2015-12-15 GnuCash IRC logs

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12:01:03 <jralls> codesmythe: For your cmake work, note that I changed a bunch of shell scripts to foo.in yesterday so configure can set a shell other than /bin/sh. That's needed for El Cap to work around SIP. The env-var autoconf uses is CONFIG_SHELL. cmake will need to mutate those files in the same way, ideally with the same env-var.
12:04:52 <codesmythe> OK. Thanks for the heads up.
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13:10:32 <pleogasha> if I enter say $500 on a row for Incomes->Sales, putting "Income:Sales" under the Transfer column, and 500.00 under the Income column, GnuCash immediately adds a second row which matches the first, except that 500.00 is moved to the "Charge" column instead of the "Income" column, resulting in a sum of zero for income...?
13:13:11 <pleogasha> if I instead put "Imbalance-USD" under "Transfer", it seems less weird, but when I go to Reports->Income & Expense->Income Statement, while the $500 shows up next to "Sales", the figure for "Income" shows as zero??
13:14:19 <warlord> pleogasha: please go read (or re-read) the GnuCash Tutorial -- you clearly don't understand double-entry accounting.
13:16:35 <warlord> you're seeing double because you're entering a transaction where the Debit and Credit splits go to the same account, which is undoubtedly not what you want.
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13:34:35 <pleogasha> warlord: i just need a document that shows my income (say $500) and expenses ($0) -- i have no other current use for GnuCash. the tutorial and concepts guide appears to be huge. is there a quick way you can tell me to accomplish what i need?
13:56:58 <warlord> pleogasha: not with gnucash. To use GnuCash you need to add at least one asset account to hold the the value between the Income and Expense.
13:57:09 <warlord> c.f. double-entry accounting.
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