2016-04-08 GnuCash IRC logs

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13:07:08 <jralls> warlord: re wiki request form, it looks like it requires modifying the ConfirmAccount extension's template. https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension%3aConfirmAccount
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13:11:29 <warlord> jralls: Do you not have access to the template special pages?
13:12:17 <jralls> I don't see anything that looks like that on my special pages page.
13:14:02 <jralls> The closest would be the Uncategorized/Unused/Wanted templates maintenance reports.
13:14:57 <warlord> Can you see : Data & Tools -> System Messages? (on the Special Pages list)?
13:15:37 <jralls> Yes.
13:15:56 <warlord> I believe that's the page in question.
13:16:26 <warlord> But I'm not sure if it's the confirmaccount or requestaccount template you need to adjust
13:19:20 <jralls> There is no requestaccount. There are a bunch of confirmaccount-.*, including "confirmaccount-bio. I'll see if changing that has the desired effect.
13:20:12 <warlord> Make sure you change the # shown to 5000
13:20:26 <warlord> Otherwise it might put them onto multiple pages.
13:23:48 <jralls> I don't see any place to do that. In any case it changed the information block on the confirm account requests page--the one we look at--rather than the request account page.
13:25:44 <warlord> On the top of the System Messages page I see a "Filter" block. One of the items in the filter block is "Items per page" which is a pulldown.
13:25:56 <jralls> Ah, didn't search correctly. I've found the requestaccount stuff.
13:28:14 <jralls> But since the biography text gets added to the user's page maybe we should turn off biography and turn on Notes as suggested by https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension%3aConfirmAccount#Minimal_settings.
13:36:10 <warlord> I'm fine with that approach.
13:36:24 <warlord> Actually, I thought we turned off the user page stuff?
13:39:23 <jralls> Doesn't look like it. The user I created yesterday has one with his bio in it: http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/User:Projectgus
13:41:44 <warlord> Oh, maybe I didn't turn that off.
13:41:46 <warlord> No matter.
13:47:43 <jralls> Where is the "number shown" set?
14:03:52 <warlord> In the filter block?
14:04:15 <warlord> For me it's at the top of the System Messages page.
14:04:23 <warlord> I select that, and then clicked Search.
14:04:30 <warlord> Er, sorry, "Go"
14:06:05 <jralls> Ah, sorry, I thought you meant it was a setting for the template item. I found the relevant entries by typing "requestaccount' into "Filter by prefix' and clicking
14:06:09 <jralls> Go.
14:07:21 <warlord> I just left the filter blank, set the max items to 5000, clicked go, and then I searched the page for "Bio"
14:25:45 <jralls> OK. I've got the captions set up. I think if you turn off bio and add the snippet about preventing empty user pages to the php then the request and confirm pages will be better.
14:28:50 <warlord> What do you mean "turn off bio"?
14:30:07 <warlord> Ah, I see:
14:30:29 <warlord> $wgConfirmAccountRequestFormItems['Biography']['enabled'] = false;
14:31:49 <warlord> As for the empty user page --- I THOUGHT I did that part already.
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22:49:53 <Kaell> Hi all. Pretty new to gnucash. Having an issue with a report. I made a report, then realized some things were not categorized the way I wanted. Fixed them, reloaded report, but they're still not showing.
22:50:20 <Kaell> I tried closing and deleting all reports, and making a new one, still not showing.
22:50:31 <Kaell> Tried closing and reopening, then generating a new report, still not showing.
22:54:03 <Kaell> I click on the expense item, and it clearly shows 13 entries in 2015. totalling approximately 860. But it still shows the original total when there was only 3 items, totalling285
22:55:04 <Kaell> This makes me concerned that other items might be missing values as well. I can manually add the 13 entries for this category if needed. But I want to make sure this isn't happening all over.
22:55:49 <Kaell> The "new" items are sourced from "liabilities" because they're paid by CC, and the original ones were from "assets" because they were from a bank account.
22:56:15 <Kaell> But I selected "all accounts" for the report. So it should show this as a "to" account with appropriate total, no?
22:58:18 <Kaell> I just want to see all my expenses by category for 2015. Is "Cash Flow" not the right tool?
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23:42:32 <Kaell_> test
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