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08:01:28 <gjanssens> fell: I have gone through the wiki and have made some updates. I think I have added cmake updates to the most important pages now. I have also updated the README file in the gnucash-docs repo.
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08:17:57 <nathan> good morning I have a question about how to use the security price database to fetch price quotes for mutual funds
08:23:00 <nathan> I have no issues fetching prices for single stocks. I added a mutual fund and I get this error message, for only the mutual fund:
08:23:04 <nathan> https://imagebin.ca/v/5rAUP6maSz3h
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08:49:44 <kalpu> Ahoj, here in germany I tested gnucash (debian stable version) with skr04 and I'm a bit irritated because the Balance-Sheet (Bilanz) seems wrong: "Gezeichnetes Kapital" (issued capital) gets listed under "Liabilities" but it should be under "Equitiy". Any ideas?
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09:06:57 <warlord> nathan, probably because your chosen quote source is invalid? Try using gnc-fq-dump and see if it works there?
09:07:41 <warlord> nathan, yahoo_json source works fine for me
09:08:07 <nathan> ok. I had been using alphavantage. I will try that.
09:09:02 <nathan> if it helps, here is the properties view for the mutual fund. I wondered if it makes a difference whether it is listed as FUND or NASDAQ
09:09:05 <nathan> v
09:09:09 <nathan> https://imagebin.ca/v/5rAiJSFXFtD4
09:10:34 <warlord> No, that shouldn't matter. It's all about the quote source.
09:10:56 <nathan> ok I could not find gnc-fq-dump so I used yahoo as json and it worked.
09:11:15 <nathan> thank you, have a great day
09:11:18 <warlord> You're welcome
09:11:27 <warlord> looks like you had been using AlphaVantage.
09:11:35 <nathan> yes
09:11:40 <warlord> I don't have an AV key myself, so I only use YahooJSON
09:11:46 <warlord> It works for MOST of my quotes.
09:12:02 <nathan> gtk for future ref.
09:13:46 <warlord> Enjoy. Happy Gnucashing
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10:18:15 <kalpu> Ahoj, here in germany I tested gnucash (debian stable version) with skr04 and I'm a bit irritated because the Balance-Sheet (Bilanz) seems wrong: "Gezeichnetes Kapital" (issued capital) gets listed under "Liabilities" but it should be under "Equitiy". Any ideas?
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10:27:55 <warlord> kalpu, we saw you question the first time. I suggest you ask your question either on gnucash-user or gnucash-de
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11:30:13 <fell> kalpu: The reason is https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=421766
11:33:11 <fell> and at that time liability was translated with "Passive" in de.
11:34:05 <fell> warlord: gnucash-user can not help in such questions.
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12:44:17 <kalpu> fell: Wow, this blows! So since 2007 (or even before) there is no realworld usage of gnucash for small/mid companies in germany (skr04)? ... Is there anything I can do?
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13:32:25 <fell> I had expanded a stub in 2005, announced it on gnucash-de but only a few years later it became an official part. But in between i had other priorities. Further developement of the templates should be discussed on gnucash-de perhaps with drafts in the wiki.
13:34:28 <fell> I do not think, it is useless. At least I used it several years.I see the issue more as cosmetic.
13:35:23 <fell> kalpu, if you like, fix the bug.
13:36:16 <fell> I iknow also the other template authors would be happy.
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14:34:28 <fell> Has someone an Idea, from where https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/gnucash/glossary-1/ is?
14:36:18 <fell> I suspect Milo behind it.
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15:28:48 <jralls> Or kingu. I don't understand why you granted either of them admin.
15:29:49 <jralls> If glossary-1 just appeared, it's kingu. milotype hasn't been on for almost a week.
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15:32:04 <jralls> Hmm, maybe that's not true. It says your last login was a month ago, so I guess it can't tell if you're always logged in.
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15:57:08 <hannes1> Hello, I have following problem: When I'm importing the csv-file I would like to have the rows to be imported in the same order as they are in the csv-file, but this is not the case.
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16:01:34 <warlord> @tell hannes1 what do you mean "rows .. imported in the same order"? Are these transactions or splits? GnuCash will sort transactions by its own way, and splits within a transaction get sorted debits then credits in the order created. However it is certainly possible the importer uses a more arbitrary order.
16:01:34 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
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16:07:34 <kalpu> fell: Thanks for the input.
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16:11:12 <hannes1> Hello, I have following problem: When I'm importing the csv-file I would like to have the rows to be imported in the same order as they are in the csv-file, but this is not the case.
16:11:12 <gncbot> hannes1: Sent 9 minutes ago: <warlord> what do you mean rows .. imported in the same order ? Are these transactions or splits? GnuCash will sort transactions by its own way, and splits within a transaction get sorted debits then credits in the order created. However it is certainly possible the importer uses a more arbitrary order.
16:12:19 <hannes1> yes, it is about transactions
16:17:34 <hannes1> Is there a way that gnucash imports the transactions in the same order as they are in the csv-file?
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16:23:12 <fell> Hannes1 has its internal sort order, but perhaps a transaction report sortded by date entered could help you.
16:24:55 <hannes1> the problem is that there are usually several transaction with the same date and gnucash sorts them differently
16:27:26 <jralls> There are two dates, one visible (posted), one not (entered). Posted has 1-day resolution, entered has 1-second. Date entered is the 3rd sort criterion after date posted and number.
16:28:00 <jralls> When you import GnuCash is able to process a lot of transactions in 1 second so they all get the same date entered timestamp.
16:30:07 <hannes1> jralls: than its maybe the best to add an additional column with number in my csv-file
16:32:16 <jralls> The fourth sort key is the description and the fifth is GUID, which is effectively random for this purpose. So you could add a number column or you could fudge the descriptions.
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16:43:43 <hannes1> jralls: hm, I tried now with date and number, but number seams not to be the 2nd sort criterion
16:48:45 <hannes1> sorry this was my fault, exchanged increasing and decreasing. This workaround works fine. thanks!
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18:26:44 <fell> chhris,https://code.gnucash.org/builds/win32/build-logs/maint/2021-02/build-maint-2021-02-09-03-01-03.log:
18:26:54 <fell> FAILED: lib/guile/2.2/site-ccache/gnucash/locale/de_DE/tax/txf.go
18:27:06 <fell> FAILED: lib/guile/2.2/site-ccache/gnucash/locale/us/tax/txf.go
18:29:22 <jralls> minus the ':'.
18:30:16 <fell> chris ^
18:30:38 <jralls> Not Chris's fault. Copying the scm files didn't work again.
18:32:57 <fell> Disk full again?
18:35:23 <jralls> No, something
18:38:56 <jralls> about the way CMake creates them at configure instead of as targets for Ninja to create. Cmake creates the copies and then ninja cleans the directory, removing them.
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19:07:03 <jralls> fell, I surprised you haven't pestered me about Gwenhywfar-5.5.0. ;-) After making the update in flatpack I thought to check if org.gnucash.flatpak was up to date. It was quite a bit behind, so I diffed the whole modules dir between the two. There are a lot of differences. Should there be?
19:07:54 <fell> let me see …
19:08:42 <fell> I had not seen it
19:11:38 <jralls> There's a mistake in src/os/windows.gwenthread.c, though.
19:15:23 <chris> jralls: from your profiling what is exactly the holdup in loading/saving datafile?
19:16:16 <jralls> chris, a little more context?
19:16:31 <chris> why datafile load takes 1min for you?
19:18:03 <jralls> Because engine uses a zillion linked lists. Because the SQL backend communicates with the engine using GObject Properties. Because doing those two very slow things 100 bytes at a time 550 thousand times takes a while.
19:19:23 <chris> and both are obsolete data structures?
19:20:57 <jralls> GObject Properties allocate-and-copy at least 4 times for every assignment and retrieval. It helps a bit that they use gslice instead of going to the OS for those allocs, but it's still a lot slower than a direct memory write.
19:24:13 <jralls> Linked lists aren't obsolete per se, but they don't scale well because there's no indexed access and in the case of GLists they're double-allocated, meaning that the list node is separate from the actual data. That makes it darn near impossible for the CPU to efficiently cache one for fast access.
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19:28:29 <fell> @tell gjanssens Nice work, thank you! Nitpick. in gnucash-docs/README I had preferred cmake before autotools.
19:28:30 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
19:29:31 <chris> would be a major hurdle to convert Account.cpp to std::vector ?
19:30:16 <chris> xaccAccountGetSplitList would need to change slightly
19:31:55 <chris> gtg...
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19:32:25 <jralls> It's consumed in a lot of places so you'd wind up either converting all of those places to c++ or writing a shim that copied the vector to a list, which would be even slower.
19:39:26 <jralls> fell, updating gwen on Windows will have to wait a couple of days, there's more than the one build problem. I guess Martin didn't test on Windows.
19:39:30 <jralls> I
19:39:51 <jralls> I've filed https://www.aquamaniac.de/rdm/issues/230 for the first one.
19:40:24 <fell> commit 648b6df: OS: Added first thread implementation for Windows (not tested, yet).
19:41:26 <jralls> But there's more and I'm out of time for tonight.
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