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05:03:47 <mauritslamers> chris: in a way the problem would be much easier if there was a kind of report which gives an overview of the tax tables for every quarter. Much like the Proft & Loss report, but then in a single overview for all 4 quarters.
05:04:30 <mauritslamers> In order to get the data I have to adjust the report options 4 times at the end of the year in order to get all the numbers.
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05:05:19 <chris> mauritslamers: you can use the Transaction report, select the Tax accounts only, sort and group by date quarterly.
05:06:16 <chris> the Income-GST-Statment *may* also group posted dates quarterly
05:09:16 <mauritslamers> chris: the income GST doesn't allow separation of tax levels
05:09:33 <chris> wth are tax levels
05:09:52 <mauritslamers> With VAT there are levels...
05:10:02 <mauritslamers> "rates"
05:10:26 <mauritslamers> products without VAT, low rates of 9% and high rates of 21%
05:10:30 <chris> if the levels are separated into different VAT accounts then yes you can enable Display/Show individual tax accounts
05:10:43 <mauritslamers> they are in different accounts yes
05:10:47 <chris> otherwise how on earth would the report guess the vat levels
05:11:24 <chris> *Format/Individual tax columns
05:11:45 <mauritslamers> it would be very complex indeed :-)
05:12:25 <chris> you can even have a "Zero-rated item" with a split to it with 0 EUR. It'll show 0EUR appropriately.
05:19:13 <mauritslamers> the transaction report is a nice one, going to include that in my manual
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05:38:07 <chris> you can even enable Display / Subtotal Table for a nice overview
05:45:32 <mauritslamers> indeed, added to my manual...
05:52:00 <chris> So, isn't the Income GST statement slightly more suited to GST reports?
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07:48:39 <nathan> good morning if it not too early I have a question about a security account I have created.
07:48:39 <gncbot> nathan: Sent 15 weeks, 5 days, 20 hours, and 50 minutes ago: <fell> https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=797974
07:53:18 <fell> Nathan, here is already afternoon.
07:54:16 <nathan> oh ok it is before 8am EST for me. haha
07:55:51 <nathan> my question is that I have created a security account for a mutual fund. I input the opening balance entry by looking up the historical price quote for the given date. I input the price per share in the 'price' column. I input the USD amount in the 'buy' column and left the 'share' column blank.
07:56:21 <nathan> in the 'balance' column it shows the # shares.
07:57:33 <fell> It is aways better to enter #shares and total prize.Else you can get rounding errors.
07:57:40 <nathan> in my main account tree it shows the same number of shares owned, but the total (USD) balance is not correct. it is $1.40 lower
07:58:30 <fell> Yes that can be the result.
07:59:24 <nathan> so the way to avoid that is to enter #shares and total price? or is there another way? because I actually do not have access to exact #shares.
08:00:51 <fell> You cannot find the receipe?
08:01:14 <nathan> the fund is in a publicly managed portfolio so I may not have access to actual #shares for individual funds.
08:01:55 <nathan> so far I can only confirm which funds are in the portfolio and what % USD balance is in each fund
08:02:24 <nathan> I just did USD balance * x% to estimate #shares
08:03:26 <mauritslamers> question: is there a reason why certain accounts won't go negative?
08:04:00 <fell> Can you iterate over the equation for several points on the timeline to get it exacter?
08:06:05 <fell> mauritslamers: double entry accounting reached Europe in parallel to the ido-arabic digits. So many wre still using roman numbers, which have no negative numbers.
08:06:30 <mauritslamers> I am using an account to accumulate the VAT I paid on things, but when I try to book the VAT, I use that account to book the accumulated VAT I need to pay...
08:08:06 <nathan> I can try to contact the portfolio manager to confirm exact #shares and perhaps that will resolve my first Q
08:08:36 <mauritslamers> System is that i have 1 account with VAT i paid, and a set of accounts which accumulate VAT I calculated on invoices.
08:09:25 <mauritslamers> Booking the incoming VAT on the "outgoing" VAT, and having more incoming VAT, I would expect the "outgoing" VAT account to go negative
08:09:48 <fell> nathan, the other approach is to record only the #shares and NAV of the fund.
08:10:01 <mauritslamers> but it doesn't and adds a unexpected "Not in balance" account for the remainder that I need to pay
08:10:12 <mauritslamers> I want to pay that, but I would like to do that in a separate booking
08:10:19 <mauritslamers> because the date might be different
08:11:45 <nathan> oh ok I will try that. my other Q is a bit more needful. for that same security account, I added the mutual fund using the security editor. When I executed the quote function through the price database. I get an error message. I had no problems with price quote until I added this mutual fund.
08:11:54 <nathan> https://imagebin.ca/v/5q9FoNF1GXLL
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08:14:20 <fell> mauritslamers, is netting allowed in NL? In DE I had to report Sales and VAT for each VAT rate separate.
08:17:44 <fell> nathan: Enter it in Edit->Preferences->Online Quotes.
08:18:09 <fell> Perhaps before you were using other sources only.
08:19:00 <fell> Or select another source.
08:19:55 <nathan> yes, I was attempting to use Yahoo as JSON, or else Vanguard but both gave me the same error message. I use Yahoo as JSON for single stock quotes. some of my mutual funds are actually Vanguard funds so it confuses me why neither of those work now.
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08:25:17 <fell> nathan, https://code.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-help/fq-sources.html#fq-currencies says:
08:25:19 <fell> vanguard
08:25:20 <fell>
08:25:22 <fell> part of AlphaVantage
08:28:01 <nathan> ok. well the advice you gave me worked. I got API key from Alphavantage and it worked. It only said it cannot get a price quote for a money market account that is actually on the NASDAQ, but I guess that might be because the fund tries to maintain a NAV of $1/share. I am not highly familiar with how money market accounts (cash investments) work in an investment portfolio.
08:28:43 <nathan> individual shares would be determined by USD bal in the account.
08:30:32 <fell> I do not know it, too.
08:30:55 <nathan> its ok, you helped me resolve my problem with price quote.
08:31:01 <fell> Perhaps ask on the mailing list.
08:31:34 <nathan> I can get my bal from fund mgr, I believe, and update it manually if needed. I suspect it would not change much d/t nature of the investment.
08:32:52 <fell> In the EU we get a quarterly balance statement.
08:33:12 <mauritslamers> fell: in NL you report the incoming VAT for every VAT rate, but the VAT you pay (ordering stuff) is combined
08:33:41 <mauritslamers> incoming VAT => VAT on invoices, outgoing VAT => VAT on bills
08:34:05 <mauritslamers> the outgoing is summed (they are not interested in the VAT rate there) but for the incoming they want it specified
08:36:10 <fell> I would created Liabiliies::VAT:domestic full rate, domestic reduced rate, EU sales, . and Assets:VAT then.
08:36:56 <fell> And then report al and pay the saldo.
08:37:33 <chris> mauritslamers: what's wrong with the expanded Income GST Statement? It's tailor made for this.
08:37:56 <mauritslamers> chris: nothing :)
08:38:36 <mauritslamers> I am just adapting the original manual I followed...
08:38:48 <fell> I don't know. I retired before it was created and we have a de_DE specific VAT report.
08:39:02 <mauritslamers> So, I am trying to keep to the story there
08:40:17 <fell> BTW, Chris, is it documented? Required account setup, …
08:40:23 <mauritslamers> chris: I will most likely add it to the story at some point though. The fact though that it is called "australian"
08:40:54 <chris> mauritslamers: interesting... which manual? did you inherit a previous GnuCash user?
08:41:17 <mauritslamers> chris: no, I used the manual originally published on accoo.nl/blog
08:42:12 <mauritslamers> How to setup and use GnuCash in the Dutch tax system was published there as a few blog posts
08:42:18 <chris> aha ok.
08:42:46 <mauritslamers> I am now reordering and rewriting it bit by bit on mauritslamers.github.io/boekhouden-met-gnucash
08:43:48 <mauritslamers> to both archive and update that manual
08:44:22 <mauritslamers> and to function as my own reference on "how did that work again?"
08:45:15 <chris> Well Income&GST Statement was designed first for my GST requirements, then tailored to AUGST and UKVAT; but by default it aims to be applicable to most VAT-like jurisdictions
08:45:29 <chris> fell: no. be my guest.
08:46:31 <fell> mauritslamers, don't forget do add your work in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Documentation#nl!
08:47:05 <chris> mauritslamers: the USians have their TXF UI and report, but its C and report code is IMNSHO a steaming pile of brown stuff
08:48:21 <chris> ^ eg the account API has xaccAccountGetTaxUSCode -- how rude is it to insert a country-specific API call?
08:48:38 <fell> Chris: TXF is primary for income tax. Not sure, if GST is included.
08:48:53 <chris> fell: don't know, don't care.
08:49:48 <fell> In general we should distinguish income tax and sales tax in gnucash.
08:50:30 <mauritslamers> fell: just did
08:50:40 <fell> Thx!
08:51:08 <mauritslamers> fell: and thanks for remiinding me :)
08:52:57 <chris> mauritslamers: thank you for publishing... if you can write up an English equivalent and post to gnucash-user it'll be very well received
08:53:59 <mauritslamers> chris: not a problem. just curious: would that be for any english speakers in the dutch context?
08:54:16 <mauritslamers> just to have an idea on who the target audience will be
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08:54:37 <chris> AFAIU it'll be any European context ? other EU countries do use multiple VAT rates
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08:55:20 <mauritslamers> chris: will have a look at it
08:55:33 <mauritslamers> good way for me to learn the english terms :)
08:55:55 <mauritslamers> fell: perhaps it makes sense to put a year of publication next to the url on the wiki?
08:56:14 <chris> thanks! and don't worry we can assist amending any spelling/terminology mistakes
08:56:16 <fell> Why not? ;-)
08:57:48 <fell> BTW, I think github.io or our wiki better places than the mailing list for longer docs. But announce them there.
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08:58:45 <mauritslamers> fell: was thinking along the same lines
08:58:46 <fell> mauritslamers, https://hosted.weblate.org/projects/gnucash/glossary/nl/ could help.
08:59:15 <mauritslamers> fell: definitely
08:59:28 <chris> mauritslamers: I do use Income GST Statement regularly to count my GST on sales & puchases. Been doing it since 2017. Previously was an XLS.
08:59:58 <chris> https://i.imgur.com/kmz5pUl.png 🚀🚀🚀
09:00:49 <fell> Yeah, Gamers against Hedgefonds!
09:02:06 <fell> https://www.bbc.com/news/business-55864608
09:05:02 <chris> mauritslamers: some of the more annoying/tricky issues is to create invoice with varying VAT rates. it'll need tax tables.
09:05:25 <mauritslamers> chris: that is what this manual deals with
09:06:00 <mauritslamers> the original is actually very clear on it, and specifically sets it up...
09:06:10 <chris> :-)
09:06:19 <fell> Chris, are you you affected by https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-55877150?
09:06:21 <mauritslamers> what I still don't really get is why the VAT accumulation account will not go below zero
09:06:41 <chris> I also wrote https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Quickstart_Australian_BAS
09:06:51 <chris> fell: yes definitely
09:07:03 <chris> mauritslamers: don't understand what your mean
09:07:21 <mauritslamers> chris: currently writing the question more clearly...
09:09:03 <fell> chris, you should link the page and/or add categories. Else nobody will find it.
09:09:18 <mauritslamers> I have this outgoing VAT account which has 760,14 on it. Then I have accounts with incoming VAT 21% with 1413,76, VAT 9% with 368,98. Now I am doing the VAT finalizing: I create a multi-line booking on the outgoing VAT
09:10:49 <chris> screenshot would be useful
09:10:54 <chris> in my setup, I have GST, GST:GST-on-Sales[L], GST:GST-on-Purchases[A], GST:GST-Transferred[A]
09:11:05 <mauritslamers> chris: yes... makes sense...
09:11:47 <chris> GST on Sales always decreases (more negative), GST on Purchases always increases (more positive), GST transferred depends on the periodic difference.
09:13:04 <mauritslamers> https://www.evernote.com/l/AS147VK889BCS4i8QE2VQEbg07foXB0Gd30B/image.png
09:13:12 <chris> In my circumstances GST on sales always < GST on purchases therefore my GST transferred is negative
09:13:39 <chris> the overall GST account will tend to (but never reach) zero
09:14:14 <mauritslamers> Well, in this case I need to pay but this account is for VAT to be paid back
09:14:29 <mauritslamers> Still, if it would go negative, the out of balance EU would not have to appear
09:14:40 <chris> mauritslamers: you never reach zero because you're rounding your 760,14 to 760.00??
09:15:08 <mauritslamers> what I mean: I don't want the out of balance EU
09:15:14 <mauritslamers> I didn't fill that in, gnucash did
09:15:44 <mauritslamers> "Niet in balans EU" => Not in balance EU or something
09:16:18 <mauritslamers> I want to be able to pay that from bank at the date that I paid the VAT to the authorities, but now I am forced to do it on the end date of the quarter
09:16:54 <chris> then you'll have to use a suspense account
09:17:29 <mauritslamers> my problem perhaps is that I don't get exactly why I would need that :-)
09:18:39 <mauritslamers> if the account would go negative, it would be 1020,86 negative, I would pay from bank when I paid the actual thing, and in the mean time the VAT will accumulate in a normal way
09:19:00 <mauritslamers> and when the payment has been made, the numbers are again what they should be
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09:25:54 <chris-phone> You'll want a longer example to
09:26:07 <chris-phone> Illustrate the issue
09:27:09 <fell> mauritslamers, perhaps you should create it as a scheduled transaction on the payday?
09:27:30 <fell> Is the rounding intended?
09:28:13 <mauritslamers> fell: the rounding is intended. If I would use the date of payment, it would be easy, because I would simply take it from the bank account.
09:28:31 <mauritslamers> However, the end of VAT period is earlier, so it doesn't make sense to really do that
09:29:19 <fell> Insert another liability:BTW valid?
09:29:30 <mauritslamers> could be
09:30:03 <mauritslamers> funny thing is that one manual says that the booking should be done on the end of VAT period, but the other dutch manual simply puts it on the date of the payment
09:30:24 <chris-phone> It seems you're keen for your vat account to reset to zero every quarter?
09:31:30 <fell> That is always the question, how important is it to do it exactly and at which cost?
09:31:52 <mauritslamers> chris-phone: that is the system as it is set up more or less...
09:32:03 <fell> I prefer the exact solution.
09:32:27 <mauritslamers> fell: I think I will go for the adjust-the-date-solution
09:32:31 <chris-phone> The only way to do it is via a suspense account: reset balance to zero, transferring to suspense account, and the suspense account becomes your VAT due. The suspense account becomes zero when you pay the VAT.
09:33:02 <mauritslamers> the point is that dating the transfer on the end date of the VAT-period is artificial
09:33:16 <chris-phone> I agree^
09:33:23 <fell> In you docs I would mention all 3 approaches.
09:33:53 <mauritslamers> you do the transfer when you are paying and declaring the VAT
09:36:16 <fell> OTOH, it will be harder to find errors without the interim account.
09:36:19 <chris-phone> Having a suspense account has the advantage of documenting exactly how you calculated your VAT difference...
09:37:20 <mauritslamers> yep, the only thing is that I need to change parts of the manual in order to accomodate a suspense account
09:37:21 <fell> and that is one of the fundamental rules in most GAAPs.
09:37:54 <chris-phone> Really? Does gaap dictate a particular way to record VAT?
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09:38:22 <mauritslamers> the difference between the quick-and-dirty and a more proper way of doing thinigs :)
09:38:25 <chris-phone> Time for me to amend my books
09:38:38 <fell> No, but all transactions must be easy to understand by an auditor.
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09:40:14 <fell> clarity and truth
09:40:15 <chris-phone> It should be easy: a simple transfer from GST-on-sales and purchases to GST-transferred every end of quarter
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09:45:21 <fell> mauritslamers, about https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Documentation#nl, I wouuld prefer most recent first.
09:46:04 <fell> you could also add "based on"
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09:53:03 <frakturfreak> fell: Actually, output vat netting was allowed in the last 6 months, both rates were accumulated in the same field, but generally yes it’s seperated
09:54:46 <fell> yep, the german corona VAT reduction.
09:59:13 <frakturfreak> And theoritically booking the vat due period at the end of the period is the correcter way because the liability already exists at this point and not just at the payment date. But I only would do this for payments that cross over two years, because it doesn’t make any difference in the current year.
10:19:18 <mauritslamers> fell: adjusted the wiki
10:19:25 <mauritslamers> (gebaseerd op => based on)
10:20:11 <fell> Ik verstaa je wel,
10:20:33 <mauritslamers> prachtig :)
10:20:59 <mauritslamers> und Ich verstehe dich auch :-)
10:21:32 <fell> Speaking is like the locale dialect here. Only, I never learned writing.
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10:48:09 <frakturfreak> chris: Your one simple transfer method only works if there is no yearly vat declaration against which the periodical payments are set up against.
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10:51:00 <frakturfreak> and while some are doing this at the end of the year, so booking all vat accounts into one most leave them as is and then bring it forward in the next period as one account to make auditing a bit easier, if there is just one VAT account it can’t be matched as easily against the declared amounts
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11:03:03 <frakturfreak> Also in regards to not reaching zero due to round something like this also exists here, the basis against which the declared output vat is calculated is rounded down to full euros, so the accumulated vat accounts will never match fully and usually you’d book the remaining difference as expense/income when paying the remaining sum for your vat declaration.
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14:45:05 <mauritslamers> question: if I create this suspense account for the VAT, it is a liability account, but what would be the best name?
14:45:30 <mauritslamers> so an account which is used as a suspense account to keep any difference on the VAT at the end of the VAT period.
14:45:51 <mauritslamers> trying to find the best dutch name...
14:46:25 <jralls> "Unpaid VAT"?
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14:46:58 <jralls> Or maybe "Unpaid 9% VAT" etc. if you need to separate them by type.
14:49:06 <mauritslamers> it is just a suspense account, so to book the difference that occurs after declaring vat...
14:49:42 <mauritslamers> in that way I can book the vat declaration on the end of the period date, and the actual payment or reception of the VAT from the authorities later
14:50:13 <mauritslamers> there is no tax rate there anymore, they are in different accounts
14:50:50 <mauritslamers> just trying to find whether there is a specific bookkeeping term for this type of account
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14:55:50 <mauritslamers> I found something which translates as a "transfer account" or "inbetween account"
14:55:55 <jralls> I guess accountants would use "Payable" instead of "Unpaid", but let's as CDB-Man since he's an accountant..
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14:56:55 <jralls> Well, the formal name for an inbetween account is "Suspense Account", so you could call it "VAT Suspense Account" if that's the meaning you want.
14:58:34 <mauritslamers> yes, it probably translates to dutch as "Tussenrekening" (inbetween account)
14:59:02 <mauritslamers> I was searching in the gnucash language strings but couldn't find anything with that term
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15:00:15 <mauritslamers> jralls: thanks a lot :)
15:01:17 <jralls> Only a few accounts have hard-coded names; ideally there'd be none. You might look at the account templates for naming ideas.
15:01:45 <jralls> Though probably only the formal German ones will have anything like suspense accounts.
15:02:21 <mauritslamers> jralls: I found on a dutch site an exact term for the direct google translation with the explanation which fits this type of account: a temporary storage.
15:03:27 <fell> mauritslamers, are you using the rgs template?
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15:18:00 <mauritslamers> fell: no
15:18:17 <mauritslamers> I use the scheme which was created by the writer of the accoo.nl manual
15:18:38 <frakturfreak> mauritslamers: Will you ever pay these VAT differences Or will they accumulated over the year and then you’ll zero out the account?
15:19:09 <mauritslamers> frakturfreak: I think it will be zeroed every VAT declaration, which is 4 times per year
15:20:14 <mauritslamers> either I have to pay to the tax authorities, or they pay it back
15:20:34 <mauritslamers> just trying to figure out how to put the numbers exactly
15:21:16 <frakturfreak> Do you also make a yearly declaration or just the 4 payments per year?
15:21:29 <mauritslamers> 4 declarations per year
15:21:56 <mauritslamers> which can mean either 4 payments by me, or 4 times receiving payback, or any combination between them
15:24:13 <frakturfreak> Here it’s always 1 yearly payment for evening out the errors made over year (or just this if your revenue is really low) PLUS 4 or 12 prepayments depending on the VAT paid last year (plus an additional prepayment to get an extension if you file monthly) so zeroing out isn’t this easy.
15:24:46 <mauritslamers> ah, no, here is it simply: you declare and either pay or get paid the difference
15:25:19 <mauritslamers> for simple one person companies that is (and that is what the manual is for)
15:25:55 <frakturfreak> That’s what’s done here per period to, just that everything get’s rechecked at the end of the year and if the differece is over 1,00 € you’ll pay the rest
15:26:06 <frakturfreak> or get payed
15:26:44 <mauritslamers> never encountered any of that...
15:26:49 *** mydogsnameisrudy has joined #gnucash
15:27:03 <frakturfreak> Other countries other methods
15:27:50 <frakturfreak> In regards to the screenshot I saw: Are you allowed to book against the incoming and outgoing vat rate accounts?
15:28:38 *** mydogsnameisrudy has quit IRC
15:28:53 <mauritslamers> Not sure, I think so, the original manual was written by a bookkeeper
15:29:20 <mauritslamers> but with the approach with the suspense account, I would think that is no longer necessary
15:29:39 <frakturfreak> Actually you need to suspense accounts
15:29:43 <mauritslamers> as I would expect the suspense account is the account where these come together
15:29:44 <frakturfreak> one asset and one liability
15:29:54 <frakturfreak> depending on which way you expect the payment to go
15:30:52 <mauritslamers> the system currently uses one account on the asset side to collect all the VAT I pay, and one liability account per VAT rate
15:31:51 *** Mechtilde has quit IRC
15:33:09 <mauritslamers> The problem however is that when I book the VAT declaration on the asset account (as the original manual does), and I need to pay VAT, I suddenly get a "out-of-balance" or "not-on-balance" account
15:33:16 <frakturfreak> So if you don’t do a yearly declaration the method with the suspense account could work, if you don’t care about the accumulated vats
15:34:03 <frakturfreak> that’s weird, the unbalance account, does gnucash create this account automatically?
15:34:14 <frakturfreak> is anything with exchange rates involved?
15:34:21 <mauritslamers> yes
15:34:22 <mauritslamers> no
15:34:59 <mauritslamers> I would expect the VAT account to go negative instead of the unbalance account to appear and make things "right"
15:35:56 <mauritslamers> but that doesn't happen. I simply cannot get rid of that unbalance account: when I create a multiline booking and try to level the accounts, and want to get a negative amount on the asset account, I simply cannot
15:36:11 <mauritslamers> perhaps the problem is the multiline booking?
15:36:40 <frakturfreak> it shouldn’t be
15:37:10 <mauritslamers> another thing, I am running gnucash from the sicklylife ppa under Ubuntu Budgie and have graphical issues
15:37:25 <mauritslamers> as in that the placing of the editing field is rather far off
15:37:29 <frakturfreak> So putting the new difference in the asset account doesn’t solve the issue?
15:38:44 <mauritslamers> on that screenshot, if I try to only fill in the numbers that I want to fill in (everything except the unbalance line)
15:38:57 <mauritslamers> the unbalance part immediately appears
15:39:14 <mauritslamers> as if gnucash doesn't allow that account to go negative
15:39:17 <frakturfreak> Are you on the unbalance account while doing it?
15:39:22 <mauritslamers> no
15:40:09 <frakturfreak> Maybe it’s the account type but if it’s a normal asset it should go negative
15:40:44 <mauritslamers> yep, a normal asset account as far as I can see
15:42:47 <frakturfreak> I guess deleting set unbalance account and telling gnucash to put the transactions to the real account ends up in recreating the account
15:45:40 <mauritslamers> it does indeed
15:45:44 <mauritslamers> just tried that
15:45:53 <mauritslamers> it immediately creates those accounts back
15:48:06 <mauritslamers> I don't know how to tell gnucash to put the transaction on that account
15:53:47 <frakturfreak> And the unbalance account just has the difference in it?
15:54:32 <mauritslamers> yes
15:55:14 <mauritslamers> mmm, perhaps it has to do with the way I fill in that multi-line booking
15:55:50 *** jervin has quit IRC
15:55:51 <mauritslamers> I think that is it...
15:57:33 <mauritslamers> yes, that is it
15:57:54 <mauritslamers> The problem I was having is that there is no account to take the remaining part from
15:58:13 <frakturfreak> well the remaing part line you have to enter the real account
15:58:25 <mauritslamers> I need to add account 180 TWICE: once for the amount I am actually taking from it, and once for the remainder
15:58:34 <frakturfreak> while there still is a line without an account the remainder will go to the unbalance
15:58:43 <mauritslamers> exactly
15:59:01 <mauritslamers> good to know, and good to put in the manual
15:59:18 <mauritslamers> I managed to work out the solution for the suspense account as well
15:59:43 <mauritslamers> works similarly, but then with the suspense account as the last account to book the difference too
15:59:45 <mauritslamers> *to
15:59:57 <frakturfreak> too was right
16:00:29 <frakturfreak> or hm depends which way you want to say it
16:00:30 *** jw4 has quit IRC
16:00:42 <mauritslamers> could be, but in this case I meant to which account the difference had to be booked
16:00:56 <frakturfreak> great
16:01:05 <mauritslamers> so, in that case I should have used "to too" ;)
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16:23:14 <fell> mauritslamers, while entering the transaction uee [TAB] instead of [Enter] to get the saldo without imbalance account.
16:26:10 *** jervin has quit IRC
16:32:41 <mauritslamers> fell: when I do enter in a multi-line it equals posting the booking
16:33:12 <mauritslamers> and folding the multi-line
16:33:31 <fell> yes, but (Tab] does not post.
16:34:12 <mauritslamers> the problem is that I use tab
16:34:19 <mauritslamers> and it still gives me the unbalance account
16:34:24 <mauritslamers> or imbalance account
16:34:32 <mauritslamers> I figured out a way to do it without getting there
16:34:47 <mauritslamers> the problem was partly on my side, misunderstanding the order in which things need to be filled in
16:35:11 <fell> Ok
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20:20:54 <fell> jralls help:Reports mentions src/engine/swig-engine.c. Do you know what happend with it?
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