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01:12:55 <chris> @tell gjanssens I've merged envelope-budgeting into budget.scm -- my query is whether the terminology is correct. It replicates Phil Longstaff's ytd-budget.scm functionality. We can modify option name to a better one.
01:12:55 <gncbot> chris: The operation succeeded.
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01:47:27 <sokol99> Another quick question... When setting up several online accounts what causes previously configured accounts to cease being available for online actions? ..I'm hoping not to have to delete and reconfigure these previously-functioning accounts but am not sure what's happening.
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05:18:37 <chris> warlord: do open invoices *always* have associated lot? The lot definition states it opens with a split, which I understand means a lot exists in an account
05:19:29 <chris> IIUC invoices can exist in isolation, and gets a lot/txn only when posted
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05:22:21 <chris> perhaps my question is - how to retrieve a list of all invoices using API; scanning APAR accs yields only posted invoices
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08:10:07 <Scrounger> Hello, Bonjour, Grusdich, &c. I am having a problem with fetching stock price quotes from online.
08:10:32 <Scrounger> I have gotten myself a free license code.
08:11:00 <Scrounger> I installed Perl separately because the automotic installation didn't work (details 'pon request)
08:11:23 <Scrounger> Now when I try to update prices, it opens a window and does nothing else - it stalls.
08:14:21 <Scrounger> Hm.
08:15:13 <Scrounger> May have been a network issue. While typing at you good people, it seems to have decided to work.
08:15:53 <Scrounger> Took awhile, though - I had enough time to ponder it, make a drink, try a few more times, register with /nickserv, and /join this channel with +v.
08:16:18 <Scrounger> Thanks, I guess. Seeya the next time it acts weird... ;-)
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08:33:11 <warlord> chris, define "open". the lot only gets created when the invoice is posted.
08:33:42 <warlord> chris, correct, AR/AP is only posted invoices. You would need to go through the Query API to obtain unposted invoices.
08:33:49 <warlord> There is no other way to access them.
08:42:04 <chris> warlord: ok I figured as such. owner-report can only find posted invoices. I found gncBusinessGetOwnerList to get book's owners, but there's no gncOwnerGetInvoices
08:42:49 <chris> I don't understand Query.h enough to retrieve all invoices
08:43:25 <chris> oh I think it's qofQuery.h now
08:43:57 <chris> Query.h seems old school
08:44:38 <warlord> Note that unposted invoices technically "don't exist". They could be a trial, or in progress.. So owner report should NOT report on them!
08:45:11 <chris> ok...
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10:29:24 <chris> `warlord: does https://imgur.com/a/i7mU1AP look like a good set of invoices/payments/CN to test owner-report? did I get the signs correct? note owner-report is not yet modified in this report
10:30:32 <warlord> chris, probably.
10:32:32 <chris> the last challenge is to create a payment and apply to multiple invoices
10:33:04 <chris> IOW invoice = increase owner balance, CN/payment = decrease owner balance?
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13:16:51 <jralls> soko199: Each online account has a one-to-one relationship with a GnuCash account. That's managed on the third page of the Online Banking Assistant. Only the GnuCash accounts matched to online accounts will enable the online actions.
13:19:31 <jralls> warlord: I don't think that the importers are exposed to Python.
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14:30:00 <warlord> jralls, you're right, i don't think the importers are..
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16:24:54 <sokol99> jralls: thank you. So, when I'm setting up a new account (unsuccessfully), is that breaking the linkage of already-existing accounts such that I don't have access to the online actions like updating?
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17:03:33 <jralls> soko199: Having the Online Banking Assistant open doesn't cause the Actions>Online Banking... menu items to be disabled for me. Is that what you're seeing?
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19:37:27 <sokol99> jralls: Hi jralls, no, what's happening is that I have set up 2 of 3 on line accounts. And when I had set them up, I had the option to to sync the transactions. Then, I try (unsucessfully so far) to add the third account and when I complete the account setup wizard the option is now no longer available. And if I delete the third, non functioning account, the option to sync the two remaining and previously working accounts remains grayed out.
19:39:09 <jralls> sokol99, Start the Online Banking Assistant and go to page 3 and make sure that the online account->gnucash account mapping is correct.
19:41:50 <sokol99> ok, thanks I'll take a look. Perhaps the mapping to the gnucash accounts was broken. I'll take a look.
19:49:41 <sokol99> jralls: Ok, when I go to that third page everything appears properly mapped to the corresponding gnucash account. ... When I'm actually in the aqbanking wizard however and I click on the accounts tab the name of the corresponding mapped gnucash account is not there for two of the accounts but there's no 'picker' for that and I'm not sure it matters. ...
19:52:05 <jralls> sokol99: It doesn't mattr if the account name in the AQBanking Setup Wizard matches the account you map it too, but IIRC it *does* matter that there's a name.
19:52:59 <jralls> So enter something (even "something" will work ;-) ) in the Account Name for each account.
20:01:38 <sokol99> ok, thanks I'll give it a try. :)
20:13:24 <sokol99> jralls: ok, i tried that but it didn't make a difference. What's odd is that these two accounts were working before I tried to set up the third. I also reverified the mapping to gnucash accounts was correct. ..Any other ideas why previously working accounts would stop being available for syncing?
20:16:17 <jralls> Well, when all else fails, I look at the code... so give me a minute.
20:18:11 <sokol99> ok. :) ..I have to step out in a few minutes but will check in when I get back.
20:23:16 <jralls> sokol99, you might try running GnuCash from the command line with `--log gnc.import.aqbanking=debug`. That will write a bunch of diagnostic messages to the tracefile that might shed some light on the problem.
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20:46:51 <jralls> sokol99: The code says that it checks the Bank Code and Account Number (not the name) from the Accounts tab of AqBanking Setup. Each entry on the third page should say "Bank code xxxxx (bank name), Account yyyyy() zzzzz where xxxxx and yyyyy need to be numbers and zzzz is the name of the GnuCash account it's associated with. It's actually looking at data recorded on the GnuCash account, so it might help to double-click that, select something else
20:46:51 <jralls> then select the account you want and click OK.
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22:15:14 <sokol99> thanks jralls, I will double check that. I did 'move' some of the accounts in the accounts 'tree' and maybe that broke the linkage somehow...
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