2017-05-08 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:01:58 <ramkumar> I had Fedora 20 and gnucash installed on my system, which I have been using for more than 4-5 years.
06:01:59 <ramkumar> It was database driven configuration where gnucash was using mysql database to conencct on localhost.
06:01:59 <ramkumar> My system got crashed and so mysql installation, luckily i copied /home/username/.gnucash folder and
06:01:59 <ramkumar> /var/lib/mysql folder before installing Fedora 25 on my Dual boot laptop.
06:01:59 <ramkumar> Now I have successfully restored gnucash databse and installed gnucash 2.6.16 on Fedora 25.
06:01:59 <ramkumar> But the problem is new gnucash installation doesn't open/recognize my old/backed up a/cs or transaction,
06:02:01 <ramkumar> It has more than 5 years data, so am worried, Do i have any solution to restore my gnucash mysqldump
06:02:03 <ramkumar> and use it. Please help, Thank you in advance.
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08:02:16 <warlord> ramkumar: Can you use the mysql client to connect to the database as your gnucash user and see the data in the gnucash database?
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08:04:54 <warlord> So first I'd make sure that mysql sees (and presents) the data. If not, well, you need to deal with that first (and this is not the correct forum to deal with that). If MySQL shows it, then come back here and we can help you get gnucash to connect to myusql.
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09:25:16 <ramkumar> @Warlord: I can login to mysql command prompt on my new installation FC25. I can see gnucash db , can access data and tables. I can start gnucash, but gnucash doesn't see mysql or gnucash db
09:25:16 <gncbot> ramkumar: Error: "Warlord:" is not a valid command.
09:25:33 <ramkumar> I can login to mysql command prompt on my new installation FC25. I can see gnucash db , can access data and tables. I can start gnucash, but gnucash doesn't see mysql or gnucash db
09:27:54 <warlord> ramkumar: what error does gnucash give you?
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09:37:34 <ramkumar> warlord: It doesn't give me any error message. The situation is , i have fresh installation of OS on which I installed mysql db and created a database gnucash. I copied all the gnucash data from my crashed/old system to this new db. Now i installed gnuacsh 2.6.16 and when i start application , it doesnt see my data
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09:38:23 <warlord> ramkumar: Did you File -> Open the database?
09:39:22 <ramkumar> When i click on open, it doesn't list mysql, it only lists "Data format: File"
09:39:50 <warlord> Aha. You're missing the libdbi-dbd-mysql driver.
09:40:23 <warlord> install that, then restart gnucash.
09:42:12 <ramkumar> Installing
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09:50:45 <ramkumar> Thanks :)
09:51:12 <ramkumar> it shown mysql in list and when i put credentials, it gave me my data :)
09:51:53 <ramkumar> warlord: party on me, whenever you plan to come to India, be my guest :)
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09:53:53 <warlord> thanks, ramkumar !
09:53:58 <warlord> Glad that worked. :)
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09:59:17 <chf> Oh, es gibt auch schon Nazi-Coins: http://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/lepen/
10:00:34 <chf> Falscher Kanal, sollte ins Nachbarfenster…
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10:03:51 <warlord> chf: What the...???
10:04:40 <chf> Posted to wrong window, was for the Bitcoin-channel.
10:05:48 <chf> Bitcoins are „cryptographic money“ which works without banks involved.
10:06:13 <warlord> chf: Yes, I know what bitcoins are
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10:07:45 <chf> Fine, then you probably know that since its creation, many "altcoins" based on the same technology have been created, with certain parameters changed.
10:09:15 <chf> Among them are also politically motivated "currencies", in this case named after the french presidential candidate for FN, Le Pen.
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12:57:10 <lmat> chf: But what has that to do with nazi coins?
12:59:04 <chf> The Front National is an extreme rightwing party.
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12:59:42 <warlord> what has that to do wth GNUCASH?
13:00:09 <chf> (2017-05-08 16:04:40) chf: Posted to wrong window, was for the Bitcoin-channel.
13:01:27 <chf> It was about a rather weird cryptocoin, and I pasted it eronneously into this channel.
13:02:36 <chf> Then you asked, and I began to explain what this cryptic statement of mine was about.
13:06:56 <Robert> Hi, I am running release 2.6.15 in Windows 7. I have my data file residing elsewhere on my LAN. It seems that the automatic backups do not happen until BOTH the required amount of time has passed AND I enter another keystroke. This then blocks me for the very long time that it takes to make the backup.
13:06:56 <gncbot> Robert: Sent 3 days, 3 hours, and 38 minutes ago: <warlord> you are correct, the link changed from logs to build-logs
13:07:01 <chf> So it has nothing to do with Gnucash with the exception that Le Pen is unkĺikely to support software not made in France.
13:08:29 <chf> Perhaps the mounted drive disconnects until "woken up", Robert?
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13:10:34 <Robert> I thought that long ago the backup happened after the time in the background and the next time I am back to work I could work freely for the next period of time.
13:11:43 <Robert> How would I know if the mount needed to 'Wake Up"?
13:11:56 <warlord> Robert: yes, file saving is not done in the background..
13:12:09 <warlord> Also, it wont save unless you've actually made changes.
13:12:41 <chf> Oh, then it's probably another problem, and not the mount.
13:13:41 <chf> If it's only about making BACKUPS, I'd try to do that externally with a script:
13:14:18 <Robert> I know that it will not save if I have not made changes, but if I have, why would I need to make 1 additionl change to start the "Automatic" backup?
13:14:45 <chf> net use %DRIVEPATH%
13:14:54 <chf> then:
13:15:42 <chf> xcopy /b %SOURCEPATH% %DESTINATIONPATH%
13:16:12 <warlord> I'm not sure what you mean by "one additional change"?
13:16:25 <warlord> Either you've made changes since the last save or you haven't...
13:16:26 <Robert> another keystroke
13:16:31 <chf> Net use normally requires: "/USER: name password" as parameters.
13:16:56 <Robert> chf: keep going with that script
13:17:31 <chf> This is only a suggestion, not a usable script.
13:18:07 <chf> The % things are variables to be substituted by your actual paths.
13:19:54 <chf> You can also do that without a drive letter by connectig to IPC$ with "net use", then copy with UNC-Paths: \\server-name\path\to\destination\directory
13:20:11 <chf> Where "path" is the share name.
13:20:32 <Robert> Say I have the autosave interval set for 30 minutes. I enter data for 5 minutes then it is time to feed the dogs. I come back 35 minutes later, press 1 key and then GnuCash locks up while it makes the "Automatic: backup
13:22:27 <chf> Oh, I think you cannot prevent that from happening, but you cann copy local Gnucash files to a backup drive automatically. Are we talking about "autosave" rather than "backup"?
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13:22:49 <Robert> yes, autosave
13:23:27 <Robert> I looked it up in the preferences
13:23:29 <chf> Make shorter autosave intervals, so that it saves more often?
13:23:49 <Robert> then it locks me out even more often
13:24:27 <chf> Having it save locally, so that the additional "network time" isn't needed?
13:25:23 <Robert> or technically GnuCash stops responding for a long time
13:25:33 <chf> Gnucash saves a number of files you can specify and the logs in-between, so you can copy those asynchronously to a network location.
13:27:14 <chf> Let Gnucash store at: "D:\accounting" locally; then copy "D:\accounting" to "\\server\accounting" by script and at-job.
13:27:50 <Robert> Does the autosave only create a log and not save the entire file?
13:27:57 <chf> Or simply press "save" before going away.
13:28:26 <chf> It creates a new version of the file and a log with all changes from the previous version.
13:28:45 <chf> How many files are retained is up to you.
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13:29:33 <chf> Saving to a network location takes longer than locally under normal circumstances, however.
13:30:50 <Robert> doesn't Linux automatically work with a local copy and do network transfers in the background?
13:31:23 <chf> You said something about Windows 7 before.
13:31:37 <Robert> sometimes there are more than one log file
13:31:56 <Robert> wes, I have one foot in each camp
13:32:01 <Robert> yes
13:32:05 <chf> file1 log1 file2 log2 and so on…
13:33:23 <chf> One file is the oldest, then there is a log with changes between this and the next file.
13:34:44 <chf> Ther shoud be N files and N logs with automatically generated names and one file, the most recent, with your chosen file name.
13:34:48 <Robert> two logs same filename different times between backups
13:34:50 <chf> +l
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13:37:25 <chf> Oh, yes, I see, you can have multiple logs and "complete" files not in alternating order.
13:37:42 <chf> I've just looked it up here.
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13:38:26 <Robert> I seem to be dropping out
13:38:44 <chf> Pressing the "save" button seems to store a complete file. Perhaps the developers can enlighten us.
13:40:12 <fell> Robert: Thanks, I fixed the link in https://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/index.php?title=Windows&curid=1333&diff=12648&oldid=12480
13:41:13 <warlord> AHH. I think I know what's going on. GnuCash is single-threaded and event-driven. When there are no keypresses or mouse movements then there are no events, so nothing to kick off the timer.
13:41:42 <warlord> The "lock up" would also happen if you clicked the save button... That's just what GnuCash does when it saves.
13:43:02 <Robert> ok so far...
13:43:11 <chf> (2017-05-08 19:27:57) chf: Or simply press "save" before going away.
13:43:28 <chf> Seems to be the only solution ^.
13:44:29 <Robert> If the 'autosave' only made a log, that would only take a fraction of the time for a full save
13:46:12 <Robert> when is a log made?
13:46:13 <chf> Yes, but you don't care if going away: there won't be an autosave after coming back, because nothing changed.
13:46:27 <chf> I think on autosave events.
13:47:29 <chf> Make changes for x minutes -> press save, go with dog while it's "hanging" -> come back and continue.
13:47:47 <Robert> I am tripping over lags between questions and answers....
13:48:17 <chf> I'm not THAT fast when typing.
13:49:07 <warlord> Robert: logs are written as you make new changes... but the autosave saves a complete datafile.
13:49:12 <Robert> it is going both ways. I ask another question before I see your answer
13:49:29 <warlord> I dont know if an autosave makes a backup file at every auto save...
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13:51:07 <Robert> I actually have not done a controlled experiment. I am basing my comment on a perception
13:52:42 <Robert> perhaps I need to do that experiment and come back when I have the result. That may be days away. I was hoping that someome had a ready answer
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13:53:11 <warlord> Robert: the 'freeze' is a known thing. GnuCash would also do it when you click 'save'.
13:54:21 <warlord> The waiting for a keypress is kind of new/odd.
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13:55:30 <Robert> Oh. Warlord, your answers are taking longer to get to my screen
13:59:25 <warlord> How long are they taking?
13:59:42 <warlord> Your message arrived here at 13:55; my reply at 13:59...
14:00:58 <Robert> I have timestamps turned off. I am seeing the kind of lag that comes from slow typing
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14:01:29 <warlord> Well, I do sometimes have a delay
14:01:51 <Robert> the slowest ones showed your name greyed out for some odd reason
14:01:56 <chf> (2017-05-08 19:54:21)(2017-05-08 19:55:30)(2017-05-08 19:59:25)(2017-05-08 19:59:43)(2017-05-08 20:00:58)
14:02:36 <chf> My timestamps don't look like there's a network delay.
14:03:08 <Robert> I think the lags are just a distraction
14:04:46 <Robert> I was starting to say "so logs stack up if the user works 'continuously' for a long interval. then typing seems to delay the full backup
14:06:48 <Robert> but not typing seems to trigger the backup at a bad time
14:07:39 <Robert> gotta go now. I will experiment before I return on this issue
14:07:40 <warlord> I do not believe that the autosave will "delay" itself while you're working.
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15:34:25 <exchaoordo> Is there a way to clear out the accounts that the import function wants to match to? When I import, it offers me account names that are old and no longer used. The "new" box is checked. But they are not new either.
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15:51:11 <warlord> exchaoordo: which importer? QIF? OFX?
15:54:38 <exchaoordo> QUIF
15:55:45 <exchaoordo> qif
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15:56:39 <warlord> In QIF just re-assign them during the import.
15:56:54 <warlord> Double-click on the right column and change the mapped account.
15:57:07 <exchaoordo> okay, I can do that. It's just a nuisance and seems ....
15:57:22 <exchaoordo> Oh, wait I don't have to click on "Change GnuCash Account..."
15:58:01 <warlord> It's been a long time since Ive used the qif importer, so I'm afraid I dont remember what hte UI looks like.
15:58:28 <exchaoordo> Ok, warlord, thanks. I just have to reassign them as they come in.
15:59:55 <chf> If the account automatically chosen is empty, you can change its type to the type of the actual account where you want the transactions to appear, and then import, delete the account afterwards, and choose to transfer all existing transactions to the new account you want.
16:01:07 <chf> This is only useful, if there are a large number of transactions going into the same (old and new) accounts.
16:03:03 <chf> The import function will also learn. You can begin to import transactions, assign a few accounts, then abort, and try again. It should then guess better, as far as I know.
16:03:49 <exchaoordo> hmmm... Here's what I'm looking at: It will say, "QIF Payee/memo Bank of Am."; GnuCash account name "Visa 1234" New? and it will be checked. So, I click "Change GnuCash Account" and it brings up the list of accounts. Only it's not just the list of current accounts. It is a list of all of the accounts I have ever created.
16:04:25 <exchaoordo> That makes it hard to sort through and put things in the right accounts. I wish after I click "Change Account" it only gave me the accounts I'm currently using.
16:04:37 <warlord> Double-click on the "Visa 1234"
16:04:57 <warlord> Then select the account it should be..
16:05:13 <exchaoordo> ooh, that saved me a step already :-)
16:06:10 <chf> Ah, I see. You can make the old, now unused accounts invisible in order to have them show up almost nowhere, while transactions in them remain there for reference.
16:06:11 <exchaoordo> I still don't get why it wants to create "new" accounts when it is clearly trying to assign the transactions to accounts I used to used but don't anymore.
16:06:27 <exchaoordo> Yes! How do I do that?
16:07:13 <chf> You can also mark them as "placeholders", which results in not showing up as "assignable" in those lists, but remain visible in report listings.
16:07:55 <warlord> exchaoordo: because it thinks the account "Visa 1234" doesn't exist, so it'll be created. If you assign it to an existing account (or if there was a previous mapping from "Visa 1234" to an existing account) then it wouldn't.
16:07:58 <chf> Open the account list. There are all your accounts; choose one, and press the "properties" button.
16:08:25 <exchaoordo> Aha, but they don't actually show up on my Accounts tab.
16:09:01 <warlord> Correct. these "new" accounts aren't created until you "finish" the import.
16:09:26 <chf> Not on the tab. On the tab you see "open" accounts.
16:10:06 <exchaoordo> Hmmm... Okay so I need to find "accounts"
16:12:28 <warlord> I'm not sure what that means
16:12:58 <chf> You should have one tab with all existing accounts in it, the list of accounts.
16:13:47 <chf> From there, you can make new ones, delete old ones, or change existing accounts.
16:14:19 <exchaoordo> Yes, I have one tab that says "Accounts" and it is a list of all of the accounts, only it does not show any of these 'ghost' accounts.
16:14:43 <chf> Ah, did you delete those before?
16:15:11 <exchaoordo> Well, they never existed in the current set of books. They are from another file entirely.
16:15:14 <warlord> exchaoordo: what ghost accounts? Any "New" QIF accounts will not exist anywhere (except within the qif importer) until you actually finish the import process.
16:16:04 <exchaoordo> So, maybe that's what's going on. The qif importer still remembers the old account names and is trying to assign these transactions to them.
16:17:29 <chf> Yes, the importer remembers old actions and tries to "recreate" those, it tries to guess from former imports where you want most likeley to import to.
16:17:55 <warlord> exchaoordo: yes.... if there are account names in the QIF then yes, it will try to use them.. You can either leave them, or you can map them to existing GnuCash accounts.
16:18:40 <exchaoordo> Aha! Okay. So I'm stuck with them for now. I assume as I import to my new accounts it will learn to assign transactions to the new account names.
16:20:25 <chf> It should do so, yes.
16:21:09 <exchaoordo> Wonderful. Thanks for your help folks!
16:21:33 <warlord> exchaoordo: Just be sure you make any changes *IN* the importer.
16:21:40 <warlord> That's the only way to get it to learn.
16:22:00 <chf> You can try to switch off the Bayes Algorithm to prevent the learning, but I don't know whether it "forgets" old things when switching it off and on again, or simply pauses.
16:23:37 <exchaoordo> Yes. Bayes is beyond me. I'll try training it with carrots and sticks.
16:24:11 <chf> There is a section for this in "settings" tab "online banking".
16:24:44 <chf> I'd be careful to change the numbers there, though.
16:26:28 <warlord> no bayes in QIF
16:26:51 <warlord> QIF is always a full-word match.
16:27:19 <warlord> But it will still remember your mappings of QIF-Category -> GNC-Account, QIF-Account -> GNC-Account, and Payee/Memo -> GNC-Account
16:27:32 <chf> Oh, didn't know that, but learns as well?
16:27:41 <chf> Ah, I see.
16:27:41 <warlord> Define "learns"?
16:28:07 <chf> What you called "remembers mappings".
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16:29:35 <warlord> Well, yes, it remembers your mappings from the previous session(s)
16:31:30 <warlord> But it's not like bayes. If you change a mapping, it's changed.
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