2015-12-31 GnuCash IRC logs

00:40:35 <warlord> CDB-Man: Um, what do you mean "that variable isn't actually listed... in the list of vars?" What are you talking about? xaccSplitGetAction is an API function.
00:40:59 <CDB-Man> yes, what I mean is on the report development page on the wiki, it's not in that table
00:41:25 <CDB-Man> a bunch of other xacc______ vars are listed in that table, but not xaccSplitGetAction
00:41:42 <CDB-Man> which is why I didn't know of it originally
00:42:13 <CDB-Man> in the end, after I asked you about it, I asked my brother to look into it, and in the end he learned of its details only by looking at the source chode of the scheme parser on the repo
00:42:23 <warlord> it's not a var
00:42:28 <warlord> var == variable
00:42:35 <warlord> it's not one.
00:42:57 <warlord> the API is in the API documentation
00:43:09 <CDB-Man> right, var(iable) may not be the right perminology, but my point is that it was not on that list in the wiki
00:43:16 <CDB-Man> terminology*
00:43:50 <CDB-Man> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Custom_Reports#The_GnuCash_API
00:44:23 <CDB-Man> unless, there's another API documentation elsewhere that's more up to date and complete, that I don't know about...
00:45:36 <warlord> Um, yes, there is the API Documentation
00:45:51 <warlord> That page is....... I have no idea what that page is... But it's not the API documentation.
00:47:08 <warlord> Go to www.gnucash.org, then click on documentation, then follow the link to the API dpcs
00:47:10 <warlord> docs
00:49:36 <CDB-Man> hmm, well, the word "API" does not appear on the docs page
00:49:50 <CDB-Man> I see the help manual, and the concepts guide
00:50:02 <CDB-Man> oh, wait a second, there's 2 links to docimentation
00:50:29 <CDB-Man> they both link to the same page
00:52:07 <warlord> Sorry, it's under Development: Souce Docs
00:52:11 <warlord> Source Docs
00:53:54 <CDB-Man> hmm, well, in the doxygen overview list, I can see that "backendapi" has no link
00:55:10 <CDB-Man> http://svn.gnucash.org/docs/HEAD/group__Transaction.html#ga04f7426878abe86c3d81e4a90b6c071b <-- well, now i've managed to find it
00:58:08 <CDB-Man> well, "find" is a strong word; I only happened on to it by chance. clicked the deprecated list, saw other xacc____ calls, and found it via that
00:59:12 <CDB-Man> searching in the search bar for "action" doesn't get to the xaccSplitGetAction at all in the search results
01:00:40 <CDB-Man> I'm just glad that you knew the APi call off hand, that it was xaccSplitGetAction, otherwise I don't think I'd ever get to it :P
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02:34:34 <fell> CDB-Man:I just added [http://code.gnucash.org/docs/HEAD/ master branch] to Custom_Reports#The_GnuCash_API
02:37:51 <fell> warlord, 3 years have waned since a studiously user added that tabke in the wiki. ;-)
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08:12:58 <mikee> I asked over at freenode #PCLinuxOS-Support why they still supply Gnucash 2.4.15. It's because it 'requires guile 2.0.x. guile' apparently.
08:14:01 <mikee> I pointed out that could compile it with 1.8 . I thought that although it was 2.0 ready, it wasn't a requirement?
08:15:04 <mikee> s/could/I could/
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10:29:43 <Mechtilde> hello I have a problem with the screenshot to "Transfer Funds"
10:30:41 <Mechtilde> when I try to do the same for German Screenshots I have a transfer from JMD to EUR
10:30:55 <Mechtilde> I only changes USD2EUR
10:41:28 <Mechtilde> http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.4/C/gnucash-guide/currency_purchase1.html#currency_purchase2
10:41:44 <Mechtilde> th second image
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11:29:41 <jralls> mikee: That's correct, guile-1.8 or guile-2.0. 2.4 was 1.6 or 1.8.
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11:54:36 <fell> Mechtilde,I am not shure, what you are trying
11:55:09 <Mechtilde> where?
11:55:22 <Mechtilde> ah my question above
11:55:52 <fell> yep
11:56:23 <Mechtilde> I try to do the same as in the second scrennshot
11:56:52 <fell> You try to replay the scenario with EUR as base currency?
11:57:13 <Mechtilde> yes
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12:00:19 <fell> And what is the problem?
12:01:21 <Mechtilde> At the line "Exchange Rate I have 1JMD = x EUR
12:01:36 <Mechtilde> and not 1 EUR = xJMD as I expected
12:02:03 <Mechtilde> replying the scenario in omage 1
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12:10:44 <fell> gnucash --version?
12:12:52 <Mechtilde> 2.6.9 noch
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12:23:08 <fell> I /believe/ that got fixed, because the old form/behaviour was suboptimal.
12:24:06 <Mechtilde> ok, I hope so
12:25:47 <fell> search the devel list for exchange in november
12:30:01 <fell> but that was about the view in the register.
12:34:49 <fell> Probably related "rounding in the price db" Aug/Sep
12:35:19 <Mechtilde> I found it
12:35:24 <Mechtilde> ;-)
12:35:48 <Mechtilde> it works if you disable Trading Accounts
12:36:45 <fell> Oops
12:37:10 <Mechtilde> then the both line changes
12:38:13 <fell> Then we shoud add a note to C
12:38:36 <Mechtilde> Mike told it in the post before John 14.11 16:22
12:42:37 <Mechtilde> this was the key word for me to look for it: " This is correct if Trading Accounts are turned off, but not if they are being used."
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12:56:43 <jralls> Mechtilde: Before you change anything test with 2.6.10. I reverted the automatic rate reversal.
12:57:30 <Mechtilde> I didn't change anything in the text
12:57:54 <Mechtilde> I only change the prefenreces in my test file for the screenshots
12:58:36 <jralls> OTOH, the behavior of the register in split view *is* different between trading accounts and not-trading-accounts: With trading accounts the amount of a split in bank view (as opposed to security view) is the commodity of the split's account but in not-trading accounts its the commidity of the register's account.
13:01:34 <fell> At some point I will read the currency discussion of the last half year, but not this year. ;-)
13:02:34 <fell> I will now go back to the make pot miracle.
13:02:36 <Mechtilde> So it should be described whether Trading Accounts have to be enabled or disabled for the example
13:04:47 <fell> To avoid your confusion one should add a note in the form "there has been a version where ..."
13:06:19 <Mechtilde> when this is fixed in 2.6.10 then it is ok
13:07:08 <fell> And if your dad uses 2.6.9 and ask you at the phone?
13:11:55 <Mechtilde> :)
13:12:32 <Mechtilde> if any person ask me I know how to do it now
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13:45:43 <fell> jralls, isn't dist_doc_DATA missing Changelog.1 - .2002 ?
13:56:42 <jralls> fell: Which repo and does it really matter?
13:57:16 <fell> maint
13:57:26 <fell> I am pedantic
13:59:57 <jralls> ;-)
14:02:29 <jralls> Maint is a branch. Gnucash is the repo, I found it, and yes, the first 3 ancient ChangeLogs are not in the tarballs.
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