2015-12-07 GnuCash IRC logs

00:20:57 <fell> cmug, you might find settings for german banks in the german pages http://www.hbci-zka.de/institute/institut_select.php or http://linuxwiki.de/OpenHBCI/GetesteteBanken
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01:11:17 <cmug> thanks guys
01:11:26 <cmug> I'll remove my aqbanking installation
01:12:30 <cmug> And yes, German bank
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13:09:16 <linn_> I am new to gnucash and have questions concerning setting up ofx downloads. I currently use Quicken 2015 for Max. All of my Quicken accounts download automatically with Quicken Connect. I can only get some of these to download with gnucash. For several accounts, like Bank of America, Capital One, and US Bank, I get a login error, a general error (2000, I think), or just an INFO response, with no action. Does Quicken Connect jus
13:09:16 <linn_> t scrape my web account for data? I don't see any connection info in my Quicken logs, other than connections to Quicken. I am expecting that if I can auto download to Quicken, I should be able to auto download to gnucash... or is that naive?
13:14:17 <warlord> linn_: it is possible that it's using a WebConnect (screen-scaping) versus a Direct Connect.
13:19:20 <linn_> The Quicken account setup shows "Quicken Connect". The only account I have as Web Connect is one I need to manually log on to my bank, and then download a QFX file. For my Web Connect accounts, all of that happens automatically... I just don't know what Quicken is doing... and why I can't do it myself from gnucash!
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13:20:39 <warlord> most likely screen scraping
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13:29:21 <linn_> That seems far too problematic to me. Maybe Quicken has a private ofx conection to ank of America, for example, an then passes my uid/pw as data, to get my data download? Maybe to local logs don't record the direct connect traffic, only the quicken traffic. maybe I will need to do some network sniffing.
13:30:08 <warlord> I'm pretty sure BofA has OFX-DC and is supported by GnuCash -- have you looked at ofxhome.net and the GnuCash Wiki?
13:35:28 <jralls> I don't think OFX webconnect is screen scraping. See https://fi.intuit.com/ofximplementation/wcsteps/.
13:37:37 <linn_> yes, all of that. When I try to set up a user, the debug screen just shows the sever reporting a general error whether I get valid or invalid credential. This seems to tell me it doesn't want to validate my connection. But Quicken's connection works.
13:39:34 <linn_> The above link is exactly what I expect of web connect. But I have quicken connect. That should use an OFX sever for data.
13:39:38 <warlord> linn_: maybe you need to add your customer UID? See the recent discussions on gnucash-user
13:41:49 <linn_> I have tried that. At least I think I am providing the right input to aqbanking tools
13:42:00 <linn_> I will look into that further
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14:00:30 <jralls> linn_: Quicken connect is aka Express Web Connect. See https://quicken.intuit.com/support/help/bank-download-issues/how-quicken-connects-to-your-bank/GEN83013.html. GnuCash doesn't know how to do that.
14:05:17 <linn_> I have read that page. It is not clear exactly what is happening, but it indicates that a direct connection is established with the account institution. That sounds like OFX/QFX to me. That should also work for gnucash. Unless Quicken has another proprietary connection/transfer protocol other than QFX.
14:11:10 <warlord> linn_: they do
14:11:38 <warlord> (well, it also depends on your definition of "direct connection ... with the account institution"?
14:12:26 <jralls> linn_: Stop being stubborn. The page clearly indicates that Express Web Connect is different from Direct Connect, and Direct Connect is the only protocol that GnuCash supports.
14:14:58 <jralls> IIUC from the previous link, EWC uses https to do the authentication and the server initiates an ofx session over whatever ofx connects with, and Quicken catches that ofx session. In Direct Connect the client initiates the OFX session and authenticates inside of it.
14:19:25 <linn_> Well the Quicken doc is a little confusing to me. I understand it to mean: WEb Connect - Quicken will import a QFX file the I manually download. Express web connect - quicken receives QFX data from a sever via https transport. Direct Connect - Quicken can receive and also send QFX data via that same https connection. Do I have that all wrong?
14:21:16 <warlord> linn_: I believe you have #2 and #3 wrong.
14:22:00 <jralls> Maybe, depending on what QFX data Quicken is supposed to send. What I got out of the two was the authentication and OFX session startup differences.
14:23:15 <jralls> I don't know that the OFX data is transmitted inside of https, and I don't have time now to go research the AQB sources to figure it out.
14:23:27 <warlord> jralls: it is.
14:23:55 <warlord> ofx-dc uses https as the "transport", but authN is inside the soap connection
14:24:17 <jralls> OK. Then the only difference for our purposes is session set-up and authentication.
14:25:10 <linn_> Thanks all. I need to drop
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14:27:16 <jralls> Someone (not me!) could probably write GC code using webkit to handle the https auth and the handoff to AQB. There's a spec linked off of the wcsteps page's develop tab.
14:28:22 <jralls> Christian Stimming knows the AQB interaction the best, but whoever does it would need to have a US Bank that uses EWS to test against.
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14:45:36 <codesmythe> CMake pull request is in. Less than five minutes to compile on Windows. No more time for sword fights :-).
14:48:57 <jralls> Wow. I'll get that tested and pushed RSN. Many thanks!
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17:07:30 <jralls> codesmythe1: Tried on Win7, build failed. Details on PR 48. I have to go do other stuff now, I'll look at it again tomorrow.
17:17:11 <codesmythe1> jralls: Thanks. I'll reply on PR, but short answer is you need MSYS_DIR=c:\\gcdev\\mingw\\msys\\1.0 in custom.sh.
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