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01:21:38 <chris> owner->owner.undefined is weird... what's that for?
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04:08:50 <chris> here's another conundrum. if AR account has invoice $100 due >30days ago, and a CN $100 dated today. there's no payment assigned to link invoice to credit-note. should the aging-table show $100/-$100/$0/$0/$0 or should it show $0 throughout?
04:09:21 <chris> in otherwords should the aging-table work on lots being open/paid-off, or should it work on AR split-amounts?
04:09:48 <chris> do these issue even matter?
04:11:10 <chris> hint: owner-report.scm shows the former, but aging.scm does the latter.
04:13:16 <chris> https://imgur.com/a/kORnesT
04:13:23 <chris> which strategy is really better???
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04:16:30 <chris> my preference is for tracking via lots.... if aging-table shows $0 it assumes invoices are paid up, which is not yet necessarily true
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04:41:49 <chris> so, scanning gnc-lot-get-balance to populate aging-table isn't a great idea... because a $20 credit-note get +ve lot balance and skews the aging-table in the wrong way. owner-report shows -$20 as it should because it tracks split-values. aging ignores it completely.
04:43:05 <chris> perhaps some formal guidance would be useful
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07:38:27 <chris> finally...
07:38:32 <chris> https://imgur.com/LJPFma0
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10:57:46 <chris> @tell gjanssens thank you for your modules deprecation hints in master, very useful :)
10:57:46 <gncbot> chris: The operation succeeded.
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15:23:04 <Simon> I managed to find where the normal accounts were being sorted on load in order to apply that to the template accounts too
15:26:59 <warlord> Is it on load or on save?
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15:41:37 <Simon> on load
15:43:58 <warlord> How odd.. One would think you would do it on save in order to properly order newly created objects.
15:44:09 <Simon> newly created objects are ok
15:44:20 <Simon> if you open the scheduled transactions editor it sorts them
15:44:40 <Simon> and if you modify them it's probably going to sort them too
15:45:17 <Simon> the problem is that all accounts are loaded in reverse order but only normal accounts are then sorted
15:45:30 <Simon> unless you access template accounts they don't get sorted
15:46:24 <Simon> presumably it'd save sort time to load them in the right order and try to do various operations in multiple threads but my book isn't yet taking too long to open
15:48:16 <warlord> Simon, actually, no, append-to-list is an order n^2 operation whereas prepend and reverse is an order n operation
15:51:40 * Simon wonders why GLib's doubly-linked lists don't have a tail pointer
15:52:07 <Simon> there's a g_list_last() but it still claims that g_list_append() iterates through the entire list
15:54:27 <warlord> Yep
15:54:40 <Simon> oh, because GList has no list data of its own... just elements
15:54:42 <warlord> g_list_append() is order N per operation, hense n^2
15:55:13 <warlord> So you do g_list_prepend() which is order 1. And then at the end you should do g_list_reverse()
15:55:42 <Simon> what is needed is a g_list_insert_after() so that you can maintain a tail pointer during loading
15:57:53 <warlord> Actually, you COULD do that: <last points to last entry>; g_list_append(last, ..); last = last->next;
15:58:11 <Simon> you're not supposed to do that according to the docs
15:59:21 <warlord> Well, it's only an issue the first time, methinks. Where in the docs do they say not to do that?
15:59:22 <Simon> and none of the functions actually give you the tail of the list!
15:59:28 <Simon> https://developer.gnome.org/glib/stable/glib-Doubly-Linked-Lists.html#g-list-append
15:59:44 <Simon> you're supposed to be passing the head of the list every time, and it returns the head of the list
16:01:31 <warlord> Yes, but there is no reason you have to do that. Once you have the list head, you don't need to save it every time. I see nothing in the docs that say not to do what I suggested above.
16:01:55 <warlord> Although they do suggest the g_list_prepend(); g_list_reverse() idiom.
16:02:13 <Simon> the first thing to do is probably to run a g_list_reverse() because GnuCash doesn't appear to do that, and then find out if xaccSplitOrder is faster on pre-sorted data
16:03:05 <Simon> if it's not significantly faster than it won't make a lot of difference
16:05:10 <warlord> sure
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17:27:29 <jralls> warlord: All elements in a GList are the same: prev, next, and data. The list ptr is to the first element, for which prev==nullptr. There's nowhere to put a ptr to the other end.
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17:34:05 <phirestalker> I am trying to set up Bank of America and am getting error 2000. The solution on the mailing list for 2017 does not work for me.
17:35:41 <jralls> You could call g_list_last() to get the end of the list, but it does it by traversing the list... which is what g_list_append does. If you have several items to add to the end you might write a function to create a node, attach it to the end, and return its ptr which would be the new end. GLib doesn't provide one.
17:36:30 <jralls> phirestalker: It might be a problem at BofA, but if it's working with Quicken they might not care.
17:39:27 <jralls> Or they might have pulled the plug on OFXDirectConnect, as they seem to have done temporarily in 2017: http://www.ofxhome.com/ofxforum/viewtopic.php?id=49648.
17:39:43 <phirestalker> I wish there was a forum. There are not enough people here for one to have BofA, and the mailing list is ... well a mailing list.
17:41:00 <jralls> Which is much better than a web forum. ;-)
17:42:22 <phirestalker> maybe I just don't know how to use them. I do not want any email from them except for the response to my query.
17:43:23 <jralls> That's exactly what's wrong with forums.
17:50:57 <phirestalker> according to one user on the link you gave me, when error 2000 comes up I need to sign in to the bank site and approve the connection. There are no notifications coming up, so I guess it is on the bank's side as usual.
17:53:49 <phirestalker> jralls: Thanks for the help
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17:54:26 <jralls> You might also check http://www.ofxhome.com/index.php/home/search?searchName=bank+of+america&search=Search. There are apparently several URLs, some work others don't.
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20:20:39 <warlord> jralls, my point was that you could extend the loop of g_list_append() with extra knowledge to keep track of the end of the list.
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20:21:43 <warlord> Sure, you can't do that within the default GList*, but you could manually track it.
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20:25:11 <jralls> warlord: You could, but it would involve messing with the pointers yourself and you'd need to have a bunch of pointers to add. Might as well prepend and reverse--or sort, if that's the end goal. If you have a bunch of objects that you want to stick on the end, make a new list with prepends and then g_list_concat that to the existing list.
20:30:34 * warlord shrugs
20:31:54 <warlord> I agree that g_list_prepend / g_list_reverse is generally the "approved" method, but you could absolutely keep track of the endpoint in a send variable while you are looping and adding items. But I do agree it is a waste of resources when there is already a linear method.
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20:49:22 <chris> quick comment about .scm in libgnucash -- although I am aware we wish to eradicate them, I'd hope test-business-core.scm is still a welcome addition, and I did the CMakeLists.txt section right in master
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