2017-05-03 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:07:22 <Vijay> gjanssens: Yeah that bugreport is about Rupee symbol. But no solution was given there :-(
00:08:57 <Vijay> If I set my locale in Windows 10 to the USA and currency as $, and then set ₹ as Indian Rupee symbol in Security Editor, then the ₹ symbol is displayed well. I don't whats going wrong here
00:14:57 <Vijay> warlord: I tried GC 2.6.15. Bugs persist.
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02:44:21 <gjanssens> .
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10:25:11 <gjanssens> jralls: I'm working on https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=781634
10:26:07 <gjanssens> I think I have the primary issue fixed, but as usual there's a small twist I'm not sure how to handle
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10:26:51 <gjanssens> When saving commodities the xml backend and the sql backend don't do the same thing
10:27:16 <gjanssens> As an example take account commodities
10:27:51 <gjanssens> The sql backend stores a commodity guid in the account
10:28:00 <gjanssens> The xml backend store a namespace and mnemonic
10:28:09 <gjanssens> So far so good
10:28:41 <gjanssens> However, currencies in SQL are stored using "CURRENCY" as commodity namespace
10:28:57 <gjanssens> xml stores "ISO4127" instead
10:29:17 <gjanssens> Internally gnucash always uses "CURRENCY"
10:29:46 <gjanssens> So the xml backend maps "ISO4127" to "CURRENCY" on loading and the other way around on saving
10:29:50 <gjanssens> The sql backend doesn't.
10:30:42 <gjanssens> Digging through this I found the first mapping happens by using gnc_commodity_get_namespace_compat (used by the xml backend but not by the sql backend)
10:31:22 <gjanssens> The documentation for gnc_commodity_get_namespace_compat says this is done to maintain compatibility with gnucash 1.8 (!?)
10:32:06 <gjanssens> So a long introduction just to ask: isn't it about time we drop this compat thing ? At least on file saving ?
10:34:14 <gjanssens> I would keep the compatibility in loading to allow users to open older files for at least the 2.8 series.
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10:46:43 <fell> I would have suggested to use "ISO4127" internal and "CURRENCY" on the user side to avoid disambiguision in translation.
10:47:20 <fell> , gjanssens
10:48:09 <gjanssens> fell: it was clearly decided the other way around in the past :(
10:48:37 <gjanssens> Bot the xml and sql code have changes in that direction
10:49:05 <fell> Bcause the ISO is the *current* namespace.
10:50:11 <gjanssens> Currently the distinction is "ISO4127" is only used in saved xml files, "CURRENCY" everywhere else. That is in-memory while running gnucash, in sql data, and (in translated form) in the GUI.
10:51:06 <gjanssens> It's perfectly doable to have CURRENCY only translated when needed. The even better solution would be to use "CURRENCY" as namespace and "Currency" as user visible name.
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10:51:40 <gjanssens> I'm not going to implement that now but this can be done in the process of converting gnc-commodity to C++ for example.
10:52:31 <gjanssens> I understand ISO is the currency namespace :)
10:52:48 <gjanssens> However another thought did cross my mind in this respect.
10:53:13 <gjanssens> ISO4127 defines the officially recognized world currencies.
10:53:31 <gjanssens> And users have been asking for ages to be able to use non-iso currencies.
10:53:31 <fell> But like IPv4 at some point the first country might have used up it's 26 letters ...
10:54:16 <gjanssens> So in a way it would make sense to keep ISO4127 as namespace and at some point add another namespace for user-defined currencies.
10:54:32 <fell> Right, so one should see ISO as subset of currencies
10:54:38 <gjanssens> yep
10:55:33 <gjanssens> Again, not for now, but perhaps useful for the future. And so it would make sense to keep whatever is there currently pointing at ISO4127.
10:56:08 <gjanssens> That being xml data files and account tree templates.
10:56:26 <gjanssens> Perhaps even nudge the sql backing in the right direction as well...
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14:52:27 <Primus> Hi! I'm having a weird issue. One of my invoices somehow got double posted. It shows the same inv # twice in accounts receivable. One is Type "I" the other Type "?". How can I remove the second one? It says its read only because it came from an invoice.
15:00:47 <warlord> Primus: is one a debit and the other a credit?
15:01:55 <Primus> No, both have amounts in the "invoice" column not the "payment" one
15:02:27 <warlord> Hmm.
15:02:31 <Primus> Same amount, same date, same invoice #
15:02:56 <Primus> only difference I see in AR is that the ? transaction has no due date
15:03:04 <warlord> The 'I' column is the one coming from the invoice. The ? one..... Did you ever try using the "Duplicate transaction" feature?
15:03:15 <warlord> (from any account?)
15:03:35 <Primus> I dont usually use it, I may have at some point.
15:03:52 <warlord> If you attempted to "duplicate" the invoice transaction (from another account) it could theoretically cause this..
15:04:21 <warlord> What do you see in the "Transfer" column of the two transactions?
15:05:12 <Primus> There's teh income account it came form, the tax account, and accounts receivable (they are both the same)
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15:06:04 <Primus> so I gunziped the gnucash file, and looked at it in vi, oddly enough that invoice # doesnt even come up when I search the xml for it
15:06:09 <warlord> Okay, can you split-expand the '?' transaction, select a split with one of the other accounts, and then cliick the "jump" button? That should jump you to the other account and select this transaction.. Try deleting it from there?
15:06:24 <warlord> (although I suspect it may still block that, too)
15:06:53 <warlord> If that doesn't work ---- when was this invoice posted? Could you revert to a backup from before then?
15:07:15 <Primus> Yes still wont let me This transaction is marked read-only with the comment: 'Generated from an invoice. Try unposting the invoice.'
15:07:35 <gjanssens> Primus: running check & repair on your AR account will allow you to remove the doubly posted invoice
15:07:42 <Primus> it was 8 months ago unfortunately so nto a good option :P
15:07:58 <gjanssens> This issue was discovered fairly recently
15:08:09 <warlord> gjanssens: do we have any idea what is causing this?
15:08:43 <gjanssens> warlord: yes. Until the bug was fixed it was possible to post invoices more than once starting from the find invoice dialog
15:09:10 <gjanssens> The code there didn't check whether an invoice was already posted
15:09:34 <Primus> gjanssens: Hmm I ran 'check and repair this account' but didnt seem to do anything?
15:10:08 <gjanssens> When posted a second time a new transaction is created and linked to the invoice. That is the lots machinery now ties the invoice to the new transaction
15:10:37 <gjanssens> But the old transaction remains. In read-only state and not tied to any invoice any more.
15:10:55 <Primus> Ah.
15:11:01 <gjanssens> Primus: there's no visual feedback. But you should be able to delete the transaction with the ? afterwards
15:11:08 <Primus> I was starting to wonder why my accounts receivable is such a large balance! :P
15:11:19 <warlord> gjanssens: ah. gotcha
15:12:27 <Primus> gjanssens: It still says its read only. I'm on a probably old version that debian packages (2.6.4). Do I need to be on a newer one?
15:13:04 <Primus> Or I coudl try check and repair all accounts hm
15:13:18 <warlord> You probably need a newer version
15:14:26 <Primus> Ok, they have 2.6.11 in jessie-backports I'll try that
15:15:19 <gjanssens> Primus: that's not recent enough unfortunately. The bug was discovered after 2.6.11 and 2.6.12 is the first version to have the fix.
15:15:37 <Primus> ahh
15:16:23 <gjanssens> FYI here's the bug report: https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=754209
15:16:23 <Primus> Ok I'll get the latest somehow. Thanks for your help!
15:16:46 <gjanssens> Can you use the getdeb repository with debian ?
15:18:33 <warlord> gotta run
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15:19:09 <Primus> Not sure, but I got 2.6.15 from testing installed will see if that works.
15:19:35 <gjanssens> Ok.
15:23:21 <Primus> Nuts, after check and repair all with 2.6.15 it still wont delete, says its read-only for both the "?" Type and the "I" Type transactions.
15:24:08 <gjanssens> Bummer...
15:24:26 <gjanssens> That means my scrub function is not detecting your situation properly :(
15:24:49 <gjanssens> Or I made some wrong assumptions while writing it.
15:25:07 <Primus> Hmm. Any way to jump from the AR transaction to the invoice it thinks its linked to (if any)?
15:28:22 <gjanssens> Not that I know of...
15:29:25 <Primus> I tried unposting the invoice with the same invoice #, but it removed the 'good' transaction not the Type ? one.
15:29:25 <gjanssens> Primus: would you be willing to send your data file to me privately so I can debug this with a real example ?
15:29:40 <Primus> sure
15:30:36 <gjanssens> That would be great. I'll send you my e-mail address in a private message (don't like it to appear in the irc logs online...)
15:39:22 <gjanssens> Primus: I won't have time to check this tonight (it's getting late here), but I'll get back to you on this.
15:40:00 <Primus> Ok no problem
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16:07:38 <erictheise> hi all, new quicken refugee trying out gnucash. on os x, current versions of everything. when i start the aqbanking wizard and create an account, the Backend dropdown is empty. shouldn’t i see some choices in there?
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17:12:51 <lmat> erictheise: I don't use aqbanking nor Apple Macintosh, but I'm confident that if you're patient, presently, you will receive an answer :-)
17:18:26 <erictheise> lmat: thanks, i depleted my quicken allotment of patience but am starting afresh here.
17:19:08 <lmat> haha! Hopefully gnucash can meet your needs.
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20:13:38 <erictheise> posted my questions to the mailing list, later!
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