2021-02-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:54:12 <frakturfreak> jralls: oh, sorry, I accidently had something on the keyboard
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08:56:13 <warlord> .
08:56:44 <warlord> jralls, Wm has not responded to the ultimatum; it's been more than 24 hours now, so I say you are welcome to block him at your leisure.
08:56:55 <warlord> s/ultimatum/final warning/
08:58:51 <chris> 👍
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09:20:01 <chris> why is gnc-pricedb.c' indirect_price_conversion so convoluted?
09:22:10 <warlord> chris, lots of corner cases?
09:22:18 <warlord> (define "convoluted" in context?)
09:27:29 <chris> means too difficult to understand!
09:32:42 <warlord> Well, the issue is that the PDB could have prices for A->B OR B->A -- so when trying to get from A-C it needs to look for a path that gets you there, but the path could include an "inverted" price.
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09:44:33 <CDB-PHONE> warlord: speak of the devil
09:44:36 <CDB-PHONE> he just replied
09:44:46 <CDB-PHONE> he now steps on you
09:53:32 <CDB-PHONE> and... he can't help himself but reply a second time and pour more gasoline on his own fire
10:02:55 <chris> warlord: playground - trying O(N) instead of multiple passes - http://paste.debian.net/1186102/
10:03:34 <CDB-PHONE> and... he adds a third comment
10:03:47 <CDB-PHONE> foot firmly in mouth
10:04:35 <CDB-PHONE> >> @Derek don't talk to me until you have sorted out the bad people, you fool.
10:04:35 <CDB-PHONE> I'm one of the good guys. I understand accounting.
10:11:39 <CDB-PHONE> he just can't stop can he? a 4th reply?
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10:26:24 <warlord> jralls, what is the process for banning Wm from BZ?
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10:40:49 <CDB-PHONE> he's really convinced that I'm an idiot that doesn't know accounting...
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10:46:52 <warlord> I want to say "because that makes you look like Trump", but that might just support it.
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10:50:37 <warlord> I honestly don't know how to respond without using ad-hominems myself.
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11:16:19 <CDB-PHONE> warlord well to his last comment
11:16:44 <CDB-PHONE> perhaps tell him " we are of the view you are factually incorrect in this scenario"
11:16:49 <CDB-PHONE> just to really make a point
11:17:39 <CDB-PHONE> since he keeps saying " well you never said I'm wrong yet, so [CDB] must be the one that's factually wrong"
11:17:59 <warlord> I have not read through the bug to ascertain correctness.
11:18:24 <CDB-PHONE> the alternative is to say this then:
11:19:39 <CDB-PHONE> "there is nothing to suggest at this time that CDB is wrong. further, even if you are correct (no assessment has yet to be made on you), your delivery of your view renders any collegial discussions impossible"
11:23:51 <CDB-PHONE> "such an antagonistic approach to conversation is anathema to reasoned discussion"
11:24:44 <CDB-PHONE> "and as such you will no longer be entertained here"
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12:27:32 <warlord> jralls, just sent you some DMs
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12:43:11 <warlord> Hey, looks like www is back online.
12:43:21 <warlord> I wonder if that means Linas has power again.
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13:26:27 <CDB-PHONE> I hope everyone in Texas is doing alright
13:32:45 <warlord> Indeed.
13:35:12 <CDB-PHONE> not to belabor the point, but does Wm have any basis to make his claim? >> " I'm one of the good guys. I understand accounting. "
13:35:42 <CDB-PHONE> accounting background? CPA? finance? MBA? anything?
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13:43:30 <warlord> CDB-PHONE, I have no idea.
13:46:31 <fell> In German you can use the same word for economy and pub, allowing manx jokes..
13:50:16 <fell> So I beleve he is a "Wirtschafts-Exprte" ;-)
14:00:22 <CDB-PHONE> interesting
14:00:52 <CDB-PHONE> "die Wirtschaft" per Google for "pub, saloon"
14:01:21 <CDB-PHONE> but also "die kniepe", what's the difference?
14:10:20 <fell> I believe Kneipe is derived from Sebastian Kneipp, a prayer who teached als to improve your health by dipping your feets in cold water etc.
14:11:45 <fell> ... and some applied a fluid (beer) inside.
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14:21:21 <fell> Oh no, it is older.
14:22:57 <fell> Many pubs are very closely, so the guest have to pinch - lower german: knipen,
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14:38:14 <jralls> warlord, the procedure for banning is Admin>Users, then find the user, select, and edit. Put something in Disable text (I used "abusive" for Wm) and tick the Bugmail Disabled box.
14:41:09 <jralls> I've begun going through all of his posts and tagging "offtopic" all the ones that are.
14:42:28 <fell> jralls, put the procedure in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Bugzilla_Administration#Administrative_Settings?
14:43:26 <jralls> fell, What's wrong with the BZ documentation?
14:43:52 <fell> at least alink
14:49:18 <fell> and a sentence about our poilicy.
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14:51:21 <jralls> To have a policy we need a code of conduct. That might be a good thing to have, but it's a topic for gnucash-core rather than here.
14:53:13 <warlord> ok
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15:29:58 <CDB-PHONE> 👍
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16:52:46 <chris> warlord: just as well you weren't challenged to a trial by combat
16:53:43 <warlord> Bwahahaha
16:54:01 <warlord> "to the pain...."
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17:48:37 <CDB-PHONE> Chris: perhaps one day, we can harness his boundless energy and use it to create a perpetual motion machine
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21:02:24 <CDB-Man> jralls: don't forget to delete him from the CC on the ticket as well
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21:14:31 <warlord> CDB-Man, why? might as well let him keep receiving mail for updates ... what's the worst that can happen? he gets even more pissed off?
21:15:00 <CDB-Man> Well if you put it that way..m
21:15:45 <CDB-PHONE> way... *
21:18:17 <CDB-PHONE> Hmm curious then, if he's banned, can he still login to remove himself? if no he cannot, then perhaps that's it's own form of punishment
21:50:55 <CDB-PHONE> Chris: your idea of a level 0 super parent account to use to define home currency, that would work for stock accounts which inherit currency from their direct parent... but if there's non stocks accounts in between, the super parent will not flow all the way down
21:51:24 <CDB-PHONE> also things like a cash or a liability account can have their own currency flag, which means the super parent is ignored
21:51:29 <CDB-PHONE> no currency inheritance
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22:18:55 <CDB-PHONE> warlord, I just posted a reply to the ticket, and it looks like even though he's still in cc, the "changes submitted" message that lists all email recipients did not include Wm in the email list
22:19:17 <CDB-PHONE> so his inclusion on the cc list is meaningless it seems
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23:12:18 <chris> CDB-PHONE: there's always an effective root account. The info doesn't have to flow down -- root is always accessible. From my understanding ROOT(CAD):Asset-Broker(USD):Stock(SPY) would be denoted in your CAD base currency, no?
23:13:39 <chris> The issue (from my naive POV) is those who have Root(CAD):Eurobank(EUR) and Root(CAD):UKBank(GBP) and create a transfer 16 EUR -> 10 GBP -- would they be required to input a EUR:USD and GBPUSD Fx?
23:13:48 <CDB-PHONE> Chris my tree is Assets(CAD): Investments (CAD): Broker (CAD): USD placeholder(USD): SPY (stock)
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23:13:58 <CDB-PHONE> the SPY account is in USD
23:14:26 <CDB-PHONE> the super root of Assets (CAD) does not flow down
23:14:42 <CDB-PHONE> SPY stock inherits from its direct parent only
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23:14:49 <chris> ^ for now
23:14:54 <CDB-PHONE> as per my memo in the note
23:15:08 <CDB-PHONE> well yes, if we can change it that would be awesome
23:16:15 <CDB-PHONE> [23:13] (@chris) The issue (from my naive POV) is those who have Root(CAD):Eurobank(EUR) and Root(CAD):UKBank(GBP) and create a transfer 16 EUR -> 10 GBP -- would they be required to input a EUR:USD and GBPUSD Fx?
23:16:21 <CDB-PHONE> I think you mean EUR CAD
23:16:29 <CDB-PHONE> and the answer is yes
23:16:47 <chris> ^ hence the non-intuitiveness of this approach; or how some long-term users will be surprised
23:16:48 <CDB-PHONE> EUR CAD and GBP CAD
23:17:05 <chris> "I'm moving my foreign millions... why does it require the fx to my home currency?
23:17:06 <CDB-PHONE> well it won't matter if price db has a master import
23:17:38 <CDB-PHONE> price db should automatically lookup the CAD rates for such a transaction
23:17:48 <CDB-PHONE> and the lookup is as per transaction date
23:17:54 <chris> FWIW I *do* like the idea of an invariant root home currency, it will simplify so much
23:18:06 <CDB-PHONE> currency the fetch rates button uses date = today()
23:18:31 <chris> remember gnucash is designed to work offline
23:18:34 <CDB-PHONE> one of the bug reports is a feature enhancement for fetch rates to fetch historical
23:18:55 <CDB-PHONE> bug 797912
23:19:12 <CDB-PHONE> yes, but that also assumes simple scenarios
23:19:43 <CDB-PHONE> a Canadian trading their euros for pounds is by no means a non sophisticated trader
23:19:47 <CDB-PHONE> they ought to know better
23:20:11 <CDB-PHONE> that or the amount is petty cash left over from a vacation
23:20:20 <CDB-PHONE> and hence the dollar value is immaterial
23:20:48 <CDB-PHONE> [23:17] (@chris) "I'm moving my foreign millions... why does it require the fx to my home currency?
23:20:54 <CDB-PHONE> this is also a matter of education
23:21:31 <CDB-PHONE> and also excludes the fact that technically a euro to pound conversion also has an FX capital gain to report
23:21:34 <CDB-PHONE> in CAD terms
23:21:45 <CDB-PHONE> based on the CAD cost basis of the GBP
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23:25:05 <chris> ^ I appreciate this part-- it'll be a surprise for some
23:26:18 <CDB-PHONE> the majority of one's that won't understand, are also likely mainly in the camp of "my only foreign currency is from my vacation"
23:26:31 <CDB-PHONE> the ones that invest in foreign currency ought to know that they are doing
23:26:46 <CDB-PHONE> if they don't, perhaps they shouldn't be making such investments...
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