2016-07-17 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:09:07 <bluezcruizer> hi guys, a quick question about GNUcash. Right now I am on a win 7 64bit system. I want to migrate this software in the future to a Linux based system. If I start on windows, can the data file be opened and used on the linux system once I have that system in operation?
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08:14:24 <anshu> Hi a little development guidance needed
08:15:33 <anshu> I am trying to look into adding multiple/batch operation support to transactions and it should be a matter of selecting multiple transactions in the ledger window and then looping through the action (delete/move etc) to all of them
08:15:47 <anshu> am I missing something obvious or hidden that makes this a really tough thing to do?
08:17:15 <anshu> This is one of those operations which is limiting the adoption of gnucash since it slows acccounts down when they are bulk moving operations after doing an import
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10:53:53 <jralls> @tell bluezcruizer Yes, as long as you use the XML backend. SQL databases are not guaranteed to be portable.
10:53:53 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
11:01:56 <jralls> anshu: Thinking in terms of a ledger is an amusing visualization, but your proposal sounds like the result would worsen the already poor MVC separation. A better way to approach it would be to extend the Find dialog functionality and the present the ledger view with a "confirm action" widget for the user to click after confirming that the displayed transactions are the right ones or a "go back" widget if they're not.
11:04:04 <jralls> anshu: Regardless, what you'd actually be doing is querying on a set of criteria to get a set of transactions (that's what the Find dialog does now) and then applying some change to each transaction in the set.
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11:33:23 <anshu> jrails: fair enough, I would be getting a set of transaction (whether by ad hoc manual selection or through a find criteria) and then applying a common change to each one…is that not an often needed requirement esp when importing from banks etc to bulk different transactions to particular accounts and if it is, is it particularly difficult to implement this looping over a set? If not and its just waiting for some dev hours, I’d welcome some more advice on
11:33:24 <anshu> where to start and get going since I am brand new to the code base
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23:31:32 <justin> Hi, I've just started learning gnucash from the documentation. I'm eager to start using it, but I want to understand a few more features before I take the plunge.
23:33:25 <justin> When associating a transaction with a file, is there a way to display an indication in the register that there is a file associated? Further - besides the capability to view this file later by right clicking the transaction and using the menu to view the file, is there any other functionality or reporting that can be used to say whether an associated file exists? Can I write a custom report which will do
23:33:31 <justin> so?
23:35:18 <justin> Second question, and i guess this is more of a general accounting question. Suppose I need to go back through 2 years and file taxes. I want to start using gnucash soon to start from this month forward. what is a good method to work backward to fill in the information? Should i go back one month at a time and adjust opening balances/dates as i reconcile backward and enter transactions month by month?
23:35:24 <justin> (I understand this is more a matter of opinion, but I'm all ears)
23:36:53 <justin> And one more - when preparing for taxes, what automation exists? Can a file be exported from gnucash and then imported into software such as turbo tax? I thought I had read about this, but I'm not sure i was clear on the usage. The post I read said something about an import, but also talked about manual entry. I gathered the usre must have been filling out some kind of a file manually using a tax repor
23:36:59 <justin> t from gnucash and then uploading that.
23:37:12 <justin> Thanks all for writing some great software. I look forward to making the plunge!
23:40:06 <justin> Oh, I shoudl mention why i'm doing this - 1. I used to have a method for tracking, but it was too home baked. I need to start tracking my finances with enough rigor to be able to know at point in time at least balance sheet and cash flow for any period, and to track to budget so i can set longer term goals. Also my records are not good enough for doing taxes as quickly and as thorougly as I could be. Br
23:40:12 <justin> owsing the associations I can make between tax items and accounts shows me a lot of opportunity.
23:42:40 <justin> And i'd much rather learn to do real accounting in the process rather than Quicken. And gnucash is so consistent from release to release, runs on so many platforms. i expect tradeoffs to be in integration with commercial software and perhaps some easy wizards and features in the commercial area, but I think gnucash makes more sense to me and my life.
23:43:03 <justin> Sorry to write a book at IRC. I'm going afk for bed. back in the morning (US Central)