2015-12-05 GnuCash IRC logs

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14:41:17 <mib_fkjp8o> I installed gnucash 2.6.9 on Windows 7; I created a customer and tried to enter an invoice. After entering initial invoice information on the 'New Invoice' screen, I'm taken to the vendor bill entry screen instead of the customer invoice detail. Any suggestions?
14:42:14 <warlord> mib_fkjp8o: are you sure you chose Customer -> New Invoice? And are you sure you chose a CUSTOMER and not a VENDOR?
14:43:47 <mib_fkjp8o> yes; I select business->customer->new invoice and get the initial customer screen...I pick a customer and then hit OK
14:44:28 <mib_fkjp8o> I am then sent to a bill entry form where a vendor has been selected (completely different name) and I can only enter an expense item
14:45:06 <warlord> Umm... and the vendor selected isn't the customer you selected, I presume ;)
14:45:14 <mib_fkjp8o> that's correct
14:45:55 <mib_fkjp8o> I tried it several times; have closed the program, restarted....still doing the same thing. now I have 5 unposted vendor bills that I can't delete
14:48:21 <warlord> Well, you could have shut down without saving ;)
14:48:52 <warlord> I can't even imagine what would cause that to happen..
14:48:58 <warlord> jralls: any ideas?
14:50:25 <mib_fkjp8o> I just tried creating a vendor bill; selected business->vendor->new bill and got the initial vendor screen. I selected a vendor and hit OK and was taken to the bill entry tab except the vendor selected in the screen is not the one I picked on the initial
14:50:46 <mib_fkjp8o> *initial screen
14:51:52 <warlord> What if you take an existing (posted) customer invoice, then duplicate it?
14:52:06 <mib_fkjp8o> the vendor that it switches to after hitting OK from the customer selection and vendor selection prompts is the same in both cases...and it's not the one I picked in either case
14:52:16 <mib_fkjp8o> this is my first invoice...can't create one at all
14:52:43 <mib_fkjp8o> maybe uninstall and re-install?
14:54:05 <warlord> Not sure that would actually help.
14:55:50 <mib_fkjp8o> since they both switch to the same vendor, maybe there's something corrupt with that vendor...may try to delete that vendor
14:56:08 <warlord> You can't delete it..
14:56:12 <warlord> can't delete any biz objects
14:56:26 <warlord> is this a real data file or a test data file?
14:56:50 <mib_fkjp8o> real
14:57:00 <mib_fkjp8o> afraid of that
14:57:57 <warlord> Maybe revert back to a backup file from before you added the 5 vendor bills?
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15:50:27 <CDB-Man_> so, i was about to subscribe to the user mailing list, and I get this:
15:50:29 <CDB-Man_> " Your subscription is not allowed because the email address you gave is insecure."
15:50:33 <CDB-Man_> using a gmail address
15:51:32 <warlord> HUH?
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15:51:46 <CDB-Man_> exactly
15:51:59 <CDB-Man_> https://lists.gnucash.org/mailman/listinfo/gnucash-user <-- i'm subscribing to here..... so yeah
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15:54:08 <warlord> at what time (exactly) did you attempt this?
15:54:23 <CDB-Man> 2 minutes ago or so
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15:56:39 <warlord> Try again?
15:57:42 <CDB-Man> just tries 15s ago, same error
15:58:10 <warlord> CDB-Man: IP is
15:58:31 <CDB-Man> yes
15:59:45 <warlord> what email address did you give?
16:00:09 <CDB-Man> cdbman.online@gmail.com
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16:02:50 <warlord> CDB-Man: worked for me..
16:02:59 <warlord> You should have an email shortly from the list.
16:03:25 <warlord> Then you'll need to change your password -- I didn't set one.
16:03:30 <CDB-Man> got the email
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16:04:17 <warlord> So, don't know what to tell you.
16:04:23 <warlord> Maybe your browser is broken?
16:04:28 <CDB-Man> solar flares.
16:04:33 <warlord> could be.
16:04:45 <CDB-Man> chrome latest; unless adblockplus was affecting it...
16:04:48 <CDB-Man> i have no other extensions
16:05:17 <warlord> shouldn't..
16:05:26 <warlord> but you never know.
16:05:36 <warlord> I've got *.gnucash.org white-listed with Adblock.
16:07:18 <CDB-Man> cool, well whatever it was, I'm good to go now it looks!
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16:07:55 <warlord> you just need to confirm the request
16:07:59 <GnuGuest> Hi... I have a question about the sixtp parsing layer on top of the libxml parser in gnucash.
16:08:02 <CDB-Man> which I just did
16:08:31 <CDB-Man> the systemg generated a new random pw, so I'm good to go
16:08:58 <CDB-Man> so question then, so start a new thread, I would email the mail gnucash-user@gnucash.org with a completely new (blank) email, and whatever I choose as the subject line will show up as the thread title in the archives, right?
16:10:52 <warlord> You do not want to send a blank email.
16:11:06 <warlord> Send an email with the appropriate subject and appropriate content.
16:11:08 <CDB-Man> what I meant by blank is, "not in reply to a prior thread"
16:11:21 <CDB-Man> ie, "no need to quote older stuff"
16:11:30 <warlord> Ah, yes, you want to create a "new message" and not "reply" to an existing one.
16:11:42 <CDB-Man> right, gotcha
16:11:56 <CDB-Man> time to finally compose that question i had a couple weeks back on the portfolio report :P
16:11:59 <GnuGuest> Actually I am curious since Gnucash is hopefully going towards C++ coding whether parsing code could be replaced with Boost::Spirit parsing?
16:15:54 <warlord> GnuGuest: what "parsing code"?
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16:16:22 <GnuGuest> Right now, when examining the sixtp parsing code and libxml parsing library... it seems that it would be a steep learning curve not just for me, but for any new prospective coder coming on board.
16:16:37 <warlord> GnuGuest: really? it's not that hard.
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16:16:51 <warlord> the parsers (and generators) are all hand-written.
16:17:11 <warlord> I doubt there is any desire to move away from libxml when what we have is very well tested.
16:17:59 <GnuGuest> Not even to libxml++?
16:18:53 <warlord> why?
16:19:16 <warlord> we want to move away from XML as a storage format..
16:19:28 <warlord> So it would seem to me to be a waste of time.
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16:20:22 <GnuGuest> So then the XML file is only a precursor to a database then
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16:21:03 <warlord> it will remain an interchange format. (i.e., it's not going away). But yes, the goal is SQLite to be the main "file" format
16:31:19 <GnuGuest> Okay, if the XML format is to become an interchange format then it would be relegated with OFX, QFX and so on as import/export file interchange options.
16:32:00 <GnuGuest> At this point, I guess I should say GncXML.
16:32:37 <warlord> Not quite.
16:32:45 <warlord> It's not an Import format..
16:33:03 <warlord> So I wouldn't conflate "GncXML" with QIF, OFX, etc.
16:33:08 <warlord> they serve very different purposes.
16:33:14 <GnuGuest> Right, it is not standard.
16:33:34 <warlord> that's irrelevant. (QIF isn't standard, either)
16:35:57 <GnuGuest> No, I was not refering to QIF... just OFX and QFX which have a standards committee.
16:37:56 <warlord> it's still irrelevant
16:38:30 <warlord> it's not an import format, it's an exchange format. I.e., if you want to send me your datafile, you would save it as GnCXML and send it to me; you wouldn't send me your SQL file.
16:40:20 <GnuGuest> So it is only between Gnucash instances and not between Gnucash and, say, an online bank?
16:40:27 <warlord> correct
16:40:39 <warlord> The only user of GncXML is GnuCash
16:41:07 <GnuGuest> That is understood, but it begs the question why not use one of the standard ones?
16:42:07 <warlord> Are you trying to play devil's advocate here or are you really asking this question?
16:45:15 <GnuGuest> Oh, I don't want to offend... I am just curious about the design and implementation. I am not taking any sides and I am certainly not advocating for any particular format.
16:45:31 <warlord> It's just frankly a silly question to ask.
16:45:40 <GnuGuest> Why?
16:46:02 <warlord> Because there is so much more data GnuCash holds than any of those other formats can
16:46:10 <warlord> You would necessarily lose data converting.
16:47:21 <GnuGuest> So that is the reason.
16:48:14 <warlord> A pretty good reason, IMHO.
16:48:20 <warlord> or even IMNSHO
16:49:08 <GnuGuest> Well, warlord, I know you are a major architect so you need not have too much modesty.
16:50:57 <warlord> :)
16:51:02 <warlord> Sorry, been a long weekend.
16:55:53 <GnuGuest> I was also curious about the use of QofCollection, because it seems that it serves as a way of getting RTTI independently of the coding language so that you can query more powerfully
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16:59:12 <GnuGuest> That's okay warlord... I can reserve my questions for another time or to the list.
17:00:05 <warlord> I wouldn't think about QofCollection in that way.. When you're querying you are already stating what you're looking for.
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17:03:26 <GnuGuest> Sorry, my bad... it was probably when I was reading in the GUID and the QofID code something to the effect of combining the uniqueness of UUIDs and the Typing using QofIDs that it made me think of RTTI.
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17:04:27 <warlord> its typing the GUIDs.
17:04:28 <gnomey> warlord> The only user of GncXML is GnuCash <= and ledger
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17:06:50 <warlord> gnomey: interesting.
17:07:43 <gnomey> actually, i have to retract that. ledger dropped support for gnucash
17:08:13 <gnomey> a couple versions past of ledger reads gnucash xml files
17:09:03 <GnuGuest> Hmmm... was Ledger a web-based online book-keeping app?
17:09:48 <warlord> GnuGuest: no, I think it was a command-line app
17:09:56 <gnomey> GnuGuest: ledger has a couple forms.. there is a gui one, and a commandline one
17:10:06 <gnomey> but no web-based one that i'm aware of
17:10:11 <warlord> I guess I've only heard of ledger-cli
17:10:33 <gnomey> ledger-cli is the one that used to read gnucash files
17:11:24 <GnuGuest> Why did it drop support?
17:11:29 <clavo> warlord: sorry, had to drop off earlier. I'm having the issues with customer invoice creating a bill entry; any ideas?
17:11:45 <warlord> clavo: none. I have no clue how that could happen.
17:12:14 <gnomey> the commandline one is the most useful. Since gnucash has no scripting or commandline capability, the data is in a kind of prison. ledger-cli makes all kinds of useful possiblities by extracting records using regular expressions
17:12:39 <warlord> gnomey: that's not true. gnucash can be scripted both in Scheme and Python
17:13:03 <warlord> (granted, the latter requires you build gnucash with the bindings)
17:13:12 <gnomey> i tried one of the bindings for gnucash, but it was broken
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17:13:53 <GnuGuest> Indeed, I thought that was why Gnucash builds with Guile so that you can use bindings to all kinds of scripting languages.
17:14:14 <warlord> GnuGuest: Guile *is* a language
17:14:51 <GnuGuest> Sorry, I meant SWIG
17:15:18 <warlord> Ah, yes. And right now we've got swig going to guile (scheme) and python
17:15:57 <GnuGuest> So what is broken?
17:16:49 <warlord> This is the first I've heard of anything broken.
17:17:02 <warlord> GnuCash uses the guile interface internally, so it's unlikely to be broken.
17:18:51 <gnomey> pygnucash
17:19:25 <warlord> gnomey: that's a completely separate project and AFAIK doesn't use the python bindings.
17:19:38 <warlord> so if its broken, that's not on us
17:24:07 <gnomey> for programmatically creating new transactions, is python or scheme better? Are the APIs functionally similar?
17:30:56 <warlord> its the exact same underlying C code.
17:30:59 <GnuGuest> gnomey, the first question is almost religious... so it would probably boil down to which language or you more comfortable with python or lisp/scheme/guile?
17:31:24 <GnuGuest> s/or/are/
17:34:27 <gnomey> GnuGuest: if one language had a binding to create a transaction, and the other didn't, then the decision would be made for me
17:34:48 <gnomey> but in this case, it sounds like i have a choice
17:35:26 <gnomey> i don't like python - it's a bad idea to make whitespace meaningful. That language just annoys me. But learning python would probably have more utility than learning scheme
17:36:08 <gnomey> so i'll probably go with python (it has some good web scraping features)
17:40:33 <warlord> gnomey: == :)
17:40:47 <warlord> (about python white space)
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17:45:54 <gnomey> warlord: i don't follow.. do I need to know python to understand that?
17:46:02 <GnuGuest> I seem to recall a language called Snobol that made white space meaningful... that didn't last long.
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19:19:29 <warlord> gnomey: no, it means I agree with you (on the python white space suckage)
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