2015-06-28 GnuCash IRC logs

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11:10:28 <jralls> gjanssens: You have shell privs on code, right? Can you remove those posts from the logs?
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12:21:14 <candyflip> what's the deal with bitcoin?
12:21:39 <candyflip> i see that the gnucash project accepts bitcoin donations (http://www.gnucash.org/donate.phtml?lang=fr_FR)
12:22:10 <candyflip> but bitcoin is not an "ISO" currency, and I don't see it as an option when creating an account
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12:29:45 <jralls> candyflip: Sounds like you answered your own question. Bitcoin isn't an ISO currency. You have to treat it like a security.
12:29:59 <jralls> If you're in the US, the IRS requires that you do so.
12:37:31 <candyflip> jralls: a security isn't really appropriate for what it is
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12:37:50 <candyflip> bitcoin doesn't split, merge, or pay dividends
12:38:05 <candyflip> it's more like a currency than a stock
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12:39:10 <jralls> candyflip: Neither do most securities, nor any commodities. We used to call non-monetary assets commodities, which is more correct, but some users found it confusing.
12:40:39 <jralls> candyflip: Besides, common stocks are only one category of security. Bonds, options, swaps, warrants, and futures are a few others. There are many more.
12:41:41 <candyflip> jralls: i only see "stock" and "mutual fund" as choices in gnucash
12:41:59 <jralls> Regardless of which, in Gnucash "currencies" are those recognized by the ISO. All other assets are securities/commodities.
12:42:29 <jralls> No, you also see "Assets", which is more generic.
12:43:26 <candyflip> jralls: if I choose "asset", then gnucash has a mandatory field for "currency"
12:44:11 <candyflip> and there is no "new" button there to add btc
12:46:14 <candyflip> it also looks like the "smallest fraction" field for assets is limited to 1/1000000
12:46:35 <jralls> candyflip: Huh, you're right. You'll have to pretend it's a stock for now. When I get to rewriting Account in C++ I'll review the types, or at least the names presented to the user. It's hard to change anything that's written to the DB for backwards-compatibility reasons.
12:46:37 <candyflip> bitcoin needs 1/100000000
12:47:32 <candyflip> looks like the stock form allows 1/100000000
12:48:32 <candyflip> now suppose I buy something with bitcoin
12:48:45 <jralls> Yes, that's a result of the implementation of our rational numbers. It's fixed in the development branch, for the next release. In the meantime you can use either satoshis or milli-btc. The stock form only looks like it allows it, stuff breaks if you try.
12:49:01 <candyflip> will I be able to use stocks in expense transactions?
12:49:19 <jralls> Sorry, I should have said the next *major* release.
12:50:58 <jralls> No, expense and income accounts require a currency. GnuCash doesn't at present know how to handle barter.
12:57:32 <candyflip> jralls: when you say I can use satoshis, do you mean that I'll need a stock with the smallest fraction of 1?
12:59:34 <jralls> candyflip: That's what you'd do with satoshis. If you use milli-BTC then you'd have a fraction of 1/1000000. Either will work and get around the maximum denominator problem.
13:05:15 <candyflip> jralls: are you saying a fraction of 1/1,000,000 works in stocks, but not 1/100,000,000? Because what I see is that 1/100,000,000 is not available as an asset, but seems to be available as a stock
13:06:04 <candyflip> so i'm not sure why I couldn't have a btc stock with 1/100,000,000 in gc 2.6.4
13:13:01 <jralls> Yes. There are hard-coded 1/10000000 rounds buried in the code, so you'll get unwanted rounding if you try to use a smaller fraction.
13:13:36 <candyflip> ok, thanks
13:18:43 <gjanssens> jralls: I don't have shell access to code... only to www
13:18:54 <gjanssens> We'll have to wait for warlord to pop up again
13:19:07 <gjanssens> How's the release work going ?
13:19:40 <gjanssens> I noticed you pushed a lot of branches around earlier this week. Was that intentional ?
13:20:49 <jralls> The Windows VM is having trouble downloading. It works OK for a while then dies. Take a look at http://code.gnucash.org/builds/win32/build-logs/build-2.6.7-2015-06-28.log, which was my last attempt, then look at the VM.
13:23:25 <jralls> The branches thing bites me in the rear every time I try to push a new release tag. It's all leftovers from when I swept all of the old dev branches and tags into archive.
13:23:54 <jralls> Every time I think I've cleaned it up, and it invariably bites me the next time.
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14:33:21 <jralls> gjanssens: Found the problem with the VM server. It's out of disk.
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15:35:47 <warlord> Hey jralls
15:36:11 <jralls> Afternoon, Derek. Did you see my email?
15:36:37 <warlord> Yes, all handled.
15:36:55 <warlord> (please verify my work)
15:37:46 <jralls> Yup, all gone.
15:38:35 <warlord> Great.
15:39:06 <warlord> (FYI, I'm on vacation this week -- but of course I have work I need to get done (at least by Wednesday)
15:39:32 <jralls> warlord: I'm cleaning up the VM server, which failed to build today's release because it got full. Do you have any attachment to the old "soft", "soft-2.6", or "Qt" directories?
15:40:56 <jralls> Or any thoughts about what else might be chewing up 10s of GB?
15:41:31 <warlord> No attachment.
15:41:46 <warlord> You might clean up some of the old tag builds.
15:41:55 <warlord> That's often what takes up a bunch of space.
15:42:08 <jralls> Did that first. Only got 8 GB back.
15:42:44 <warlord> I thought the whole system only has like 30?
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15:43:11 <jralls> Which is plenty for a build, but I wonder if having the disk nearly full might be part of the performance issue.
15:43:21 <jralls> It says 49.
15:43:49 <warlord> You can also try to defrag..
15:43:58 <warlord> Hm, that's 20% free.
15:44:06 <warlord> there should be more space available.
15:44:14 <jralls> Yeah, that's after a little more cleanup.
15:44:18 <warlord> I dont recall if Mingw gives us "du"
15:44:33 <warlord> Do we still have the 2.4 stuff lying around?
15:45:17 <jralls> That's the "soft" directory.
15:45:33 <warlord> Oh.
15:45:34 <jralls> No, mingw doesn't have du. That would be cygwin.
15:45:36 <warlord> Okay.
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15:46:08 <warlord> I see you accidentally re-added all the old branches to git..
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15:46:15 <jralls> Google turns up a bunch of utilities. I might try one of them after these three.
15:46:49 <jralls> Yeah. I can't seem to make those tags stay gone.
15:47:28 <warlord> Delete them and then rm -rf your repo and re-clone?
15:49:16 <jralls> The catch is which repo? I usually do the release from one of several Linux VMs. I guess I should just go through the lot of them and reclone each repo.
15:49:34 <warlord> (it feels like it's something in your repo -- because you're the only one that seems to push them all back)
15:49:44 <warlord> Yeah, I would do that.
15:50:06 <jralls> But I'm also the only one who does releases and so the only one who pushes tags.
15:51:49 <warlord> True.
15:52:07 <warlord> (I always hated that part of releasing)
15:53:30 <jralls> Pushing tags? That's the easiest part. Baby-sitting the d.*d windows build is what I hate.
15:55:49 <warlord> Just the whole "make a tag, make sure it all works, nope -- reset ... lather, rinse, repeat"
15:58:51 <jralls> That's different with git. Now you just make distcheck in the maint branch. If it works, which it usually does, you just tag the commit. In git tags are just pointers, and everything is local until you push it. Much easier than SVN.
16:00:13 <warlord> True, although the build server(s) still need to get that tag pushed to code before they'll kick off.
16:02:43 <jralls> Well, build server. So there can be a risk that the tag doesn't build on Win32. But I can do that locally too if necessary. This time the maint HEAD build ran without trouble on the 17th, and there hadn't been many commits after so I wasn't too worried about that.
16:06:45 <warlord> Sure.
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16:44:53 <CDB-Man> hmm, so it looks like the android app's export function is broken?
16:49:32 <CDB-Man> since the recent update, it looks like it fales to save any data when exporting
16:49:50 <warlord> CDB-Man: the android app is a third-party developer, using our name with permission.
16:49:55 <CDB-Man> hmm
16:49:59 <warlord> you'll need to talk to him directly.
16:51:24 <CDB-Man> all his contact info links back to the main gnucash website
16:52:52 <CDB-Man> hmm, looks like the only way to contact him is via github...
16:56:38 <warlord> I'm sure there's an email for him.
17:05:50 <CDB-Man> gnucash.org@gmail.com per google play
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17:07:17 <warlord> Really? Weird.
17:08:11 <jralls> CDB-Man: The email that he uses on gnucash-user is ngweif@codinguser.com.
17:08:38 <CDB-Man> looks like i found his blog
17:08:38 <CDB-Man> http://www.codinguser.com/2015/06/importing-gnucash-xml-in-gnucash-android/#comments
17:08:47 <CDB-Man> i'll leave a comment on here and see what happens
17:10:45 <CDB-Man> hmmmmmm there's no post button...
17:14:34 <warlord> CDB-Man: send him email
17:14:48 <jralls> warlord: I got a du utility for windows on the VM. It shows that most of what the build directories use is "output', which is about 10 GB each of logfiles!
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17:16:43 <jralls> No, I'm wrong, it's also the resulting install bundles from all the builds. That makes more sense, 80MB each.
17:22:15 <warlord> Oh, yes, there's the "output" directory -- I figured you already looked there!
17:24:42 <jralls> No, didn't remember it. I just cleaned those out to the beginning of the year. Still 6GB each. We probably only need 2 weeks worth most of the time.
17:26:27 <jralls> But since there's now plenty of space, a month is probably conservative enough. I wonder if scheduled tasks are smart enough to delete everything older than a month, once a month.
17:28:31 <CDB-Man> Mailerdaemon: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
17:28:31 <CDB-Man> ngweif@codinguser.com
17:28:32 <CDB-Man> well then
17:29:37 <CDB-Man> oh, looks like a typo
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19:18:59 *** jralls changes topic to "Free GPL Personal and Small Business Accounting || Please don't ask to ask, just ask and wait! (Possibly a few hours!!) || publicly-logged channel || latest stable: 2.6.7 || www.gnucash.org"
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23:47:40 <switchy> is it possible to set fortnightly repayments on a scheduled transaction?
23:48:46 <switchy> oh, it's under "weekly" -- how confusing. thanks!
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