2017-05-15 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:46:14 <gjanssens> .
02:46:14 <gncbot> gjanssens: Sent 5 hours and 27 minutes ago: <lmat> The first step is to get make check to pass on *master* :-)
02:48:36 <gjanssens> lmat: are you referring to the timezone problem you mentioned on gnucash-devel last week ?
02:50:06 <gjanssens> The workaround for that is currently be explicitly setting the TZ environment variable before running make check, like so:
02:50:42 <gjanssens> TZ=America/Los_Angeles make/ninja-build check
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07:20:43 <lmat> gjanssens: Oh, I haven't read my e-mail recently, but perhaps that'll fix it for me!
07:20:56 <lmat> gjanssens: So the tests aren't properly using /etc/localtime?
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07:47:11 <flips> I'll try again: I have invoices created in another system. To be able to register these on a customer in Gnucash, I have to create dummy invoices? (I can't credit the customer in ledger?)
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08:46:53 <gjanssens> flips: if you want to register them on a customer you will have to use the business features indeed.
08:47:18 <gjanssens> However that's probably only useful if you expect to use the other features as well (like payment tracking etc)
08:47:49 <gjanssens> Otherwise you can simply add a transaction directly in your income account for your invoices
08:48:31 <gjanssens> lmat: there is indeed an odd twist in the current tests that they only complete successfully when in the LA timezone
08:48:42 <gjanssens> Something that should get fixed at some point
09:19:25 <warlord> .
09:20:52 <flips> gjanssens: It would be nice to track income pr customer etc. But I already have the invoices created in another system, so I guess I would have to make dummy copies.
09:21:36 <flips> I'm trying to figure out if Gnucash invoices fulfills the demands of Norwegian tax laws.
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09:22:11 <warlord> flips: You would indeed need to create dummy invoices in order to track that.
09:22:22 <flips> (It might be to easy to change/override invoice numbers)
09:22:31 <flips> *too easy
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09:23:13 <lmat> gjanssens: That is an odd twist! I thought you meant TZ needs to be set, but you mean it needs to be set TO LA. Gotcha.
09:24:14 <flips> BTW: is there an option to turn on HiDPI/retina mode for the ledger on Mac? (Looks a bit unsharp)
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09:40:16 <warlord> flips: The invoices numbers are definitely mutable
09:40:27 <warlord> They are there purely for user prettiness.
09:40:44 <warlord> There is an internal GUID which is immutable... But also not viewable.
09:41:03 <warlord> (at least not by the current reports -- one could certainly modify the report to print the GUID)
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09:44:12 <DonAlex> Hey guys.
09:45:02 <DonAlex> Just wanted to know if there is a way to batch assign transactions with the same Descriptiong to an expense account? Very tedious to do it by hand
09:45:13 <flips> warlord: That sounds interesting, if my accounts are inspected by the government, it shuold be possible to reveal if I did/tried to do something nasty ... So, how to add GUID to report/invoice? :)
09:45:26 <DonAlex> Or am I going to have to hack the XML file with Sed and AWK?
09:45:46 <warlord> DonAlex: The only way to batch-assign anything is during an import (QIF, OFX, etc)
09:45:59 <warlord> unless you want to move *all* transactions from one account into another.
09:46:14 <DonAlex> warlord: Yeah well this was done a long time ago and I don't fancing starting again from scratch
09:46:20 <warlord> flips: I dont understand.. If you want to do something "nasty" there is no way any computer program could stop you.
09:46:36 <DonAlex> No I just want things like payments to my Mobile provider to go under Expenses: Phone etc.
09:47:35 <warlord> DonAlex: Ah. Alas, you have to do that manually. I'd recommend you do a 'search' for the transactions you want to move, but then you'll need to manually move each one by hand. Modifying your XML manually is not supported.
09:47:52 <DonAlex> warlord: I mean the save file is just XML right? So if I figure out what values are for what account I could just sed and replace them no?
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09:48:42 <warlord> Yes, it's XML (assuming you use the XML backend).. compressed with gzip. But no, it's not as simple as using sed to replace the GUIDs; you'd have to figure out which instances to change.
09:48:47 <DonAlex> Methink this would be a most useful feature for people porting in accounts from other programs.
09:49:11 <DonAlex> even being able t highlight transactions sorted by name and applying batch actions to them
09:49:34 <warlord> DonAlex: like I said, you *CAN* do this in the importers... So if you're importing from another program you absolutely can mass-assign; or the importer will learn and auto-assign based on your training.
09:49:44 <DonAlex> warlord: Well the Descriptions are in the file I know that I had a look :)
09:49:52 <warlord> You could always use the python bindings and script it.
09:50:13 <DonAlex> warlord: Oh ? Python huh? Hmmm possibly..
09:50:18 <warlord> Yes, but they are in the different line than the appropriate GUID.. I'm not sure that you could use 'sed' to do that.
09:50:18 <gjanssens> flips: To save you some work you may also leverage the invoice import feature in gnucash
09:51:23 <flips> warlord: I know, that's probably why the government likes well known online invoice services. But if it's _harder_ to change/fake stuff, it might be good enough (I'm awaiting an answer to a question I sent them)
09:53:01 <flips> gjanssens: I did try, but seems to be a bit complicated with fields missing in the CSV, will try again ...
09:56:24 <DonAlex> warlord: Hmmm so I am looking at a trans https://pastebin.com/TkzY5V3K
09:56:45 <DonAlex> warlord: And I can see some common fields. I assume that the GUI is just a look up table no?
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09:58:07 <DonAlex> I mean they are all just pointers in the end no? So does it matter how the ID is set?
10:00:41 <DonAlex> warlord: Well lick my spoon with a raspberry.. look at this? https://github.com/hjacobs/gnucash-fiximports
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10:02:04 <DonAlex> I'd say that will do thank you very much.
10:02:37 <DonAlex> warlord: Thanks for the tip. I'll drill down and see how many rules I can make :)
10:02:52 <DonAlex> Cheers..
10:03:00 <DonAlex> Later y'all
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13:27:35 <warlord> GRR... The Gmail App email reply SUCKS!
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20:30:14 <lmat> warlord: What happened with gmail?
20:30:41 <warlord> lmat: it erases RFC-compliant reply prefixes
20:32:50 <warlord> So when you look at a text/plain version of a reply, you can't differentiate between original email and reply email. I have found no way to actually change that behavior.
20:32:56 <warlord> anyways, AFK again..
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20:53:05 <lmat> warlord: ahh...Another example of a service giving you "what you want" instead of strictly adhering to standards?
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