2021-02-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:20:28 <CDB-Man> [2021.01.31 14:55:55] <jralls> I guess accountants would use "Payable" instead of "Unpaid", but let's as CDB-Man since he's an accountant.. <-- unpaid has a specific meaning and is used rarely. "VAT Payable" is certainly the most common term mauritslamers
01:21:18 <CDB-Man> a true suspense account is never actually used to hold anything impoirtant -- suspense accounts are used to "park" transactions before they are properly classified into the acorrect accout
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01:25:08 <CDB-Man> chris: in your multicolumn income statement report, when I run the report range as 2020-01-01 to 2020-12-31, the exchange rates used are the same as legacy report. however, when I run the report from 2020-01-01 to 2021-02-01 (today), the exchange rate for the year 2020-01-01 to 2020-12-31 is NOT the same as legacy anymore. i'm using "nearest in time". if the rate change is intentional, this should be rectified, otherwisse it looks like i found a bug
01:25:17 <CDB-Man> also, still working on the truth table for acb report...
01:25:58 <CDB-Man> also, the report only prints 2 digit precision ofr exhcange rates at hte bottom, even though it shows 4 digits... e.g. "$US 1.00 $CA 1.2700"
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05:25:12 <chris> CDB-man: with the exchange rate discrepancy - do you mean with pricedb-nearest the exchange rate isn't *exactly* the same as legacy? would it be the 2dp rounding as you later describe?
05:27:38 <chris> CDB-Man: does it choose an entirely different exchange rate?
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05:55:12 <chris> cdb-man can confirm 2dp issue will investigate
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07:20:26 <mauritslamers> Question: is there a way in which we can make column resizing of the table view for entering invoices and bills more user friendly?
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07:24:24 <mauritslamers> as in: usually the description field is very large and everything else is rather small. Usually this obscures the name of the tax rate. Also, when resizing I cannot make the description field smaller, and the rest bigger. I would expect that when I change the width of the description column the rest of the columns to the right will be resized proportionally...
07:25:49 <mauritslamers> however, that doesn't happen... I have to resize the tax field to increase the width of the entire table past the width of the window, and only then I can resize the description field.
07:26:22 <mauritslamers> It also doesn't remember those settings, so when I open a new window I have to do it again...
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07:53:28 <warlord> .
07:54:07 <warlord> I find it interesting that I received a few mailman reminder bounces claiming spamcop, but i'm not listed in spamcop.
07:56:25 <chris> spamcop... now that's a name i haven't heard in ... 20-25 yrs!
07:57:39 <chris> mauritslamers: Invoice Editor > View menu may be able to save layout
08:03:50 <mauritslamers> chris: good tip, that works
08:05:29 <mauritslamers> chris: working on the english translation
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08:18:12 <warlord> chris, seriously? I see it every day when I look at the mail logs! :)
08:18:25 <warlord> (but usually in a good way -- not in the "you're being blocked" kinda way)
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08:45:41 <mauritslamers> chris: the english version of my manual is at https://mauritslamers.github.io/bookkeeping-with-gnucash/index ... Github is playing up and doesn't display the index nicely (yet)
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08:49:19 <chris> nice effort. send a post on gnucash-user and others may offer feedback. Being in .md will be much easier to attract contributors.
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09:25:02 <fell> chris, https://code.gnucash.org/builds/win32/build-logs/master/2021-02/build-master-2021-02-01-03-05-45.log: FAILED: lib/guile/2.2/site-ccache/gnucash/core-utils.go
09:29:55 <fell> jralls: build-maint-2021-02-01-03-01-02.log: The C++ compiler "C:/gcdev64/msys2/mingw32/bin/c++.exe" is not able to compile a simple test program.
09:30:34 <fell> And in the previous log is a permission error.
09:32:43 <mauritslamers> chris: posted on gnucash-user
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09:51:14 <mauritslamers> and of course I have mail server issues...
09:51:33 <mauritslamers> also spamcop
09:52:13 <warlord> I think SC is having issues today
09:54:34 <mauritslamers> warlord: mmm, the ipv6 address is blocked
09:54:46 <mauritslamers> no, it isn't
09:54:50 <mauritslamers> just misread the page
09:57:27 <mauritslamers> interesting, was looking up whether my ip was blocked somewhere using https://whatismyipaddress.com/blacklist-check and it said somewhere to not use bl.spamcop.net because it is offline...
09:58:00 <warlord> Huh. interesting. Maybe that's why some stuff was blocked.
09:59:02 <mauritslamers> is the gnucash-user list subscriber-only posting?
10:02:04 <warlord> yes. non-subscribers get moderated.
10:04:02 <mauritslamers> ah, because I registered but my first e-mail address from that list got immediately blocked :)
10:04:32 <mauritslamers> I am making a mess: but the first email I sent from that e-mail address got blocked immediately
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10:10:42 <warlord> If you sent email to the list before subscribing then it will get into the moderator queue. Liz clears the queue about once a day, but she's in Australia.
10:12:45 <mauritslamers> No, I sent it after subscribing. I just asked because it would be nice to get that e-mail to the list, so I was considering sending the mail from a different e-mail address
10:13:35 <mauritslamers> as I have no clue when the blockage might be dissolved...
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10:42:26 <warlord> mauritslamers, if you tell me the email address you used and approximate date/time you sent the message I can check the mail logs.
10:43:30 <mauritslamers> warlord: I used maurits@weidestraat.nl, I sent the mail Mon, 1 Feb 2021 15:32:31 +0100 (CET)
10:44:07 <mauritslamers> I think the problem is that gnucash.org is blacklisted or something like that
10:44:22 <mauritslamers> <gnucash-user@gnucash.org>: host lists.gnucash.org[2620:131:f009:ca54::c0de]
10:44:22 <mauritslamers> said: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host
10:44:23 <mauritslamers> [2a10:3781:d03:1:1e98:ecff:fe0f:54a0] blocked using bl.spamcop.net (in
10:44:24 <mauritslamers> reply to RCPT TO command)
10:44:40 <mauritslamers> ah no, that ipv6 address is mine
10:47:14 <warlord> yep. That means gnucash didn't accept your email.. CF spamcop "having issues"
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11:05:55 <chris> cdb-man: thx for report, don't forget, an example datafile in a new bug report is always useful and guarantees i am fixing the bug you see rather than the bug i think you see :)
11:06:02 <chris> fell: no idea
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11:07:58 <mauritslamers> warlord: perhaps the mail server on gnucash needs a restart.. some googling indicates that it was offline because the company forgot to renew the domain, and it was parked for a short while
11:08:30 <mauritslamers> it => spamcop.net
11:09:17 <chris> warlord: what's it called when you tab over ui elements and you focus on successive elements? tab-list?
11:09:45 <mauritslamers> chris: tab order
11:10:05 <mauritslamers> in the web env at least... sometimes also referred to as tab index
11:10:52 <chris> ok https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=798109
11:14:47 <warlord> mauritslamers, shouldn't have to do that; the DNS entries for spamcop.net have at most a 1 hour TTL, so parked data should have flushed.
11:15:15 <mauritslamers> warlord: no, it might be that spamcop has a problem with my domain, because of lack of reverse dns data
11:15:16 <warlord> ... I was able to hit their website a couple hours ago. So everything should be okay today.
11:15:36 <warlord> that could be, too... And indeed GnuCash server will.
11:16:06 <warlord> chris, like when you tab through the register? Or do you mean something else?
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12:02:23 <mauritslamers> warlord: reconfigured my mail server to only send through IPV4, perhaps that helps
12:12:25 <mauritslamers> haven't received a delivery failure yet, so that is promising :)
12:14:02 <warlord> does your v4 address have rDNS?
12:14:35 <mauritslamers> it has, but it is a bit different than the original domain it comes from
12:14:50 <mauritslamers> but it should pass the reverse-reverse-dns test
12:15:53 <mauritslamers> as in mail.weidestraat.nl resolves to, which reverses to weidestraat.connected.by.freedominter.net, which resolves to
12:20:19 <warlord> That *should* be okay..
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13:25:54 <jralls> fell, gjanssens moved some of the guile interface code to bindings/guile, but keep in mind that all swig-foo.c are build products and end up in the build directory. They're copied into the tarballs but aren't in the git repository.
13:27:40 <fell> Thanks, jralls! In between I found them and am already updating the section.
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15:05:45 <fell> Mechtilde, the last 2 days, I have updated Help: 9.5. Creating Reports and Charts
15:45:57 <Mechtilde> fell, thanks
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19:46:04 <greatest_fan_of_gnu> Hello I use gnucash 3.1 on flatpak. Months ago I followed the instructions here (https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/OFX_Direct_Connect_Bank_Settings#USAA) so that I could use GNUcash's online actions (get transactions, get balance) from USAA for bank and credit accounts. Worked great until a week or two ago. I called USAA and after waiting on hold forever I finally got connected with someone who seemed to know a little bit about t
19:46:04 <greatest_fan_of_gnu> banking interface, he said USAA had recently changed something. Anyway, whether USAA changed something or not, I need to get the online banking working again. I have tried so many things. Please help me figure out how to get it working again.
19:54:28 <jralls> Sorry, that doesn't seem to be possible. USAA has changed the authentication of OFX Direct connect to some protocol that seems to be Quicken proprietary.
19:57:44 <jralls> There's a thread from the mailing list with the gory details at https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-devel/2021-January/045664.html.
20:07:19 <greatest_fan_of_gnu> wow! who would have thought USAA would cut off their 3 gnucash users! heartless! thx for reply. I will now decide if I want to 1) Continue using USAA, downloading CSV 2) Switch to another bank for friendly to gnucash users that will probably not be as nice overall to me as usaa 3) go activist with USAA and get them to support gnucash 4) put on my developer hat and maybe collaborate with Martin on getting this working again with
20:07:19 <greatest_fan_of_gnu> ng to USAA
20:09:02 <greatest_fan_of_gnu> oh and another option: 5) create a new world without banks.
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20:24:46 <warlord> greatest_fan_of_gnu, or the best option: just enter your transactions manually as they occur and then reconcile against the monthly bank statement, completely forgoing imports.
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