2016-07-10 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:39:06 <kjetilho> hey, n00b here just starting out and trying to import transactions from CSV. I tried to specify one column as Account, but *all* transactions end up in a single account. what am I doing wrong?
11:44:26 <kjetilho> do I really need to use grep and create individual files and click click click for each?
11:46:42 <kjetilho> also, the Notes column seems to be ignored, so the Memo field is empty when asked to match transactions
11:48:45 <kjetilho> (that Notes column could have been mapped directly to correct account, too :-/)
11:58:39 <kjetilho> actually it seems like the information in the Notes column has been put in a black hole?
12:00:31 <andreipmbcn> jralls, could you give me a few examples of files that you converted to c++ in the gnucash-c++-backend repo? Having sampled several files, I can't seem to find any with templated and object-oriented c++ code.
12:11:37 <kjetilho> looks like there is no way to remove all the bogus transactions which ended up in a single account?
12:11:57 <jralls> andreipmbcn: I'd think that you'd be able to figure out what I'd done by looking at the history... Anyway, most of the changes so far have been to src/backend/sql. The templates are mostly in gnc-backend-sql.h with specializations of some in many of the .cpp files.
12:12:24 <kjetilho> I have to remove the account itself and recreate it to make it empty?
12:12:41 <andreipmbcn> jralls, you're right, I should have looked at the history. Apologies. This is the first time I have seriously used github.
12:12:49 <jralls> kjetilho: I haven't used the CSV importer much, but I know that it's widely derided. Why are you motivated to use that instead of QIF or OFX/QFX?
12:14:03 <kjetilho> I can't say I am motivated to study the QIF format
12:14:10 <jralls> kjetilho: Deleting the account is the only way to operate on transactions in bulk.
12:14:46 <kjetilho> looks like QIF has problems with many bank accounts, too.
12:15:08 <kjetilho> it only has the very American separation into Savings and Checkings
12:15:43 <jralls> kjetilho: If you're a noob as you say why would you study any format? Either you're transferring your accounts from another program or you're starting from scratch. In the former case the other program likely exports QIF, OFX, or both. In the latter you should be using the GUI to enter transactions, not importing.
12:15:43 <kjetilho> (from a cursory glance at the wiki page)
12:16:20 <kjetilho> I have lots and lots of data from my bank, in CSV format
12:17:22 <kjetilho> which of course is not a well defined format, but if the CSV importer actually made use of the Account and Notes columns it asks me to place, it would actually work very well
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12:18:21 <jralls> Not sure about account, but Notes is a transaction field visible only in double-line mode. It's different from Memo, which is per-split.
12:18:54 <jralls> Have you read the Tutorial and Concept Guide so that you know what "transaction" and "split" mean for GnuCash?
12:19:35 <kjetilho> aha, thanks, found it.
12:19:43 <kjetilho> yes, I think I understand the difference
12:20:06 <jralls> I think probably the CSV importer expects the import to be anchored in one account and for the Account field to indicate the accounts of the "other" split(s) in the transaction.
12:21:11 <jralls> I suggest the first thing to do at this point is to open an imported transaction in double-line and split view and compare what got loaded with what the CSV looks like.
12:21:41 <jralls> That might help you to tailor the next import to get closer to what you want.
12:21:43 <kjetilho> hmm! ok, so basically what I have in Notes, then.
12:23:25 <jralls> Notes and Memo are just free-text fields for you to enter information that helps you understand the transaction. GnuCash doesn't use them for anything.
12:24:44 <kjetilho> right, but if I put a code for the Expenses account which matches the code I have in "Notes", I may get most of the balancing automated
12:26:19 <kjetilho> whoops, core dump :)
12:26:27 <jralls> Maybe. Like I said, I've never used the CSV importer.
12:26:57 <jralls> Great. Can you get a stack trace and file a bug?
12:27:03 <kjetilho> this was when I deleted the account and its transactions
12:28:31 <kjetilho> of course it didn't delete the other side of the transaction :/
12:29:53 <kjetilho> is it possible to save the account setup and start afresh?
12:30:30 <jralls> Yes. File>Export Accounts, IIRC. Firing up GC to check.
12:31:05 <jralls> Actually File>Export>Export Accounts.
12:31:26 <kjetilho> ah, yes, found it - thanks
12:48:24 <kjetilho> this would be so much quicker to do if I at least was allowed to select multiple transactions and split them with the correct expenses account in one operation :/
12:49:06 <kjetilho> clikking through the tree of accounts for every single transaction is extremely awkward
13:00:23 <jralls> Kjetilho: The import matcher remembers. Import in small batches to train it. After a few imports it will remember most of the matches and you need only review them in the matcher to make sure that it's right.
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13:08:57 <kjetilho> there are so many clicks for each import...
13:11:58 <kjetilho> so now I'm typing in the Transfer column. it works pretty well, although it would be a great help if there was a key to jump to next ":" so I didn't have to type the *full* account name
13:16:39 <kjetilho> actually renaming "Expenses" to "Exp" helps ;)
13:19:39 <kjetilho> nooo! after the name change I don't get a dropdown menu anymore
13:22:04 <kjetilho> ... but it started working again after creating a new account :)
13:23:53 <kjetilho> no, it isn't working. completion only works for accounts which didn't change name
13:25:43 <kjetilho> a restart of GnuCash did the trick
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13:48:52 <kjetilho> hey, now I got to see how well the auto-complete for a new transaction works. neat!
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20:52:36 <jralls> kjetilho: When you're typing in the transfer column it should auto complete with the part that you've not typed yet greyed out. As soon as you've gotten enough typed that the greyed out bit is the right account you can hit : and start typing the next level.
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20:53:35 <jralls> kjetilho: That's the way it works in the register, anyway. I've never tried that in the matcher.
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