2021-02-20 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:05:15 <gjanssens> .
04:21:34 <gjanssens> Looks like gtk is about to abandon gtk-doc (for gtk-api generation at least). Apparently gnucash is not the only project currently re-evaluating its documentation system.
04:21:55 <gjanssens> https://www.bassi.io/articles/2021/02/19/documentation-changes/
04:27:18 <chris> finally: from pricedb, find best price. use both direct and indirect. O(N). can be updated to handle pricedb-before to ignore price after date (cf pricedb-nearest) http://paste.debian.net/1186196/
05:05:04 <chris> ^ this code uses the interesting call/cc method... is like a goto in scheme
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07:19:03 <gjanssens> chris: very nice. Now you just have to translate it into C++ still...
07:27:41 <chris> gjanssens: baby steps...
07:28:53 <chris> if C++ has srfi-2, srfi-9 and srfi-26 maybe lol
07:37:51 <chris> what's C++STL's g_hash_table equivalent?
08:27:51 <chris> ok this is the best one. many shortcuts when exact dates found http://paste.debian.net/1186206/
08:40:55 <gjanssens> chris: the closest match to a g_hash_table would be a std::map.
08:41:20 <gjanssens> And I have no idea what the different srfi numbers represent :)
08:43:28 <gjanssens> Wrt std::map, there are arguments that using a std::vector is more efficient, but that means thinking differently about storing the values (that is find a different method to store a key). So if you manage with a std::map, I'd be delighted already.
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10:15:47 <fell> strncpy counts ASCII chars?
10:19:36 <fell> bytes or real UTF-8 chars?
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10:35:04 <gjanssens> fell: I believe it counts bytes
10:35:55 <fell> Yes, that is what I feear, too.
10:38:23 <fell> We let translate scheduled, which becomes in el "Προγραμματισμένη". Then it gets strncopie with MAX_DATE_LENGTH.
10:39:06 <fell> I assume it fits, but others could fail.
10:43:02 <fell> For now I will add only separate comments for coders and translators.
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13:44:48 <jralls> CDB-PHONE, warlord, I disabled bugmail on the user account. He won't get notifications for any bugs.
13:55:34 <jralls> gjanssens, ebassi's post is indeed interesting, but not really germane to our manuals.
13:56:18 <jralls> chris, stop wasting your time writing anything that isn't a report in Scheme.
13:57:36 <jralls> The closes to g_hash_table is std::unordered_map, introduced in C++17. std::map is a btree, not a hash table.
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14:01:36 <jralls> fell, that's a pretty bad bug. Everything translatable should use https://developer.gnome.org/glib/stable/glib-Unicode-Manipulation.html
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14:50:20 <CDB-PHONE> thanks jr
14:51:02 <gjanssens> jralls: yes, I understood he was talking about api documentation. I'm currently fine with our doxygen system. Though the actual documentation in it could use some love as well :)
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15:19:17 <warlord> jralls, ok
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18:05:41 <chris> jralls: my scheme is not for merging into gnucash, it's for prototyping amendments to gnc-pricedb.c
18:07:04 <jralls> chris, that's still a waste of time. There's too much of an impedance mismatch between Scheme and C. You just wind up doing the work twice.
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19:09:36 <fred> Hello there
19:10:50 <fred> I am trying to retrieve the value of this quote https://bourse.lerevenu.com/cote-sicav-fcp/fiche-valeur-synthese/Natixis-ES-Monetaire-I/QS0004033864-SC but impossible, It always fail
19:13:17 <fred> Running gnucash 4.4, perl is installed and I can retrieve stock value from "yahoo JSON" but nothing from LeRevenu or Boursorama
19:20:19 <jralls> fred, those sites each have their own sources, lerevenu and bourso respectively. However I wasn't able to get either to produce the quote using the ISIN.
19:22:38 <jralls> lerevenu looks like it hasn't been maintained for a while and it's no longer in https://github.com/finance-quote/finance-quote/tree/master/lib/Finance/Quote.
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19:25:23 <jralls> The ISIN doesn't work on www.boursorama.com either. Is there a symbol?
19:26:21 <fred> thanks jralls, not sure what you mean by "produce" the quote. A search with the ISIN works on lerevenu but like you said not on boursorama.
19:26:34 <fred> too bad
19:27:51 <jralls> I mean that running `gnc-fq-dump lerevenu QS0004033864` just hands back that ISIN with no data.
19:33:58 <fred> Is there another way to retrieve the value using the ISIN on other website like https://www.sicavonline.fr/ for instance?
19:35:10 <jralls> Only if it's supported by Finance::Quote. www.sicavonline doesn't seem to be.
19:37:37 <fred> looks like it is dead for me unless I start writing some code which is not what I master ;-)
19:41:48 <jralls> Maybe not. It looks like Bourso got some changes last summer that aren't in F::Q 1.49. You could try 1.50-rc1 from github and see if you can figure out how to get your quote. You'll probably need to figure out how to get it from the website first.
19:50:49 <fred> I will try this... I got also to figure out how to get F::Q 1.50-rc1 and install it... but this not a job for today!!
19:52:41 <fred> time to get some rest. Thanks jralls for your help and wish a good morning/day/evening depending on where you live
19:53:11 <jralls> You're welcome. It's late afternoon here in Silly-con valley.
19:53:46 <fred> :-)))
19:54:08 <fred> bye
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21:18:58 <chris> jralls: my motivation was to add pricedb-before as a variant of pricedb-nearest which ignores prices after report-date. But gnc-pricedb is designed to be fast but obtuse, and I won't be motivated to untangle it.
21:20:56 <jralls> chris, it's not that obtuse though it could stand some extract-function refactoring to make it easier to read.
21:22:10 <chris> double hash tables, price-ref, reset_nth_price_cache, etc... no thx!
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21:23:14 <chris> if it was similar to xaccAccountGetSplitList it'd be a breeze
21:25:09 <jralls> Account split lists tend to be much smaller and nearly always accessed sequentially. There are users who've been updating the prices of their portfolios daily for 15 years and have hundreds of thousands of prices.
21:26:07 <chris> yes appreciate the need for fast, but it means inaccessible to some people
21:28:59 <jralls> It's really the same as drilling down the nested account tree to find the split list you want. That's implemented with GHashTables too IIRC.
21:32:30 <jralls> And hashtables aren't anything mysterious, just a BTree with hash values for keys. IIRC it has an optimization that if the type of the keys are numeric then it doesn't bother hashing them.
21:32:44 <jralls> Anyway, summoned for dinner. TTYL.
21:32:53 <chris> bye
22:12:04 <chris> the pricedb is one that'd benefit from an in-memory sqlite database... must be easier to let sqlite do all hashing optimisations, and all the inner_join stuff