2016-04-05 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:30:30 <jharvell> When I run a transaction report with Style = Multi-Line, I notice the following unexpected behavior.....
00:30:30 <jharvell> my transaction has a total of 5 splts. 2 of the splits are not in the set of selected accounts. The other three splits are all in the same account, which is selected.....
00:30:30 <jharvell> I expect this transaction to be displayed exactly once in the report, with a line for each of the 5 splits.....
00:30:30 <jharvell> What I observe is the transaction displayed 3 times in the report, with each instance of the transaction being reported with a line for each of the 5 splits.
00:34:31 <jharvell> This is a minor annoyance in the case that there are only a few splits in the same selected account. But in my case I have some transactions with more than 10 splits in the same selected account. In this case, the same transaction is repeated more than ten times.....and since it's already quite a long multi-line transaction, the report is hard to read because of it.
00:42:04 <jharvell> Using 2.6.11 rev f67faa2+
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05:23:48 <shivatma> Hi guys! I have discovered existance of LOTS, and have small question about it
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05:24:19 <shivatma> I tried using it for securities and it works like a charm, but not for currencies, why ?
05:25:21 <shivatma> Purchase and sell security, and it scrubs these transactions into realised gains automatically. But when I do the same for currencies, it does not.
05:39:21 <shivatma> I think LOTS are not for currencies at all, and I think I know why..
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07:15:13 <jharvell> There is another case where the transaction report with Style= Multi-Line produces unwanted results like I described 7 hours ago....
07:15:13 <jharvell> If you have a simple transfer of funds from one account to another, and both of those accounts are selected accounts, then the transaction is reported twice, each time with both splits
07:16:24 <jharvell> For a report with Style=Single-Line, it makes sense to report the same transaction once for each selected account, but for a Style=Multi-Line it's a real problem
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08:49:24 <dermoth> Hey there... Runnign Gnucash 2.6.4 on Debian; I think i've had this bug for a long time and across many version: when trying to duplicate a transaction Gnucash crashes
08:50:25 <dermoth> Interestingly, I notices today if I recover the log afterward it imports some garbage into the transaction's num field - I have to edit the file with a text editor to remove it (it appears it's only vidible from the reconcile transactions window)
08:50:40 <dermoth> I can see the garbage inside the log as well
08:55:09 <dermoth> i'm missing symbols, the first two bt lines are:
08:55:15 <dermoth> #0 0x00007ffff59ea634 in __GI___libc_free (mem=0x7ffff7df02e5 <_dl_runtime_resolve+53>) at malloc.c:2945
08:55:15 <dermoth> #1 0x00007ffff5756a52 in gnc_split_register_duplicate_current () from /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gnucash/gnucash/libgncmod-ledger-core.so
08:55:31 <dermoth> can share the log as well if desired.
08:57:25 <mikee> I think this may have fixed in 2.6.11 why not upgrade?
08:58:45 <mikee> It was reported on the user mailing list
08:59:26 <dermoth> Thanks mikee. I generally try to stick with Debian packages; don't really have time to mess around with custom setup. Do you happen to have a bug # or commit as reference? I may report it to debian bug tracking system instead...
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08:59:56 <mikee> http://gnucash.1415818.n4.nabble.com/Duplicate-Transcation-gnucash-stopped-working-td4683924.html
09:00:30 <mikee> The bug was never filed.
09:00:41 <dermoth> well lucky-me, it's in jessie-backports :)
09:01:32 <mikee> Give it a go, let us know your results.
09:04:20 <jharvell> I filed https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=764636, just in case anyone is listening.
09:04:25 <dermoth> It worked, and logfile is clean!
09:04:28 <dermoth> thyanlks
09:04:34 <dermoth> Thanks
09:06:04 <mikee> :)
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09:20:34 * dermoth wishes there was a keyboard shortcut to clear current split (or is there? at least not in the Keyboard shortcuts wiki page...)
09:24:12 <warlord> AFAIK there is not; you could set one.
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12:56:02 <warlord> jralls: hopefully my last email sufficiently answered your questions?
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15:07:31 <mickon> not too busy here :(
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15:20:42 <new_guy> hello. I'm new to GnuCash and I'm trying to setup online banking. Each time I start the AqBanking Wizard GnuCash crashes. I'm trying to troubleshoot but getting lost with --enable-hbci and --enable-ofx. What components are needed to make this work? I'm using Ubuntu 14.04.
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15:23:15 <Mechtilde> did you isntall aqbanking?
15:24:07 <new_guy> I did try to install but it said no package could be found. I used sudo apt-get install aqbanking
15:26:51 <Mechtilde> It seems there is no aqbanking package for 14.04
15:27:43 <new_guy> Ok. Where did you find that info? I didn't see any mention of that in the wiki or any google searches while I was troubleshooting.
15:28:47 <Mechtilde> first you can try to install the packages libaqbanking34
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15:31:22 <new_guy> ok. Thank you.
15:33:32 <SocratesJedi> Hi all, I noticed a small bug in 2.6.11. In an account on the column that switches "n" to "c"in the reconciliation column, it looks like the "Cleared" amount on the bottom status bar does not take into account the row that was just changed. (Example: Had a cleared balance of $5. If I switch a $20 transaction from N -> C, I expect the cleared balance to go to $25, but it instead stays $5. If I then toggle any other transaction'
15:33:32 <SocratesJedi> s reconciled status from C -> N -> C, the bottom status bar updates correctly). Didn't see an easy way to write into the bug tracker (sorry) but thought I would just mention it here.
15:34:38 <new_guy> My libaqbanking34 is alrady the newest version.
15:39:02 <Mechtilde> which version of gnucash did you isntall?
15:39:52 <new_guy> the one that comes with Ubuntu, 2.6.1
15:42:21 <Mechtilde> It seems you have to wait untill 16.04 commes out as LTS
15:42:32 <jralls> SocratesJedi: The behavior you're describing is correct. You have to commit the transaction by changing to a different one before the rest of GnuCash can see your changes.
15:42:52 <jralls> warlord: Yes it did.
15:45:06 <new_guy> Where did you read that?
15:45:38 <Mechtilde> 2.6.1 is an older version of gnucash
15:46:18 <Mechtilde> you use an LTs version
15:47:23 <Mechtilde> http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=gnucash&searchon=names&suite=all§ion=all
15:48:01 <SocratesJedi> jralls: Ah, ok! That makes sense and is a reasonable behavior!
15:48:04 <SocratesJedi> thanks!
15:48:55 <new_guy> Then I will upgrade to the newest version and see what happens.
15:57:00 <new_guy> Mechtilde, thank you for your help.
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16:49:49 <jralls> warlord: Is your VM host maxed out on RAM?
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17:10:06 <warlord> jralls: no; it's got 32G RAM. Max is 64GB
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17:12:19 <warlord> But the system is old. It uses DDR2 ECC RAM.
17:12:40 <warlord> Looking at crucial.com, they don't seem to sell 8GB sticks, which is what I'd need.
17:13:30 <jralls> warlord: OK, hmm, maybe more RAM would be a better performance-enhancer, assuming that the various VMs are actually using all of the physical RAM.
17:13:57 <warlord> Right now swap is at 12M used
17:15:26 <warlord> I did seem to find one on Amazon (but no way of knowing if it'll work): http://www.amazon.com/8GB-Memory-SuperMicro-H8DA3-2-DDR2-5300/dp/B00AQ2RF5U
17:16:04 <warlord> Memory upgrade cost: $1496
17:17:29 <warlord> Honestly, it would almost be cheaper, I think, to buy new hardware that supports DDR3 or DDR4 and buy 256GB RAM than to buy 64GB ram for the current system.
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17:19:41 <warlord> So I disagree that more RAM would be a better investment; any investment in RAM here would be wasted money because it couldn't be transfered to newer hardware down the road.
17:19:44 <jralls> 64 because all of the slots are full? But regardless while the RAM would be cheaper you'd still pay more than $1500 just for enough cores to use 256G of RAM effectively.
17:20:33 <warlord> The system only supports 64G. It has 8 slots. It currently has 8 4GB sticks.
17:21:55 <jralls> Yeah, that's what I figured. Memory of having had this discussion before is dribbling in.
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17:27:26 <warlord> Yeah, true. A newer system would cost more, but IMHO would get more bang-for-the-buck than just buying 64G RAM. Last year I spent just over $2000 for 128GB of DDR3-1333 ECC RAM for my FreeNAS box. Right now that would be $884/ 2x32GB. Theoretically I could keep my case/PSU/Disks and just swap out the mobo/cpu/RAM to perform an upgrade.
17:29:37 <warlord> (although it appears to be out of stock at crucial.com)
17:34:48 <jralls> I'm leaning towards replacing the machine as a better, lower-risk option than terabytes of SSD. If it's using only 12M of swap now, and IIRC wasn't using that much last week when everything more or less seized up, then SSDs are probably not a magic bullet. IIRC when I put one in my old Mac Pro I got about a 50% boost on build times. Getting the new Mac Pro-- which does have SSDs--pushed the build times down by 3-4x. 8 3GHz cores in the new vs.
17:34:48 <jralls> 2 2GHz cores in the old, plus much faster memory.
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17:43:36 <warlord> The current system has 8 2-ish GHz cores
17:43:49 <warlord> I do think much of the issue is IOPS
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17:45:23 <jralls> The crawler issue or the glacially-slow windows compiles?
17:45:36 <warlord> Yes
17:45:56 <jralls> How is IOPS affecting the windows compiles?
17:46:19 <jralls> As linas observed that should mostly be happening in memory.
17:49:33 <warlord> I agree that the windows compile is PROBABLY memory-limited.
17:50:14 <warlord> It has 3GB assigned.
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17:55:05 <warlord> Okay, responded to Linas.
17:55:17 <jralls> My XP VM has 4 cores and 2GB assigned, and can do a distribution build in around 4 hours. The build last week for 2.6.12 took almost 48 hours, which is far longer than ever before. The last regular maint build, last Tuesday, took 15 hours, so the reboot after the release build didn't help.
17:59:18 <warlord> My VM has 2 cores and 3GB assigned; again, I think it's an IOPS issue, not RAM issue
17:59:45 <warlord> Anyways, gotta run.. Hopefully back in a couple hours.
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20:07:35 <warlord> back
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