2015-12-18 GnuCash IRC logs

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08:35:54 <a> hi, how do i view an invoice directly from an accounts receivable transaction?
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08:36:43 <thomasr> e.g. the invoice id is showing, but it isn't clickable, like it is in the customer report
08:52:20 <thomasr> also, i work on a laptop, it'd be really nice to be able to edit the order of the buttons in the toolbar, so those that i don't use, "drop off" the end
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09:52:07 <fell> jralls, mikee: can you op gncbot?
09:55:06 <fell> @tell thomasr You should really stay longer to get an answer.
09:55:06 <gncbot> fell: The operation succeeded.
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10:04:32 <warlord> Nickserv/Chanserv to the rescue
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13:03:14 <mikee> I woulda if I'd been here.
13:03:27 <mikee> Opped, that is.
13:04:05 <thomasr> hi
13:04:05 <gncbot> thomasr: Sent 3 hours and 8 minutes ago: <fell> You should really stay longer to get an answer.
13:04:35 <thomasr> fell: thanks - yes, i planned it, but i had to go out though
13:05:15 <thomasr> it's been so long i forgot what the questions were! i've been busy reading the gnu help basics
13:05:47 <thomasr> oh yeah - how do i view an invoice directly from an account, e.g. accounts receivable
13:06:10 <thomasr> the invoice id isn't linked to the invoice, and i can't see any way to jump to it in the menus
13:08:44 <thomasr> also, another question i've been thinking of - i'm considering using woocommerce for online selling, and i've found a way to export orders from it, and also create customers, however, do i need to determnine whether a customer already exists my gnucash database, or will gnucash warn me that there's a duplicate email or something
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13:25:12 <warlord> thomasr: there is no direct link from Register to Invoice.
13:26:16 <warlord> thomasr: the importer probably will not warn you if you try to import the same customer twice.
13:26:21 <warlord> (but I'm not sure about htat)
13:51:46 <thomasr> mhh, it's a shame there's no link, i think there should be - do you know if it's on the todo list?
13:53:13 <thomasr> as for the importer, i'm still trying to figure out how to ascertain whether a customer exists already after exporting from woocommerce and before importing ... i'm thinking of writing a little application that un gzips the gnucash file, checks for an email, and removes the customer from the csv file
13:53:21 <thomasr> that would be a trivial thing to knock up
14:24:47 <thomasr> also, with customer number, why can't i just type in "1" for the id instead of "000001", it's confusing!
14:27:00 <thomasr> also, i googled but found nothing as well, for the invoice, i'd like to be able to add a field for sku, but don't appear to be able to add them at all - is this something that's planned?
14:28:54 <warlord> AFAIK it is not on anyone's todo list. Patches always welcome.
14:29:45 <warlord> Not sure what you mean by "add a field for SKU".
14:30:00 <warlord> That sounds like an inventory feature. GnuCash doesn't have inventory.
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15:03:17 <thomasr> ah ok. afaik, there's not linking ability in fields at all, so maybe linking to invoice isn't possible
15:03:38 <thomasr> if it were relatively simple, i'd write a patch - what's the github repo?
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15:05:45 <thomasr> oh, i see you don't accept pr's on the repo
15:06:07 <thomasr> sorry, i meant issues
15:06:14 <thomasr> there is a pr button
15:10:16 <warlord> Correct, we use Bugzilla for issue tracking. See the wiki
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15:12:31 <warlord> however adding a link probably will not be all that easy. You MIGHT be able to add something to the right-click context menu to "open invoice"
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15:29:46 <thomasr> aye - thanks, i'll finish off reading and playing. i'm surprised how easy it is to get into once you get past the "don't manually touch accounts receivable / payable"
15:30:07 <warlord> :)
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