2021-01-21 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:03:37 <fell> @tell chris If I set start date to 1.1.2000 in Reports Asset chart, it gets reset to "12/30/98". If I enter"01/01/2000" it gets truncated to "01/01/20".
01:03:37 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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07:57:22 <chris> fell: I suspect your date pref is YY rather than YYYY
07:57:45 <chris> same behavior should be in register iirc
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08:26:34 <warlord> ekleog, I honestly do not know what the logic is for when a trading account is created. You should probably file a bug report on this.
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08:51:24 <fell> chris, strange, I use system settings and with LANG=de_DE.utf8 I have 4 digits, but with LANG=C, I get 2 digits. ???
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09:42:10 <chintanbs> @tell warlord My apologies, I was having internet connection issues, and then got pulled into something. Thank you for the quick response. I am actually not entering any opening balance while creating the stock type accounts, for each security i own. In spite of that gnucash is creating opening balance accounts for each security in the equity parent account.
09:42:10 <gncbot> chintanbs: The operation succeeded.
09:42:11 <gncbot> chintanbs: Sent 19 hours and 54 minutes ago: <warlord> it would actually help if you stayed around to receive an answer.
09:42:12 <gncbot> chintanbs: Sent 19 hours and 52 minutes ago: <warlord> If you actually enter an opening balance when you create the stock account, then yes, it will create an equity account of the same stock. Don't do that. Instead, create the account, and then manually create the opening balance with appropriate cost basis.
09:42:30 <warlord> no need to @tell when I'm right here.
09:42:30 <gncbot> warlord: Sent just now: <chintanbs> My apologies, I was having internet connection issues, and then got pulled into something. Thank you for the quick response. I am actually not entering any opening balance while creating the stock type accounts, for each security i own. In spite of that gnucash is creating opening balance accounts for each security in the equity parent account.
09:43:31 <warlord> Hmm. I admit that I have not tried or seen this behavior... Do you have Trading Accounts turned on?
09:44:41 <warlord> And when I created a new fund account the other day I did not get a new Equity account.
09:47:26 <ekleog> warlord: got it, thank you :)
09:47:48 <chintanbs> Interesting. I don't have trading accounts turned on. Interestingly, it also created a separate equity opening balance account, when I created a Mutual fund account under my retirement parent account.
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09:48:34 <warlord> chintanbs, Huh. What version of gnucash are you using? I'm currently at 4.2, and I have trading-accounts off.
09:48:51 <chintanbs> I am new here so don't know if it is possible to share screenshots. I am using 4.4 with trading accounts turned off.
09:48:55 <chintanbs> on mac os
09:49:49 <warlord> only way to share a screenshot would be upload to a place like imagebin and sharing the url.
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09:52:21 <chintanbs> Do you think a screenshot would help you better understand the issue? I can try uploading a screenshot
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10:10:57 <warlord> maybe. can't hurt.
10:11:31 <warlord> But if you create a new account and don't enter an O-B when creating it, I don't see where it creates an Equity account.
10:11:46 <warlord> NB I did not create a new security -- it was a new account for an existing security.
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10:16:23 <chintanbs> Thanks warload. I will upload the screenshot in a few minutes and ping you the link
10:18:21 <warlord> OK. I might need to step away for a bit to run an errand shortly.
10:23:31 <chintanbs> sure no problem. The link will be waiting for you. :)
10:31:06 <warlord> ok
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10:35:23 <chintanbs> Here you go warlord:
10:35:29 <chintanbs> https://ibb.co/pPNSddx
10:35:33 <chintanbs> https://ibb.co/vmfTFM3
10:35:34 <chintanbs> https://ibb.co/G2LPY04
10:36:30 <chintanbs> The first image is the account hierarchy, the second image is the equity account properties and third is the mutual fund account properties. You can see in the first screenshot that I have not added any opening balance to the mutual fund account, but gnucash still created a corresponding equity account for the mutual fund
10:37:02 <chintanbs> i may get disconnected, as I am about to move from a hotspot, but will log back in a few minutes when I have internet connection back.
10:38:35 <warlord> Did you open up the O-B tab on the new account dialog when you created the account?
10:38:54 <warlord> Also, did you create the security as part of the new account?
10:40:04 <warlord> So clearly it created the O-B account. I don't know why.
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10:52:04 <warlord> gotta run now. Maybe gjanssens or jralls_afk can help you
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11:02:34 <chintanbs> @tell warlord, I did open the Opening balance tab on the Mutual fund account, but didn't do anything (beyond what was defaulted as it was greyed out). Here is the link to the screenshot of that tab. https://ibb.co/hDSnKdh
11:02:34 <gncbot> chintanbs: The operation succeeded.
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11:06:43 <chintanbs> @warlord, also i created the mutual fund (security) under the Assets:Investments:Retirement Accounts: Vanguard:Mutual Fund account, as part of setting up my new accounts, as I am just getting started on Gnucash.
11:06:43 <gncbot> chintanbs: Error: "warlord," is not a valid command.
11:07:15 <chintanbs> @warlord also i created the mutual fund (security) under the Assets:Investments:Retirement Accounts: Vanguard:Mutual Fund account, as part of setting up my new accounts, as I am just getting started on Gnucash.
11:07:15 <gncbot> chintanbs: Error: "warlord" is not a valid command.
11:07:26 <chintanbs> @tell warlord also i created the mutual fund (security) under the Assets:Investments:Retirement Accounts: Vanguard:Mutual Fund account, as part of setting up my new accounts, as I am just getting started on Gnucash.
11:07:26 <gncbot> chintanbs: The operation succeeded.
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11:36:06 <finster> warlord: i'd consider that poor man's data safety, writing to a cd-rom in order to not be able to delete transactions. but ymmv. thanks for your time.
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11:48:52 <fell> finster, … and sign it with the keys of you and the auditor.
11:50:04 <fell> flatpak build fails with libofx: Wrong sha256 checksum for 0.10.0.tar.gz
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12:11:40 <fell> I have startedd a local testbuild of flatpak with a different shasum
12:13:03 <fell> The win build failed, too, but that is behind my knowlwdge.
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13:44:28 <jralls_afk> fell, bob-it reported the Win32 fail in gnucash-devel, but his reason differs from the build log.
13:45:26 <fell> Yes, I had the impression, too.
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13:45:59 <jralls_afk> warlord, There's new opening balance code in 4.4 that might explain the difference between your observations and chintanbs's.
14:04:50 <chintanbs> Thank you jralls_afk. I assume that this should now be considered typical behavior for gnucash 4.4.
14:05:21 <jralls_afk> Yes, though typical != desirable.
14:06:08 <jralls_afk> IOW, it's a bug in the new opening balance code.
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14:07:54 <chintanbs> Yes, I agree :), maybe I should report it. One more question on the stocks value calculation if you are able to help. If I enter 3 different stock purchases (at different dates), will gnucash calculate total equity value based on average stock price or the last stock price entered?
14:12:27 <jralls> Please do report it.
14:14:01 <jralls> Careful with the word "equity", it has a very specific meaning in accounting. I think what you mean is what value will GnuCash report/display for the stock account, and that depends on where you look.
14:15:14 <jralls> On the accounts page it will use the most recent price in the pricedb. If you haven't added any prices either manually or with online quote retrieval that will be the price of your last trade.
14:15:15 <chintanbs> Yes my bad. You are right. What I meant to say was the current value of the shares (displayed in bottom right corner of the register).
14:16:26 <jralls> That's also the latest price.
14:17:13 <jralls> In reports it depends on the price source selected in report options. If you want book value use "average cost".
14:17:50 <chintanbs> ok I thought so. I discovered another bug :P, it's one of those days. I have 3 txns, and up to logging the second txn, the system calculates the current value based on the logic you mentioned. But the moment i enter a third txn, it calculates random values. First at the the end of three txns it showed $768.09. I deleted all txns and re-entered the same values
14:18:03 <chintanbs> but now it shows $1381.0
14:18:39 <chintanbs> i calculated the total value (and based on my calculations) it matches the brokerage account. But gnucash is displaying incorrect value
14:20:18 <jralls> Mind pastebinning a screenshot?
14:20:40 <jralls> Show the whole register with all three transactions and the statusbar.
14:22:29 <chintanbs> Here you go: https://ibb.co/Npzfrg8
14:23:16 <chintanbs> According to latest price of $118.4, the total value should be $1420.8, but it shows $1381.56.
14:23:50 <chintanbs> That is the total value you get if you use the price of $115.13 for all 12 shares. But that price is in the second txn. The latest price is $118.4
14:30:01 <jralls> Check Tools>Prices. Since all three trades are on the same date it will have only one of them and I expect that it will be 115.13.
14:30:57 <chintanbs> So I experimented by deleting the second txn and third txn, and reentering third txn as second. And the system still calculates incorrect total value. For some reason it is not using the $118.40 price to calculate correct value. https://ibb.co/v3wKfwx
14:31:06 <chintanbs> Let me check
14:31:11 <jralls> Your earlier value of 768.09 is more interesting because it works out to 64.01 and that's less than the first price.
14:31:29 <chintanbs> yes at that point I had to delete and reenter all txns
14:32:06 <chintanbs> Found the issue
14:33:45 <chintanbs> You were right. I had accidentally entered one txn with today's date (as the price of $115.13) and that got stuck in the Price DB as the latest price, since I am trying to load the historical data. So no matter what, the latest price would be $115.13. I removed the price and it works great now. Thank you so much. I guess I did find the bug.
14:33:54 <chintanbs> Except it was in my usage of the software. :)
14:37:25 <jralls> That still doesn't explain where 768.09 came from.
14:37:48 <chintanbs> That's right. That one I don't know how it showed up.
14:38:30 <jralls> fell, I find it distressing that libofx-0.10.0.tar.gz from github and sourceforge have different sha256 hashes.
14:39:33 <fell> Isn't it the same with our packages?
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14:41:37 <jralls> Not quite. I make a gnucash-x.y.tar.gz with distcheck and upload it to both SF and Github. Those obviously have the same hashes. cstim doesn't upload to github so the download is of the github-generated tarball.
14:42:26 <fell> How about telling him the trick?
14:51:14 <jralls> Trick? It's blindingly obvious how to add assets on a github release announcement. I assume he isn't interested.
14:52:59 <jralls> On looking deeper I see that the sourceforge tarball has configure so it's made with automake's dist target. The Github one is just the files in the repo and so lacks configure. That explains the different sha256.
14:56:36 <fell> I think , he just jumped in because the repo had a merge conflict before his cleanup.
14:57:19 <fell> I had already mailed Benoit with no response.
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15:45:16 <fell> jralls, gengetopt is not used in other bundles than flatpak?
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16:02:29 <jralls> fell, other bundles use the make dist created configure and don't need it.
16:03:32 <fell> OK
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