2021-02-13 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:36:28 <giuseppef> Good morning, I need some help with python bindings. I can't understand how to set BillTerm on Invoice. Any help appreciated
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03:38:50 <fell> jralls, can you extend https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Dependency_Updates#Nightlies aboiut how to handle upstream appliend patches? Only remove from json or also the files?
03:44:06 <fell> giuseppef, I fear nobody here in IRC is using them. You would better ask on one of the mailing lists, if you can not find it in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Python_Bindings and links or https://code.gnucash.org/docs/MAINT/python_bindings_page.html etc.
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04:31:02 <giuseppef> thanks, fell
04:31:56 <fell> did you find the reason?
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04:57:19 <giuseppef> No, I am still fighting with it. I cannot get term by name (but I am really poorly skilled in python)
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05:51:30 <chris> giuseppef: maybe post your .py in pastebin.com?
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05:57:15 <giuseppef> chris https://pastebin.com/s6XuuAZx
05:58:02 <giuseppef> The result is TypeError: in method 'gncBillTermGetName', argument 1 of type 'GncBillTerm const *'
06:02:07 <chris> this may be a swig bug
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06:19:14 <giuseppef> Thanks, chris. Any suggestion to use a different way to find a BillTerm and using it in posting invoice?
06:23:14 <giuseppef> Hi got the same result using GetDescription
06:23:32 <chris> not sure, if swig issue thwn swig must be fixed
06:24:20 <chris> stick aeound a few days maybe we can fix this
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07:57:37 <chris> giuseppef: please file a bug in the meantime as a reminder
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08:18:50 <giuseppef> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798126
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13:32:06 <Fowntinhed> Hi all, how's it going?
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13:36:29 <Fowntinhed> Hi all, how's it going?
14:09:53 <jralls> Just fine.
14:12:53 <jralls> fell I don't understand what you mean by upstream applied patches.
14:13:43 <fell> Martin applied them upstream.
14:14:54 <fell> So they are no longer required i the build of the bundle.
14:16:34 <jralls> Not quite. They're still needed until we update gnucash-on-windows to use gwen 5.5.1. At that point we take the <patch/> lines out of gnucash.modules but we leave the patches in the repo so as not to break the build for someone who isn't using the latest gncuash.modules.
14:18:10 <fell> and can be removed from https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-on-windows/blob/master/gnucash.modules and perhaps https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-on-windows/tree/master/patches.
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14:19:24 <fell> OK. should be documented.
14:20:45 <fell> I was unsure this morning.
14:24:54 <jralls> But that documentation isn't organized correctly. Dependencies don't stand on their own, they're part of the bundles. Each bundle (flatpak, macos, and win32) should have its own section of which dependency management should be a subsection. The enclosing page should have something about keeping the dependencies in synch as much as possible.
14:26:51 <jralls> We could get there by wrapping the existing flatpak page or we could add pages for macOS and win32 and have a short bundling page with pointers.
14:31:13 <fell> On the long run smaller linked pages are better.
14:31:25 <jralls> I agree.
14:34:38 <jralls> Another point for dependencies: It's mandatory that whoever builds and tests before committing and pushing.
14:35:43 <fell> It is in the abstract of Dependency Updates
14:37:40 <jralls> It needs to be in the procedure... which is too specific, BTW. We have more dependencies than just AQB and F::Q.
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14:40:12 <jralls> And F::Q is included only in flatpak, I guess because it needs to be in the sandbox and it's too hard for users to install it there themselves.
14:44:20 <fell> when I created the page, the idea was: when I bump the version number for flatpak, why not create PRs for the other bundles?
14:47:30 <jralls> OK, but documentation is like everything else: If you focus too tightly on the problem at hand you miss the big picture and produce sub-optimal results.
14:50:04 <fell> But somewhere we have to start.
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14:54:57 <jralls> Those aren't mutually exclusive. Just think about how what you want to start on fits into the bigger picture and make a skeleton to put your piece (or pieces) in.
15:02:20 <fell> CWehli is since weeks busy to restructe, what one was De/HBCI, in a dozen pages with single aspects. But without the old pieces we would have missed aspects.
15:03:21 <Fowntinhed> Anyone here familiar with Social Accounting? Was wondering how difficult it would be to have GnuCash perform social accounting simultaneously. GAAP & IAAP don't have ledgers like "mutual aid"
15:05:20 <jralls> Never heard of social accounting and mutual aid is about firefighters covering each other's backs. ;-)
15:06:15 <jralls> But if you can figure out how to value it in your home currency and fit it into assets, liabilities, or equity the GnuCash can probably handle it.
15:07:05 <fell> For DE we have both account templates: business and charity. ;-)
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15:10:11 <jralls> Both of which must comply with IAS. ;-)
15:12:23 <Fowntinhed> lol @jralls thank you!
15:13:30 <Fowntinhed> The idea I had was to perform social accounting while producing all the reports required by Uncle Sam at the same time
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15:13:54 <jralls> fell, gjanssens https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Flatpak doesn't say anything about keeping modules/*.json in the two repositories--gnucash-on-flatpak and org.gnucash.Gnucash. They should be, right?
15:14:55 <jralls> Fowntinhead, you probably want to keep two sets of books, one for GAAP accounting to keep our uncle happy and the other incorporating the social aspects.
15:17:29 <jralls> To elaborate a bit on valuation, suppose that you want to track mutual aid with some other org in hours of someone's labor. You might value it at $50/hour. You'd use the security editor to create a mutual aid hours commodity and the price editor to create a price of $50 for the commodity. The you could create an asset account and debit it when your org provides mutual aid to the other and credit it when they provide it to you.
15:18:37 <jralls> You'd have an Equity:Mutual Aid account (in USD) to capture the other side of each transaction.
15:18:58 <Fowntinhed> AH! Okay, I see
15:20:10 <jralls> If it's that simple you could even do that in your regular book. Just leave those accounts out of the balance sheet and income statement reports when handing off to your accountant for tax prep.
15:22:20 <jralls> Just don't try to use the business features (invoices, bills, etc.). They don't understand barter.
15:25:15 <Fowntinhed> I will explore those, it's all very confusing to me because I imagined a completely different infrastructure, but it makes sense that it can all fit into A=L+OE
15:26:10 <Fowntinhed> I imagined there would be a different equation that would allow the business to perform a different function
15:26:54 <jralls> There may well be, but GnuCash doesn't know about that.
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15:28:21 <Fowntinhed> I just wanted to reach out here first before I go to a big influencer in this field to see what you thought.
15:29:42 <Fowntinhed> So is it allowed to edit the GnuCash code allow anyone to incorporate these types of things if they wanted to? Legally?
15:30:45 <fell> its under GPL2+
15:31:51 <jralls> Yes, GnuCash is Free Software: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html. The only thing we ask is that if you distribute your fork you call it something else besides GnuCash and that you tell your users to get support from you.
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15:33:14 <Fowntinhed> @fell @jralls thank you! Really want to work on this project, feel like it would be an invaluable tool for businesses to organize. Definitely will observe all of the license & those terms.
15:33:14 <gncbot> Fowntinhed: Error: "fell" is not a valid command.
15:33:40 <jralls> Good luck and safe coding!
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17:02:29 <fell> jralls: right, in principle gnucash-on-flatpak should be merged into org.gnucash.Gnucash before release.
17:03:00 <fell> But gjanssens will know it exactly.
17:05:21 <fell> @tell gjanssens Can you document the update of org.gnucash.Gnucash before release from gnucash-on-flatpak?
17:05:21 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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18:18:20 <jralls> fell, think I should do that and run a 4.4-2 release build for the new AQBanking?
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19:37:47 <fell> jralls, from my POV https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Release_Process#Steps_to_run_in_a_clone_of_flathub.27s_org.gnucash.GnuCash_repo is incomplete. modules and patches need merging, too. Perhaps a squashed merge of gnucash-on-flatpack is possible?
19:38:53 <fell> At least, I was able to merge a PR in the other direction for the runtime-update.
19:40:54 <fell> And yes, we should release a 4.4-2. Some deps are still from 3.8 or so.
19:41:04 <jralls> Merging between repos with different histories is an interesting idea, but it doesn't strike me a s good one. Better to just copy the different files from the one to the other and commit that.
19:41:28 <jralls> s/a s/as a/
19:43:27 <jralls> Or cherry-pick commits. In this case copy and commit would be way faster than getting each module's history right 1 cherry-pick at a time.
19:48:06 <fell> OK, it is faster to replace the dirs and call the commit Udate to gnucash-on-flatpak commit … or so.
19:48:43 <jralls> On windows there's a rub with a 4.4-2: https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/commit/1993fb95306713e99bc4c906165347ecf901d62a is needed for it to build. I can do that as a patch but then it's technically not 4.4 anymore.
19:49:08 <jralls> Or we can just tell Win32 users to use tomorrow's nightly.
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19:51:34 <fell> Or backport the patch
19:52:15 <jralls> Not SVN. There is no "backport". ;-)
19:52:52 <fell> branch from rellease, cherrypick …
19:53:24 <fell> or call it 4.4a
19:53:54 <jralls> Regardless of how it's done it's not 4.4-2.
19:55:57 <fell> If it is important or OFX users, how about a general snap release?
19:57:55 <fell> Or do yo wwant to let them test the nighlies for a few days?
19:57:55 <jralls> It's only important to a handful of users, those who happen to be members of USAA, a banking and insurance company for US military. And it's only a problem on Windows, flatpak and macOS don't need the patch.
20:01:21 <jralls> So for those few I don't see a big problem with telling them to use nightlies until the 4.5 release in 6 weeks.
20:04:01 <fell> And the mac users get a 4.4-2?
20:05:56 <jralls> mac and flatpack.
20:06:04 <fell> OK
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20:08:39 <fell> BTW the missing dep update would explain different behaviours between flatpak releases and nightles.
20:09:38 <fell> like in some PIN/TAN methods.
20:22:49 <jralls> Just a bit. ;-)
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22:34:12 <fell> jralls: "runtime-version": "3.36" is outdated! should be 3.38 at least
22:34:46 <fell> in org.gnucash.GnuCash.json
22:36:52 <fell> https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-on-flatpak/commit/b48ceecb6d15445f5ffb5d5efda36114e35a6b15
22:42:27 <fell> and the originals: https://github.com/flathub/org.gnucash.GnuCash/issues/35
22:42:51 <fell> https://github.com/flathub/org.gnucash.GnuCash/pull/38
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23:00:22 <Taiga003> hi All
23:00:57 <Taiga003> Looking at the GnuCash project and it looks really good lately so wanting to do what I can to contribute