2016-04-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:44:37 <jmarciano> I wish to compile gnucash, but it asks for libgoffice version
07:44:37 <jmarciano> lesser than 0.10 which I have
07:46:38 <jmarciano> I have changed it in configure.ac to 0.10 I hope it goes well
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09:15:56 <fell> warlord. I am waiting for respose of wiki and logs
09:15:57 <warlord> jmarciano: it wont. that's a gtk3 version; gnucash is gtk2
09:16:34 <fell> +n
09:17:46 <warlord> fell: load is like 0.1
09:21:33 <fell> traceroute is ~200ms
09:24:56 <warlord> That's not too unusual to get across the pond.
09:25:11 <warlord> However I got a connection reset from a local client, so something is definitely... odd.
09:25:51 <warlord> The vm host has a load of ~20
09:27:02 <fell> ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED on http://code.gnucash.org/wiki/Special:RecentChanges
09:27:55 <warlord> Right now I'm restarting Apache.
09:31:13 <warlord> ... and of course it's not restarting...
09:32:06 <jmarciano> warlord: alright then I have to install lesser version of libgoffice
09:32:27 <warlord> jmarciano: yes. Or.... install a pre-built version of gnucash for your distro?
09:32:36 <jmarciano> I don't have nor use distros
09:33:46 <warlord> fell: Found the issue... Code should be back in a few minutes.
09:33:58 <warlord> jmarciano: what OS are you running?
09:36:33 <jmarciano> GNU with Linux
09:36:34 <jmarciano> I will just install required version. It is not easy for me to recognize what is GTK2 or GTK3, by version number of a package such as goffice.
09:37:20 <warlord> jmarciano: you're not using a linux distribution?!?!?!?
09:38:15 <jmarciano> yes?
09:38:31 <jmarciano> I do everything myself, it is no problem.
09:38:39 <warlord> In my 24 years of using Linux I've never heard of anyone who doesn't use *some* distribution.
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10:40:01 <warlord> fell: try now. :)
10:43:16 <warlord> fell: FAQ came up for me, so... looks like it should be better.
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11:21:16 <fell_> Yes, it is back.
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11:23:35 <warlord> good.
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11:30:33 <fell> but I can not edit wiki pages because of a database error, warlord.
11:32:33 <warlord> fell: okay, give me a minute..
11:36:22 <warlord> fell: try now?
11:37:14 <fell> Somewhat slow starting, but I got the right page now.
11:39:20 <warlord> Okay..
11:54:33 <fell> Also saving changes is ~1 minute, but it works.
11:57:42 <warlord> Not surprising...
11:57:55 <warlord> VMHost Load is 22
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12:24:45 <jralls> warlord: Your memory is fading. In the beginning of linux there were no distributions. You had to build everything from source, which was hosted at IIRC tsx11.mit.edu and sunsite.unc.edu. Distributions didn't come along until a year later, and Slackware and Debian first surfaced a year after that.
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13:08:02 <warlord> jralls: I didn't really use linux until about 1991/1992.. And by then Slackware existed. I dont recall Debian existing that early; I had never heard of it until about 1995 or 6, somewhere around the time of Red Hat 3.0.3.
13:08:20 <warlord> I probably still have my box of slackware 3.5" floppies.
13:09:02 <jralls> warlord: According to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_distributions Debian appeared a few months after Slackware.
13:10:31 <jralls> I didn't start using a distro until '94 or '95, having started with Linux 0.12 in 91. IIRC it was Mandrake, which later changed to Mandriva because somebody sent them a trademark letter.
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13:11:24 <warlord> I dont recall what version of Linux we were using at SIPB, but I know when I bought my 486-DX2-66 I has 0.99pl12
13:11:48 <jralls> SIPB?
13:12:20 <warlord> MIT Student Information Processing Board
13:12:29 <warlord> Hmm, maybe I did use SLS
13:14:02 <warlord> Anyways, gotta run.. BIAB
13:14:11 <jralls> Ah. I'd think that an MIT org would have used DECs with TOPS or ULTRIX. That's what we used at Stanford in 88-89.
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13:53:30 <warlord> We did.. But we were also playing with Linux (and ported the Athena environment to Linux)
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14:34:03 <j09> Hey guys, I can't seem to work out how to import my csv of paypal transactions into Gnucash and I can't seem to find any documentation on it
14:35:54 <j09> whoops, i think i've found it
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15:50:06 <j09> wow gnucash is mighty difficult to use
15:53:26 <warlord> j09: in what way?
15:54:43 <j09> warlord I'm trying to import my PayPal tranfers and I keep getting stuck. The documentation doesn't really help much either.
15:55:19 <j09> The problem seems to be that GNUCash doesn't handle multiple currencies in a straightforward way.
15:55:20 <warlord> part of the issue is paypal.
15:55:33 <warlord> well, it does.. but the importers do not.
15:58:57 <j09> a lot of the problem, is that I'm not familiar with the terminology.
16:00:31 <warlord> Have you read the Concepts & Tutorial Guide?
16:01:17 <j09> i have but it's difficult to get my head round. I've got a csv with a list of payments recieved. When I import the csv and select which columns are which, do I select withdrawl, deposit, account or something else for the column of money being paid to me?
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16:05:35 <j09> Also what are the categories which are represented by A, U+R and R?
16:05:37 <warlord> Assuming you're importing into an Asset account, money paid to you would be a deposit. The "account" selection would be the source of the funds (e.g. Income)
16:06:16 <warlord> A == Add. U+R == Update + Reconcile. R=Reconcile. This is how to treat "pre-existing" transactions.
16:07:37 <j09> excellent, thanks for that. That's really helpful
16:08:19 <warlord> This *is* in the docs. ;)
16:08:58 <j09> I'm sure it is, but it's very difficult to look up.
16:09:22 <j09> I've got the manual in front of my, but there's no search feature and I can only go forward or back
16:09:27 <j09> me*
16:09:46 <warlord> For something like that try the "Help", which is more about "what does *this* button do"...
16:11:15 <j09> I've selected deposit in the import screen, but it's imported all the cash values as minus values.
16:13:38 <warlord> are the numbers negative or in parens?
16:14:03 <warlord> can't you just get a QIF from them?
16:14:31 <j09> the numbers are negative values
16:14:59 <j09> QIF only come in one currency. If I want to do multiple currencies, I have to break down the CSV files manually.
16:15:01 <warlord> Oh..... Then you need to choose withdrawal
16:15:21 <j09> ok, thanks
16:15:21 <warlord> You need to break down the multpile currencies into separate imports either way
16:15:55 <warlord> (it sounds like paypal is giving you negative numbers for some strange reason... not sure why they would do that)
16:16:21 <j09> i don't think it's paypal's end
16:16:30 <j09> the numbers in the csv look ok
16:16:40 <warlord> FYI, If you google for "gnucash paypal import" there are several tools available to convert their CSV to QIF which provides a better import experience.
16:16:47 <warlord> You just told me they were negative.
16:17:21 <j09> when they're imported (when I select deposit) they come out as negative numbers, but they're positive in the csv file.
16:18:21 <warlord> That is.... odd...
16:18:31 <warlord> What account did you select as the import account?
16:18:56 <j09> I created a new account
16:19:27 <warlord> And what type of account did you create?
16:20:06 <j09> income
16:20:23 <warlord> Oh, that's why!
16:20:27 <warlord> Wrong type of account.
16:20:29 <warlord> It should be Asset.
16:20:36 <warlord> That's why the numbers are negative
16:20:53 <warlord> Your Paypal account is like a Bank account.. You need to treat it like tone.
16:21:06 <j09> i can only select income or expense
16:21:46 <j09> ohhh, it changes
16:21:50 <warlord> Okay, let's take a step back.
16:22:15 <warlord> When you import the CSV, you need to specify "this is the account that this file refers to". This needs to be an Asset or Liability.
16:22:34 <warlord> Then, for each transaction, you need to ASSIGN that transaction to an Income or Expense Account, to denote where the money is going to or coming from...
16:22:40 <warlord> This is the nature of double-entry.
16:22:48 <warlord> Each transaction has at least TWO accounts.
16:24:35 <j09> i'm lost
16:25:53 <j09> I have a list of payments in, all i want is to put them into gnucash, this seems quite difficult
16:26:45 <warlord> j09: I suspect you're lost because you're not understanding the basics of double entry accounting.
16:29:03 <warlord> Getting transactions into gnucash, once you understand the basics, is pretty easy.
16:38:21 <j09> yeah, that's what im struggling with
16:39:13 <warlord> What part?
16:41:08 <j09> just getting a money-in money-out thing set up
16:42:22 <warlord> j09: do you understand the basics of double-entry accounting?
16:43:03 <j09> no i don't
16:43:57 <warlord> THat's your problem..
16:44:06 <warlord> Please.... go re-read the Concepts Guide..
16:44:11 <warlord> Take an hour.
16:44:15 <warlord> It'll save your hair.
16:45:06 <j09> ok, thanks
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16:51:27 <j09> I really appreciate the help, by the way
16:54:51 <warlord> you're welcome.
16:55:02 <warlord> You're not the first to come in and be confused by double-entry.
16:55:06 <warlord> But once you understand it, it makes so much more sense.
16:55:49 <warlord> in short, you're modeling the flow of value. Each transaction is a single flow. Value comes from one place, and goes to another.
17:00:24 <j09> yeah, the concept guide is a help.
17:04:28 <warlord> great
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17:30:23 <j09> ok, i feel like i know a little more about what i'm doing
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17:43:00 <SuperFam> hello all
17:43:29 <SuperFam> would it make sense to use pre-printed checks from the bank with GnuCash?
17:43:54 <SuperFam> they are the Deluxe 53220HS checks
17:43:56 <SuperFam> https://www.deluxe.com/shopdeluxe/pd/deluxe-high-security-3-on-a-page-business-size-checks/_/A-53220HS
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21:43:59 <warlord> @p[
21:43:59 <gncbot> warlord: Error: Missing "]". You may want to quote your arguments with double quotes in order to prevent extra brackets from being evaluated as nested commands.
21:44:01 <warlord> @op
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