2021-02-14 GnuCash IRC logs

00:11:12 <Taiga003> Does GnuCash have inventory management?
00:13:10 <Taiga003> So I can enter items with pre entered pricing then I can look up items as I bill the invoice?
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01:24:11 <giuseppef> Taiga003, no there is no inventory management, in businesss feature as far as I know. But it has advanced management of financial commodities
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05:46:29 <Taiga003> giuseppef, well if no inventory management feature I would be willing to learn what it takes to right it for the GnuCash
05:46:49 <Taiga003> sorry write it
05:47:41 <Taiga003> I have been using a program called AccountEdge for quite sometime. Its really good software however only supported on Windows and Mac
05:48:24 <Taiga003> It does cost money but its affordable and also its not subscription based. And based on my experience using the software
05:49:01 <Taiga003> I would like to help to add features to GnuCash that are similiar to Account Edge since its such a really good piece of software
05:59:09 <Taiga003> https://accountedge.com/
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06:35:37 <giuseppef> Taiga003, I am not a developer, just a translator. I would really like to have more features in gnucash (expecially business features), but I think you should wait for developers answering in this chat
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09:08:29 <Taiga003> okay thanks giuseppef. I didn't know but now I do. I will wait
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09:38:03 <chris> CDB-Man: ignore the last email from bugzilla... the author is known to gather bug reports from somewhere else and copy&paste indiscriminately...
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10:19:42 <chris> fell: I found the issue when rebasing your ESt to current maint -- wrt the merge conflict it's easy -- add the srfi-26 line and delete the (gnucash html) line in taxtxf.scm and add the (define-module) line in txf.scm
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10:31:41 <chris> warlord: https://blog.royalsloth.eu/posts/its-just-a-button/
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12:35:07 <CDB-Man> Okay that guy is truly off his rocker
12:35:16 <CDB-Man> Can we just ban him already?
12:36:48 <CDB-Man> " Also, CDB-man, I don't give a fuck about your broken spreadsheets, grow up and
12:36:48 <CDB-Man> learn to present numerical information for a broad audience in case there is a
12:36:48 <CDB-Man> next time. "
12:37:29 <CDB-Man> Or at least SOMEONE reply and tell him to shut up?
12:38:00 <CDB-Man> That or delete all of his messages from the ticket
12:38:18 <CDB-Man> Just how obnoxious can Wm be
12:42:51 <CDB-Man> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=797796 if he continues without repercussion that's just validation of his methods
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12:50:46 <CDB-Man> If this was a forum like some that I moderate, even if I wouldn't have banned the user, certainly all of their replies would be deleted
12:52:30 <CDB-Man> Me replying to him would only egg him on, it needs to be someone other than me that says "you have no clue or context on what's being discussed"
12:54:46 <CDB-Man> (I also wonder if he claims to be an accountant or CPA...)
12:58:03 <CDB-Man> This one sided attack is really grating on me
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13:36:36 <jralls> fell, gnome-runtime 3.36 is *not* outdated. It's still getting commits: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gnome-build-meta/-/tree/gnome-3-36
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13:38:55 <jralls> CDB-Man, there's no way to lock out trolls. Block one id and they can just re-register with a new one.
13:39:17 <CDB-Man> Then can we at least delete all the useless messages?
13:39:56 <CDB-Man> And or admonish him?
13:40:55 <jralls> Only warlord can do that, by editing the database. But it would most likely inflame him more. He's been admonished, it does no good. The only thing that would work would be if someone in the UK got a judge to slap an ASBO on him.
13:41:28 <jralls> Then his local police could confiscate his computer.
13:41:50 <jralls> But I don't think that's easily done, and in any case someone would have to dox him.
13:43:48 <CDB-PHONE> so you're saying then that you all have been sitting here and listening to his chatter ad infinitum since forever, and he pollutes any ticket he walks into
13:44:03 <CDB-PHONE> with no recourse
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13:45:00 <CDB-PHONE> on another website I moderate, we ban people and play whack a mole on the alias accounts until they give up, which the farthest we've gone is 15 aliases until they eventually gave up
13:47:10 <fell> jralls, 1. the flathub guys suggested it. 2. why do you want to ship rhe release on an different platform than the nighlies?
13:47:57 <fell> BTW, the file contains ways more patches, which we applied on the nightlies.
13:50:28 <fell> CDB-PHONE: Just don't feed the troll!
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13:52:40 <CDB-PHONE> it would help (my pride? mainly) if someone could at least reply to me in the ticket with 100% of Wm ignored
13:52:55 <CDB-PHONE> at least to imply that in being listened to and he's being ignored
13:53:19 <jralls> fell, I don't think that either the bug or the PR were written by flathub maintainers. They have more pressing concerns. I don't actually care what runtime goes in either flatpak as long as it meets our dependency requirements.
13:59:36 <fell> The platform is only one point. Many other changes, which we applied on the nightlies went into org.gnucash.GnuCash.json: https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-on-flatpak/commits/master/org.gnucash.GnuCash.json and never appeared in the releases.
14:11:22 <fell> we extended the filesystem from home to host, added cleanup …
14:13:05 <fell> with the exception of "-DGNUCASH_BUILD_ID …" the file content should be the same, otherwise the release is a crippled nightly.
14:15:14 <fell> Example: no tracefile in release because /tmp is outside of $HOME.
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14:19:17 <fell> BTW, having the tracefile in the world readable /tmp is not the best design decission.
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14:29:44 <jralls> That's absolutely true in today's *nix. It was the standard place 22 years ago when the code was first written.
14:31:27 <jralls> There's nothing in your procedure about copying anything between the repositories except the three gnucash*source.json files. It only says to update the release id.
14:34:53 <jralls> in the org.gnucash.Gnucash.json already in the org.gnucash.Gnucash repo. So ISTM it's incumbent on whoever commits something to gnucash-on-flatpak to make the same commit to org.gnucash.Gnucash after doing a test build.
14:36:11 <jralls> And that test build needs to include running make check and ideally running GnuCash inside the container *before* pushing either commit. build_package.sh does neither.
14:42:54 <fell> the last change of content in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Release_Process#Flathub_package was https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/index.php?title=Release_Process&type=revision&diff=16171&oldid=16121 and it seems incomplete from todays perspective.
14:44:25 <jralls> So it's gjanssens's fault for not making the procedure the way you want instead of your fault for not committing in both repos?
14:44:56 <jralls> Or is it my fault for not reading your mind?
14:47:20 <fell> It seems nobody did a complete compare before.
14:49:40 <fell> IMHO on release we should sync both repos. Dependencies incl. runtime can change several times between releases.
14:57:41 <jralls> That last isn't likely. Gnome releases every 6 months. The next one is Gnome 40.0, due 24 March. I suggest that we *not* try to get that into GnuCash 4.5 even if the runtime folks make a branch for it. They haven't yet.
15:02:18 <fell> I catched a message the current runtime is unsupported (in a test build [?]), and swiched to 36. Afew days later we got the PR for 38..
15:10:02 <jralls> I couldn't find any documentation about how flathub manages the gnome runtime. Their ridiculously sparse documentation just points to a gitlab.gnome.org repo; it has branches for each stable version from gnome-3-30 on, though 3.30 and 3.32 haven't gotten any commits in a year, 3.34's last commit was in Novemnber.
15:13:06 <jralls> I also couldn't find any documentation on whether the runtime is shared between apps that use it. If flatpaks are real containers then every one should be self sufficient and the claim from the OP of https://github.com/flathub/org.gnucash.GnuCash/issues/35 that using the most recent somehow saves downloads is BS.
15:13:57 <fell> It is shared as platform
15:14:21 <jralls> Where is that documented?
15:14:46 <fell> currently you can have pure XDG or Gnome, perhaps others.
15:16:37 <fell> XDG is https://gitlab.com/freedesktop-sdk/freedesktop-sdk/-/blob/release/20.08/NEWS
15:16:48 <fell> Gnome is based on it.
15:17:02 <jralls> https://docs.flatpak.org/en/latest/available-runtimes.html#gnome says that they provide Freedesktop, Gnome, and KDE with the latter two being derivatives of the first.
15:17:52 <jralls> But where is it documented that the runtimes are shared? If not documented, where in the code?
15:18:11 <fell> Each has a runtime and a SDK
15:18:38 <fell> Watch the downloads/updates
15:19:02 <jralls> Each what?
15:19:08 <fell> flatpak list (or so)
15:19:21 <jralls> What's a "flatpak list"?
15:19:34 <fell> CLI
15:20:13 <jralls> You're babbling. A command-line interface isn't a list.
15:20:51 <jralls> Do you mean that I should run the command "flatpak list"?
15:21:17 <fell> see 'flatpak --help'
15:25:26 <fell> A few console outputs are in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Flatpak
15:26:06 <fell> like Maintenance
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15:33:11 <gjanssens> jralls: it was my original intention for flathub's git repo to be mostly a "slave" repo of our gnucash-on-flatkpak one.
15:33:11 <gncbot> gjanssens: Sent 22 hours and 27 minutes ago: <fell> Can you document the update of org.gnucash.Gnucash before release from gnucash-on-flatpak?
15:33:42 <gjanssens> All changes made in gnucash-on-flatpak were to be replicated in flathub.
15:34:03 <jralls> gjanssens But when? And by whom?
15:34:07 <gjanssens> However only near gnucash release times.
15:34:42 <gjanssens> I didn't consider it wise to push each and every change to flathub. That would defeat the idea of a nightly to test stuff out.
15:35:27 <jralls> No argument with that. What's ticked me off is that the updating didn't happen at all.
15:35:34 <gjanssens> By whom ? I never got that strictly defined. In the beginning it was more of a solo project of mine which then got incorporated into the gnucash release process.
15:36:30 <gjanssens> Currently all release duties have fallen on your shoulders.
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15:36:53 <jralls> Which is fine. *But somebody has to tell me.*
15:36:53 <gjanssens> I had at some point imagined there's a difference between releasing and packaging.
15:37:34 <gjanssens> But that's besides the point right now. So yes, somebody had to tell you. That didn't happen.
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15:39:11 <gjanssens> I guess I wasn't fully done with figuring out how it all should work by the time I got overwhelmed with non-gnucash stuff.
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15:40:07 <gjanssens> With this you know what the intention was, let's see how we can manage it in practise.
15:40:24 <gjanssens> But I hope you don't mind if I leave it at that for this evening.
15:40:30 * gjanssens is exhausted.
15:41:16 <jralls> OK. I think I know what needs to be done and I'll rewrite the procedure in Release_Procedure.
15:41:24 <gjanssens> Thanks!
15:41:35 <gjanssens> And see you later.
15:41:40 <jralls> Goodnight!
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16:30:23 <CDB-Man> Looks like somebody finally came to abolish Wm
16:34:00 <CDB-PHONE> is Jim DeLaHunt a known contributor? or just a passerby
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16:36:07 <jralls> Jim DeLaHunt is a regular poster on gnucash-user.
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16:37:30 <CDB-PHONE> abolish -> admonish
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16:38:34 <jralls> Yeah, I didn't think that DeLaHunt could abolish him. ;-)
16:40:06 <CDB-PHONE> one can only hope!
16:45:26 <CDB-Man> i take it then he's sufficiently familiar with wm's antics
17:06:50 <CDB-Man> [2021.02.08 10:39:55] <chris> https://pastebin.com/raw/JhUDN1UV <-- chris this works, just tested
17:24:19 <CDB-Man> jralls: the auto complete issue has resurfaced......
17:25:28 <CDB-Man> https://ibb.co/vBKt8Dq
17:26:37 <CDB-Man> Version: 4.4
17:26:37 <CDB-Man> Build ID: git 4.4-118-g0389905f7+(2021-01-23)
17:29:19 <CDB-Man> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798061
17:31:52 <jralls> Thanks for reopening the bug, I won't have time to get to it today and would otherwise forget. Can you add a comment with the exact key sequence you typed after entering the cell, including any backspacing or backtracking?
17:32:59 <jralls> And if you tab out and back in (i.e. <tab><shift><tab>) does it reset and the filter works?
17:34:05 <CDB-Man> 1. addres key sequence
17:34:48 <CDB-Man> 2. clicking to anotehr tab and clicking back it doesn't like more key strokes, but if I click on the dropdown button to open the dropdown, it likes that and the list seems to be filtered for things that contain "ca"
17:35:02 <CDB-Man> this reply has been added to the ticket as well
17:36:26 <jralls> Neither was what I had in mind: I meant the actual key sequence so that focus moved to the debit cell and back.
17:37:07 <CDB-Man> not sure what you mean, since I hadn't yet proceeded to the debit column for the last split beoing entred
17:38:16 <jralls> I know. That's what I want you to try. See if you can get it wedged again and then try tabbing to debit and tabbing back.
17:38:26 <CDB-Man> hmm
17:39:26 <jralls> Also I noticed in your screen shot that the reveal arrow is pointing the wrong way, like the list is displayed but you can't see it.
17:39:55 <CDB-Man> interesting, didn't notice that
17:40:07 <CDB-Man> and trying now to replicate the erroer, I cannot
17:40:09 <CDB-Man> no crash
17:40:16 <CDB-Man> no freeze*
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18:16:54 <CDB-Man> chris: for multicolumn income statement, there is a display error. I have Expenses > Income Tax (expense account) -> Income Tax Refund (income account). on the legacy income statement it shows it as a line item, but on multicolumn it does not, even though the total stilll gets properly added to the total revenue. screenshots forrthcoming
18:21:53 <CDB-Man> https://ibb.co/W2NpZrp - screenshot 1, here is the legacy report and you can see that the revenue account Canadian Income Tax refund is displayed even though the parent account is an expeense account
18:21:53 <CDB-Man> https://ibb.co/T4q9mrZ - screenshot 2, you can see that this item is missing, but the total of $79821 still agrees with legacy, so its clearly being included just not displayed. My account deptyh is set at level 2 for both legacy and multicolumn report, i think this account is at level 3
18:22:25 <CDB-Man> if I run it at level 3 the multicolumn showsd the refund account
18:22:56 <CDB-Man> the legacy report shows the account even if it level 2, since i guess it knowns that it would look real odd to not show something just because there's no parent account at the right level of the right type (revenue)
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19:22:15 <chris> CDB-Man I've removed the offending poster from that bug.
19:23:00 <chris> re: price in multicol-pnl -- nice. but I won't push fix yet because it makes average-cost price decimal instead of fraction yet. needs more work.
19:23:03 <CDB-PHONE> hope he doesn't notice
19:23:34 <chris> re: INCOME under EXPENSE - yup this is one of those undefined behaviours. what *should* happen?
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19:27:57 <CDB-PHONE> well, for starters, the legacy report behavior is better
19:28:12 <CDB-PHONE> that said
19:28:44 <CDB-PHONE> the only reason I have income under expense is because other gnucash reports don't like negative balance expense accounts
19:28:57 <CDB-PHONE> such as the various expense pie charts
19:29:17 <CDB-PHONE> I would ordinarily have only an income tax expense account
19:29:32 <CDB-PHONE> and allow it to go into negative balance
19:30:23 <CDB-PHONE> so on the assumption that redesigning all of the other reports is not practical, the legacy behaviour can be implemented as a stop gap until we come up with something better (if ever)
19:30:35 <CDB-PHONE> the other option though
19:30:47 <CDB-PHONE> is to SUM TOTAL by to level parent only
19:30:56 <CDB-PHONE> rather than by individual account type
19:31:31 <CDB-PHONE> in other words, this particular account of mine is an income type, but since it is under expense, roll it into the expense tally
19:31:55 <CDB-PHONE> I think this is marginally better, don't feel too strongly either way right now though
19:34:13 <CDB-PHONE> actually, I think I now prefer the top level grouping better
19:34:20 <CDB-PHONE> since that would respect still
19:34:29 <CDB-PHONE> respect the user's chart of accounts
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19:45:44 <chris> IANAA - I'd imagine an income tax refund is a negative expense, and gnucash reports should accommodate :)
19:46:11 <chris> similarly a disgruntled customer wanting a refund of their payment would be negative income
19:49:13 <chris> jralls I guess there's no objection to #908?
19:52:19 <jralls> chris, looks that way.
19:55:01 <chris> jralls: ok after merging I'll postpone further html-acct-table simplification after 4.5
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20:08:49 <CDB-Man> chris: i agree, but in lieu of that, a quick fix to at leat replicate legacy behaviour ois in order
20:09:05 <CDB-Man> so that the actual forward-looking enhancement request is to change the behaviour
20:09:09 <CDB-Man> let's do this iteratively
20:43:43 <CDB-Man> does gnucash report filtering regex supprot ?! negative lookahead?
20:44:30 <CDB-Man> e.g. > (?!Accrued)DFN
20:44:30 <CDB-Man> in the transaction report, I want to filter for all transactions not includiong the word "Accrued" that have DFN in it
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21:04:25 <CDB-Man> more specifically i want ot use:\ ^(?!Accrued)DFN
21:04:40 <CDB-Man> match for any transaction that does NOT start with "Accrued", and contains "DFN" somewhere in it
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21:19:51 * chris-phone surprised jralls knows about ASBOs in UK
21:21:14 <chris-phone> CDB-Man: the transaction report uses Guile's regex support which comes from POSIX
21:27:17 <CDB-Man> hmm
21:27:24 <CDB-Man> looks like POSIX doesnt have lookaheads
21:27:25 <CDB-Man> a shame
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