2021-01-05 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:27:42 <chris> gjanssens: CMake ninja skills wanted in #845
07:27:46 <chris> :-)
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07:31:14 <warlord> chris, w.r.t. 845, what's your plan for templating the data going into the QR Code?
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07:35:33 <chris-phone> Warlord not quite sure yet. Any ideas?
07:36:23 <chris-phone> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/EPC_QR_code
07:36:47 <chris-phone> The devil's in the details obv
07:38:33 <warlord> Is there a requirement for the contents of the QR Code?
07:39:18 <warlord> I'm thinking we might want to have a property that contains the template with well-known variables (c.f. the check formats) that get "filled in" when the QR template is "executed"
07:40:24 <chris-phone> Yeah TBD later.
07:41:57 <warlord> heh. I feel that is just as important as getting the cmake rules in there ;)
07:42:09 <chris-phone> Template would have {amount} {Inv_no} maybe
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07:55:07 <warlord> I think it would need those, certainly. Other data could be "fixed" (or sourced from other data, like Business Name, Bank Account, etc)
07:55:41 <warlord> But you know that different people (or, rather, different gov'ts) will require different formats for the data in the QR, which means we probably want to template the whole thing.
07:58:12 <chris-phone> I know. But without a cool working implementation, we cannot jog users' imagination
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08:03:46 <chris-phone> Once a prototype is available, the sepa QR format can be made default, and later upgraded to be user customisable
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08:07:30 <warlord> ok
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09:03:23 <chris> https://i.imgur.com/NEIXB64.png
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09:08:23 <warlord> "HELLO WORLD"? lol
09:11:04 <chris> what else? this is cs 101
09:14:06 <warlord> hahaha. Well, I expected to see the invoice # or invoice amount in there, so something other than Hello World.
09:16:24 <chris> for a prototype it's a good start. when cmake is fixed we can start design the template.
09:18:46 <warlord> It is definitely a good start.. The example invoice looks pretty cool!
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11:08:37 <fell> Chris, warlord, I would expect all relevant data, 1. to fill a bank order (in the one or other directin) and gov's requirement like VAT-Nr, Invoice date, jobexecution date, …
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11:21:02 <AdrienM> warlord, I didn't think it was possible to have errant entries cross over between AR/AP for Customers/Vendors/Employees as GnuCash treats them as separate entities, but in the real world, that most certainly can and does happen. (less so with Employees)
11:21:33 <AdrienM> A separate report that show the 'net' for such an entity would be useful, but I wouldn't expect to see it in the default owner report.
11:22:12 <AdrienM> Also, this would require some support from GnuCash to determine those are in fact the same entity, not just with the same name. So it would be a design decision.
11:23:27 <AdrienM> A custom report really can't get accurate results without some change to how the entities are stored. (I would think a simple flag would suffice, but maybe not)
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14:17:51 <fell> warlord, jralls: Any idea hw to teach bugzilla to display any MIME text/* instead of only text/plain?
14:18:42 <fell> in attachments
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14:19:23 <warlord> Honestly, don't know.
14:21:56 <jralls> I'm not even sure that it's BZ that's to blame, might be the browser.
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14:26:12 <fell> Firefox told it is text/csv and suggested libreoffice to open it. For unknownformats,it would suggest "save as…"
14:27:15 <fell> already whileit was labels as octetsream
14:28:41 <jralls> That means "binary data". It's the default unless the user sets something different when they create the attachment.
14:31:38 <jralls> But the browser doesn't get a chance to sniff the actual file until you tell BZ to download it. There's some mechanism where BZ queries the browser if it can display the mime type directly.
14:39:15 <fell> The user hadn't updated the MIME type, when i tried todownload FF asked.
14:39:47 <fell> I changed it to text/csV, but it is still not displayed.
14:41:09 <jralls> Probably because FF thinks that you don't want to display CSV, you want to import it into something and it doesn't know how to do that.
14:42:59 <jralls> I just changed the attachment https://bugs.gnucash.org/attachment.cgi?id=373957&action=edit to text/csv and Safari happily displays it in the view window.
14:43:19 <AdrienM> I just noticed that myself. Apologies on that crash report. I'll be sure to set the type when uploading. I thought it would figure it out as indicated.
14:46:59 <jralls> BZ's detection seems to work off of extensions and to be pretty stupid about it. It understands .txt, .jpg, .png, .pdf, and .patch. Not much else AFAICT.
15:01:09 <jralls> I changed the above attachment to octet/datastream and looked at the page source to see if I could find any JS that would control whether one gets the contents block or the can't-display block. I didn't find anything. It's now text/log and Safari displays it in the text block. What does FF on Linux do?
15:04:41 <jralls> FF on macOS is utterly confused: It displays an empty text block.
15:04:42 <fell> In the source view I see the block
15:05:16 <fell> <div><textarea name="comment" id="editFrame" class="bz_default_hidden" wrap="soft" disabled="disabled"
15:05:43 <fell> … &gt;(lldb) target create &quot;/usr/local/bin/gnucash&quot; --core &quot;gnucash.core&quot;
15:12:44 <jralls> So I guess FF is right, because bz_default_hidden sets display: none !important;. Safari is ignoring that.
15:19:48 <jralls> Except that I changed it back to text/plain and now FF also displays it as one would expect, but the class on the textarea is still bz_default_hidden.
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21:37:01 <chris> warlord: "The example invoice looks pretty cool!" because someone else originally designed it c.18yrs ago...
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