2016-04-19 GnuCash IRC logs

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04:11:51 <jmarciano> compiled webkit, or GTK3, later for GTK2, and finally compiled GnuCash. It works well.
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04:18:53 <jmarciano> it is impossible to download gnucash-doc from sourceforge, file not found, please download another file. Crazy
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10:10:49 <warlord> jmarciano: That's very odd (about gnucash-docs)
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10:45:21 <jmarciano> I wonder why Gnucash keeps stuff at Sourceforge, the joke of the software distribution.
10:45:33 <warlord> free distribution
10:46:39 <warlord> and distributed distribution
10:48:44 <jmarciano> I hope people pay donations for that.
10:50:21 <jmarciano> it is very powerful software, it shall receive quite a bunch of donations or money from various accountants.
10:52:55 <warlord> we do get donations
10:54:10 <jmarciano> I have many domains, often people write me, nudging me with advices to improve websites, and I reject them.
10:54:40 <jmarciano> and now I feel to be in the situation to give advice to improve gnucash in such manner that website attracts accountants
10:55:11 <jmarciano> right now - for accountants without clue in software world, the website is too difficult IMHO
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11:06:24 <warlord> improvements are also welcome.
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11:09:58 <jmarciano> I have to make it, with my people, to propose it
11:11:46 <jmarciano> it has good ranking right now, for "free accounting software"
11:13:16 <jmarciano> I wonder why I see always same style for easy, footer and technicolor
11:15:43 <warlord> jmarciano: before you spend lots of time off on your own, I would propose small, incremental changes
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11:19:43 <jmarciano> yes
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13:45:39 <Artefact2> hmm, all my gnucash reports show as blank pages. no errors in stdout. what could cause this?
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13:47:54 <jralls> Artefact2: Windows, Gentoo, or something else?
13:48:49 <Artefact2> jralls: arch linux. running gnucash 2.6.11
13:49:37 <Artefact2> updating to .12 now
13:49:55 <jralls> That should fix it if it's the same problem as Gentoo.
13:50:26 <Artefact2> yep, it did. thanks jralls
13:50:36 <jralls> np
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16:10:05 <dkcarlson> Hi, I am running GnuCash 2.6.12 on Windows 7. Not sure why your welcome message says latest is 2.6.11. Anyway, If there is an instance of GnuCash already running and I try to open a GnuCash file by clicking on an icon for a data file, Gnucash tries to start a new instance and if it happens to have that same file already open, I get the correct message that the file is locked. However, I...
16:10:06 <dkcarlson> ...did not notice that the file was already open on this machine.
16:12:43 <dkcarlson> If I do the same thing with Open Office, I do not get another instance of the same file or a file is locked message. Could Gnucash figure out that GnuCash is already running and it indeed has that file open and just switch to that instance?
16:17:37 <dkcarlson> I do not know for similar circumstances in Linux or Mac, but I would expect some similar response in those OSes
16:17:50 *** jralls changes topic to "Free GPL Personal and Small Business Accounting || Please don't ask to ask, just ask and wait! (Possibly a few hours!!) || publicly-logged channel || latest stable: 2.6.12 || www.gnucash.org"
16:18:20 <jralls> dkcarlson: 'cause I forgot to change it. Done now, thanks for the reminder.
16:18:33 <dkcarlson> no problem
16:21:30 <jralls> As for two instances, Libre/OpenOffice uses a document model where there's only one instance allowed and it can have multiple files open. GnuCash isn't designed that way, it can have only one book open at a time. If we set the only-one-instance bit then people who like to have two instances pointed at different books wouldn't be able to do that anymore.
16:22:14 <dkcarlson> I accidentally opened the file a second time and started shooting myself in the foot.
16:24:56 <dkcarlson> The multiple instances case is used by some people, myself included, but it is fraught with issues that can arise if certain user settings are changed.
16:29:29 <jralls> Roger.
16:29:55 <warlord> dkcarlson: that's why the warning that you have the file already open
16:30:47 <jralls> More directly, no, GnuCash can't figure out that it's already running. The OS can and provides an application type flag that allows either single-instance or multiple-instance.
16:33:46 <dkcarlson> Would it be difficult to change Gnucash to work like Open Office does?
16:36:33 <jralls> It would be now. It might be easier after the engine and backends are rewritten. We'd also need some sort of UI cue so that the user would be able to easily distinguish between different books.
16:38:54 <dkcarlson> OK. I will try harder to notice when I already have GnuCash running. Thank you.
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22:43:03 <fell> Hm. irc.poop.nl was disconnected at 1:44CEST
22:47:26 <warlord> yeah, there's been a net split for a while.
22:52:28 <fell> jralls wiki:Release_Process#IRC ;-)
22:56:18 <warlord> heh
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