2019-08-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:23:49 <fell> gjanssens, you saw the flatpak issue on gnucash-user?
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03:31:35 <gmk> Hi, I’m using gnucash with HBCI (using aqbanking); On one account, every time I’m fetching the transactions I do need to re-accept the SSL cert … Is there any way to permanently accept this cert (and maybe only ask me again if the cert changes)?
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03:39:48 <fell> gmk: Das fragst du am Besten auf der AqBanking-user Mailingliste
03:40:46 <fell> https://lists.aquamaniac.de/listinfo/aqbanking-user
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04:39:58 <gour> morning
04:41:07 <gjanssens> fell: I'm only just now really at my computer, so I haven't read my mail yet :)
04:41:33 <fell> NP
04:41:48 * gjanssens has just enjoyed a good yoga lesson
04:42:17 <gour> in last several days i notice that something strange is going on with GC's rss feed, iow. despite of marking all feeds as read, whenever the feeds are refreshed, my client (claws' plugin) does show last 10 as unread. anyone?
04:42:42 <gjanssens> Oh, and an update yesterday evening killed my mail client. If now segfaults at startup
04:42:58 <gjanssens> So the gnucash-user list will have to wait for a while still :(
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05:25:34 <gjanssens> fell: do we still need to give explicit voice permissions in the channel or is registering with NickServe and re-joining sufficient ?
05:26:24 <fell> 1x register @nickserver, later identify
05:26:42 <fell> then one gets a voice
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05:28:00 <gjanssens> It's been a while lmat :)
05:28:25 <lmat> howdy?
05:28:32 <lmat> Thanks!
05:28:39 <lmat> Yes, it has!
05:29:21 <lmat> Should I report this bug? https://lmat.gun.vn/fileserver/downloads/2e40dfd55502ddc61608fe2de7013f05 (it's a screen capture of my problem) The transaction goes dead if I cancel while inputting.
05:31:56 <gjanssens> Yes, please do
05:32:35 <lmat> gjanssens: Can you reproduce? It's been this way for several months I think.
05:32:45 <lmat> Maybe only in the General Ledger?
05:33:38 <fell> gjanssens, the mail archive is pubic. ;-) https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2019-August/086540.html
05:34:08 <gjanssens> fell, I found the issue and can see my mails now. (Bad update of re2 package)
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06:12:28 <chris> Hi lmat :)
06:15:07 <chris> gjanssens: so much on your plate, sorry the eguile-gnc modularity has caused issues
06:15:40 <chris> this obviously causes issues merging maint to master
06:18:23 <lmat> chris: Howdy! You've been married for what two years now?
06:18:39 <chris> nearly two, thank you
06:18:50 <lmat> chris: Congratulations!
06:18:56 <chris> Thank you :)
06:19:04 <lmat> gjanssens: Error report created.
06:20:27 <lmat> By the way, I'm happy to see all the progress in gnucash. It's noticeably more stable, and a very slick experience. Thanks!
06:21:06 <chris> and the scheme parts are getting beaten into shape!
06:21:27 <chris> and good to get good feedback for a change ^_^
06:22:51 <lmat> chris: Excellent. I'm always happy any time I need to size the graph and I see 100% :sigh of relief:
06:23:09 <lmat> chris: (I know that's been there for a while, but it still makes me happy every time.)
06:36:18 <gjanssens> chris: would you like me to perform the merge ?
06:39:20 <chris> gjanssens if you like. test-report-html will need some modifications I'm sure you know
06:40:30 <chris> lots of .scm functions can be nuked afterwards
06:40:39 <gjanssens> Yeah, looking at that now
06:41:04 <chris> brb housework :/
06:54:29 <gjanssens> chris: that should do the trick...
07:00:25 <fell> we should eventually create wiki:Flatpak, but I will have lunch now.
07:07:12 <warlord> .
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08:59:38 <magic_ninja> Morning all :)
09:08:39 <gjanssens> Afternoon :)
09:22:07 <magic_ninja> You must be EU
09:22:16 <magic_ninja> someone mentioned using python to do imports into gnucash.
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09:33:35 <chris> funny. yesterday I was building master no issues. today I mishap again with root, rebuild ubuntu, rebuild deps and source tree, and cannot build master anymore. gnc-path.c cannot find GUILE_REL_SITEDIR.
09:38:29 <chris> https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Python_Bindings
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09:56:56 <magic_ninja> chris, perhaps you just need to do a make clean
09:57:08 <magic_ninja> or whatever the equivalent is
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10:45:34 <fell> chris: probably also a distclean or rm $BUILDDIR
10:47:00 <chris> fell: nopes already tried multiple times.
10:47:32 <chris> fell: need to think what to do about 797349 -- many .po files have munged strings eg "Associate:A" should not modify the "Associate:" part
10:48:01 <chris> and not onnly "Associate:", there are numerous other similar prefix strings
10:54:25 <fell> Chris, I wrote on the he.po PR they need a review to gether with the GUI issues.
10:55:03 <fell> For the reportts, you have been very busy.
10:56:44 <fell> There are other GUI elements and other bad strings , i.e. "Gnucash ",Version
10:57:57 <fell> I hope BobIT will look in the GUI issues.
10:58:55 <gjanssens> chris: GUILE_REL_SITEDIR comes from the include file gncla-dir.h
10:59:32 <gjanssens> This is a cmake generated source file
11:00:02 <gjanssens> So if gnc-path.c doesn't find it, this suggests your cmake run is flaky
11:00:50 <gjanssens> Or your build picks up an older version of this file which didn't have the GUILE_REL_SITEDIR definition yet.
11:01:11 <gjanssens> Search your source tree for a file named gncla-dir.h.
11:01:32 <gjanssens> It should only be in a build subdirectory, not next to gncla-dir.h.in
11:03:09 <fell> For new strings we should instead of ""disambiguation prefixes" use "pgettext("account status: not cleared", "n")
11:04:08 <chris> fell: Bob diagnosed the problem correctly. "Associate:A" was completely translated. they should've left first word alone, which fixes the header.
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11:05:42 <chris> gjanssens: it's in gncla-dir.h.in <-- ".in"
11:06:46 <fell> And then an non-utf character appears? Cool! ;-)
11:07:20 <chris> fell: this problem in many other strings, eg fr.po "Reconciled:R" should remain "Reconciled:R" but becomes "Rapproché:R"
11:07:44 <chris> this suggests a pervasive issue
11:09:02 <chris> either fix all manually after each .po merge, pester translators to read instructions carefully, or find another way to translate these strings to be less brittle
11:09:38 <fell> Probably we should apply pgettext, where we have Q_ now
11:10:32 <chris> fell: cool this is useful
11:10:33 <fell> If gettext has not defined one, we should define a macro.
11:10:41 <gjanssens> chris: I know, gncla-dir.h.in is the source file for gncla-dir.h
11:11:22 <gjanssens> I'm guessing you have an old generated gncla-dir.h file somewhere that is missing the GUILE_REL_SITEDIR string
11:11:46 <gjanssens> gnc-path.c doens't read gncla-dir.h.in, it reads gncla-dir.h
11:16:03 <fell> Before glib 2.16, the Q_( ) macro was used :-(
11:16:54 <fell> https://developer.gnome.org/glib/2.54/glib-I18N.html#C-:CAPS
11:18:01 <chris> gjanssens: bingo... funny that the generated gncla-dir.h didn't get overwritten with checkout master
11:18:59 <gjanssens> chris: was it somewhere in the source tree ?
11:19:09 <chris> yes!
11:19:29 <gjanssens> Then it's a leftover of running cmake directly in the source tree
11:19:41 <gjanssens> Something we continue to advise against :)
11:19:59 <gjanssens> checkout master will not wipe files that aren't version managed
11:19:59 * chris always in awe of your skills :)
11:20:25 <gjanssens> It will only consider files that are tracked
11:20:27 <chris> mishap no.2 after mishap no.1 of rm /var by mistake
11:21:15 <gjanssens> I believe there is a way to clean all non-tracked files from a worktree as well, but I never used that so I can't tell you what it is
11:21:23 <gjanssens> wow, that's very helpful...
11:21:38 <chris> yeah 'git reset --hard' didn't clean properly
11:21:49 <gjanssens> Indeed that one doesn't
11:22:10 <fell> f you are using GNU gettext >= 0.15, you can also use --keyword=Q_:1g to let xgettext split the context string off into a msgctxt line in the po file.
11:22:42 <gjanssens> chris: try git clean
11:24:29 <chris> thx got them all!
11:24:46 <chris> now back to cleaning .scms
11:26:41 <chris> fell: I think it'll be good to modify _ or N_ for these disambiguation prefixes so that they use C_ instead, what do you think?
11:33:31 <lmat> chris: git clean -fdx; ?
11:33:46 <lmat> oh yeah, got it, great :-)
11:39:45 <chris> my primary aim in building master was to check eguile-reports are still working well, mostly it's a yes.
11:43:05 <gour> chris: is e-guile going to be kept in the future?
11:44:03 <chris> that's not my call. powers-that-be wish to keep it.
11:45:58 <gour> ah, ok ;)
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11:58:50 <chris> if anyone can confirm the eguile balsheet is showing bad fractions when converting currencies, I'll push a fix tomorrow ;)
12:01:01 <lmat> chris: How would I confirm that?
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12:01:18 <lmat> chris: First, what version?
12:01:23 <chris> erm run balsheet(eguile) with a book which has conversions?
12:01:27 <chris> any recent
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12:19:39 <fell> chris, yes, but before we should run a few test: what will happen with existing translations a) right b) wrong; how much strings are affected, ...
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13:25:24 <jralls> chris, I noticed thanks to a MinGW update that guile-2.2.6 is out. It includes a fix from last year changing all of the scm_string_from_locale and scm_string_from_latin1 calls on c const char* to scm_string_from_utf8. It also has your strptime/strftime fix.
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22:42:55 <chris> jralls: good, they were happy for bug reports. I haven't upgraded myself... dunno how to force ubuntu to upgrade.
22:57:31 <magic_ninja> what version?
23:02:52 <chris> 2.2.4
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