2017-05-25 GnuCash IRC logs

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13:45:37 <Robert> I have a very weird issue with GnuCash release 2.6.11 running on Debian Jessie and controlled from Windows 7 via Putty and Xming. This has mostly worked fairly well until this particular day. Something happened in a bank account while the focus was in an income account view of a transaction with a split line to that bank account.
13:47:06 <Robert> Then I wanted to jump to the bank account and I got an error that I needed to accept or discard an edit in the bank account before I could jump
13:48:54 <warlord> Robert: Well, that implies you made a change to the transaction and it's ensuring you save it before moving out of it.
13:50:16 <Robert> I went to the bank account by using the tab and found that the focus was in the date box at the bottom of the register. The left mouse button was unable to capture the focus and move to another transaction
13:52:03 <warlord> Robert: did you try committing the transaction?
13:52:15 <Robert> I am not finished. So I used a tab to go to another account to go to another transaction that had a split line to that bank account.
13:53:22 <Robert> Again from there I got the commit or abandon prompt so I abandoned the edit.
13:53:54 <warlord> Robert: you cannot change accounts or focus until you finish entering the transaction.
13:54:23 <warlord> Finish entering it first. Commit it. Then you can move to another account.
13:55:13 <Robert> Now I can get to the bank account either by jumping from a transaction in another account or using the tab, but once there, the left mouse button will not do anything.
13:56:57 <Robert> The only way to move to a differet transaction in the bank register is to remember another split line, go there then jump in
13:57:37 <Robert> I no longer get any prompt to commit or cancel
13:57:59 <warlord> What about up/down arrows?
13:58:18 <Robert> Left MB does nothing in that registr but it works fine elsewhere
13:59:13 <warlord> I'd blame windows ;)
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14:00:24 <Robert> I will be closing the program and starting over soon but I thought I would explore this a little bit first
14:02:19 <Robert> In that bank register in a transaction that I jumped into from another account, arrows, tab do not work either, the curser appears to be in the date field
14:03:01 <Robert> Right MB brings up the expected menu
14:03:49 <Robert> Enter key makes the Jump icon flicker in the menubar
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14:05:59 <warlord> Weird; sounds like a strange focus issue..
14:06:12 <warlord> But I'd still chalk it up to your windows/X/putty stuff.
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14:13:30 <Robert> The Save menu button is grey, but I will go to a different account before I close the program. I thought I would look for a bug to report before giving up. I think some code fragment must be hanging, but I am not seeing a decent way to test from here. The Putty window is not getting any error messages in the consle other than the warnings (gnc:make-report-anchor: ... that appear when I start the program
14:21:43 <Robert> When I closed the program I found the Putty session had frozen as well. It appeared to have been in a bash script, and needed a ctrl-C to get back to the prompt
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14:29:18 <Robert> After restarting, it seems to be OK. I forgot to mention before that the scroll wheel and right mouse button both continued to work in that register, as well as the left MB on objects outside of the transaction display area
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14:34:33 <warlord> So weird.
14:35:38 <Robert> The Putty window doesn't work like a regular terminal window. There is no menu to do things like copy and paste
14:36:12 <Robert> I learn someting every day
14:37:07 <Robert> bye
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14:37:12 <warlord> later
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17:32:48 <cleahcim> when importing openofx from a bank when trying to update and reconcile from two accounts do the the description has to be the same for gnucash to automatically find the corresponding split?
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17:38:45 <cleahcim> for example my credit card has a transaction with the description "AUTO PAYMENT, thank you!" with a withdraw of $50, but my checking has a transaction with the description of "BANK ACCOUNT# USER, auto pay" with a payment of $50, but there are not matches in the splits.
17:39:13 <cleahcim> I'm guessing the description has to match?
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18:09:42 <jralls> cleahcim: IIRC the description must match and the dates must be equal within a window, but I don't remember how wide the window is.
18:10:35 <jralls> warlord: Broken means that the "broken image" image shows up with the image's alternate text instead of the actual image.
18:22:11 <cleahcim> jrails: feature request! :)
18:24:14 <cleahcim> I'd like to use gnucash for my personal accounting. I'd need it to be more flexible for matching across accounts. seems like you should be able to configure your filter for the auto matching split stuff
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