2015-12-01 GnuCash IRC logs

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12:29:08 <jralls> warlord: We don't use ~/.gconf* since Geert set up GSettings for 2.6. On Win32 those settings go to the registry, on OSX to ~/Library/Preferences/org.gnucash.gnucash. On systems using dconf they go to ~/.config/dcof/user. We do create ~/.gnome and ~/.gnome_private but don't write anything to them.
12:31:18 <jralls> The only dot-files a user can usefully copy are ~/.gnucash, ~/.gtk2rc-gnucash, and ~/.aqbanking if s/he's using AQBanking. We should probably have a little migration script in the bundles to do that for them and to extract the registry/dconf info.
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12:57:06 <nacho> jralls, hey
12:57:31 <jralls> nacho: Hi. What's up?
12:57:42 <nacho> jralls, I recall somebody told me you were not happy with the current gtk support for win32?
12:58:01 <nacho> I was wondering if you have any bug reports we should look at
13:00:58 <jralls> nacho: I haven't really been paying attention to Gtk on Win32. GnuCash uses Gtk2, which seems to work OK. Gramps uses Gtk3, but the Win32 work over there is done by others; I only do Mac stuff there.
13:01:34 <nacho> jralls, see that gtk 3 is in a better state IMHO than gtk 2 right now...
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13:02:48 <jralls> In what way? BTW, who are you?
13:03:28 <nacho> jralls, I am Ignacio Casal, one of the maintainers of gedit, and currently putting quite a bit of work in gtk win32 for the last few months
13:04:25 <nacho> jralls, just pointing out that gtk 3 is quite ok now, since I read somewhere you were thinking about some other toolkit due to win32
13:07:12 <jralls> Ah. We're working on cleaning up our many MVC breaks and getting GObject out of the core (we didn't use it correctly in the first place) so that we're not tightly bound to Gtk. We can't at the moment even switch to Gtk3 because of the MVC violations.
13:08:19 <jralls> But the reason for looking at other toolkits is that Gtk doesn't do mobile, so we need to be able to implement Android and iOS GUIs. Casual users are moving away from desktops.
13:08:49 <jralls> It doesn't really have anything to do with Win32.
13:08:59 <nacho> ah! ok good to know
13:10:26 <jralls> Some of us are also concerned that Gtk is moving towards Clutter with too much focus on animation and that that will make life hard for boring accounting programs.
13:11:02 <nacho> jralls, well, clutter is out of the way now no?
13:11:04 <jralls> That doesn't concern me too much, I figure the old-fashioned GUI aspects will still be available.
13:11:21 <nacho> it will add the gsk stuff but oh well
13:11:27 <nacho> things should be stay the same mainly
13:11:37 <jralls> Um, clutter isn't needed any more because it's moved into Gtk. That's the concern.
13:13:44 <nacho> I do not see the gsk stuff merged yet...
13:14:04 <nacho> you mean the opengl support that was merged already?
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13:17:29 <jralls> No, I thought that the gsk stuff had been merged, but since you mention it ISTR they're keeping it separate until gtk4.
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18:19:40 <Shawn> Chatted w @Warlord yesterday. Trying to copy Gnucash from retired PC to new PC. Located and copied .gnucash, .gconf, .gconfd, .gnome2 and .gnome_private dot files to new PC. Downloaded current stable vs. of Gnucash to new PC as well. Opened new vs. of Gnucash and directed it to folder where all copied dot files were located. Software does not appear to be able to locate the copied file so long
18:19:40 <Shawn> as they are hidden. When unhide and attempt to access files, recvd error message to the effect of "no backend located to support file type". Thoughts?
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20:06:09 <warlord> Shawn: did you copy your xxx.gnucash data file?
20:23:52 <warlord> Most likely you tried to open the .gcm file, which is NOT your data file.
20:24:21 <warlord> Those directories only contain metadata, which is what I said yesterday. You still need to copy your main datafile, which is stored wherever you told GnuCash to store it.
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22:03:36 <Shawn> I may have wrongly assumed that the .gnucash folder was the data file. What is the typical file name for this data file?
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