2015-06-20 GnuCash IRC logs

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07:31:42 <shivatma> Hello guys, a small question of my: I am using 2 currencies - USD and EUR (main) for accounts, excange rates are set, everything works fine except Balance sheet - USD is not shown there. Why and how ?
07:40:03 <shivatma> is this the right place to ask my question ?
07:41:35 <warlord> shivatma: yes, but it's only 7:40am on a Saturday morning. I'm sure many people are still asleep.
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07:41:55 <warlord> The Balance Sheet is, most likely, converting your USD holding to EUR.
07:42:18 <shivatma> warlord, it is not, it ignores it
07:42:46 <warlord> Do you have the USD account(s) selected?
07:43:01 <shivatma> selected ?
07:43:18 <warlord> Yes, selected for inclusion in the report?
07:43:34 <warlord> You HAVE looked at the Report Options, right? :)
07:43:49 <shivatma> I don't think so, checking ...
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07:50:43 <shivatma> warlord, it works now, thank you!
07:50:54 <warlord> You're welcome.
07:51:40 <shivatma> but i think it is a bug, started to work after changing the Price source to "closest by time" from "average"
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08:17:00 <shivatma> why bug ? because for income and expenses it works ...
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13:04:53 <nomeata> Hi. I find gnucash’s bar graphs often very unhelpful, and I am missing a smoothing option that would show me long term trends better. Is that supported somewhere, but just well hidden? Or what do you do?
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14:24:09 <jralls> nomeata: I think that line charts are generally better for long term trends, but what adjustments are you looking for to help your visualization?
14:24:23 <nomeata> jralls: rolling averages, for example
14:24:45 <nomeata> I’m no expert in these things, but I have seen graphs that I found more helpful :-)
14:26:35 <nomeata> indeed, the line graph is a bit nicer
14:26:51 <jralls> nomeata: If you're not an expert how do you know they're more helpful and not misleading? What I'm suggesting is that you need to become an expert rather than flailing around with plot options.
14:27:53 <nomeata> Maybe I want to be mislead :-). But here is a use case:
14:28:21 <nomeata> I want to see how much more money I have after a typical month. So a bar graph can show that, but only for concrete months
14:28:22 <jralls> That said, the charts are somewhat limited as they must be hand-programmed and that's not one of our core competencies. If you want more sophisticated charts, run a tabular report and paste it into a spreadsheet.
14:28:32 <nomeata> and there it varies a lot
14:29:00 <nomeata> hmm, I guess that is a solution, although quite a manual one
14:31:16 <jralls> What chart are you starting from? Assets Bar/Line Chart?
14:32:03 <nomeata> hard to tell, LANG=de.DE here
14:32:14 <nomeata> Erträge/Aufwendungen-Diagram says the tab
14:48:06 <jralls> nomeata: That's the income/expense chart. It's not going to show you how much money you have at the end of each month. For that you'd want Aktiva Balkendiagramm or Reinvermögen-Balkendiagramm/Reinvermögen Liniendiagramm.
14:56:50 <nomeata> well, it shows the change of how much I have, doesn’t it?
14:57:20 <nomeata> anyways, thanks for your suggestion; I don’t want to bother you too much here
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18:22:01 <joe> Hello! I have a few simple questions about using Gnucash correctly.
18:22:32 <joe> I've been using it as a check register for some years now, and want to add a savings account at the same bank.
18:24:19 <joe> I know that under Accounts, there's a category for Savings, and you can select it when you add a transaction. If you do, does that make a deposit/withdrawal from Savings instead of Checking?
18:26:38 <jralls> joe: Don't think of "categories" in GnuCash. Think of accounts. If that doesn't make sense, it's never too late to read the Tutorial and Concepts Guide.
18:27:30 <jralls> joe: So assuming that you have a Savings account set up under Assets, when you select it as the counter-account in a transaction, then that is indeed where the money goes or comes from.
18:28:10 <joe> OK, let's put it this way, and remember, I'm not an accountant or bookkeeper. If I make a deposit to my savings account, how do I record it?
18:30:04 <jralls> Go to the savings account and in the new transaction record the deposit. Use whatever is appropriate for the counter-account, perhaps your checking account if you're transferring money, perhaps an Income account if you're depositing a check. It works exactly the same as your checking account.
18:31:41 <joe> Right now, I have two tabs: One is named Accounts and the other is named for my Checking Account. How do I "go to the savings account?"
18:32:40 <jralls> Have you set up the Savings account on the Accounts tab?
18:33:21 <jralls> Seriously, it's never too late to read the Tutorial and Concepts Guide, no matter how long you've been using GnuCash.
18:33:52 <joe> Under Current Assets on the Accounts tab, I see something named Savings Account.
18:36:10 <joe> Aha! I just figured out how to set it up. (I think.) Now, is it possible to transfer money between my Checking and Savings accounts with one transaction, or does it need two?
18:36:42 <joe> I don't mind doing it in two steps, I just want to make sure that I understand what's needed.
18:37:26 <jralls> Just one, just like I said a couple of minutes ago. Just use the checking account as the counter-account (the one that you select in the Transfer column).
18:39:32 <joe> I don't know what a "counter-account" is. If I'm moving money to savings, do I make a deposit in savings, using the checking account as the source, or do I make a withdrawal from Checking, giving Savings as the destination, or am I completely in left field here?
18:39:40 <jralls> You can do it the other way, too: Create the transaction in the Checking account and put the Savings account in the Transfer column. In that case you'd record a Credit (or Withdrawal) instead of a Debit (or Deposit).
18:40:57 <joe> OK, I think I understand you. I make a withdrawal from Checking, selecting Savings in the Transfer column and it shows up in Savings as a deposit. Right?
18:41:18 <jralls> Exactly.
18:42:08 <joe> And, obviously, it works the other way to. Thanx! That, and a little hint about setting up the Savings Account tab were exactly what I needed.
18:42:53 <jralls> You're welcome. Now go read the Tutorial and Concepts Guide. You'll be amazed at all the cool stuff you've been missing out on.
18:43:11 <joe> BTW, one of the reasons for delays in replies is that I'm also busy on a web forum for my Linux distro as a moderator and I've been using the waits to approve posts from new users.
18:44:22 <joe> I'll go do that if and when I need more. I'm sure that Gnucash could be a great help on my income tax if I had to pay any. I'm retired and my income is so low that I don't even need to file.
18:45:12 <joe> Of course, I'm thinking of doing some self-publishing, so that may change RSN and I'll keep your suggestion in mind. TYVM, and have a great day.
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20:41:48 <wompy> hi, I am able to fetch data with "gnc-fq-dump -v vwd LU0119891520" but once I try to copy the data into gnucash, I am not able to retrieve the information. i think i fill in the wrong data. During the download I get an error saying "During Download of the stock data a system error appeared" (translated from german)
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23:18:12 <warlord> wompy: what does gnc-fq-dump actually give you?