2019-08-16 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:22:42 <magic_ninja> So I'm looking at taking my bank's relatively simple PDF files and parsing them into csv files for gnucash. If I want to somehow pick a category for them, will I have to manually add my own filters for expenses?
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00:30:31 <chris> magic_ninja: no
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00:35:41 <magic_ninja> chris, could you elaborate a bit? I can provide a specific example or two if necessary.
00:36:31 <magic_ninja> For instances, I want my transaction to pay my internet bill to go into that expense, I want my deduction that comes out for utility bills to go to the respective accounts, etc. That being said, I still need to convert the data into ofx.
00:39:28 <chris> best create a simple csv and experiment on latest releases. the csv importer is quite nice. example line: "16/08/19,Electric Bill,Electric,-100"
00:39:52 <chris> you may get more control with CSV than OFX
00:40:23 <magic_ninja> So I will have to use my own filters to parse the transaction line and sort it into my accounts.
00:43:01 <chris> you don't have to; the csv importer will tokenize your description/memo and establish tokens->account matching
00:43:40 <chris> but if you can do your own filtering you'll have more control
00:45:22 <magic_ninja> chris, I see how that works. so I can do it either way. I think that if I'm already converting a pdf into a text document, then parsing that text document into a csv, it may be easier to use a case statement to assign certain keywords to a specific account.
00:46:10 <chris> depends how much work you want to do now to "save" more time in future
00:47:18 <magic_ninja> I'm disappointed that my bank doesn't have any way to automagically import transactions, as I do most everything through them, and have for almost 20 years, but I'm also going to move states in a couple years, so I don't want to move everything over.
00:47:47 <magic_ninja> So I mean, spending a day getting something set up to import the statements isn't a big deal if it helps me get a maintainable way to track my money.
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01:18:16 <magic_ninja> Actually, awk looks like it would be a pretty sweet tool for this job.
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05:08:07 <jonas> magic_ninja, you may want to consider the gnucash python interface, if you haven't already
05:09:04 <jonas> I batch import transactions using it. if you're handy with python it beats doing it by hand
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05:51:34 <fell> chris, the wiki has a signature button, which inserts "--~~~~" and that gets replace by link to user+users talk page and timestamp.
05:52:38 <fell> button in its edit pages
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09:58:08 <fell> Congrats, gjanssens to the flathub access!!!
10:00:05 <gjanssens> fell: thanks :)
10:00:34 <gjanssens> I'm currently working on updating the flathub package to bring it more in line with our own flatpak builds
10:00:37 <fell> A few hours ago we discussed about it on gnucash-de
10:03:12 <warlord> gjanssens, so do they build it themselves? How would a flathub package differ from gnucash-on-flatpak? Would we just stop our flatpak builds?
10:03:49 <fell> warlord, AFAIK they build only reases.
10:04:02 <fell> releases
10:09:19 <gjanssens> exactly
10:10:16 <gjanssens> Flathub does their own builds, but only for released packages
10:10:22 <gjanssens> They won't accept nightlies
10:10:52 <gjanssens> So to offer linux users a nightly to test a hot new feature or bugfix we should continue our nightly builds
10:11:15 <gjanssens> For releases we can consider just referring users to flathub
10:11:34 <gjanssens> It's the de-facto app store for the flatpak "platform"
10:12:28 <gjanssens> By publishing our releases there they will be signed by the flathub release key which most users of flathub will have on their systems already
10:13:05 <gjanssens> Note that contrary to our windows server, a flatpak build environment is very tightly controlled.
10:13:58 <gjanssens> So regardless of who runs the build, the end result should be exactly the same as it's always run in the exact same sandbox.
10:14:38 <gjanssens> The only difference will be in publishing where the build is signed. Our build server uses a different signature than flathub.
10:16:33 <warlord> gjanssens, gotcha. How would we tell flathub that there's a new release?
10:19:41 <gjanssens> By updating their org.gnucash.GnuCash.json manifest file
10:19:59 <gjanssens> That's the file orchestrating the build
10:20:29 <gjanssens> We can update release numbers in there (together with proper sha256-sums)
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10:39:02 <warlord> gjanssens, so a manual update (yet another step) as part of the release-engineering process. Okay
10:50:36 <gjanssens> Indeed
10:51:22 <gjanssens> We can choose to skip flatpak release builds on our own infrastructure. Most users of stable releases will be using flathub anyway
10:56:11 <gjanssens> Or we can automate this as well.
10:57:48 <gjanssens> My original plan was to simply push the manifest file that was used to perform a successful release build on our nightly infrastructure.
10:58:09 <gjanssens> Considering the sandboxes are identical, this should result in the same flatpak build on flathub
10:59:15 <gjanssens> Pushing this manifest file can be scripted as a final step of a successful release build
11:07:43 <warlord> That could work, too.
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13:36:43 <monkey3333> Hello people, today I will try to designate reserves. I am not fully sure how to do this the 'correct' way in gnucash, but I'll let you know if can find something.
13:38:13 <jralls> monkey3333, you might ask about it on the user list.
13:40:40 <monkey3333> jralls: I am also new to IRC. Is the user list a separate channel or do you mean that i can ask individuals from that list?
13:41:45 <jralls> monkey3333, I mean the gnucash-user mailing list. https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Mailing_Lists.
13:43:16 <monkey3333> jralls: Thanks. That looks like the better way to deal with this.
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13:51:30 <warlord> monkey3333, by designating reserves, do you mean something like "bucket/envelope budgeting"?
14:00:22 <monkey3333> warlord: What my idea is of what i am trying to do: I have only bankaccount to use for living, income and expenses. Within my bookkeeping, i'd like to set aside a part of that money for some (unexpected) future expense, but i can't set really aside, as that bank account is my only place to keep money. So the money set aside must likely be in an account within the bankaccount of our gnucash software.
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14:14:43 <jralls> monkey3333: The easiest way would be to create two subaccounts in your bank account, "spendable" and "reserve". Reconcile from the parent account with "include subaccounts" checked, but record expenses from "spendable" and split income between the two according to your savings plan.
14:34:35 <monkey3333> jralls: This seems like it. I am still implementing it, but thanks a lot already.
14:41:00 <jralls> System update time. Back RSN.
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