2017-05-20 GnuCash IRC logs

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10:40:27 <lmat> fell: howdy
10:41:02 <fell> hi, lmat!
10:41:05 <lmat> fell: Where can I see your merge?
10:41:56 <lmat> fell: Oh, I think I see it on the gnucash mailing list.
10:42:32 <fell> or https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/commits/master
10:42:54 <lmat> Ah, gnucash-docs. I'll clone it now.
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10:44:15 <fell> It seems somehow I merged the wrong branch and didn't realize before the push.
10:46:40 <fell> Now git revert seems to need some additional params and warns about https://github.com/git/git/blob/master/Documentation/howto/revert-a-faulty-merge.txt
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10:48:08 <lmat> mmm
10:51:11 <lmat> Before the merge, master was 91be847? and maint was eded1c2?
10:51:36 <lmat> ("I don't know" is a reasonable answer :-) )
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10:52:12 <fell> yep
10:54:19 <lmat> fell: Right, so I think you did the merge the wrong way: merged master into maint.
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10:57:46 <fell> I am confused by the commit message "Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs"
10:58:22 <fell> According https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash-docs/commits/maint the maint branch is unchanged.
10:58:32 <lmat> fell: You had maint checked out and ran the equivalent of "git merge master;". This will merge master into maintenance.
10:58:34 <lmat> RIGHT
10:59:02 <lmat> fell: The plot thickens :-) The merge creates a new commit. You called that new commit, "master"
10:59:45 <lmat> So maint stayed where it was, and master is on the commit "master-merged-to-maint". Really not that bad of a story :-)
11:01:12 <lmat> Can you tell me about commit 4b8f99e?
11:02:39 <fell> Somehow it was created by the resolving of the merge conflict.
11:03:28 <fell> Probably I forgot the --amend
11:04:29 <lmat> fell: Perhaps. So, on master, do you expect configure.ac, line 5, to say "AC_INIT(gnucash-docs, 2.6.99)" ?
11:04:56 <lmat> fell: or "AC_INIT([gnucash-docs], [2.6.99], [https://bugzilla.gnome.org/page.cgi?id=browse.html&product=GnuCash], , [http://www.gnucash.org/])"
11:05:40 <lmat> fell: That is the only difference between what you did and what you should have done.
11:07:24 <fell> Master has usually 2.6.99, but in maint some time before I improved AC_INIT. So it nornal, there was a conflikt
11:08:06 <fell> commit 12e0ec4: Set PACKAGE_BUGREPORT and PACKAGE_URL
11:08:48 <lmat> fell: I see.
11:09:25 <fell> But I am wondering, this conflict did not appear in the merges before.
11:10:10 <lmat> fell: yes...hmm
11:18:00 <lmat> fell: Here's my best guess! 12e0ec4 (improving AC_INIT February 2017) happened on maint. 37f6a51 (set version number to 2.6.99 in April 2014) happened on master.
11:18:19 <lmat> fell: Those two commits didn't touch until you made this merge, and it caused a conflict...
11:18:40 <lmat> fell: But I'm not positive about this...
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11:26:45 <fell> "Set version..." should only have been the conflict resolving of the merge, somehow it didn't get the --amend flag and now they seem to appear in the wrong order
11:27:08 <lmat> fell: In short, it doesn't seem like a very bad place to be. As you pointed out earlier, maint hasn't moved. I trust jralls will have better insight (perhaps he's a bit more familiar with this repo!).
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11:28:26 <lmat> fell: Pleasure working with you; I need to go now to get lunch for my lad.
11:28:58 <fell> OK, have a nice day!
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11:31:08 <lmat> likewise!
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11:57:19 <gjanssens> lmat, fell: when we were setting up the branch structure I remember reading articles that warned about merging in the wrong direction
11:57:54 <gjanssens> It should never be done because this can cause certain changed to not be picked up
11:58:28 <gjanssens> So what happened here may be risky in that respect
12:00:16 <gjanssens> And I'm tempted to do a one-time history altering reset to get this straight.
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12:00:34 <gjanssens> But I'll hold off for jralls opinion as well
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12:14:18 <gjanssens> fell: from what I see it looks that at some point you had reset your local branch to your local maint branch
12:15:06 <gjanssens> From there you changed the version to 2.6.99 an a new commit
12:15:34 <gjanssens> and finally (probably in an unrelated action) pulled from the origin repository to get the latest changes
12:16:19 <gjanssens> It went wrong in the first step of this: resetting master to maint. I'm not sure why that happened or you even realized you had done so.
12:16:42 <gjanssens> Which tool are you using to modify git history ?
12:16:48 <gjanssens> The command line or some gui tool ?
12:17:34 <fell> usually I use eclipse
12:18:03 <gjanssens> also for pulling and merging ?
12:18:24 <fell> but to resolve merge conflicts I have to use the command line.
12:19:15 <gjanssens> I see Rebase and Reset are right next to each other in the eclipse Team menu
12:19:36 <gjanssens> Maybe you misclicked
12:20:03 <gjanssens> Then again maybe not. It's hard to reconstruct afterwards anyway
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12:20:57 <gjanssens> I'm just guessing because a reset is the only way I can think of you can move the master branch head to be the same as the maint branch head
12:20:59 <fell> Usually I use context menu in the navigator window
12:21:42 <gjanssens> Indeed. That's where I found the Team submenu with the rebase and reset commands
12:22:29 <gjanssens> "The only way to make the master branch head point at the same commit as the maint branch head" would have been more precise
12:23:44 <gjanssens> Or the other option may be you did a rebase in the backwards direction. That is you had made the changes on your (correct) master branch and the rebased master onto maint.
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12:25:55 <fell> Normally I use reset to get rid of a bad local commit, but that would not change the branch.
12:30:03 <fell> For reset and rebase, I use usually the history window. The Navigator window I use only for commits.
12:30:24 <gjanssens> That should have given merge conflicts to resolve in files other than configure.ac though which I don't see in your commit history
12:31:17 <gjanssens> (My last line refers to the wrong rebase, not to your use of the history window)
12:32:26 <fell> ... and pulls
12:34:39 <gjanssens> Ok
12:35:26 <fell> I didn't commits directly to master "for years", only merges.
12:37:55 <gjanssens> So I see. Probably that's why it went wrong, not enough practice ;p
12:38:48 <gjanssens> Could it be you first made the change on maint, then realized it should have been on master and then attempted several things to get it on master ?
12:39:15 <fell> Yeah, when I am the first after a release, I have to resolve the version conflict with command line tools.
12:40:59 <fell> No, I only wanted to merge the commits from maint to master.
12:43:04 <fell> What might have confused me: On merge conflicts in eclipse you can choose manually or merge tool to resolve
12:43:29 <fell> The latter I do not really understand.
12:45:46 <fell> Because I do not often have to handle merge conflicts, I usually try to follow https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Git#Resolving_Merge_Conflicts
12:47:07 <fell> I do not know exactly, but have the feeling, something is incomplete there.
12:47:48 <gjanssens> Right. That section only explains the most simple merge conflict where only the version number has changed.
12:48:20 <fell> while typing here, I see a typo there: "commit -a" should be "commit --amend"
12:48:28 <gjanssens> In this particular case however it was not the version number that had changed but the complete AC_INIT invocation
12:49:11 <gjanssens> No, it doesn't have to be --amend
12:49:34 <gjanssens> That's to add changes to a previous commit
12:49:47 <gjanssens> When the merge conflict appears that's not what you want
12:50:18 <gjanssens> Instead you'd want your manual change to be added to the changes to be committed (as part of the merge commit)
12:53:24 <gjanssens> If you had merged in the right direction there wouldn't have been a merge conflict
12:54:48 <gjanssens> The version difference was already resolved for 2.6.16 in commit 91be847adee924450d2a22a96da9e93fb11019fc by yours truly
12:55:27 <gjanssens> I'll admit my conflict resolution was suboptimal. I should have picked up your AC_INIT changes, but failed to realize those were new in maint
12:55:49 <gjanssens> If I did you wouldn't have had to add this later on.
12:56:06 <gjanssens> But the conflicts you got were because the merge went in the other direction
12:57:03 <gjanssens> So you initiated a merge from the upstream master branch to what is in essence the maint branch (regardless of which branch you had checked out at that moment that pointed to maint head)
12:59:53 <gjanssens> Or rather I believe at some point your master branch got reset to maint
13:00:06 <gjanssens> That's the only way I can reproduce your history
13:01:53 <gjanssens> warlord, jralls: can any of you force a windows build to run ? I have changed the sqlite version, but this won't trigger an automatic nightly (those are only triggered if the gnucash repo changes, not gnucash-on-windows -- something to fix IMO)
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16:06:14 <jralls> fell: have you pulled since you pushed your "merge" and the version fix?
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16:07:33 <fell> jralls: not manually.
16:08:20 <fell> There is a FETCH_HEAD still on gjanssens merge
16:13:48 <jralls> What commit is your local master at (git log -1 --oneline from the command line)?
16:16:39 <fell> 4b8f99e Set version on master to 2.6.99
16:22:21 <jralls> Ok. Seems that gjanssens is right, you must have reset master to maint. If you look at Github you'll see that master's commit is 4f744a2, in which it merged what you pushed with the existing master.
16:25:19 <jralls> I think that we're probably save resetting master to 91be847 and force-pushing that to code, then redoing the merge, but we should mention it on gnucash-devel in case David T or Chris have pulled since you pushed.
16:29:00 <fell> Can yu do it? I don'tt like to touch it today.
16:30:06 <fell> (you see the number of typos?)
16:34:09 <jralls> OK.
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16:51:13 <jralls> All fixed.
16:51:47 <fell> I see. Now the right fetch/pull?
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16:52:35 <jralls> Yes, you'll want to reset master to 91be847 before you try. So will lmat and maybe gjanssens_afk.
16:57:40 <fell> 'git reset 91be847 --hard' did it
16:58:23 <fell> without option the pull was aborted
17:05:32 <jralls> Very good, you're back in business.
17:05:59 <fell> Thanks!
17:14:16 <jralls> gjanssens_afk: There's a new maint "nightly" that should have the new sqlite3 on code. Took a bit more than just launching a build...
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18:31:37 <gjanssens> jralls: oops, sorry for the mess. I'll check the new build one of the coming days...
18:35:48 <fell> IMHO the nightly with the new sqlite should be announced on https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=782868
18:36:13 <gjanssens> fell: I will after running some tests
18:36:17 <gjanssens> As for gnucash-docs, I hadn't pulled the bad merge yet, so I'm back in sync after the pull I did just now.
18:36:34 <gjanssens> However the change for which fell started the whole thing got lost
18:36:52 <gjanssens> I have now pushed a follow up commit setting the AC_INIT line as it should be.
18:37:10 <gjanssens> And now... bedtime :)
18:37:13 <gjanssens> See you later
18:37:35 <fell> Sleep well!
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