13:32:21 <duelle> Ah okay, thanks!