2016-03-02 GnuCash IRC logs

00:18:39 <oniMaker> Is it normal for Finance::Quote to hang on GnuCash startup for a minute or so on OSX?
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06:12:47 <ronald> Hi there, first time here, please bear with me...
06:13:11 <ronald> I have a problem reconciling an international transaction - AUD/EUR
06:13:26 <ronald> Have been using gnucash for a number of years and never had that issue
06:14:49 <ronald> I enter all the details as from my bank statement (EUR); then for exchange rate I enter "to amount" and the amount that I drew out of the ATM (AUD). The accounts are set to use the currencies accordingly, but gnucash then shows an imbalance.
06:15:31 <ronald> I eventually gave up and left the imbalance there, but found that after quitting and starting up again, or sometimes even after just saving, it changes the amounts around.
06:15:40 <ronald> Very disconcerting and I'm at my wits end.
06:16:28 <ronald> The exact same procedure used to work in the past, but it's been a while I have done it, so I can't pinpoint from which version I got the problem.
06:17:33 <ronald> Tried going back as far as 2.4.9, but that behaves the same way. Latest version now (2.6.11).
06:18:35 <ronald> I'll go to sleep now, or very soon, but will leave this open and check back when I get up.
06:18:48 <ronald> Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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07:35:59 <warlord> oniMaker: "normal", no.. But it's a know deficiency if you're missing a specific PERL module. Please check the wiki (and if it's not there, search the list) -- I know this was solved a few months ago/
07:37:36 <warlord> ronald: Unless you really need to keep track of your foreign currency, I would treat them as your home currency in order to avoid all the exchange-rate pitfalls.
07:38:10 <warlord> It also means you dont need to keep track of gains/losses from currency changes, and you dont need a duplicate set of expense accounts to keep track of how much you spend on groceries in EUR vs AUD
07:42:03 <ronald> Thanks @warlord - yes, I could change them all to the same currency, but suspect that doing so now would mess up all my old transactions (?). Also, have never encountered the problem before, so that one caught me out cold. Will check the wiki, thank you.
07:42:24 <ronald> oh wait, that wasn't about my issue
07:45:01 <ronald> I do appreciate being able to track the "real" value of transactions and items, though, especially if I'm paying for stuff in EUR. Also how do you move funds between EU and AU without the exchange rate? That's where the issue occurs: I withdraw AU$ 500 from the ATM here, and on my account it shows as EUR 327 or something.
07:46:28 <ronald> I could just leave that as a AU$173 imbalance, but that's a bit of a kludge.
07:46:31 <warlord> I keep all my funds in USD. When I pull out €100 I mark is as $125.32
07:46:46 <ronald> yes, but how do you reconcile the EUR account?
07:46:55 <warlord> And I record (in the desc) the 125.32 exchange rate.
07:47:09 <warlord> I don't... There is no EUR bank.
07:47:22 <warlord> Or other statement with which to reconcile.
07:47:50 <warlord> At the end of my trip I just add up all the cash left in my pocket and add a balancing transaction, for things I missed during the trip.
07:48:11 <warlord> So when I get home, I know that I had €20.17 left (at an exchange rate of 125.32)
07:48:49 <warlord> Then the next trip I pull out more EUR at another exchange rate and continue (in USD)... Except I estimate the exchange rate based on what the new and old ones were...
07:48:53 <warlord> lather. rinse. repeat.
07:49:02 <ronald> Yes, well I have an account in EUR, and I live in Australia, so that doesn't really help me.
07:49:20 <warlord> You have a EUR bank?
07:49:25 <ronald> Yes.
07:49:37 <warlord> Okay, then you're right, that doesn't apply...
07:50:03 <warlord> try deleting and re-entering the transaction? Or try entering it from the "other" account?
07:50:05 <ronald> Yes, there's my issue. :-)
07:50:21 <ronald> Tried it both ways, multiple times, but no joy.
07:50:58 <ronald> Usually, I'd just enter "to amount", then enter the other currency's amount, and that would sort it, but not so anymore.
07:51:13 <ronald> The weirdest bit is that even with an imbalance, that changes after the fact.
07:51:19 <ronald> Something really odd going on.
07:54:03 <warlord> Are you entering it from the register or from the transfer dialog?
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08:06:06 <ronald> from the register
08:06:40 <ronald> haven't used the transfer dialog yet, giving that a try now
08:08:11 <warlord> What version of gnucash are you using?
08:12:33 <ronald> 2.6.11
08:12:48 <ronald> That's interesting, that worked.
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08:13:38 <ronald> Shows the AUD account in EUR when looking at it in the split transaction view in the EUR account. And everything in AUD when looking at it on the AUD site.
08:14:20 <ronald> I guess that's where I got thrown off, because IIRC, it didn't use to "translate" the values on the fly.
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08:14:50 <ronald> Now when I adjust the previous transactions accordingly, I still get an imbalance, even if I make all the exchange rates identical
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08:16:30 <warlord> Do you have trading accounts on or off?
08:16:57 <warlord> Why would you adjust it manually? ;)
08:18:02 <ronald> Was just trying to reproduce the result in the existing transaction. The exchange rate is given by what my bank charged me.
08:18:06 <ronald> not using trading accounts.
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08:19:07 <ronald> I have withdrawn AUD 500 and was charged EUR 327.76, plus EUR 5.74 in fees, and am trying to reconcile that on both ends.
08:20:59 <ronald> When I look at it in the AUD account, I see 500 for the Euro account, which is what threw me off, as well as the fee showing as 8.76. But it works, that's the main thing. :-)
08:21:29 <warlord> Yes, it always translates it into the "current" account currency.
08:21:34 <ronald> Was just trying to make my old transaction work, but couldn't - it always produces a residual imbalance for some reason.
08:21:49 <warlord> Sometimes it's easier to start over.
08:21:52 <warlord> BIAB
08:22:18 <ronald> I seem to remember that that wasn't the case last time around, but anyway - now I know how to make it work so it's all good - many thanks for your help!
08:22:59 <ronald> Hm, brew in a bag?
08:23:09 <ronald> Band in a box?
08:23:26 <ronald> Back in a bit! Ok, nw. :-)
08:24:33 <ronald> I'm out anyway, bedtime - thanks again, much appreciate your help, warlord!
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13:18:37 <g5pw> hello! is there a way to search for customers via Python?
13:18:53 <g5pw> I'd like to programmatically generate invoices
13:19:15 <g5pw> (based on customers metadata saved in Notes)
13:36:55 <warlord> g5pw: I thought there was a way, but honestly I dont know offhand. I dont use the Py bindings
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