2021-01-20 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:37:27 <Mechtilde> hello, I work on translationg the chapter about reports
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08:37:43 <Mechtilde> What does the abbreviation TXF mean
08:37:45 <Mechtilde> ?
08:41:12 <warlord> Tax eXchange Format
08:42:43 <Mechtilde> so it is a format to communicate with the "tax administration"
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08:47:43 <warlord> Technically a format to communicate with a tax preparation software (like TurboTax, TaxCut, etc)
08:48:00 <warlord> AFAIK there are only versions of the TXF report for the USA and Germany
08:48:24 <Mechtilde> then it is also for ELSTER (Germany)
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09:10:05 <warlord> I do not know what ELSTER is. But AFAIK it does not output something you submit directly to the tax authorities, but rather it outputs something that you would input into tax preparation software, software that would submit to the tax authorities.
09:10:18 <warlord> (by IT I mean the TXF report)
09:10:40 <warlord> I think fell would be able to better describe what the TXF report does in .de
09:12:43 <warlord> gotta run
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09:19:36 <fell> ElStEr is the german abbreviation for "elctronic tax declaration", the governmetal interface.
09:20:01 <Mechtilde> warlord thanks
09:20:10 <Mechtilde> I think I understand it
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09:21:57 <fell> As they only offered windows software, there was libgeier (another bird name) as bridge.
09:22:10 <Mechtilde> we will do more accounting ourselves. So aafter translating the chapter reports I will work them out for our needs
09:22:45 <Mechtilde> fell you can't use the "windows software" anymore
09:22:55 <Mechtilde> You have to use the online tool
09:23:28 <fell> I did not follow it closely.
09:23:44 <Mechtilde> thats why inform you
09:24:27 <Mechtilde> you can also buy other "windows software" to connect online with the tax government
09:25:41 <fell> Like CWehli is describing the different TAN methods in the wiki somebody should describe the tax situation.
09:27:35 <Mechtilde> I will add the information I find out step by step what I need for my accounting
09:35:43 <fell> When we apply https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Po_Based_Documentation_Translations, we can mark country specific section with https://www.w3.org/TR/its20
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10:05:08 <Mechtilde> fell, I finished the translation
10:05:50 <fell> Ok, I will have look.
10:06:35 <Mechtilde> do I need another pull request?
10:08:04 <Mechtilde> I see It is already oincluded
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10:10:46 <fell> right
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10:25:22 <Mechtilde> bbl
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10:30:12 <warlord> .
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11:27:44 <fell> I am just wondering about the diff between https://code.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-guide/ch_reports.html and https://code.gnucash.org/docs/C/gnucash-help/Reports.html
11:30:10 <fell> The structure and partial the markup is better in help.
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11:34:07 <pvdchris> Newbie - can gnucash be used to reconstruct a previous years bookkeeping to creat a good starting point for adopting gnucash
11:34:47 <warlord> pvdchris, if you have the data to input, sure. But it's not like GnuCash can guess what happened in the past ;)
11:35:00 <pvdchris> we have the data
11:35:25 <pvdchris> I'm curious about how to handle the date functions
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11:44:49 <warlord> pvdchris, i dont understand the question. So long as you don't turn on the "disallow txns before date" function, you can enter any dates you want.
11:45:11 <warlord> indeed, I just filled in some transactions from 2012-2020 a couple days ago.
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12:14:16 <pvdchris> warlord, thank you ... that's the place I have to start.
12:15:54 <pvdchris> warlord, we changed banks in the middle of the year and have lost track of some transactions due to inconsistent bank and check information.
12:17:49 <warlord> gnucash will happily let you enter in historic data, until you tell it to stop letting you.
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12:21:55 <chintanbs> Hello, I originally asked this question on 01/18/2021, but wasn't able to get a resolution, so asking again.
12:21:59 <chintanbs> I have been trying to setup my investments on gnucash. Specifically, I have created placeholder brokerage accounts, under which I created individual stock type accounts (one for each stock I own). However, each time I create a stock type account, I notice that gnucash automatically creates a corresponding equity:opening balance account. Any idea why?
12:22:14 <chintanbs> Any help would be much appreciated
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13:48:09 <warlord> @tell chintanbs it would actually help if you stayed around to receive an answer.
13:48:09 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
13:49:13 <warlord> @tell chintanbs If you actually enter an opening balance when you create the stock account, then yes, it will create an equity account of the same stock. Don't do that. Instead, create the account, and then manually create the opening balance with appropriate cost basis.
13:49:13 <gncbot> warlord: The operation succeeded.
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21:19:45 <ekleog> Hello people! (out of curiosity, is there something specially set with this channel that prevents joining from matrix? I can join other rooms on the :gnome.org server but #gnucash:gnome.org tells me the room doesn't exist)
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21:32:25 <ekleog> Anyway, I'm recently starting to learn GnuCash, and I'm hitting an issue with share buy transactions with automatic trading accounts resulting in GnuCash telling me the transaction is not balanced even if it is actually (because GnuCash auto-balanced with trading accounts)… and when I let GnuCash add a balancing split it still thinks the transaction is not balanced. Does that sound
21:32:27 <ekleog> like a bug someone here would already know about? I couldn't find anything on the bugzilla, but then my last desperate attempt at looking for things raised 500+ results so it's possible I missed it. Anyway, it appears to happen with both 3.10 and 4.2
21:35:47 <ekleog> Oooooh I think I just got it, obviously just after having asked here… it may be because I entered the wrong share symbol initially, so GnuCash created a trading account with the old share symbol and didn't rename it when I renamed the security type to the correct one
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21:40:02 <ekleog> Ok that was it! Is this kind of usability issues (no warning when there is a trading account that has a name matching another currency than the one it actually trades in and then auto-rebalance blows up) considered a bug or an enhancement request, for GnuCash?
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23:06:11 <fell> Most about this duplicate chapter seems explained in https://bugs.gnucash.org/show_bug.cgi?id=633590
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