2021-01-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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03:47:44 <mbnoimi> In my country we're using GAU as a currency. How can I add/use it in GnuCash?
03:47:44 <mbnoimi> I can see XAU while GAU doesn't exist!
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03:57:10 <mbnoimi> GAU = Gold Grams
03:57:10 <mbnoimi> ex. https://www.investing.com/currencies/gau-usd-converter
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07:42:44 <chris> mbnoimi: gnucash has supported ISO currencies only since forever
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08:12:10 <warlord> mbnoimi, get ISO 4217 to add GAU -- if your country uses it, and your country is a member of ISO (which I'm sure it is), then go up the chain to get it added.
08:16:38 <mbnoimi> warlord: Sorry I couldn't understand what you're talking about!
08:16:39 <mbnoimi> "then go up the chain to get it added" where are you talking about? Do you mean something in GnuCash?
08:16:39 <mbnoimi> I opened https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_4217 and I couldn't see GAU
08:20:06 <mbnoimi> chris: You mean I will unable to use GAU?
08:22:33 <warlord> mbnoimi, no, I mean in your country.. Get your country to go to ISU to get GAU added to ISO 4217
08:22:39 <warlord> go to ISO
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08:23:54 <mbnoimi> warlord: Are you kidding!
08:29:52 <warlord> mbnoimi, no
08:31:01 <mbnoimi> warlord: I asked something related to GnuCash while you answered me about ISO standards!
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08:33:50 <mbnoimi> chris: All the banks in Turkey uses GAU, so I've to register my gold accounts in GnuCash as GAU but GAU doesn't exist in currencies list
08:34:03 <warlord> mbnoimi, You asked how to get GAU into GnuCash as a currency. I told you how. Get ISO to add GAU (like it has XAU).
08:46:17 <chris> mbnoimi: as warlord says
08:47:12 <warlord> GnuCash pulls its currency list from ISO 4217. To add a currency to GnuCash one must get it added to ISO 4217.
08:47:28 <warlord> Otherwise, yes, you must treat it like a stock/fund only.
08:48:37 <mbnoimi> warlord:This is unpractical solution at all.
08:49:51 <warlord> I'll point out that GnuCash doesn't have BTC, either.
08:51:58 <mbnoimi> warlord: I wonder why GnuCash insist to use only ISO currencies?! You can give the users the freedom to use customized currencies in addition to ISO ones.
08:51:59 <warlord> Your other option is to leverage a different currency, e.g., XAU or XXX, in lieu of GAU.
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08:52:36 <warlord> The decision was made to ensure compatibility across versions and over time.
08:52:52 <warlord> GnuCash understands currency changes and can automatically convert when changes occur.
08:53:06 <warlord> If people could add their own then there could be a namespace collision.
08:54:37 <warlord> Now, arguably you could ask "why not provide a User-Currency" currency type; which acts like a currency but exists in its own namespace. I believe the answer to *that* one is "complexity". Right now I believe the way a currency is detected is by looking at the namespace, which means EVERYWHERE it is checked would need to be modified.
08:56:32 <warlord> There is the gnc_commodidy_is_currency() API. One would need to ensure that's being used everywhere and then add the new "UserCurrency" type in...
08:56:52 <mbnoimi> warlord: Actually I currently do that (leverage a different currency, e.g., XAU or XXX, in lieu of GAU) but it missing auto quote so I've to set the price manually whenever I want to get Net Assets/Profits which is really exhausting.
08:57:29 <warlord> How often do you need to do that? Once a week? once a month?
08:58:03 <mbnoimi> warlord: on daily basis for many times
08:58:07 <warlord> Still, you can suggest a user-currency type as a feature request. Including a PR would make it faster.
09:09:30 <mbnoimi> warlord: chris: Thank you guys; It seems there is no way to get benefit of GnuCash in my case (just like other cryptocurrencies), so for now I'll try to find an alternative personal financial manger.
09:09:30 <mbnoimi> Have a nice day :)
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09:30:07 <warlord> mbnoimi, good luck.
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11:19:07 <fell> Only if your country is Gabun, the cetra bank can regiter GAU as the first 2 letters are the county code.
11:19:52 <fell> central bank
11:21:31 <fell> But AFAIK they use XAF.
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11:32:01 <codesmythe> Has the project embraced Markdown-formatted README files now (util/ci/macOS-ci-deps/README.md, .github/workflows/README.md)? My original README_CMAKE.txt was asciidoc, but got pushback (“README files shouldn't need rendering.”) by the very same person who’s committing formatted READMEs. :-)
11:37:12 <fell> codesmythe, in which century?
11:38:14 <fell> I assume MD is allowed as it is nice rendered by Github.
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11:55:30 <codesmythe> fell: Asciidoc (.asc) has also been nicely rendered by Github for a long time, but wasn't allowed in 2015.
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11:59:33 <codesmythe> I think it would look nice and modern if the main GnuCash README was formatted in Markdown. I've asked about changing it before, but was asked to get buy-in from gnucash-devel, which I decided wasn't worth the hassle.
12:00:15 <codesmythe> (This was separate from the ongoing debate about documentation formats.)
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15:10:34 <fell> codesmythe, I assume a PR converting the READMEs to README.md today would be accepted.
15:28:38 <fell> BTW, did you see https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/index.php?title=Documentation_Requirements&type=revision&diff=17017&oldid=16260?
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