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02:42:28 <gjanssens> .
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08:50:22 <Vijay> Hi friends. I am using GnuCash on windows 10. I am able to save gnucash file in XML format but not in sqlite format.
08:50:22 <Vijay> Sqlite3 error:
08:50:22 <Vijay> While saving a gnucash file in sqlite3 format I'm getting the popup saying "The server at URL [file location] experienced an error or encountered bad or corrupt data."
08:50:22 <Vijay> Came to know that sqlite3 is already with gnucash package for windows and accordingly sqlite3.exe is in Program Files/gnucash/bin.
08:50:22 <Vijay> Can you guide me.
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08:57:31 <Vijay> This is the link to the screenshot of that gnucash Sqlite error
08:57:31 <Vijay> https://goo.gl/JXS9DQ
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09:00:32 <warlord> Vijay: I get Error 403 from that link.
09:01:01 <warlord> Vijay: Try using imagebin instead of ggpht.com?
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09:02:39 <Vijay> Thanks @warlord
09:02:45 <Vijay> https://imagebin.ca/v/3L57rnOiaaop
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09:06:53 <warlord> Is this File -> Save As ?
09:07:35 <warlord> Are you sure you have write access to that folder? What if you try to save it to the desktop?
09:08:06 <Vijay> I tried both the ways 1. Save As 2. Saving a new file
09:08:58 <Vijay> Yeah. I tried saving in many locations in different drives. Even I tried my luck in my personal computer and office computer.
09:09:49 <warlord> I honestly don't use any of the SQL backends... What happens if you try to save it using XML?
09:10:10 <Vijay> XML is working well.
09:10:36 <Vijay> But I want to save in sqlite
09:10:40 <warlord> Okay, so it's just SQLite that's having issues.. What version of GnuCash is this?
09:10:43 <warlord> Why?
09:10:53 <Vijay> latest version. 2.6.16
09:12:32 <Vijay> I want to give it a try. #sqlite
09:13:26 <warlord> Vijay: using a SQL backend makes loading your data file slower (or, at least, doesn't increase it), and baloons your data storage size (because the data cannot be compressed)
09:13:51 <warlord> What OS/Distro?
09:14:12 <Vijay> I tried in Windows 10 and Windows 7
09:14:47 <warlord> For kicks can you try using 2.6.15 instead of .16?
09:15:17 <Vijay> Sure. I will try 2.6.15
09:16:56 <Vijay> One more error is related to Currency display
09:16:56 <Vijay> Gnucash displays correctly the rupee symbol (₹) in description, account name, and everywhere else, but not beside currency figure. It shows as question mark (?) beside amount.
09:16:56 <Vijay> I tried to change the following:
09:16:56 <Vijay> Set the locale to Indian and currency to Indian rupee in windows settings
09:16:56 <Vijay> I tried to change the symbol to ₹ in Tools->Security Editor->Currenccy->Indian Rupee. But gnucash is not taking that. If I give ₹₹ as symbol, its accepting. Its puzzling.
09:16:57 <Vijay> I tried to change the font in stylesheets
09:18:56 <Vijay> Image of Rupee symbol (India currency) error
09:18:56 <Vijay> https://imagebin.ca/v/3L5Ci9KZLRIo
09:19:01 <warlord> Vijay: What do you mean "but not beside currency figure"? Do you mean it's not displaying in Reports? Or is it not displaying elsewhere??
09:19:15 <warlord> Ah.
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09:19:30 <warlord> That is odd...
09:19:35 <Vijay> Not displaying beside any amount in reports or in Accounts page
09:19:59 <warlord> The Tools -> Security Editor is the right place for it.
09:20:08 <warlord> Although the default should be correct.
09:20:56 <Vijay> Strange thing is its accepting two rupee symbols
09:20:56 <Vijay> https://imagebin.ca/v/3L5DQU6AGPrf
09:22:14 <warlord> What if you put in Rupee [space]?
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09:22:38 <warlord> (or [space] Rupee)
09:23:05 <Vijay> Rupee [space] is working. ₹₹ is also working
09:23:21 <warlord> Then use that for now.
09:23:27 <warlord> feel free to file a bug report.
09:23:32 <Vijay> Rupee in security editor displays question mark
09:23:32 <Vijay> https://imagebin.ca/v/3L5DwKZ75nu7
09:23:55 <Vijay> Rupee Rupee in security displays well
09:23:55 <Vijay> https://imagebin.ca/v/3L5E3Vmw2suB
09:24:25 <warlord> I'm sure it's the same issue in both places. I bet Rupee [space] would display in the Sec Editor, too.
09:25:01 <warlord> So I would recommend you use Rupee [space] for now.. And please file a bug report.
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09:26:10 <Vijay> Right now I am using [space] Rupee which is working
09:27:19 <Vijay> Thanks for your concern
09:27:28 <warlord> Please file a bug report.
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09:35:58 <gjanssens> Vijay, warlord: there is already a bugreport for this issue IIRC
09:36:25 <gjanssens> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=742002
09:36:59 <gjanssens> That's about the rupee symbol displaying as question marks.
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09:37:11 <gjanssens> I don't know about the sqlite issue.
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12:38:43 <jralls> I can replicate Vijay's problem with saving SQLite3 on 2.6.15 and 2,6,16, Win7. It works on 2.6.14.
12:49:51 <jralls> It creates the file but doesn't create any tables, but it opens a SQLite file created by 2.6.14 just fine. Very weird.
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12:56:22 <jralls> There are also two modes of the problem. If the file already exists then it puts up the "no suitable backend" error instead of the "file already exists" error that it should put up or the "experienced a n error" that Vijay reported.
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13:28:38 <gjanssens> jralls: thanks for testing that
13:29:21 <gjanssens> Meanwhile I've been working on GncDate copy constructors/assignment operators
13:29:35 <gjanssens> They are fairly easy to implement luckily
13:30:51 <gjanssens> However I realized it is possible to have null dates due to the move constructor/operator
13:31:04 <gjanssens> Is this something we want really ?
13:31:42 <gjanssens> It means we have to add tests at various locations where we currently assume a GncDate is always representing a valid date.
13:31:57 <jralls> gjanssens: Yes, but as you know moving "guts" the "donor" variable and it shouldn't be used anymore.
13:32:38 <gjanssens> The important word being "should"
13:32:46 <gjanssens> or rather "shouldn't"
13:33:08 <jralls> Actually "mustn't".
13:33:30 <gjanssens> :)
13:33:56 <gjanssens> That goes for all moved objects I suppose so this one isn't an exception.
13:34:07 <jralls> Exactly.
13:34:24 <gjanssens> Does C++ have mechanisms in place to enforce this or detect such actions as compile time ?
13:34:42 <gjanssens> Otherwise this seems like a weak spot in the language design.
13:36:07 <jralls> No more than it has mechanisms to detect attempts to dereference nullptr.
13:37:07 <gjanssens> Ok. So weak spot indeed :(
13:37:11 <jralls> Besides, if it did it would break std::swap, which works by moving a into tmp, b into a, and then tmp into b.
13:37:51 <jralls> The operands a and b are returned healthy with each other's contents and tmp is discarded.
13:38:19 <gjanssens> More practically - I have implemented comparison operators for GncDate, but my implementations assume both GncDates are non null.
13:39:11 <gjanssens> Should I add a guard there to avoid program aborts in case of improper use (by comparing a GncDate that was moved from to something else) ?
13:40:28 <jralls> See if a static_assert will protect it. That's a compile-time check and so won't cost anything at runtime.
13:40:49 * gjanssens looks up static_assert
13:41:10 <warlord> hmm.. ofxhome is "dead". (see email I sent)
13:43:31 <jralls> I guess the other thing to note is that move operates on rvalues, so if you want to use an lvalue you have to wrap it in std::move() to tell the compiler to treat it as an rvalue.
13:43:50 <jralls> That makes it hard to invoke a move operation by mistake.
13:44:40 <gjanssens> Yes, that's a good point
13:44:58 <jralls> warlord: That's a problem indeed. I think that we're not the only ones who used it. IIRC Martin pinched the idea from another package, possibly Moneydance.
13:45:03 <gjanssens> It's always insightful to discuss these things with you
13:45:14 <jralls> Thanks.
13:45:40 <warlord> jralls, gjanssens -- indeed; I dont know who all depend on ofxhome.
13:45:50 <warlord> Or what the requirements would be to "take it over"
13:46:38 <jralls> Since the owner's offered, taking over is easy. He sends you his latest backup and transfers the domain reg.
13:47:22 <jralls> What to do with it after that is harder.
13:48:11 <warlord> Yes.
13:48:19 <warlord> I dont know if it's static content or some CMS
13:48:34 <warlord> Also I dont know what networking requirements there are..
13:48:38 <warlord> How much b/w it uses..
13:49:39 <jralls> Based on the interface I'd guess it's a CMS of sorts, but probably just a MySQL database and PHP.
13:50:33 <warlord> Let me ask him
13:50:40 <jralls> Bandwidth is likely pretty minimal by today's standards: It's just text.
13:53:16 <warlord> True, but if it's getting a million hits per hour, that could still be pretty substantial.
13:53:50 <warlord> I've asked him for more information, including what resources he would need to resurrect it.
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14:08:24 <warlord> Sadly any ofxhome backups are ~1 year old. It's apparently mysql + php + webforms + some cron jobs and X509/TLS processing.
14:10:51 <jralls> If it's been on "life support" for some time there probably aren't many changes in the last year. IIRC it wasn't something that users could update the database, but my memory is hazy on that point.
14:12:07 <Skyzzx> Is there a way to sort on the reconciled field?
14:14:47 <warlord> jralls: I dont recall.
14:14:52 <jralls> Skyzzx: No, but you can filter on it. View>Filter By... and pick the status tag.
14:14:59 <jralls> err tab.
14:18:16 <Skyzzx> jralls: Thank you. Unfortunately, that changes the balance info. Is there a way to ask for a change to be included in a future release?
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14:19:13 <jralls> Skyzzx: You can file an enhancement bug, but it would likely be a long wait. What are you trying to do?
14:23:59 <Skyzzx> When I want to review an account, the current account balance doesn't always agree with the institutions balance, due to their not having received an entry yet. Sorting on reconciled which also sorts on entry received gives a better picture so one doesn't miss an earlier entry.
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14:27:03 <jralls> Skyzzx: The "reconcile" window does a nice job of showing you only the unreconciled transactions. Just tick each one off when you find the matching item on your statement.
14:27:54 <Skyzzx> jralls: BTW, I am a long time user of Quicken but have been trying to go to a Linux compatible. There are a few things available in Quicken that other programs don't offer. I am now making a real effort to change my ways as I have used Linus since the mid 90's.
14:28:02 <jralls> If it still doesn't balance do the reverse, ticking each item on the atatement that has a matching entry in the reconcile window.
14:29:27 <Skyzzx> jralls: Thank you for your help.
14:29:36 <jralls> You're welcome.
14:30:22 <Robert> Hi, I am having an issue with the fly-over on the calendar portion of the SX window. It does not go away if I move to a different window in release 2.6.15 in Windows 7
14:31:09 <Robert> Then I have to move that window around to find out what iis under the fly-over
14:31:46 <Robert> is this a windows thing or a GnuCash thing?
14:32:20 <Skyzzx> jralls: Another question. When importing a new account from a QIF file I have had to match a huge number of intries one at a time. Is there a way to just accept all entries?
14:32:20 <jralls> What do you mean by "fly-over"?
14:33:41 <Skyzzx> jralls: Also, I exported from Quicken 2013 to a QXF file. When importing this file there are no entries. Is this a common or known issue?
14:34:30 <jralls> Skyzzx: GnuCash doesn't know how to read QXF. It can do QFX and QIF.
14:36:07 <jralls> Skyzzx: Import in small batches to start with. The transaction matcher learns, but doesn't apply its lesson until the next run. Once you have it trained you can go to bigger batches.
14:36:55 <Skyzzx> jralls: DOH! My mistake. It must be my dyslexia when I read the import help. Thank you.
14:37:02 <Robert> All the dates in the calendar that have transactions scheduled have a yellow background. when the curser flies over any of the yellow dates a popup appears with a list of those transactions. it goes away if I move the curser sideways but if a different window takes the focus, it just stays on top of the current window
14:37:04 <jralls> Skyzzx: You can click OK in the matcher window and it will accept whatever you've got. Unmatched transactions will go to Imbalance and won't help the matcher learn.
14:37:51 <Skyzzx> jralls: Thank you very much on the import question. I will do.
14:38:13 <Robert> I have to go back to the SX window, move the curser into the calendar and back out of the calendar to make the popup disappear
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14:43:25 <jralls> Robert: Well, the popup doesn't work well on a Mac. One has to double-click. Sometimes it pops up and other times not. Once you get it to show the window follows the mouse and disappears when the pointer leaves the cell. Changing focused applications leaves it up but the new application is on top.
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14:45:26 <Robert> That is similar in Windows except if I change to another program with alt-tab, the list is covering the other window
14:45:52 <jralls> I tried it on Windows7 and got it do behave as you describe. I'd say that it's a Gtk window-stacking issue.
14:48:47 <Robert> I didn't think it was a GnuCash issue unless there is a way for GnuCash to avoid using that feature
14:49:44 <Robert> and get an acceptable user experience
14:49:58 <Robert> Thanks
14:52:16 <Robert> complete subject change: Is there a slot syntax decoder or some way to figure out if a scheduled transaction template is properly formed in a data file?
14:52:50 <Robert> Remeber I am not a developer
14:54:20 <jralls> Then stay out of the data file. ;-) More seriously, if you're using a version >=2.6.12 GnuCash will tell you when you try to commit a template transaction if there are any problems with it.
14:54:58 <Robert> yes, but it does not help me fix it
14:55:28 <jralls> Aside from that, what shows up in the SX editor is pretty much what gets stored.
14:57:48 <Robert> in bug 781980 I am faced with a transaction that looks ok but triggers an error when the sx triggers it. There is no clue how to fix it
14:59:00 <jralls> The syntax is pretty much the same as you'd use in a spreadsheet cell. Any alphabetic symbols will be treated as variables and you'll be prompted for them by the SLR. The only supported functions are the interest functions used by the loan assistant.
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15:00:33 <Robert> maybe if it were as easy as making some trivial change in the editor then re-saving it to trigger the format test
15:01:16 <jralls> It's supposed to work like that.
15:02:48 <Robert> Apparently it didn't work that way because I essentially did that several times before posting that bug
15:03:22 <Robert> else the test misses something
15:03:46 <jralls> It's quite possible that the test misses something. What bug did you file?
15:04:31 <Robert> https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=781980
15:05:18 <jralls> Oh. You. Why are you calling yourself "Robert"?
15:06:00 <Robert> different computer. I use different names on different computers
15:07:35 <jralls> ohhkayyyy.
15:08:24 <Robert> lol
15:09:13 <Robert> dementia is still in the future for me
15:09:28 <Robert> what was I saying?
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15:09:42 <warlord> lol
15:10:31 <jralls> So on the bug you show one split of the transaction and it looks OK. But the other split(s) might be borked.
15:10:39 <jralls> I gotta go, back in an hour or so.
15:13:54 <Robert> bye for now
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