2017-05-12 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:02:23 <fell> bkahuna: save your file uncompressed and search it for <slot:key>assoc_uri</slot:key>
00:03:37 <fell> Then verify the content of the <slot:value type="string"> exists on your machine
00:40:33 <bkahuna> fell:Thanks for the input. I'll give it a shot in the morning and let you know.
00:40:55 <fell> OK
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09:12:40 <warlord> lmat: you can do a parallel build within a directory..
09:13:13 <warlord> bkahuna: gnucash only stores references to the images. The images are stored in your local filesystem.
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11:03:39 <bkahuna> warlord: I figured as much and the "f" is just a visual indicator to let you know that there is a reference to something for that transaction. My references are still there, but the "f" indicator is missing since the move to a different machine.
11:05:44 <warlord> bkahuna: did you move the underlying image files? GnuCash stores a full-path path uri so the location must remain contant.
11:13:49 <bkahuna> warlord: I did that as well and maintained the path structure. What is interesting is that even when I create new transactions with new references the "f" is gone. Again, the references are still there as verified by "open associated file/location" resulting in the correct image opening.
11:14:51 <warlord> I've never used the feature so I'm not sure what "f" you're referring to.
11:15:33 <warlord> Did you change the version of gnucash with the move?
11:16:44 <bkahuna> warlord: when you associate a file or location with a transaction gnucash populates the field immediately below the reconciled field with a letter "F". That is no longer happening for me
11:17:31 <bkahuna> No, it's the same version that was running before.
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11:19:42 <warlord> Sorry, no clue why it's not there.
11:22:48 <warlord> If the files are there, and they open correctly, then .. not sure why the "F" isn't there.
11:23:09 <warlord> Maybe send mail to gnucash-user and ask? Alas, jralls and gjanssens are both away this week.
11:23:19 <warlord> (but jralls is responding the email)
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12:49:37 <bkahuna> appreciate the input, feedback and suggestions. this isn't a rush issue, just something bothersome.
12:58:42 <warlord> I have no idea what creates that 'F'...
13:34:18 <bkahuna> Me either. The action of attaching a file reference is the primary driver, but what actually puts the "F" there I don't know.
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14:05:08 <warlord> bkahuna: If you create a new transaction and attach a receipt does it put an F in the new transaction?
14:15:20 <bkahuna> warlord: No it does not, which is odd. I'm going to revive the old machine this afternoon and see if it still puts the "F" in
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18:57:39 <bkahuna> ok, it's been fixed. I purged the gnucash package, then reinstalled the latest package from getdeb instead of using the software manager. This did the trick. I read a blurb from one of the Linux sites that mentioned the Software Manager pkg was not behaving properly with gnucash. Wish I could give more details, but I'm not familiar enough with software to be more specific. Again, thanks to all who helped.
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