2015-12-26 GnuCash IRC logs

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00:25:51 <DigitalRaven> hello
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00:27:42 <DigitalRaven> So I just found out about this glorious software after I was searching around for a personal finance software (When I get bored I like to juggle numbers and play with my finances) and I couldn't believe there was open source software available I'm in love :-)
00:28:51 <fell> Hm, http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Git#Generate_your_ssh_key_pair says, the fingerprint of code.gnucash.org is 20:23:3d:df:f3:13:34:c1:32:ca:11:77:24:21:98:01, but now I get the answer ECDSA key fingerprint is a0:35:2a:54:ce:df:1b:b8:82:5e:11:83:73:50:47:55.
00:29:23 <fell> did something change or are this different keys?
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00:30:50 <fell> Hello DigitalRaven! Nice to read, you like it.
00:32:20 <DigitalRaven> On the matter of SSH keys they legitimately change sometimes but as a complete newbie to that sort of thing I wouldn't take my word on that cryptography I'm a fan but I haven't dabbled since the death of my trusty friend TruCrypt.
00:32:45 <DigitalRaven> As for GNUCash it is so much fun took my a while to figure out why it was telling me I had a imbalance when I processed some payments problem was I wasn't doing invoices before I processed the payment.
00:33:09 <DigitalRaven> I got that sorted out and I attempted to import my banking data I downloaded in the form of QFX though there are other options on my banks site selected my checking account as where I wanted this data imported into now I have a imbalance of my account amount -_-
00:33:10 <fell> Did your read the documentation like the guide before?
00:33:53 <DigitalRaven> It's a long read. I mostly use documentation (though clearly written) as a reference guide if I have any issues figuring out things myself. I deal a lot with open source programs because I always look for open source alternatives before dealing with Freeware and Finally Shareware.
00:35:52 <DigitalRaven> I'm trying to figure out as way to transfer transactions from my checking account into the proper sections IE, Gas Purchases In Checking Account to Expenses -> Gas as well as my Salary Deposits.
00:36:15 <DigitalRaven> Because it didn't give me the option to select specific transactions from the QFX to go to certain locations.
00:38:30 <fell> I don't use QFX, but the HBCI dialoge has columns to assign the proper account.
00:38:52 <DigitalRaven> Lets see if my bank has that format available to download
00:39:22 <fell> HBCI is a german standard
00:41:17 <DigitalRaven> Yeah mine is an American Bank so they likely won't have HBCI , They have QFX QIF, IIF, QBO, Microsoft Money and CSV
00:48:21 <DigitalRaven> Yeah when I get to the import screen it says Unbalanced (Need Acct to Transfer $XX) and that is why I guess i'm ending up with the imbalanced amount
00:48:29 <fell> There is a step in the import "Assignment for ..." or similar
00:49:14 <fell> maximize the window/scroll right to see all columns
00:50:10 <fell> doubleclick a line to get the account list and select one
00:53:55 <DigitalRaven> alright well let me give that a try, just a moment.
00:58:39 <fell> Because of the baysian learning you should assign the accounts in this dialoge whenever possible.
01:02:35 <DigitalRaven> The only options i'm getting are A, U+R, and R for each transaction
01:02:58 <DigitalRaven> Add Transaction as New, Updated and Reconcile a Matching Transaction and Reconcile a Matching Transaction
01:04:26 <fell> If I doubble click a transaction a window pops up "Select account"
01:04:59 <DigitalRaven> Yep that worked lets see if assigning accounts works properly
01:06:01 <DigitalRaven> Alright sweet, so now when assigning accounts it is turning green indicating no issues.
01:06:13 <fell> Fine
01:06:33 <fell> And it will remember your selection
01:07:07 <fell> On later imports with similar texts, it will suggest the account
01:07:32 <fell> but you should always crosscheck them
01:11:39 <DigitalRaven> Ok, Thanks this is a little more difficult to use than the simple "Import and Forget" of Mint but I can already see the raw data is more indepth and I have more customization
01:12:45 <fell> welcome
01:13:50 <DigitalRaven> So where are you from Fell?
01:14:23 <fell> Most time in Germany
01:14:46 <fell> and western neighbours
01:15:47 <DigitalRaven> Ahh did you celebrate Krampusnacht?
01:17:01 <fell> The Krampus is more familar in the SW
01:18:49 <fell> in the Alps
01:18:54 <DigitalRaven> Ahh, I would say we just celebrated Christmas but my family isn't religious it's more a celebration of Santa at this point for my family. So called taking the Christ out of Christmas.
01:19:39 <DigitalRaven> Some people refer to the celebration of Christmas without Christ as Xmas but I hate that word so it's Christmas.
01:20:35 <DigitalRaven> But I got a new printer and a rendition of Van Gogh's Starry Nights framed.
01:20:48 <DigitalRaven> But it was a pretty good holiday.
01:21:09 <fell> Before the christianization there was a fest, too. Danish Julaften - the rebirth of the light
01:24:31 <DigitalRaven> Yeah there was plenty of traditions before Christianity took over I actually moved from Perthshire to the States and in Celitic tradition there is the Celebration of the Winter Solstice
01:25:55 <DigitalRaven> essentially celebrating the fact the sun rose again after the darkest night (Or the shortest day of the year)
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01:51:58 <fell> Hm, git clean -fdx removed the .project file, where eclipse stored its infos about the project. :-(
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04:28:31 <reactormonk> Should I make two different accounts for expenses in different currencies?
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04:37:52 <Mechtilde> IMO It depends on your needs
04:49:39 <reactormonk> Gotta say gnucash is simple enough to use
04:49:48 <reactormonk> I assume the date formatting is given by LANG?
04:53:07 <fell> http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Locale_Settings
04:53:25 <Mechtilde> Do you know the tutorial guide
04:53:47 <Mechtilde> there is a description how to use more than one currency
04:55:24 <reactormonk> Mechtilde, http://gnucash.org/docs/v2.4/C/gnucash-guide/index.html I assume?
04:55:48 <Mechtilde> no use it for 2.6
04:56:00 <Mechtilde> or the nightly builds
04:56:37 <fell> Can you tell me, where you found the link to the old version?
04:59:05 <reactormonk> fell, https://duckduckgo.com/?q=gnucash+edit+transactions
05:00:28 <fell> Thanks
05:03:15 <fell> It seems to need much time until search engines and index services use more recent versions.
05:05:20 <reactormonk> In the transactions list, is it possible to get the same form again used for inserting the transaction?
05:07:23 <reactormonk> Also, in said window, can I display the currency the number represents?
05:07:59 <reactormonk> ... ah, it's always the destination account.
05:09:25 <fell> edit->preferences->register[ defaults]
05:20:37 <reactormonk> Would you put credit card fees into a split transaction?
05:22:10 <reactormonk> fell, I'm not sure what I'm looking for, didn't find anything corresponding in these two.
05:24:41 <Mechtilde> do you read chapter 10 of the English tutorial
05:28:40 <reactormonk> E.g. http://www.gnucash.org/docs/v2.6/C/gnucash-guide/currency_invest1.html last split table?
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05:49:54 <damascene> Hi, this is the official GNUCash channel, right?
05:50:52 <mikee> damascene: Yep
05:51:20 <mikee> Don't ask to ask, just ask, and wait...
05:51:39 <damascene> Great, thank you. I want to know how to record a sale on eBay. I'll describe what I think I should do and I hope you correct me
05:53:37 <damascene> I record the original cost of the item as an expense under COGS. I record eBay fees as ebay fees and paypal fees as a banking fees, shipping fees under expenses shipping fees.
05:54:53 <damascene> Usually when I add items to my inventory I had it under asset and when it's sold I decrease the asset account and increase the COGS expense account
05:55:28 <damascene> Is there any suggestions? I searched but I could not find a clear guide for that.
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06:02:50 <mikee> damascene: You may need to wait a while to get an answer here. Your using GnuCash for inventory which isn't waht it was designed for.
06:03:24 <mikee> Yout may want to join the mailing list https://lists.gnucash.org/mailman/listinfo/gnucash-user THere have been similar questions there in the past
06:03:43 <mikee> and you more likely to get a comprehensive answer.
06:04:13 <mikee> Oh dear my spelling this morning!
06:12:49 <damascene> I know that GnuCash does not support inventory. I just want to use the accounting feature. If you can suggest other solution that has both that would be great. I've read some of the discussions in the mailing list but I could not understand it clearly. I'll stay here for sometime waiting for an answer
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06:53:30 <Mechtilde> fell I update my PotTest branch on github
06:58:28 <fell> did you see my commit last night?
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06:59:58 <fell> Price editor is now "price database" as menu entry and Main window label
07:00:26 <Mechtilde> no
07:01:11 <Mechtilde> sorry
07:01:26 <Mechtilde> Then I have to do some more changes
07:01:53 <Mechtilde> but first I have to do another project
07:02:31 <fell> Theoretical I am out of town since 2h. ;-)
07:03:12 <fell> But I will be back before Sylvester.
07:04:02 <Mechtilde> I will do the changes when I work on the translation further
07:06:49 <fell> And then it might be easier to refer in the guide.
07:07:35 <Mechtilde> then I can change it in the guide to
07:08:07 <Mechtilde> including the screenshots
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07:10:17 <fell> I am shure, it will look nice. :)
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07:41:31 <fell> Mechtilde, "Invoice report" I would translate with Rechnungsformular
07:41:48 <fell> line 2991
07:42:21 <Mechtilde> I notes
07:43:58 <fell> entered and reconciled dates:Datum von Eingabe und Abgleich
07:44:25 <fell> 8177
07:48:19 <reactormonk> What's the correct term for money seeded into a company? Investment on the side that gives, but what's the name on the side that receives?
07:49:40 <fell> Kommt drauf an, ob Aktie oder Anleihe oder ...
07:50:43 <fell> A share is equity, the other a liability
07:51:33 <Mechtilde> reactormonk, you are German
07:51:51 <reactormonk> Mechtilde, yup, but I somehow started my gnucash in english...
07:52:08 <fell> Which OS?
07:52:13 <reactormonk> Linux
07:52:34 <reactormonk> I bezweifle dass der meine Konten umbenennt.
07:53:24 <reactormonk> Ah - Equity - Opening Balances passt vermutlich.
07:54:47 <fell> Bevor du viel eingibst, solltest du überlegen, ob du es nicht doch lieber mit einem deutschen Kontenrahmen starten willst
07:55:29 <fell> gerade wenn du es betrieblich nutzen willst
07:57:32 <damascene> When I sell an item I record the original cost of the item as an expense under COGS. I record eBay fees as expense "ebay fees" and paypal fees as expense "banking fees", shipping fees under expenses "shipping fees".
07:57:32 <damascene> Usually when I add items to my inventory I had it under asset and when it's sold I decrease the asset account and increase the COGS expense account. Am I doing it right? any suggestions?
07:57:49 <Mechtilde> many parts of the guide are already translated
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07:59:31 <fell> damascene, there are several methods to do this.
07:59:58 <fell> They have all their pros and contras.
08:00:29 <damascene> That is what I'm trying to find. I could not find a clean guide about it
08:00:33 <fell> You should first read a book about business accounting
08:00:51 <fell> explaining the different methods.
08:01:31 <fell> or ask in a specific forum,where accountants are around.
08:02:02 <damascene> are these general suggestion or you saw mistakes in my way?
08:02:15 <damascene> s/suggestion/suggestions
08:02:15 <fell> The right way might differ between countries, too.
08:02:46 <damascene> right
08:03:06 <fell> I read that books decades ago in german.
08:03:38 <fell> It is too hard for me, to translate the content.
08:03:54 <damascene> I understand. Thank you.
08:04:38 <fell> Ask some accountants, which methods are allowed in your country first.
08:05:14 <fell> later decide which is an economic way to do that in gnucash.
08:05:56 <damascene> I see. You are right. Some countries require specific way of accounting
08:06:20 <damascene> but my sales are not that big. I'll keep the records for my own usage in this stage
08:08:04 <fell> When I was a trader, made a tree of groups in both expense and income.
08:10:06 <fell> in income they were devided in: sales and reducements (rebates, retours, ...)
08:11:17 <fell> dependand on the questions, you (and your tax officer) will ask later.
08:12:35 <damascene> I see. I was thinking of making a video for simple sales on ebay with recording it on gnucash. I think if a template was made for such thing with a little guide it will drive many users in
08:13:11 <damascene> Many people sell in amounts lower than what is required to be reported to tax collectors
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13:55:06 <jralls> fell: I'm not enthusiastic about changing the name of a menu item in the maint branch. ISTM that's something that should only happen at a major release.
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14:09:32 <fell> I believe I understand
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14:10:50 <fell> But it is really confusing to have 2 different windows with the same name
14:11:21 <fell> For users and documenters
14:12:04 <Mechtilde> and translators
14:14:44 <fell> on master configure fails for me with:
14:14:49 <fell> configure: error: Boost Header Fails to compile with C++11. To fix this, open it and change line 67 to
14:14:51 <fell> return (bool) dst_calc_rules_; //if calc_rule is set the tz has dst
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14:20:01 <jralls> I understand all that: I saw the discussion the two of you had about it the other day. I agree that the change is appropriate, just not in maint. I'm willing to bend on the actual dialog box titles because I don't think most users pay much attention to them, but they can't help being surprised by the different menu item.
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14:30:42 <fell> jralls, can you help me with the configure problem?
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14:31:00 <jralls> What configure problem?
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14:31:26 <fell> 14:14
14:33:49 <fell> I never touched external header files
14:36:03 <fell> or am I using a wrong version of c++?
14:37:46 <jralls> fell: It's because there's an error in the earliest allowed version of boost. The header you need to change is boost/date_time/local_time/custom_time_zone.hpp.
14:38:02 <jralls> The note in configure should say that. I'll fix it right away.
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14:40:00 <fell> I am using gcc 4.8 and could switch back to 3.3
14:42:58 <fell> and boost is 1.53.0
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14:44:07 <jralls> fell: 3.3 won't work. Nothing earlier than (IIRC) 4.6 will compile C++11. Yes, I know you're using boost 1.53; if earlier configure would reject it and if later you wouldn't get that error.
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14:49:50 <fell> Can you write "change as root ..."
14:50:22 <fell> the normal user can not save the change
14:53:31 <jralls> Ah, "perhaps as root": It depends on how you installed boost.
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15:29:58 <fell> jralls: gnc-datetime.cpp:44:41: error: 'boost::date_time::special_values' is not a namespace
15:30:15 <fell> gnc-datetime.cpp:184:19: error: 'not_a_date_time' was not declared in this scope
15:30:41 <jralls> fell: Yup, travis told me about that half an hour ago. I've already pushed a fix.
15:31:01 <fell> cool
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15:54:33 <jralls> fell: On the gnc-frequency.glade msgid contexts, I found that rather bizarrely it depends on whether I build in-source or out-of-source. In-source builds don't pick up the msgids and out-of-source builds do. This on Debian Jessie.
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16:02:16 <fell> I just switched from the separate build dir to intree, because of the failure of make check.
16:04:41 <fell> Before I ran out of time last spring the review of our intl stuff was one of my projects.
16:06:15 <fell> The interim results I wrote down in http://wiki.gnucash.org/wiki/Translation#Background
16:16:09 <fell> jralls: it is now too late for me, I will revert the menu entry and then reapply it only in trunk, OK?
16:16:43 <jralls> OK.
16:16:46 <jralls> Good night.
16:18:08 <fell> Good night
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23:12:46 <reactormonk> I've had an expense via transaction from assets - but now I received a reimbursement for said expense - should I simply mark it as income to assets or somehow link it to said expense?
23:13:29 <fell> No, it is a reduction of you expenses
23:15:21 <fell> No, wait! it depends on what kind of reimbursement.
23:15:44 <fell> who reimbursed you?
23:16:09 <reactormonk> A company.
23:16:55 <fell> and your relation to this company?
23:16:59 <reactormonk> I'm not sure which kinds of reimbursements there are.
23:18:26 <fell> Wenn es dein Arbeitgeber ist, reduziert es deine Aufwendungen.
23:19:21 <fell> Ist ein Kunde, sprich lieber mit deinem Steuerberater, wie es verbucht werden soll.
23:22:52 <fell> So, better ask your CPA.
23:23:05 <reactormonk> Can do.
23:24:28 <reactormonk> Aber ja, reduziert Aufwendungen. Ich weiss nur nicht wie genau verbuchen.
23:26:44 <reactormonk> Wenn ich von Rückerstattung -> Aufwendung verbuche, habe ich das auf der falschen Seite?
23:26:56 <fell> Du neutralisierst die vorherige Buchung (Kasse->Materialaufwand) durch eine (Materialaufeand->Kasse/Bank)
23:29:04 <fell> Wenn sowas in größerem Umfang vorkommt, kann es auch sinnvoll sein, Auslagen und Erstattungen in separaten Unterkonten zu erfassen.
23:29:52 <fell> Das hätte einen höheren Informationgehalt.
23:30:49 <reactormonk> Sind 4 Zahlungen insgesamt.
23:31:26 <fell> Hält sich ja noch in Grenzen. ;-)
23:33:32 <fell> Ach ja, evtl. könnte es auch sinnvoll sein, das nicht als Aufwand sondern als Forderung zu verbuchen.
23:34:10 <fell> Wenn es z.B. über Sylvester noch offen ist.
23:35:00 <reactormonk> Macht Sinn.
23:36:20 <fell> Und erst, wenn z.B. der Auftraggeber Zahlungsunfähigkeit erklärt, wird daraus Aufwand.