2015-12-23 GnuCash IRC logs

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09:15:17 <fell> Mechtilde: i believe, /src/gnome-utils/gtkbuilder/gnc-frequency.glade,h is missing in some index file
09:18:51 <MechtiIde> can anyone fix it?
09:21:26 * fell is alread researching ...
09:21:32 <fell> y
09:23:40 <fell> it is listed in potfiles.in ...
09:26:30 <fell> and not in .ignore or .skip
09:28:44 <fell> Ignore above. My build dir was outdated.
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10:31:52 <fell> Sorry, I will be back in ~1h
10:32:33 <MechtiIde> I'll come back later too
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10:59:37 <emily> Hello.
11:03:31 <emily> So, I was writing a python script using the bindings, and I wanted to do stuff with lots and capital gains. Account.AssignLots isn't included in the bindings though because the declaration is in cap-gains.h, not Account.h. So anyway, I'm new to SWIG and gnucash development in general. I was thinking, just add the include to the gnucash_core.i file? How do I then compile or re-swig or whatever?
11:05:09 <warlord> emily: you will need to rebuild gnucash; if you build from git it will rebuild the bindings
11:06:23 <emily> ok, so doing make will automatically re-swig the bindings. I don't have to do anything additional? Because I tried that and it didn't seem to work so I'm clearly missing something.
11:08:02 <warlord> Are you building from git? or from a tarball?
11:08:08 <emily> git
11:08:17 <warlord> and you modified the .i file?
11:08:21 <emily> yep
11:08:41 <warlord> and you enabled the python bindings during configure?
11:08:55 <emily> yep. the test files run
11:09:38 <emily> except mine fails :P
11:12:30 <warlord> what change did you make to gnucash_core.i?
11:16:00 <emily> inserted at line 83:
11:16:01 <emily> #include "cap-gains.h"
11:16:57 <warlord> Did you also add: %include <cap-gains.h> further down?
11:17:13 <emily> no, I didn't. I'll try that
11:17:29 <warlord> you will need to do that to actually wrap the cap-gains APIs
11:24:35 <emily> no dice.
11:25:42 <warlord> Did it rebuild gnucash_core.c ?
11:26:40 <warlord> (you can just check the datestamp to see if it's newer than gnucash_core.i)
11:27:23 <emily> yeah, looks like it did.
11:28:02 <warlord> Okay. So next question: Are you sure you're loading in the newly-built bindings?
11:28:52 <emily> how can I check?
11:29:25 <warlord> I dont know.
11:29:39 <warlord> (I'm not a python user)
11:29:42 <emily> ok. well I'll work on that bit then. Thanks
11:30:01 <warlord> You could check to see if there are multiple so files on your system?
11:30:09 <warlord> Or maybe check the lib path
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13:39:22 <fell> Mechtilde: i checked out branh maint. Aftercalling make po/pot I have the references and strings in fnucash.pot
13:40:36 <fell> can you verify that?
13:40:53 <MechtiIde> is it possible to have gnucash.pot as partr of the repo?
13:42:31 <fell> It would be against the philosophy of the build process.
13:43:33 <MechtiIde> how should I start
13:44:23 <MechtiIde> I created a separat branch
13:44:31 <MechtiIde> for testing
13:45:18 <MechtiIde> I starte with ./autogen.sh
13:48:24 <MechtiIde> then ./configure --prefix.....
13:55:10 <MechtiIde> then make
13:55:32 <MechtiIde> must I install it? Or can I check it after make?
14:04:46 <fell> No need to install it now
14:05:08 <MechtiIde> ok, it's still building
14:05:35 <fell> I am not shure, if make pot is part of the default make
14:05:57 <MechtiIde> so I have to end with make pot?
14:06:21 <MechtiIde> or better after building with make
14:06:21 <fell> but you can look in po for gnucash.pot
14:07:15 <MechtiIde> now I see there an older file from 12.12.15 18:38
14:08:28 <MechtiIde> so I'm waiting if I get a new *.pot file this time
14:14:17 <fell> And, did you?
14:15:07 <MechtiIde> it's still building
14:15:18 <MechtiIde> is not the faster maschine
14:15:31 <fell> NP
14:15:37 <MechtiIde> fastest
14:24:30 <MechtiIde> I start 'make pot'
14:25:56 <MechtiIde> it finishes
14:27:10 <MechtiIde> I have a new file gnucash ,pot but without ...gnc-frequency.glade.h:21, 22, 27, 28
14:27:21 <MechtiIde> as I described in my mail
14:30:20 <MechtiIde> other strings like gnc-frequency.glade.h:20, 23, 24, 26 I can find
14:31:06 <warlord> MechtiIde: I dont think you need to do a full make; I thnk you can just "make pot"
14:31:09 <MechtiIde> and so on
14:32:28 <warlord> what are lines 20, 21, 22, 23, etc. in gnc-frequency.glade.h? it's possible that it's not including strings that shouldn't be localized.
14:32:55 <MechtiIde> warlord, now mak is ready as describe above
14:35:29 <MechtiIde> that isn't the line number of file src/gnome-utils/gnc-frequency.h
14:36:19 <MechtiIde> It seems to be the counter of the translatable strings in src/gnome-utils/gtkbuilder/gnc-frequency.glade
14:36:41 <MechtiIde> there they are marked as translatable
14:37:06 <MechtiIde> but I missed these strings in de.po to translate them
14:37:19 <fell> grep -in translatable gnc-recurrence.glade
14:37:47 <fell> lists the current strings
14:37:58 <MechtiIde> why gnc-recurrency.glade
14:38:19 <fell> c/y/e/
14:38:49 <MechtiIde> yes but why recurrency and not frequency?
14:39:21 <fell> Oh, wrong file
14:40:29 <MechtiIde> e.g 'months' isn't in gnu-recurrence
14:40:39 <fell> In your mail from 21 Dec 2015 19:20:06 +0100 you mentioned gnc-recurrence.glade
14:40:53 <MechtiIde> only in gnc-frequency
14:42:14 <MechtiIde> Christian mentioned it
14:44:03 <MechtiIde> My part started with "Dieser Hinweis hilft nicht weiter...."
14:45:45 <MechtiIde> there first I told in de.po there are no strings from ..gnc-frequency, but this was wrong
14:45:57 <MechtiIde> as I described in the next mail
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14:57:58 <fell> Semimonthly starts in 13702
14:58:59 <fell> has Every ... month
14:59:00 <MechtiIde> of which file?
14:59:34 <fell> gnucash.pot
15:00:23 <MechtiIde> yes with ...frrequency.gralde.26
15:00:32 <MechtiIde> glade.h:26
15:01:02 <MechtiIde> frequency.glade.h:26
15:01:19 <fell> this was one of your missing strings?
15:01:54 <MechtiIde> but where do you see Every...month -> should be ...frequency.glade.h:27
15:02:19 <MechtiIde> that "Every...month"22 was one of the missing strings
15:02:30 <MechtiIde> and I still miss it
15:02:47 <MechtiIde> s/22/
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15:07:07 <fell> 13728ff: msgctxt "Monthly"
15:07:27 <MechtiIde> I can try to add them manually into the file de.po
15:07:49 <fell> no, try msgmerge now
15:08:32 <fell> if we have all missing strings now
15:08:44 <fell> in gnucash.pot
15:09:02 <MechtiIde> you have them?
15:09:11 <MechtiIde> I didn't have
15:09:57 <MechtiIde> I didn't have "msgctxt" in gnucash.pot
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15:11:22 <fell> I have in gnucash.pot in line 13729: msgctxt "Monthly"
15:12:17 <MechtiIde> I don't have it
15:12:51 <MechtiIde> I have it only at the end of de.po
15:13:03 <MechtiIde> 25912ff
15:14:18 <fell> remove gnucash.pot and run make pot again?
15:15:24 <MechtiIde> ok
15:18:05 <MechtiIde> same result
15:21:56 <fell> your git branch is maint?
15:22:32 <MechtiIde> a ne branch based on maint
15:22:44 <MechtiIde> a new
15:22:53 <fell> last commit Bug 759674 - GNUCash crashes when importing invoices or bills with delimited import?
15:23:30 <MechtiIde> Release 2.6.10
15:24:47 <fell> Bill touched only Bill/Invoice import
15:25:17 <fell> so it can be inored
15:26:44 <MechtiIde> I pulled and rebased
15:26:53 <MechtiIde> I started make pot again
15:27:31 <MechtiIde> same result
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15:34:58 <fell> I assume there is something wrong with your working dir, e.g. some pending old file.
15:35:25 <fell> can you try make clean
15:35:51 <fell> itf it doesn't help make distclean
15:36:24 <fell> and perhaps somebody knows the git clean params
15:36:47 <fell> jralls or warlord?
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15:43:23 <MechtiIde> I did "git clean -f"
15:43:37 <MechtiIde> there are still some directories
15:43:51 <MechtiIde> src/import-export/qif-imp/gnucash/
15:43:51 <MechtiIde> src/import-export/qif-imp/qif-import/
15:43:51 <MechtiIde> src/report/report-system/test/gnucash/
15:43:51 <MechtiIde> src/report/standard-reports/test/gnucash/
15:44:03 <MechtiIde> but they aren't empty
15:44:37 <MechtiIde> can I remove them completely
15:50:04 <MechtiIde> I have to leave here
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16:28:02 <fell> @tell Mechtilde The hard variant is git clean -fdx (wiki:Rlease Process)
16:28:02 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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