2016-04-16 GnuCash IRC logs

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05:38:39 <daum> is there a way to mark all transasctions in all accounts as reconciled and cleared at once?
05:39:07 <daum> i want to use the feature but been using gnucash for over 8 years so have a ton of transactions, and my books are perfectly flat right now
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08:51:16 <daum> nevermind ifigured it out
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09:00:12 <irctc404> I am new to GnuCash, and even double entry bookkeeping. I was able to import my 4 bank account statements with date,description,credit,debit and balance fields in Gnucash accounts. Thereafter, I created the relevant accounts related to my transactions and mapped to them from "Imbalance" account.
09:00:12 <irctc404> Now I have a few transactions happening within my own accounts, say from A to B. If $100 is credited to A from B, both bank accounts will have transactions in bank statement, A wil have a debit transaction and B will have a credit transaction.
09:00:12 <irctc404> Now if I map both of these transactions to relevant bank accounts, I will have two same transaction entries of $100 in each of the accounts. How can I overcome this problem?
09:00:13 <irctc404> Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/USghzGP.png
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13:06:16 <thisdude> Hi! I have a question regarding gnucash, if anybody could humor me with a logical answer I'd be grateful: Why does a program like this rely on the OS's Format language to determine in-app menu language? Why not just go with system language?
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13:11:20 <thisdude> Reason I ask is because I'm supposed to use this in formats of languages I don't understand, this makes it very annoying when changing formats. Maybe a better way to pose my question would be: is there any way to change these settings internally in gnucash? I'm not computer savvy so a gui option would be nice, this is also on a windows computer, i.e. no shell
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13:31:00 <jralls> minot: For Windows the only way to change localization settings is by editing the environment file. See http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Locale_Settings.
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13:31:34 <minot> thisdude, I think that was for you
13:32:06 <jralls> Sorry, yes, thisdude.
13:32:12 <minot> (:
13:33:48 <jralls> thisdude: On that page note in particular that LANGUAGE will override LANG for the translation but not for other locale settings. So if you prefer French for your language but need German formats, charts of accounts, and so on you can set LANGUAGE=fr and LANG=de_DE.
13:40:47 <thisdude> Ah, that makes it much easier.
13:40:59 <thisdude> Thank you very much both of you :)
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17:15:34 <Franck> hello :)
17:16:12 <Franck> i'm having a trouble with gnucash. Here is what is happening : I create a gnucash "file" in EUR (i'm french), but in there, i put all the account in BRL (i'm living in Brasil.)
17:16:30 <Franck> I didn't have any problems, until I had to edit transactions made in the "scheduled transaction".
17:16:45 <Franck> these transactions scheduled were made from BRL account to BRL account (as i told, the "big file is in EUR, but all my accounts are in BRL ... i know, it may be stupid :/ )
17:17:01 <Franck> and when i try to edit them, gnucash wants to have the translation currency rate, and messes with my transactions.
17:17:16 <Franck> so i wanted to know why scheduled transactions made from BRL account to BRL account needs to know the currency rate ; how to stop the behavior...
17:17:34 <Franck> Do i have to recreate a whole new gnucash 2016-business_file all in BRL, and write all transaction I made and scheduled ones ?
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17:23:37 <jralls> Franck: Yup. The reason is that SX operates at the top level and gets its transaction currency from the root account that's set when you create the file and is immutable.
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17:40:31 <Franck> jralls: so.... have to recreate all from scratch ? rewrite all transactions ? (or stop using SX until 2017 ?)
17:42:05 <jralls> 2018. 2.8 is scheduled for the end of December 2017.
17:44:09 <Franck> Not asking how to do it, but only if it is possible (i'll rtfm if it is): i can "copy-paste" all my transactions since january first to a new Root account that iwould create in BRL without having to create manully all accont and all transactions (only create manually transactions that were created by the schedule module) ?
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17:45:13 <jralls> You can cheat. In Preferences tell GnuCash not to compress the file, then save. Make a copy. Edit the copy and search for "ROOT" (no quotes). Under that you'll find <cmdty:id>EUR</cmdty:id>
17:46:27 <Franck> Since every other accounts ar children... It may word ! thank you jralls :)
17:46:29 <jralls> Change the EUR to BRL, save the file (make sure that whatever your using saves in plain text with unix line endings) and open the modified file with GnuCash. Check everything out, and if it's good then you can use that as your new data file.
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21:24:21 <ArtGravity> When creating a Bill from a Vendor, what does the Billable option actually do?
21:24:52 <ArtGravity> I see "is this item billable to the chargeback customer/job?" in the docs, but would like to find some more information on how to use that option.
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21:41:51 <ArtGravity> If it works like a similar function I found on a QuickBooks Community post (https://community.intuit.com/questions/761777-make-vendor-bill-billable), I can try it the next time I need to pass an expense directly to a customer.
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