2021-03-02 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:32:20 <TheDcoder> Hi, I need help to identify differences between my Income Report and Cash Flow Report, both show a big difference :-/
00:32:56 <TheDcoder> The Cash Flow Report is showing a lower figure for income...
00:33:05 <TheDcoder> but I am pretty sure I selected all accounts
00:33:33 <TheDcoder> Is there another type of report which can help me find out what the missing cash is?
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06:51:15 <warlord> TheDcoder, Cash Flow and Income Statement are different reports -- why would you expect them to match? Maybe you had income that didn't go into the selected Cash Flow accounts and instead went into an Expense account?
07:07:56 <TheDcoder> warlord: Indeed, but they should match when I am only selecting income accounts... and your theory doesn't make sense because no expense accounts are selected in income statement and yet it is showing extra income when compared to cash flow :-/
07:50:31 <warlord> TheDcoder, Not necessarily. As I said, they are reporting different things. The Income Statement is reporting the total balance (well, change of balance) in each Income Account over the period and reporting that. The Cash Flow is reporting the total movement of money between the set of selected accounts and the set of unselected accounts. There is no guarantee those numbers are the same unless you have exactly ONE account.
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14:33:27 <CDB-Man> I was about to post a reply, but I now see the timestamps for the decoder guy was several hours ago and he's gone now
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15:31:17 <warlord> CDB-Man, indeed, he left shortly after my last answer.
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22:33:14 <noregret> when having a bakery business, where does ingredients and raw materials go under? are they assets or expenses?
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23:40:34 <AdrienM> noregret, that is an accounting question, not a gnucash question. You *really* need the advice of a local accountant. (they aren't as expensive as you might guess, and well worth the price) In a general sense, what you are describing is inventory, which is an asset.
23:41:15 <AdrienM> When it is used either in production of a finished good, or sold as-is, then it is generally expensed under an account called 'Cost of Goods Sold'.
23:42:40 <AdrienM> Raw Materials can take several steps to get to 'COGS" (Cost of Goods Sold), one of which is a 'Work in Progress' account. Again, to get specifics for your business, based on your local legal and tax regulations, you need to speak to a local accountant.
23:43:36 <noregret> got it
23:44:50 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> what do you get when you cross a mentally ill loner with a SOCIETY THAT ABANDONS HIM AND TREATS HIM LIKE TRASH?
23:45:54 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> I'LL TELL YOU WHAT YOU GET....
23:46:14 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> ...you get a pretty snow globe :)
23:46:44 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> heehhheehhe
23:46:47 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> 1+1 = fun!
23:47:01 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> I really like gnucash btw
23:47:16 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> I think I installed it once and never used it
23:47:36 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> so I can safely say it installs just fine
23:47:37 <AdrienM> noregret, we are happy to help with how to use GnuCash to do your accounting, but every jurisdiction is different, so we can't dispense accounting advice. We can help with generalities and point you to where to maybe seek help though.
23:48:01 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> YOU GET
23:48:02 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> WHAT YOU
23:48:04 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> FUCKING
23:48:05 <HowAboutAnotherJokeMurray> DESERVE
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23:49:30 <noregret> AdrienM: yeah thank you very much, I am looking for generalities at first, nothing specific to my local area
23:49:51 <AdrienM> warlord, does that sort of thing happen from time to time? (the Joker, that is)
23:50:16 <noregret> yeah, what's up with that
23:51:02 <AdrienM> No idea. Poor soul sounds like they need someone to talk to. (or did and are well past the point of help)
23:52:14 <AdrienM> noregret, there are plenty of online general accounting resources for such questions, one which I have used is: https://www.principlesofaccounting.com/
23:52:38 <AdrienM> I also have an old college text book for reference, but this is a nice searchable site.
23:53:22 <AdrienM> Once you figure out *what* you need to do, you can ask here or on the mailing list for the *how in GnuCash* part.
23:53:34 <noregret> awesome thanks! I thought of asking here since some of you guys definitely known accounting =)
23:54:57 <noregret> haven't looked into it yet, but does gnucash have an API? or should I just interact with the file (xml/sqlite/db) for fetching data?