2021-01-24 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:41:27 <Mechtilde> .
03:41:27 <gncbot> Mechtilde: Sent 6 hours and 6 minutes ago: <chris> fell stylesheets are underdocumented - if you're able to write something about css ss then go ahead
03:44:46 <Mechtilde> @tell chris fell In Chapter 3 of the German Help there is a description of using the reports
03:44:46 <gncbot> Mechtilde: The operation succeeded.
03:45:50 <Mechtilde> @tell chris fell it use the same IDs. So after starting to translate the chapter reports it doesn't build any more
03:45:50 <gncbot> Mechtilde: The operation succeeded.
03:46:36 <Mechtilde> @tell chris fell like "report-general" which is in both file
03:46:36 <gncbot> Mechtilde: The operation succeeded.
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04:59:44 <finster> i've been using gnucash with sqlite backend for a while now. i'm thinking about migrating to postgres, because on my postgres server i do have automated backup procedures in place.
05:00:15 <finster> question: how stable is the postgres backend in comparison to the sqlite backend?
05:00:33 <finster> would i have to give up on certain gnucash features when using postgres_
05:00:34 <finster> ?
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05:02:19 <chris> unlikely
05:02:36 <chris> iiuc they're equal in most measures
05:02:55 <chris> jralls will correct me if im wrong
05:03:40 <finster> okay, sounds good!
05:14:56 <Mechtilde> finster, I use the mysql/mariadb backend without missing something
05:16:56 <finster> Ok, it's settled then. Thanks to both of you!
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07:00:23 <finster> od
07:09:01 <fell> finster to use the mysql or postgress, you should have some experience as DB admin. How do I create a backup, …
07:09:01 <gncbot> fell: Sent 18 hours and 9 minutes ago: <Mechtilde> chris there is am experimental sstyle sheet too (CSS-basedstyle sheet)
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08:53:55 <Mechtilde> @tell chris you know I'm translating the parts for Reports. In the guide I miss the description of the group Bugdet the same as in the help
08:53:55 <gncbot> Mechtilde: The operation succeeded.
08:54:27 <Mechtilde> @tell chris the same is with the group business
08:54:27 <gncbot> Mechtilde: The operation succeeded.
08:55:21 <warlord> .
09:05:04 <fell> Mechtilde, the guide doesn't need to decribe all reports and perhaps business reports are covered by Business Features.
09:05:57 <fell> But we should thhen add a link.
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09:25:07 <Mechtilde> fell yes and set the headers as comments
09:25:27 <fell> right
09:25:52 <Mechtilde> that is ok for me
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14:28:40 <jralls> @tell chris Set a feature and enforce conversion in 4.0. 5.0 to read only sign-correct budget data. *But only if you can do it correctly without too much help.*
14:28:40 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
14:31:20 <jralls> finster, chris is correct that except for connection setup and teardown the same SQL backend code is used for all three backends. To amplify what fell said, you're on your own for DB admin. Nobody here knows didly about running a postgresql server.
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17:37:18 <warlord> jralls, Mac question: in your opinion is it worth upgrading my MBA from High Sierra to Big Sur?
17:39:28 <jralls> warlord, if you connect it to the net, you should upgrade at least to Mojave so you keep getting security updates. High Sierra will stop getting them sometime this year.
17:40:11 <warlord> App Store isn't showing me mojave, only BS.
17:40:18 <warlord> (this is a 2013 MBA)
17:41:12 <jralls> https://developer.apple.com/downloads
17:42:10 <jralls> Aside from security I don't think that there are any really compelling features for most users in any of the recent macOS releases.
17:43:06 <warlord> I've been quite happy with what I've got, honestly. But current Office updates say they are incompatbile.
17:43:09 <warlord> (BIAB)
17:45:36 <jralls> OTOH there's no real harm in any of them either except for cairo crashes, which I fixed for GnuCash 4.2+ but if you have other Gtk apps they might not work on BS.
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19:17:42 <chris> .
19:18:58 <chris> jralls: re: ScrubBudget can always be in two phases (1) offer scrub & add feature, readonly if declined for 4.0 (2) enforce scrub, remove readonly for 5.0
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19:19:24 * chris wonders if Big Sur and M1 hype will survive next few years
19:19:47 <jralls> The hype will die down eventually.
19:21:09 <jralls> Is scrub_budget (camel case is for types) already in 4.x and optional?
19:23:49 <chris> no: it's unmerged. only the forward-compatible code is in 4.x - it means 4.4 can read&write featured books
19:24:17 <chris> featured books exist only on my machine (and the PR)
19:25:37 <chris> the R&W started since 2cd69e8d8 in 3.8
19:27:33 <jralls> OK, I think that's good because I think making the scrub optional is over-complicating things. What changes does the user see once the scrub is done?
19:28:59 <chris> budget balances become sign-reversal sensitive
19:35:00 <jralls> That doesn't mean anything to me, I don't use budgets and I haven't studied the code. Do the user's existing budgets suddenly look wrong, or is it just that if the user changes their sign reversal preference the display of income and expenses in a budget page or report follows the preference?
19:41:56 <chris> it means the budget-editor values will visually change signs according to sign-reversal preference
19:42:13 <chris> (only if sign-reversal != credit-accounts)
19:42:26 <chris> internally of course all should be well
19:42:52 <chris> reports should also be unchanged
19:44:22 <chris> Summary: if they use credit accounts, no change is visible upon scrubbing
19:46:53 <chris> If they don't use credit accounts, budget *editor* signs should change; reports should behave better
19:47:49 <chris> In any case, the worst fix they'll need is to manually scan the budget editor and sign-reverse amounts where necessary (if heuristics were wrong)
19:49:14 <chris> An IDEA: if we scrub a budget, we can always make a 'pre-scrub' copy of the budget...
19:49:34 <jralls> Using 'heurisitics' worries me.
19:50:56 <jralls> It suggests that sometimes the sign in a current budget isn't reversed as if the preference is credit accounts.
19:51:39 <jralls> GTG now and besides this discussion should probably go on the PR.
19:52:47 <chris> gtg too
19:52:58 <chris> heurstics was your idea :)
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20:05:13 <warlord> jralls, I'm not using any Gtk apps on BS (AFAIK). I use it for Office (Word/PPT) and WebEx. And for streaming music. That's about it.
20:25:08 <warlord> I found the Catalina download, so I'm upgrading to that.. Unless you think I should stick with Mojave? Right now I'm waiting for Time Machine to finish verifying.
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23:50:09 <CDB-Man_> @tell chris ... i haven't forgottenm about the cost basis tool/.... just havent had time for it yet
23:50:09 <gncbot> CDB-Man_: The operation succeeded.