2016-07-06 GnuCash IRC logs

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06:50:35 <jano> hi!, problem: gnucash is unable to find help files, gnucash-docs is installed under /usr/share/doc/gnucash-docs yelp is in /usr/bin/yelp gnome-help has a simbolic link to it, my user is capable of running yelp, okular is installed, gnucash version is 2.6.12, distro is kde neon, what else should I do?
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09:31:41 <warlord> jano: most likely there is an extra library path somewhere, either in the search or the target. Did you build from source or did your distribution build gnucash/gnucash-docs for you? Can yelp find the help files?
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10:16:55 <andreipmbcn> Hello. After cloning the source code from the github repo, I ran ./autogen.sh and ./configure. I got the following error:
10:17:03 <andreipmbcn> checking for ./src/swig-runtime.h... no
10:17:05 <andreipmbcn> configure: error:
10:17:06 <andreipmbcn> It looks like you are NOT building from Subversion, svk, git or bzr
10:17:08 <andreipmbcn> but I cannot find swig-runtime.h. Check your PATH and make sure
10:17:09 <andreipmbcn> we can find gnc-vcs-info in your PATH!
10:17:11 <andreipmbcn> Either that or contact gnucash-devel@gnucash.org because
10:17:13 <andreipmbcn> the tarball you downloaded is broken.
10:17:31 <andreipmbcn> *************
10:18:17 <andreipmbcn> I am indeed building from git, and there is no swig-runtime.h in the src folder.
10:19:07 <andreipmbcn> Also, the message prior to "checking for ./src/swig-runtime.h... no" is "checking if building from an scm managed directory... no", which may have something to do with it.
10:19:52 <andreipmbcn> Any idea on what I might be doing wrong?
10:23:28 <warlord> andreipmbcn: can it find gnc-vcs-info ?
10:24:18 <warlord> also, which branch are you building?
10:24:21 <andreipmbcn> No, as it's not in $PATH.
10:25:01 <andreipmbcn> I typed in the following: git clone https://github.com/Gnucash/gnucash.git . I would assume this is the main branch.
10:25:11 <warlord> Yes, that would be master.
10:25:36 <jano> hi warlord, the versionof gnucash and help are from distribution, deb based
10:25:51 <warlord> run ./util/gnc-scm-info -r .
10:26:06 <jano> hoy I can tell if yelp can find the files?
10:26:06 <jano> how
10:26:28 <warlord> jano: run it? (i don't know -- I've never actually used the help system)
10:27:19 <andreipmbcn> I don't have gnc-scm-info in /util/; I do have gnc-vcs-info, which is what you may have meant.
10:27:22 <jano> mmm, if I run it I get a help window (with his decorations) empty
10:27:59 <jano> he also says: The URI ‘help:ubuntu-help/index’ does not point to a valid page.
10:28:10 <andreipmbcn> Output of gnc-vcs-info -r:
10:28:14 <andreipmbcn> ./gnc-vcs-info: line 17: $'\r': command not found
10:28:15 <andreipmbcn> ./gnc-vcs-info: line 21: $'\r': command not found
10:28:17 <andreipmbcn> ./gnc-vcs-info: line 23: syntax error near unexpected token `$'\r''
10:28:18 <andreipmbcn> '/gnc-vcs-info: line 23: `my_die()
10:28:24 <warlord> jano: sounds like a yelp problem, then..
10:28:31 <jano> hmm, looks like yelp needs something, yes
10:28:46 <jano> I will chen the man then
10:28:55 <warlord> andreipmbcn: what OS/Distro s this?
10:30:15 <warlord> andreipmbcn: and more importantly, what does shell does /bin/sh point to on your system?
10:31:42 <andreipmbcn> I'm using Cygwin. /bin/sh points to bash.
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10:36:41 <andreipmbcn> Adding ~gnucash/util/ to the path made no difference.
10:37:20 <andreipmbcn> (~/gnucash/util/, not ~gnucash/util/)
10:39:02 <andreipmbcn> If I cannot find the solution in a few hours, I'll just get a real linux distro and try building on that.
10:39:23 <andreipmbcn> Warlord, which distro are you using?
10:50:25 <warlord> andreipmbcn: OH... You're on WINDOWS!?!?!
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10:50:41 <warlord> I'm on Fedora (FC23 currently)
10:50:55 <andreipmbcn> Yep. I take it should get Fedora, then.
10:51:20 <warlord> andreipmbcn: Windows is... different. And no, it does not build on Cygwin -- we use MSYS
10:51:33 <warlord> You should get the gnucash-on-windows repo
10:51:38 <warlord> if you really want to build on windows.
10:51:55 <warlord> But if you want to do general gnucash development you're much better off using LInux.
10:51:58 <warlord> (or Mac)
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13:50:57 <gjanssens> andreipmbcn: it appears your git clone has windows style line endings where cygwin probably expects linux style line endings
13:51:11 <gjanssens> I'm guessing as I never tried building gnucash under cygwin
13:51:42 <gjanssens> I do agree with warlord you'll be much better off currently working in a real linux environment or OS X
13:52:05 <gjanssens> Building on windows is both cumbersome and fragile.
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13:53:10 <gjanssens> And while jralls main system is OS X I know he also builds gnucash on debian from time to time
13:53:28 <warlord> in a vm
13:53:39 * gjanssens is also using Fedora 23 atm
13:53:54 <gjanssens> (that message was supposed to go first...)
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20:14:04 <Alix> is there documentation re procedure or steps for version upgrades?
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