2019-08-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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01:45:27 <chris> fwiw the General-Ledger report title was never internationalized
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06:25:08 <chris> re: icu's getFirstDayOfWeek - bad news -- looks like it won't give correct answer on Windows
06:25:33 <chris> ^ fao gjanssens
06:30:05 <chris> just checked latest win32 nightly
06:35:25 <gjanssens> :(
06:36:07 <gjanssens> Perhaps because we have pegged icu to an older version ?
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06:36:56 <gjanssens> I'm tempted to think this is a low priority issue though ?
06:37:21 <chris> sure
06:38:13 <chris> maybe get_first_day_of_week will have different code paths for windows, calling MS API instead. just an idea.
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06:44:07 <Mechtilde> .
06:57:49 <chris> perhaps the way forward is to omit ICU completely and just allow Monday-Sunday as a global or book option :( although low priority the commit will look like the bug is fixed and it certainly isn't in Windows
07:13:12 <sungod3k> hey guys, quick question, i have importet all the transaction from different accounts now and I wonder how i should deal with the following: I get a refund from something to my paypal and I transfer it from paypal back to my checkings account. so I get a deposit to my checkings account. then i split the transaction and book the refund/deposit as a negative expense to an expense account. what do i do now with the transaction that is still there from when i
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07:39:58 <gjanssens> chris: I'm aware I'm very conservative wrt adding options. And in this case it may be a bit premature. We should first try to figure out why it's not working on Windows.
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07:40:37 <gjanssens> As for the suggestion the bug is fixed, we can keep it open against Windows only until we have more details.
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07:46:44 <chris> ah true. meanwhile we'll see if icu-support responds to my query.
07:48:54 <chris> In master I have idea to remove "Report Title" as an option. About 9 reports are affected. This is used to set the document <title>. But there's already "Report name" which is used by other reports.
07:49:39 <chris> To do this all references to optname-report-title changed to gnc:optname-reportname, and add compatibility path in options.scm.... but I have no idea what jralls plans to do with this part of options.scm.
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07:54:23 <warlord> sungod3k, your question ended at: " what do i do now with the transaction that is still there from when i"
07:55:45 <sungod3k> whoops, heres the rest "what do i do now with the transaction that is still there from when i imported the tranaction in the checkings account? just delete? or is there a more elegant way to connect transaction between accounts?"
07:58:09 <warlord> sungod3k, the imported transaction is still part of the history (unless you mean the imported transaction *is* the refund?)
07:59:44 <sungod3k> yes, the refund is imported. or better said imported two times, once in each account.
08:00:38 <sungod3k> so when i link and split it, do i just the other one, or can i somehow auto match it?
08:00:49 <warlord> So you have two transactions from Bank -> Expense?
08:02:43 <warlord> I'm trying to understand how you have this in there twice?
08:03:20 <warlord> When you import you are supposed to map the accounts to the "correct" far account, and then the importer should notice the duplication when you import the "other" account.
08:03:22 <sungod3k> one transction imported to paypal (x amount withdrawn) then a few days later another transaction shows up when i import all the transaction into my checkings acct (x amount deposited)
08:03:47 <warlord> When you imported the paypal withdrawal --- did you assign it to the bank?
08:05:27 <sungod3k> i assinged it to the paypal acct which is under assets->current assets->paypal. the checking acct is on the same level as paypal.
08:06:26 <chris> sounds like a matching during import was skipped
08:06:36 <warlord> sungod3k, I think you're misunderstanding double-entry accounting. Each txn touches AT LEAST TWO accounts. So the withdrawal from paypal touches one account, but it needs to be assigned to a SECOND account -- i.e., where did the withdrawal go.
08:07:42 <sungod3k> let me make some screenshots that explains it better i think
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08:10:18 <warlord> sure. feel free to use imagebin to upload them somewhere and share the link.
08:10:36 <warlord> But I suspect that, during import, you are failing to assign the "other" account to these transactions.
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08:13:53 <warlord> Do you have an "Imbalance" account?
08:26:03 <sungod3k> https://imagebin.ca/v/4rvh5RUhCxu9
08:30:41 <warlord> sungod3k, which account(s) do you have open for those screen shots?
08:30:58 <sungod3k> paypal and checking
08:31:15 <sungod3k> checking = giro
08:31:36 <warlord> Well, the *FIRST* indication that there is a problem is in the top line, where on 1/7 you have "paypal refund' assigned to "Imbalance-EUR".
08:31:54 <warlord> That's the first indicator of a problem.
08:32:25 <sungod3k> ok, but dont transaction always show up in imbalance eur before they are assinged to individual accts?
08:33:24 <warlord> No.
08:33:35 <warlord> If they show up in imbalance then you are not importing them properly
08:33:46 <warlord> You should assign the target accounts DURING THE IMPORT.
08:35:00 <sungod3k> hm ok, im almost sure i did it during import because the csv importer doesnt let you finish if you dont assign an account. but it seems i need to do that again.
08:36:46 <sungod3k> so assuming i have all paypal transction correctly assinged to the paypal acct, i will still have those two loose/unconnected transactions, or will the matched or recognized somehow?
08:37:17 <sungod3k> especially because the tranasctions are on different dates
08:42:05 <warlord> you need to assign TWO accounts. You need to assign both the DEBIT and the CREDIT accounts.
08:42:21 <warlord> The importer WILL let you finish with only assigning one, which I've considered a long-standing bug in the importer.
08:43:08 <warlord> The importer wont let you finish without assigning the "this" account, but it will let you finish without assigning the "that" account -- and if you do not assign "that", it goes to Imbalance. But this means you're doing it wrong.
08:43:35 <sungod3k> ahh
08:43:36 <warlord> Also, IIRC, the actual real-world transaction is Expense Refund -> Paypal -> Bank.
08:44:36 <warlord> In this case you should either 1) skip the paypal step and just do expense refund -> Bank directly. Or you do need two transactions: Expense Refund -> Paypal and Paypal -> Bank.
08:46:41 <sungod3k> ok ill check out the importer again and see how that changes the situation. thanks for you detailed input
08:51:26 <warlord> It looks like in the end you're winding up with Paypal -> Bank and Expense Refund -> Bank ... which is why you're being confused.
09:48:35 <sungod3k> so im playing around with the importer, but i only ever see on account that i can assign. also when i use aqbanking on my main checking account. all transactions show up under "imbalance" as well until i assign expense accounts...
09:50:15 <warlord> sungod3k, you need you assign those accounts in the import transaction matcher screen.
09:50:25 <sungod3k> ahh
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09:53:52 <warlord> Like I said, if you end up with Imbalance you're doing it wrong :)
09:54:14 <sungod3k> yeah i think im slowly getting it
09:55:50 <warlord> But the real question is: why do you have a paypal withdrawal transaction without a paypal "expense reimbursement" transaction?
09:57:11 <sungod3k> i dont know, but that whole issue i have to fix later. i have to fully understand the import first, because even in the importer i cant match some transactions
10:00:07 <warlord> well, if nothing else, you need to assign them properly.
10:00:14 <sungod3k> because if im setting up a new account hierachy. all fresh empty accounts. the first transactions i import to my main checking account have to be unmatched right? because there is nothing else to match them to
10:00:59 <chris> sungod3k: you'll still want them to match to a NEW inc/expense account
10:01:13 <chris> or asset/liability for that matter
10:01:33 <chris> there should never be Imbalance-XXX accounts in your books
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10:07:00 <warlord> sungod3k, no, you still need to assign them to an account, even if that means creating the accounts they go to.
10:07:07 <sungod3k> ahh found something. double clicking on the unlanced tranaction in the info cloumn opens a new dialog.
10:07:17 <warlord> yes....
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10:09:37 <sungod3k> is there a difference between an unmatched/imbalance tranactiont hat i assign later to an account and a tranction that i match in the transaction matcher screen?
10:11:15 <warlord> yes..
10:11:23 <warlord> the importer will remember your choices for future imports.
10:11:29 <warlord> (if you do it during the import)
10:11:37 <warlord> If you assign it later, the importer wont
10:11:45 <sungod3k> ah thats good
10:21:06 * warlord has to run.
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19:51:49 <magic_ninja> Man, learning to parse these pdf files for import has been a real learning lesson.
19:51:58 <magic_ninja> I'm going to be a pro with sed before it is over.
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19:59:43 <warlord> magic_ninja, have you tried using pdf2txt?
19:59:55 <warlord> sorry, pdftotext
20:08:27 <magic_ninja> that got me started
20:09:11 <magic_ninja> Once I get it all stripped down, I'll have to learn to use awk to get rid of columns
20:09:41 <magic_ninja> Or perhaps I just skip columns if they contain undesired info
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