2015-12-28 GnuCash IRC logs

00:00:59 <dkcarlson> I was able to successfully import the same simple QIF file into release 2.6.6 for windows, so the problem appears to not be in the QIF file structure.
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00:29:42 <shmoo> I need help with a mortgage loan accounting issue
00:30:40 <shmoo> I have a wells fargo mortage that bills semi-weekly, the first payment does not count for anything on Wells Fargo's books.
00:31:04 <shmoo> apologies, semi-monthly
00:32:25 <shmoo> I think i have answered my own question in my head, but its a bit hacky.
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12:09:41 <fell> Good Evening!
12:10:41 <fell> Is warlord still using redhat?
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12:13:34 <fell> On the dutch list Arno complains in english, he can not compile GC on CentOS 7 because of Webkit.
12:24:26 <fell> dkcarlson, couldn't it be https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=752249 - Importing an Incorrectly Structured QIF File Crashes GnuCash
12:35:17 <fell> I just see, Arno was double posting and jralls answered on user.
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12:42:56 <finster> hello there. I'd like to have an eye on my monthly expenses with gnucash. the cash flow report seems to suit that need just fine, If it only would report data on a per-month basis instead of a yearly time period. is that somthing easily achievable/configurable with gnucash? I found some related email thread on the gnucash mailing list archive which is like 10 (yes, ten) years old, but I figure the situati
12:43:03 <finster> on may have improved since that time.
12:46:56 <Mechtilde> good evening
12:47:41 <Mechtilde> fell, Can I use your last *.pot file for the next translation round?
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12:59:30 <fell> Shure, if I can generate it with the msgctxt lines. ^^
13:00:55 <dkcarlson> fell; I have already tried removing the leading linefeeds or whatever they were, and it still crashes. I see that bug has not been resolved yet. The problem may be similar to mine, and a few other people are now reporting a similar problem in the user list. Alas, I do not know how to efficiently help John, who probably has a good start on solving the problem.
13:02:05 <Mechtilde> I did a new PR after rebasing on your last commit yesterday, fell
13:02:23 <Mechtilde> s/PR push
13:02:28 <Mechtilde> s/PR/push
13:15:05 <dkcarlson> finster; somewhere in the options for that report there should be a page where you can choose a single month period. If you want several months in one report, take a look at the expense bar chart
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14:04:07 <fell> Using a separate build-dir, .c files get full pathes, .glade files relative pathes in gnucash.pot
14:11:40 <fell> with build-dir each ref gets its own line, intree multiple refs are put in one line
14:14:59 <Mechtilde> mormally I didn't want to build gnucash mysel
14:26:08 <fell> Why not? Isn't it one of the easiest things in the world? ;-)
14:27:12 <Mechtilde> not for me
14:28:26 <Mechtilde> I don't want to qa my own build environment
14:29:01 <Mechtilde> I want to use the that time to translate the tutorial to German
14:29:50 <fell> I will send you now a recent gnucash.pot
14:30:49 <Mechtilde> thanks
14:32:47 <Mechtilde> then I have to do
14:33:54 <Mechtilde> msgmerge --output-file=de.po de.po gnucash.por?
14:34:02 <Mechtilde> s/por/pot
14:34:50 <fell> hast das noch nicht aufgeschrieben?
14:35:14 <fell> Ivh guck immer in wiki:Translation nach.
14:35:27 <fell> Ich ...
14:36:09 <Mechtilde> that are to many new steps at too short time for me ;-)
14:37:08 <Mechtilde> May be we will meet at Fosdem you will understand what I mean
14:40:09 <Mechtilde> I need the tutorial in German to learn GnuCash and don't have the time to learn how to build it
14:40:10 <fell> : /usr/bin/msgmerge -o de.new.po de..po gnucash.pot; mv de.new.po de.po
14:41:33 <fell> Not shure, what happens, if you do it in one step as you wrote
14:41:57 <Mechtilde> I did it that way in another very small project
14:42:27 <Mechtilde> bat there are only some more than 20 Strings
14:43:09 <Mechtilde> therefore I learned to handle *.po and *.pot files
14:43:56 <Mechtilde> And so I learn step by step
14:44:50 <fell> My first contribution here was the translation of the website
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15:05:16 <mikee> fell: I use Fedora and maint compiles just fine. Not master though as Fedora18 is too old.
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17:37:50 <PRab> Is there an easy way to install Finance::Quote on Windows? Google let me to a tar.gz, but I don't know where to put those files.
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