2016-03-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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02:02:24 <Heinrich> If there are many entries in an invoice the export to pdf breaks the page in the middle of a line. Is there any known remedy?
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13:28:41 <gjanssens> jralls: end October 2014 you built a new version of webkitgtk for Windows
13:29:15 <gjanssens> You settled for 1.8.3 at that time.
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13:29:34 <gjanssens> Was that the most recent one at the time ?
13:29:48 <gjanssens> Or the most recent one you managed to build ?
13:30:05 * gjanssens seem to remember it took a few tries back then
13:30:42 <gjanssens> I'm asking as it looks version 1.8.3 produces memory leaks (according to https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=760561)
13:31:02 <jralls> gjanssens: It was the most recent I was able to build. IIRC is was because of some dependency that 2.0 required.
13:31:23 <gjanssens> Ok
13:32:19 <jralls> Sorry, 1.10 required.
13:32:34 * gjanssens is tempted to try and build gnucash under mingw64
13:32:49 <gjanssens> That provides packages for more recent versions of webkit last time I checked
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13:33:06 <gjanssens> However that would take more time than I currently have...
13:33:41 <gjanssens> And in particular I want to get the c++ conversion of csv-import done first because that would allow us to drop our goffice dependency
13:34:02 <gjanssens> And even before that, I'm currently bug hunting in my spare time.
13:34:05 <gjanssens> A new release coming soon :)
13:34:10 <jralls> We may have to just live with the leaks then. As Dmitry points out in the bug it might be something other than WebKit. I had to upgrade several libraries to get even 1.8 to build.
13:34:26 <gjanssens> Right
13:34:41 * jralls is in bug-fix mode before the release, too.
13:36:09 <gjanssens> On bugfixes: I'm currently focussing on adding repair code for people that ran into https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=754209
13:36:44 <gjanssens> That is, gnucash allowed to post invoices twice, resulting in a bogus transaction the user couldn't remove anymore
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13:37:23 <gjanssens> mikee plugged that hole, but some users will have already such bad transactions in their books
13:38:07 <gjanssens> I'm not sure though how far I should go in the repair. Should I just remove the bogus transaction ?
13:38:25 <gjanssens> It would alter the user's balance which they may already have manually corrected
13:38:41 <gjanssens> There's no way for me to discover if they did
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13:39:31 <gjanssens> And the scrubbing code doesn't allow communcation with the user to inform them of changes made
13:39:32 <jralls> Maybe just remove the bogus link and raise an error?
13:39:54 <jralls> But the scrubbing code can write an error to the tracefile.
13:40:04 <gjanssens> Ah right
13:40:17 <gjanssens> Perhaps that's a good compromise
13:40:42 <jralls> Getting the user to *read* the tracefile is another matter, of course. But the user can manually delete the transaction once it's separated from the invoice.
13:43:01 <jralls> I'm looking at the sv_XX account files. One problem is that sv_AX isn't a legal locale in Debian, and neither sv_AX nor sv_FI are legal POSIX locales in OSX, though the native i18n can handle them.
13:43:23 <gjanssens> I'll add documentation to our "Business mistakes wiki" so we can always refer users to that if they have questions
13:43:41 <jralls> That's a good idea.
13:44:24 <gjanssens> What can you do for sv_XX then ?
13:47:47 <jralls> Separate the language from the region, maybe? gettext doesn't generally care about what setlocale thinks, it just cares about whether it can find a gnucash.mo in the indicated directory.
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13:49:17 <jralls> If we rashly assume that a Finn or a Swiss would prefer their number, date, and money formats to be the same regardless of language then we can find a convenient locale for the format codes.
13:50:59 <jralls> We store the original language and region codes somewhere and put them back together to find the right account directory instead of using setlocale.
13:52:32 <jralls> Does that seem like too much change for maint?
13:52:41 <gjanssens> Seems like a reasonable solution for the immediate issue.
13:53:03 <jralls> OK.
13:53:48 <gjanssens> Long term I have more than once suggested we should not list account option purely based on locale, but instead should offer a dropdown of possible countries/regions/languages/whatever makes for a sensible categorization
13:54:36 <gjanssens> The basic idea behind that is that a user should be able to select any of the account hierarchies we offer, regardless of what happens to be the system's locale
13:54:49 <gjanssens> The locale can give us a default in that context though
13:54:56 <jralls> Yes, I agree that would be better.
13:55:03 <gjanssens> But as said, that's a long-term improvement
13:55:11 <gjanssens> Something for master at some point
13:55:46 <jralls> Well, it's no more work than what I'm planning. It's a UI change, though, and I don't think we want that in maint.
13:56:27 <gjanssens> UI changes need a good motivation to be included in maint
13:56:45 <gjanssens> The main point against it is it introduces translation updates
13:56:52 <gjanssens> (and documentation updates)
13:57:23 <gjanssens> In this case it does fix a bug for Finnish users so I would agree with it
13:58:14 <jralls> Well, it fixes a bug for *one* Finnish user who happens to speak Swedish.
13:58:32 <gjanssens> To get the list of country/language, do you know of an easy way to convert from locale names to full country/language names ?
13:58:52 <gjanssens> True, it's not a major bug hitting many people
13:59:19 <gjanssens> I'll let you decide which way you prefer to fix it short-term
13:59:32 <gjanssens> I'm fine with both ways
14:00:33 <jralls> The easy way would be to add something to the account files and just slurp up a list from that.
14:01:48 <gjanssens> Hmm, I was more thinking of something we could get from gettext or so
14:01:57 <jralls> Otherwise we'd need an enumeration in code that would be subject to the same sort of bug you found in gettext, and that we'd have to remember to update when we added a new set of accounts.
14:02:04 <gjanssens> I know we have a list of iso currencies which are localized
14:02:18 <gjanssens> I hoped there would be a similar list for languages and countries
14:03:04 <jralls> We -- meaning Frank -- maintain that list of ISO currencies. It's not something we get from anywhere.
14:05:02 <jralls> Another approach would be to use ICU instead of libc for format localizations. That would have several advantages, not least of which is killing the pushing and popping of locales in (IIRC) the check printing code.
14:06:05 <jralls> That's definitely something for master, though.
14:13:11 <gjanssens> I meant getting translated names for iso currencies. I found these are provided via the iso-codes package
14:13:32 <gjanssens> currencies are defined in iso-4317
14:14:31 <gjanssens> countries and their codes are found in iso-3166
14:14:43 <gjanssens> languages and their codes in iso-639
14:15:25 <gjanssens> We could use these xml files to convert the map names from our account templates to names that are more user friendly (including translations)
14:15:46 <gjanssens> As for ICU, I don't know enough about it to comment on that
14:15:58 <jralls> Ah, I'd forgotten about the iso-codes. Yes, that's a good idea for the near term, anyway.
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14:38:21 <Artefact2> hi everyone. I am getting an "unknown error" when fetching online price quotes, and I cannot figure out why. running 2.6.11, perl-finance-quote 1.38. https://i.imgur.com/rVwINKM.png any ideas?
14:38:21 <gncbot> Artefact2: Sent 21 weeks, 5 days, 0 hours, and 3 minutes ago: <jralls> I just tested LYYDA with the setup shown in your image and it worked for me.
14:40:50 <jralls> Artefact2:
14:41:08 <Artefact2> well, it still doesn't work here and I have no idea why :-|
14:41:13 <Artefact2> no errors in stderr, nothing
14:47:16 <jralls> Sigh. "Unknown error" means that gnc-fq-helper sent something that the Scheme code couldn't parse. Try `echo '(yahoo.europe "CW8.PA")' | gnc-fq-helper and see what comes out.
14:47:57 <Artefact2> jralls: oooh, interesting
14:47:58 <jralls> FWIW it works OK for me, both with gnc-fq-helper and from inside GnuCash. Are you sure that's the culprit?
14:48:09 <Artefact2> looks like Date::Manip is missing
14:48:47 <jralls> That will do it. You should upgrade GnuCash to the latest and then run gnc-fq-update.
14:49:35 <jralls> Or you can just get Date::Manip from cpan if you know how.
14:49:39 <Artefact2> right, it works now. so happy
14:49:53 <Artefact2> it was a packaging issue, as I suspected
14:50:12 <Artefact2> i'll report the issue on the arch bug tracker, to add perl-date-manip as a dep
14:50:20 <Artefact2> jralls: huge thanks for the help
14:50:45 <jralls> You're welcome.
14:52:00 <Artefact2> might as well ask my other question now. in the "advanced portfolio" report, how are "brokerage fees" calculated? and can I get yearly/year-to-date returns?
15:03:16 <jralls> I don't know, IGIFY: https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2008-February/023950.html
15:04:46 <jralls> This thread has some updates: https://lists.gnucash.org/pipermail/gnucash-user/2015-January/057849.html
15:05:11 <Artefact2> thanks
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18:17:25 <gjanssens> jralls: re the scrub of double post bogus transactions, I also intend to set the memo on the splits in this transaction, so users get a clue when examining the AR/AP register
18:17:32 <gjanssens> I was thinking of this message:
18:17:35 <gjanssens> To remove - generated by an illegal double post of an invoice/bill/credit note/voucher
18:17:41 <gjanssens> Is that decent English ?
18:18:00 <gjanssens> And clear/concise enough ?
18:21:56 <gjanssens> Time for bed. See you later
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18:51:11 <jralls> @tell gjanssens Good idea. You want "to be removed" rather than "to remove", but that implies that GnuCash will eventually get rid of it. "Please delete this transaction", while a bit blunt, is what you want the user to do. For a nicely grammatical memo: "Please delete this transaction. It was created by double-posting an invoice, and the double-posting has been cleared."
18:51:11 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
18:52:56 <jralls> @tell gjanssens If that's too wordy, maybe replace the explanation with a pointer to the wiki: "Please delete this transaction. Explanation at http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Double_Posting."
18:52:56 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
18:53:46 <jralls> @tell gjanssens Then you have a whole wiki page to explain the situation.
18:53:46 <gncbot> jralls: The operation succeeded.
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