2021-02-03 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:21:11 <CDB-Man> [05:25:12] <9d54b3chris> CDB-man: with the exchange rate discrepancy - do you mean with pricedb-nearest the exchange rate isn't *exactly* the same as legacy? would it be the 2dp rounding as you later describe?
02:21:21 <CDB-Man> Hard to tell given I only have 2dp
02:21:34 <CDB-Man> But it seems it's choosing an entirely different rate
02:30:23 <CDB-Man> [16:57:50] <@jralls> CDB-Man_ adder's problem raises an interesting point re our long-running discussion about foreign currency. Should Equity accounts ever be denominated in other than the home currency, or should opening foreign-currency/commodity balances be countered in a home-currency Equity account at the average cost from the previous year's book? Or at some other average price?
02:31:04 <CDB-Man> There is an equity line item called "cumulative translation adjustment" or CTA for short
02:31:17 <CDB-Man> It's one of the more annoying components of equity
02:32:04 <CDB-Man> I repeat my Cardinal "rule" that everything should always be denominated in home currency
02:33:44 <CDB-Man> If everything is always recorded with a home currency value, both balance sheet and income accounts, equity will likewise always be in home currency
02:34:02 <CDB-Man> Whether we track foreign currency as a commodity or not shouldn't affect this
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04:52:31 <chris> CDB-Man: if suspense accounts are not to be used, then what do you call the temporary account to store date discrepancies? eg in December my employer deducts $ for IRA; in January the IRA is funded.
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05:08:05 <chris> cdb-man: if the pricedb-nearest is choosing an entirely incorrect price (not just a 2dp rounding) then it's a weird bug indeed. datafile would be great if possible.
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06:03:13 <gjanssens> .
06:03:13 <gncbot> gjanssens: Sent 12 hours and 48 minutes ago: <jralls> do you have any objections to following the Linux Kernel down the docbook->sphinx path (https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/doc-guide/docbook.rst)?
06:04:04 <gjanssens> jralls: no objections per se. It's not immediately clear to me though what we'd gain from that ?
06:04:45 <gjanssens> Note your link resulted in a 404 on my system so I'm not sure what you wanted to refer me to.
06:06:01 <gjanssens> I found the page explaining how to use sfinx https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/doc-guide/sphinx.html#writing-documentation
06:06:24 <gjanssens> Does it provide benefits for translation ?
06:07:22 <gjanssens> WRT to your comments yesterday about the granularity of the translations. By default itstool would split on paragraph boundaries but I believe that's customizable.
06:07:41 <gjanssens> Also one could have sections that are unique for one or more languages.
06:08:23 <gjanssens> So in theory it could cater for all objections I heard so far. What I never saw an answer to was to the question which granularity is the right balance ?
06:09:20 <gjanssens> But while it could still be a viable way forward I'm not in the business of promoting ITS anymore.
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06:09:58 <gjanssens> Simply due to a lack of time. So if someone comes up with a viable solution that works better than what we have now, I'm fine with that too.
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07:38:44 <warlord> .
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08:39:22 <CDB-Man> [05:08:05] <@chris> cdb-man: if the pricedb-nearest is choosing an entirely incorrect price (not just a 2dp rounding) then it's a weird bug indeed. datafile would be great if possible. <--- need the rounding fixed first to be able to tell. Data file is my actual... Can't easily replicate
08:40:13 <CDB-Man> [04:52:31] <@chris> CDB-Man: if suspense accounts are not to be used, then what do you call the temporary account to store date discrepancies? eg in December my employer deducts $ for IRA; in January the IRA is funded. <--- that's not a suspense account, that's just a temporary accrual
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08:45:52 <warlord> Hmm... I just noticed an interesting issue, and I'm not sure where to look to figure out the issue. I sold a house a couple years ago, so my CoA has a balance of 0 for that Fixed Account tree. However my Balance sheet (as of today) shows a non-zero balance for that tree.
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08:50:55 <chris> CDB-Man: ok thx - with pricedb-nearest, if you can figure out the exact pricedb entry needed vs price used it will still help
08:51:15 <CDB-Man> Chris
08:51:20 <warlord> chris, I think there's a bug in the BS report.
08:51:32 <CDB-Man> For income statement shouldn't you be using average over period?
08:51:47 <warlord> My CoA report $0. A transaction report shows 0. But the Balance Sheet is showing a balance.
08:52:10 <CDB-Man> warlord: legacy or multi column bs?
08:52:16 <chris> IIRC multicol income statement will use pricedb nearest to end-date -- this was an arbitrary decision because I know nothing
08:52:34 <warlord> legacy
08:52:59 <chris> uh oh two threads *head_explode*
08:53:02 <warlord> Reports -> A&L -> Balance Sheet
08:53:26 <chris> warlord I don't think I'll have changed legacy BS that much
08:53:28 <CDB-Man> [08:52:16] <@chris> IIRC multicol income statement will use pricedb nearest to end-date -- this was an arbitrary decision because I know nothing <-- should at least use nearest to end date of that period then, rather than nearest to end of report. In any case, hard for me to pinpoint until I see more decimals
08:53:48 <CDB-Man> Warlord is it a currency exchange issue?
08:54:00 <warlord> CDB-Man, shouldn't be -- everything is USD.
08:54:10 <CDB-Man> Or perhaps your BS hasn't selected all child accounts?
08:54:34 <warlord> I checked. But I also ran a completely new BS which would include them.
08:56:01 <CDB-Man> Have you already manually verified all registers in the tree as well?
08:56:11 <CDB-Man> To confirm ending balance zero
08:56:34 <warlord> Let me just start expanding the ..... yeah I'm doing that. Not every subaccount is zeroed out -- just the total.
08:57:00 <warlord> But the COA and Report are *off* for one particular sub-tree, so I'm working down to figure out what transaction(s) might be excluded from the report.
08:57:16 <CDB-Man> Perhaps a date issue where there's a future dated transaction
08:58:02 <chris> cdb-man: multicol IS *aims* to use end-date for each column
08:58:29 <chris> whether it actually does, will be my surprise :)
08:58:50 <CDB-Man> Heh
08:59:46 <warlord> Hmm.. There is one account which is included in the COA.. Included in the list of accounts in the report, but those 2 transactions are not included in the computation!
09:01:08 <CDB-Man> Are they income type accounts?
09:02:54 <warlord> Nope, it's a type Liability
09:03:06 <warlord> Oh, wait...
09:03:14 * chris edge of seat
09:03:22 <warlord> It is a Liability UNDER an Asset.
09:03:46 <warlord> Could that be the problem?
09:05:08 <chris> maybe - most legacy reports use the html-acct-table complex table builder. I can't figure it out.
09:05:10 <warlord> Aha, and there it is -- It is listed under the Liabilities section in the report. But it's hidden normally because it's a 5th-level and standard report only lists 3.
09:05:23 <chris> aha
09:06:05 <warlord> I suppose I could change it to be an Asset so the report does the right thing. It doesn't matter to me...
09:07:07 <warlord> Okay, now the report looks right.
09:07:09 <warlord> Phew
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09:15:39 <chris> warlord: it's because some legacy will tally child accounts into parent accounts and I could never figure out the exact strategy.
09:17:19 <warlord> Well, in this case I think I wanted to account to be treated as a negative asset instead of a liability.. So I just changed the account type. It's in the asset-tree, so...
09:20:31 <chris> how does the multicol BS fare?
09:21:28 <warlord> Dunno. Never tried it. I can swap the account back to L and try?
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09:57:43 <chris> you should try the multicol reports
09:57:52 <warlord> I should
09:57:53 <warlord> ;)
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14:20:23 <fell> chris_, warlord in aging reports we use "Increasing"/"Decreasing", in all others "Ascending"/"Descending". Is there an intended difference, which I do not see?
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14:29:59 <warlord> I am unaware of a rationale for any difference.
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15:28:23 <apitronix> Hi ! The main wiki page is now available in French. :)
15:30:53 <apitronix> I guess someone else than me would add it to the english main page. I can't do that (not enough privileges).
15:31:47 <apitronix> oups
15:32:07 <apitronix> that's already done, my bad.
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15:45:57 <Arin> Hi! I added a user for comdirect to my accounts but when it comes to photoTAN Entry it tells me "Siehe Grafik" but there is no graphicfor me to scan. I tried it on both windows and Ubuntu/Flatpak
15:46:14 <Arin> Any ideas what I need to do to see the photoTAN?
15:55:39 <fell> apitronix: I am watching you! ;-)
15:58:23 <fell> Chris, why changed the tooltip from "0 .. 999,999.99, A .. Z." to "Alphabetical order"? Is numerical sort no longer available in Guile3 or have we no use case?
16:00:40 <fell> Arin, nothing in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/De/Online-Banking about it?
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16:02:30 <Arin> fell Ich habe alles durchsucht und weder dort noch auf google etwas gefunden, das das Problem löst
16:03:39 <Arin> https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-de/2020-June/011638.html Hier gab es einen Workaround, der in meinem Fall nicht funktioniert
16:05:11 <fell> Inzwischen sind wir ja ein paar Versionen weiter
16:05:30 <Arin> Ja, aber ich bin auf 4.4 und habe es leider trotzdem.
16:05:53 <fell> Du bist nach https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/De/Onlinebanking-Einrichtungsassistent vorgrgangen?
16:06:21 <Arin> Evtl. kannst du mich auch auf eine Stelle im source code verweisen, wo die TAN sonst gerendert werden würde?
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16:06:54 <Arin> Genau, bei Schritt 13 hapert es
16:08:47 <fell> Wie weit stimmt denn das Protokoll überein?
16:09:57 <Arin> Welches Protokoll? Ich habe mich hieran orientiert: https://linuxwiki.de/OpenHBCI/GetesteteBanken/comdirect_Bank also HBCI 3 und HTTP1 und 1.1 versucht
16:12:30 <fell> In https://aquamaniac.de/rdm/projects/aqbanking/wiki/AqBanking6_Bankentabelle steht Comdirect: https://fints.comdirect.de/fints, photoTAN
16:13:01 <fell> also nicht an den erweiterten einstellungen rumspielen!
16:14:16 <fell> Beim Linux-wiki die infos sins ja 10 Jahre als
16:14:56 <fell> aus der Zeit als es noch kein Gnucash oder aqbanking-wiki gab.
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16:15:59 <Arin> die URL ist gleich, standard ist HTTP1.1 und das habe ich schon versucht. Ich habe es gerade nochmal ausprobiert, ohne auf Erweiterte Einstellungen zu klicken. Gleiches Ergebnis
16:17:02 <fell> Mit Protokoll meinte ich, was in dem Fenster abgespult wurde.
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16:17:27 <fell> Schritt 13
16:18:02 <fell> Eventuell ist es bei dir so eingestellt daß es verschwindet,
16:18:39 <Arin> Alles außer Kundennummer habe ich gleich ausgefüllt, diese habe ich leer gelassen
16:18:53 <Arin> Wo würde man das denn einstellen?
16:19:09 <Arin> Und natürlich die Bankdaten angepasst
16:19:14 <fell> Schritt 11
16:19:53 <fell> Ohne Kontonummer weiß der Server doch gar nicht , wer du bist. ;-)
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16:20:25 <Arin> Kundennummer.
16:21:09 <Arin> Ich komme ja durchaus durch den Login. Es geht nur die TAN-Anzeige nicht
16:21:45 <fell> Comdirekt ist ja auch speziell mitt den Unterkonten, wenn ich mich recht entsinne.
16:21:46 <Arin> im log steht auch "PIN scheint gültig zu sein.". Ich habe jetzt als Kundennummer noch die letzten 10 Stellen der IBAN eingetragen. Gleiches Problem.
16:22:20 <Arin> Ich komme ja gar nicht bis zu den Umsätzen - die PhotoTAN ist quasi der letzte Schritt des Logins
16:23:01 <fell> Was steht denn zuletzt in dem Protokollfenster?
16:24:04 <fell> Titel "PIN/TAN einrichten" in 13
16:27:20 <Arin> HBCI: 0030 TAN-Eingabe erforderlich
16:29:07 <Arin> Ich denke es handelt sich eher um ein Problem mit Gnucash und es rendert die TAN-Graphik nicht
16:29:50 <fell> Ok, keine Ahnung. Der Code ist irgendwo in https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash/tree/maint/gnucash/import-export/aqb
16:30:28 <fell> Aber schneller geht es wahrscheinlich, mal auf gnucash.de zu fragen.
16:31:05 <fell> mail gnucash-de
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16:32:36 <Arin> Danke. Ich schreibe mal dorthin.
16:32:49 <fell> Bitte.
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17:42:11 <fell> Chris_ I have replaced the messages in *aging.scm, but not the respective scheme contructs.
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18:37:13 <chris_> ~/nick chris
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18:37:21 <chris> np fell
18:38:15 <fell> :-)
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20:01:43 <ffrogman> I have an account of one specific security. Any transactions I manually add have the price show up in Price Database. I imported years of transactions from a .qif file - in this account register I see accurate shares / price per share / total price.
20:01:47 <ffrogman> I want these imported prices to show up in the price database. If I manually edit one of the imported ones and change it back to the original value then it adds the date I updated to the price database, but I have hundreds of transactions - so I don't want to manually do this. Any way to get the price database to record these historical prices?
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20:18:04 <ffrogman> I want these imported prices to show up in the price database. If I manually edit one of the imported ones and change it back to the original value then it adds the date I updated to the price database, but I have hundreds of transactions - so I don't want to manually do this. Any way to get the price database to record these historical prices?
20:18:47 <ffrogman> I'm really trying to graph the value over time. The security account register has the price every time I purchased which is granular enough for my needs, but because the price database is not updating for any of these imported transactions. This makes the graphs not a useful judge of historical value. If I entered all these transactions manually it would update the price database - so I'm hoping what I
20:18:53 <ffrogman> want is possible.
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