2016-07-11 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:07:49 <kjetilho> jralls: hmm! I thought I tried that... but the more annoying thing was that I had to click in the cell next to it and TAB into the transfer column, or else I will just add letters to the name of the existing (Unmatched). possibly an idea to special case Unmatched and clear the name of the account when you start typing.
04:08:30 <kjetilho> (the matcher has no such functionality, there you have to click through the graphical tree view to find the correct account. extremely tiresome, so it is best to click OK and do the matching in the register
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12:33:06 <andreipmbcn> I am trying to create project files using cmake, but these project files (for both Eclipse and Sublime Text) seem to encapsulate all the files and folders in the root directory of the gnucash source code, and I get errors when I try to build the source code using the project files. Is gnucash suitably set up for generating project files with cmake?
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12:55:14 <jralls> kjetilho: If you don't train the matcher then you never get any matches and you'll always have to edit the imports afterwards.
12:57:00 <jralls> andreipmbcn: I don't know. I use cmake + ninja, not an ide. gjanssens uses eclipse, but I think he's using autotools and probably has a custom project file.
12:57:02 <kjetilho> it didn't seem like the matching code is invoked at all for an import
12:58:19 <andreipmbcn> jralls, I can build using autotools just fine, but was hoping to use an ide. I'll have a look at ninja and see if it helps with what I'm hoping to do.
12:58:38 <jralls> kjetilho: It won't be if you never train it. If you get a matcher window then the matching code has run. Until you train it everything will be yellow; after a couple of training runs you should start to see transactions coming up green.
12:59:29 <andreipmbcn> jralls, also, I had a look in qofid.h and qofid.cpp. Do you want me to switch the code from using strings as "types" to using actual types? It seems advisable if I am to make templated C++ code.
13:00:28 <kjetilho> what do you mean, train it? I imported one account and matched everything manually. then I imported the next account, and the next, and still no automatic matching. however, when I entered a completely new transaction, it autofilled fields correctly
13:00:29 <jralls> andreipmbcn: It's possible our CMakeLists aren't correctly tuned for all IDEs. I did try it once with Xcode and it generated a project that built correctly.
13:01:07 <kjetilho> I only had to enter "Geb" and it picked the correct corresponding account and even amount :)
13:01:08 <jralls> kjetilho: Matching is per-account. How many bank accounts do you have?
13:01:23 <kjetilho> aha, ok
13:01:28 <kjetilho> that explains it, then
13:01:56 <jralls> kjetilho: That would be the auto-fill feature of the register.
13:02:05 <andreipmbcn> jralls, thanks. I am hesitant to use Xcode on linux but will consider it.
13:02:32 <jralls> andreipmbcn: You can't use Xcode on Linux. It only works on MacOS.
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13:03:58 <jralls> andreipmbcn: As for types, yes, but maybe not yet. It depends on how much those classes' C API needs to be maintained in the short term.
13:05:46 <jralls> andreipmbcn: I only mentioned my Xcode experience because it indicates that the CMakeLists do work with *one* IDE.
13:09:00 <jralls> andreipmbcn: It looks like both Eclipse and Sublime generators require that you specify a build tool as well. Which one did you pick?
13:09:39 <andreipmbcn> Okay. I will mention that I am new to coding in a group and have no experience with large codebases, so even something as simple as editing qofid.cpp and qofid.h might take me a week or more.
13:09:57 <andreipmbcn> I didn't. I just opened the project and clicked "build". I'll try it again.
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13:10:17 <andreipmbcn> I am used to Code::Blocks, but it crashes on startup on Fedora 24 for some reason. Others have experienced these crashes as well.
13:10:31 <andreipmbcn> One sec while I try building via eclipse.
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13:17:47 <jralls> andreipmbcn: What are you specifying for the generator when you invoke cmake?
13:17:51 <andreipmbcn> For eclipse, I can't tell if it's built or not. I am not getting any errors, strangely, but I don't see any gnucash binary to run in either the root folder or the bin folder. I am not receiving any console messages, either.
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13:18:18 <andreipmbcn> cmake . -G "Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles"
13:20:13 <andreipmbcn> And "CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles", "KDevelop3 - Unix Makefiles", "Sublime Text 2 - Unix Makefiles".
13:23:28 <jralls> The executable will be in src/bin, but it won't run correctly from there. You have to run `make install` (or however you do that from the IDE). Be sure to specify a safe prefix like /opt/gnucash so that you don't mess up the GnuCash you use for your finances.
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13:29:05 <gjanssens> jralls: andreipmbcn: I do indeed use Eclipse, but only for code editing as it comes with handy navigation tools and (relatively) useful code editing aids
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13:29:41 <andreipmbcn> I think I'll just build using autogen.sh, ./configure, make, make install. I tested that a few days ago and it works fine.
13:29:52 <gjanssens> For building though I have switched to the command line which allows more fine grained building of only certain subdirectories
13:30:00 <andreipmbcn> gjanssens: What do you use for debugging?
13:30:10 <gjanssens> andreipmbcn: gdb
13:30:27 <gjanssens> I did use the gdb integration in eclipse in the past and I liked it
13:30:52 <gjanssens> Especially since my knowledge of gdb's commands used to be limited
13:31:13 <andreipmbcn> gjanssens, I'll use gdb as well, then. Never tried using make beyond the basics, but I'll learn what I need to do.
13:31:46 <gjanssens> And Eclipse gives better context to where in the code you are
13:31:55 <jralls> Ninja's a lot faster than make...
13:32:00 <gjanssens> Of course that requires you to build with eclipse as well
13:32:51 <gjanssens> jralls: it's on my todo list to play with ninja. And if I like I'll stick with it (at least for master)
13:33:35 <gjanssens> I may keep my maint builds on autotools as a qa guarantee
13:35:31 <gjanssens> andreipmbcn: it's been a while since I first set up my eclipse projects. They were set up as autotools projects indeed. I don't particularly remember much issues with that.
13:35:58 <gjanssens> I know it doesn't install automatically as part of building your project.
13:36:32 <gjanssens> As jralls mentioned, you should first set a prefix that doesn't clash with the system paths (being /usr and /usr/local)
13:38:06 <andreipmbcn> gjanssens, I'll see how to create project files with autotools, and if that fails, I'll stick to vi / gdb / make.
13:38:21 <gjanssens> For an autotools project this can be done via Project->Properties->Autotools->Configure Settings and then under configure->Directory specifiers
13:39:13 <gjanssens> andreipmbcn: IIRC I started a new project in eclipse, and could choose Autotools as project type. It then just asked me where the sources were I think
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16:56:31 <gjanssens> jralls: fyi from tomorrow I'll be in holidays, travelling through France.
16:57:10 <gjanssens> I don't expect to have frequent access to wifi, so if there are questions for me it may take some time to respond
16:57:24 <gjanssens> I'll be back beginning of August
16:57:54 <gjanssens> See you later
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18:09:43 <codesmythe> @tell andreipmbcn I'd suggest Qt Creator for an IDE on Linux that supports CMake and Ninja. On Ubuntu 16.04, I've been able to use it build and run GnuCash, and set breakpoints.
18:09:43 <gncbot> codesmythe: The operation succeeded.
18:27:39 <codesmythe> jralls: Thanks for adding the GTest support. I should have some time to work on stuff over the next week. Is make dist and distcheck still at top of the list?
18:30:00 <jralls> codemythe: That would be nice, yes. There's also a problem with building a windows dist, it breaks trying to link with htmlworkshop.
18:31:39 <jralls> Err, htmlhelpworkshop.
18:46:34 <codesmythe> jralls: ok, I can take a look at that.
18:46:54 <jralls> codesmyth: Thanks.
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